A first look at BlackBerry's soon to be (interim) CEO, John Chen

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Nov 2013 10:45 am EST

Following today's news that John Chen will be replacing Thorsten Heins as interim CEO of BlackBerry, we did some quick googling to dig up a handful of videos on the man who will soon be leading the company's day to day operations. With BlackBerry not going private, we can only imagine lots of interviews will be in Mr. Chen's future, so we wanted to get an early look. Past performance is the best indicator of future performance, right?

Chen is currently a director at both Wells Fargo and Disney, and his last big management stint was as chairman and CEO of Sybase, where he is credited with transforming the company prior to selling it to SAP. Check out the videos above and below to see him in action.

BlackBerry under the leadership of Thorsten Heins has had an amazing relationship with the CrackBerry community (we have a farewell to T.H. post coming later this week). Hopefully we'll see the same sort of dialog going forward in the future. Based on the videos, Chen gives a good interview. And hopefully CrackBerry will have a chance to speak to him soon. You know we have lots of questions!



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A first look at BlackBerry's soon to be (interim) CEO, John Chen


I never said such thing about Heins.
But Chen us definitely the man!
We don't have so much choice - we have to believe that!

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He definitely looks promising!! And definitely sounds better when talking. I'm sure he won't sound so boring on stage as Mr Heins did!!!

Agreed. To me, his presence gives off a much more im-a-leader vs. Thornten Heins im-a-visionary. Hopefully he can guide the company in the right direction to gain some traction for the upcoming CEO and the company as a whole.

Fire the Creative Director too, Alicia Keys -- How much does she get paid and how awesome was the marketing for BB10?

Heins actually did alot during his reign only problem was the failure business model. letting him go for 55.6 mill is just another dumb blackberry move

I support this Chen fellow, and never thought Heins seemed right, especially since the first 'BB10' keynote.

Heins was a conservative business man. They need someone more aggressive.

From what I've seen Chen gives me some hope for a turn around. It'll be interesting to see their approach now.

I would love to see them spend on marketing and get those z10's that they wrote down into millions of hands. It's now or never for BlackBerry.

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TH put that clause in so he would get a golden handshake. He knew his days were numbered. That is just nasty and horribly self serving when he was also signing thousands of pink slips!

Every year BlackBerry (Rim) sponsors a music performer's world tour. U2, Black Eyed Peas and this year, Alicia Keyes. They just gave her that title as a publicity stunt. It's not like she's getting paid millions for a company position, let it go.

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Right because they had money for sponsoring. You sponsor when you have enough money to handle yourself first. That's why people don't sponsor unless they are 100% stable. They should have ditched the whole 'stunt' and taken care of business.

I have no problem with Alicia Keys being creative director. Hopefully under new management she can do more for the marketing department of BlackBerry. Maybe Frank B. should have been fired right along with TH.

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but this man has history turning around a company, so time will tell, he seems to be a perfect fit for Blackberry right now.

I hope so. Blackberry has spoiled me for so long, another platform would be like..."cold clammy hands"

"Blackberry is the iPhone of Smartphones"

Thorsten Heins had the turnaround of Siemens in Germany and was successful. However, he failed to turnaround the fortunes of BlackBerry. Therefore, past performance is no indication of current nor future performance. Maybe Mr. Chen will duplicate his Sybase rebirth while CEO of BlackBerry.

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Not only is he the Interim CEO,he is the Executive Chair of BB's board of Directors,I think he will be very active in that role ,every position in a successful company must be productive.

Kevin likes Thorsten Because he just have a good relation with crackberry and he said before that he always read their articles and the comments, he also supported crackberry in way or another but at the end this does not support BlackBerry as a company!

Thorsten Had good relation with websites unlike Mike or Jim, but he almost failed in everything else.

Hopefully he do better.. The challenges he is going to partake is way bigger than heins did.

He was part of SAP and silverlake so i think that silverlake or SAP has invested money in BB. we know that SAP had interest in bidding for BB. Silverlake has huge investment in Dell so there might be one or more of a strong technology company behind the deal

with his connections and past employers it makes you wonder what is going on behind closed doors with those companies and if the money is coming from them?

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Thorston now can cash out his $55M. What a shame. Thorston has record to mess up company and take big money and run. He did the same when he was at Siemens Mobile.

Fire that CMO Frank.

Now BlackBerry is dead for sure as HW company. Prem's $1B has a condition. The condition is to turn BlackBerry into a pure SW service company and cut the HW arms ASAP.

What a shame. The current CxO team could not sell it. Now they just run away from their mess.

Thorston, dame u!

Posted via CB10 with Q10.

Get your facts straight. TH would only make that money is there was a sale of BlackBerry. At last check, the company was not sold.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

Please note that Thorston no longer gets his $55M based on US$13.36 share price as at the Company's February 28, 2013 year end. This package was based if there was a change in control. According to the company's 2013 Management Information Circular and based on a $13.36 stock price, Thorsten wouId receive $22 million on a termination ($5.9 million cash payout and equity awards of $16.1 million). On a change of control, his equity award would include to $48 million from $16 million on top of the $5.9 million cash payout. Given that there is no change in control and the stock price is half of where it was at February 28 2013, this termination pay would be significantly less than the $22 million.

Thanks for the correction. I too thought TH would snag his full $55M from the backs of those getting pinkslips. $22M is still a massive amount for just 20 months on the job, and that's on top of his salary. Prem played it well and saved the company a lot of dough :)

i get the feeling if he is the guy to stay CEO (do interim CEO`s ever stay? or is it always just interim?) then he is clearly enterprise focused, its not good or bad, just means still nobody on BOD thats got a consumer history. Given BYOD thats a problem for them.


So true...BlackBerry off my radar screen until Super Bowl ad and subsequent advertising on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Marketing had me research and "wait" for my excellent BB10 Q10.

Maybe advertising should have been broader based on various tv channels(they advertized constantly on CNBC and Bloomberg) and $ on Alicia Keyes wasted but marketing didn't do everything wrong. Conquest sales...even of products with superior design...take time.

Also, I love marketing's tagline "Keep Moving"...perfect(the best) for a mobile company and their sponsorship of a Formula 1 team(excellent worldwide exposure).

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Heins' background was in operations and logistics. His skills were critical in getting BB10 to market.

His weakness was clearly on the marketing side, and that has become apparent since the Z10 launch. I think he did a fairly good job of keeping the company on the rails to that point.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30

TH was hoping for an acquisition so he can get his severance. TH was great in the beginning but when it came time to actually selling the handsets, he and the CMO failed miserably. Hopefully we see a change in the CMO soon too. We need a blockbuster CMO to come in.

Exactly this. I will admit I am harsh on thorsten heins. Purely because he squandered the opportunity to launch BlackBerry 10 with any momentum.
I will concede he did some good things, but ultimately he had no clue how to turn the ship around.

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Well because hes asian it might mean, chen will take or consider a stronger approach in taking into chinas smartphone market

Chen also likely comes with a substantial price tag. Will his compensation details be made available shortly?

His resume sure looks good let's hope he can pull some sort of turn around off, and we see banging new products coming out of BlackBerry. I'm here for the long haul

Posted by z10 boss

Nice one for calling him Mr Chen, the post looks pretty rude to me just calling him 'chen'! Thorsten Heins gets the full name treatment and this dude don't even get an effing Mr!!
Good luck to him tho, he looks like a good un

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Kevin, in case you haven't noticed the sentiment in your CrackBerry community, a "farewell to TH" post is not a good idea. A private email may be more appropriate.

Thorsten did much for BlackBerry. Getting BB10 launched and out to the 100's of carriers, the cost cutting he implemented. Not easy feats. Sure he didn't get BlackBerry to where we had all hoped it would go but US carriers delaying the release for months? A hugely significant cause of where we are now and not within TH's control.

But, above all, the access he gave us through CB that hasn't EVER been provided before is why we should show him the respect he deserves via proper send off. We do want to show future CEOs that that type of access is not taken lightly.

Ask him if BlackBerry would be taking off the Z30 exclusive right from Verizon and make it available for all Americans.

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Now........ lets get..er..done.
Chen need to immediately set attainable goals just like sales people do, and MEET THEM.
Then ... then... its all been said here already by smarter minds.
Not switching until I have to.

Is it just me or did anybody els notice that after blackberry said they were up for sale we never heard anything from TH. It's like he vanished after that announcement.

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Blackberry is Alive! Exhilarating WOW!way to begin a Monday and keep BlackBerry All In! having Flashback of Bond in Casino Royal.

I hate hearing that a new ceo was in a old ceo position where he ended up selling the company...that's why I was always skeptical about T.H.

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I so hope for the short term he is able to change the perception of the company to more favorable with these damn tech bloggers/sites and other news reporters :) Bring more innovation to the UI for the next update that draws attention and make people take notice.

I kinda hate seeing the critics bashing T.Heins. His role wasn't exactly a walk in the park. It's so easy to criticize someone when you are not in their shoes, having to make those decisions, knowing that it will all be under your name. Without T.Heins, there would have been a chance that we don't see BB10.

From zedten

I agree @vgorous. He did what he had to do. And saying he had no charisma on stage/in presentations is just plain stupid. A CEO of company like BB needs a hell of a lot more than charisma - they're not celebrities, they're business people. Sure TH made mistakes - is he the only CEO to do so? Anyway, looking forward: let's hope Chen manages to turn things around or at least get things settled for the new CEO to take over (assuming Chen is really interim).

BB10 was coming out regardless if Thor was CEO or not. At the end of the day he failed miserably. Anyone can cut the work force that's not hard to do..

Under his guard they failed to deliver from the hype. Boulben should be kicked to the curb as well he's NOT CMO material.

Maybe you're right, but maybe you're wrong. Could be that Mr. Heinz was a sacrificial lamb - someone to do some of the dirty work necessary to make BlackBerry competitive so that talent like Mr. Chen could be allowed to come on board with a fresh perspective.

I don't think Mr. Heinz was particularly bad as much as he had a very difficult situation to try to turn around.

I don't think anyone taking the helm at BlackBerry two years ago would have come out looking good at this time.

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Considering someone like this with this kind of a rap sheet is coming to BlackBerry then the company must have hope that investors see. This guy wouldn't make a decision like this with his reputation on the line without good faith in turning the company around. Best of luck BlackBerry!

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Although I enjoyed the direct line that Heinz offered to the BB community through Crackberry, I always felt it a bit odd for the CEO to spend more time with his dedicated fan base than he did converting the non-dedicated. Just seemed goofy behavior for a CEO, even for a tech company. I doubt we will see the same from Chen.

All the pieces are there, just takes a smart man to put them together and get it working well. Hopefully Chen is that smart man.

I think Thor did exactly what he was supposed to do. 1. Trim the fat. 2. Bring out BB10, even if it is average.
As for Chen, he does sound good, but we need to remember he is just interim. So that could be 1 month, or 1 year. I hope they keep building handsets, as a business I like the idea of the control it gives BlackBerry. Continue to develop BB10, understand your customer base, and market the bejeebers out of it. It's not rocket science people.
I think this is great news, even if the immediate market reaction doesn't think so.

Long live BlackBerry and long live my QWERTY!!!

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This is going to be better and better, blackberry will be back and will be rising like Phoenix.It will leave and continue to leave on .What u say guys.

Chen in the Bloomberg video gives a 101 great lecture on China enterprise ...great post Kevin !

Weird. But.... let's see what happens. make BlackBerry a leader again for corporate, security and Government. That is their Niche and what they excel at.

I love my BlackBerry. Best phone / mobile computing unit I've ever owned.

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Is it really even worth it at this point? I mean unless BlackBerry changes its name or somehow gets every app that everybody has ever wanted nobody will buy these phones, even as good as they are. Oh well.

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BlackBerry is like the Edmonton oilers, all that talent and potential with no management.

Sent from The Legendary Zed10

They were at the top of their game once then it nosedived. Continually rebuilding but still can't make the playoffs. Their president constantly having to defend his track record. A number of new head coaches along the way. Flashes of brilliance mixed with the inability to make any traction.

Yeah, there are a lot of parallels :p

I like his pedigree hopefully he will be up to the huge challenge ahead.

CB10 - Z10 -

He looks promising! Looking forward to seeing what he is gong to do and how. Yay! Good that they got rid of Thorsten.

You have my vote Mr Chen. Please don't disappoint. Over the past few years too many of your predecessors at BlackBerry did that already.

I really liked Thorsten Heins. Honestly it sucks that they decided to replace him but maybe it is the best move. Hopefully John Chen can rebuilt this company. I would love it so much cuz I'm a hardcore BlackBerry fan #4life... Unless things change I'll be going with yet again another iPhone. :/

Disappointed that they didn't go private, they really needed to get away from the negative media echo drum... each time they release bad news it kills future sales.

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Chen is clearly a smart man and has the right resume for this job. I think a lot of us should be concerned, however, that he might want to push BB into a 'corporate services only' business. It would be nice to hear him or Watsa speak about this in the coming weeks. Z30 has only just been released...will the new team commit to legitimate (if targeted) advertising for it? Or will they view this as a product of the last administration as it were? Indeed, will they view BB10 that way? I would assume it's not as cut and dry as that, but it would be nice to see a reassurance as they overview the situation.
Chris U. has even stated this much - separating Blackberry's hardware from its software is no easy task, and without the 'cool gadgets'...how much of its fan base would hang around?

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@darkcutter I also liked Heins after hearing interviews and his disciplined approach. But some serious mistakes were made that hampered the uptake of BB10. Unfortunately the sports parallel really does apply - the coach gets the credit and the blame...and it's usually unfair in either case.

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I have never been so happy with BlackBerry in recent years.

Idiot Heins out; Chen in; BlackBerry continues on.

Cheers! My fellow BlackBerry fans 1! Let's celebrate!

Hopefully with his Disney back ground he my know something about marketing, which no one else in management even knows exists.

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He has a connection here in California, did some school in Southern California and work in Silicone Valley. That is good. Since it says in the article "interim" is he the chosen Future CEO of BlackBerry? All I need to here Z30 for all carrier who choose to sell Z30 in the US :) By the way Thorsten brought us BB10, I will miss him. I wish him the best.

He's surely just an asset stripper? He'll streamline everything down then sell off the best bits?

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That assessment seems to be at odds with Chen's commitment this morning to keep BlackBerry in the handset business.

Posted from CB10 running on my awesome Z30

Interim might just mean a trial for Chen to become the real CEO.

Also, I hope the press doesn't bombard him for interviews and actually let him settle in and get some real work done. Stay away from him till 2014!

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He does have solid experience selling within China. Wouldn't be that out of the question.

CB10 - Z10 -

Wow good news. I hope he gets instagram to come on blackberry cos that's all I care about. I just wanna get rid of my iphone asap.

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I am not much for predictions, but I am going all in on this one.

1. John Chen, as has been pointed out, is a well respected business man with a history of successful management. This perhaps this the biggest piece of news for BB for a long time. He will not be the target of a lot of cheap jabs by the media that Mr. Heins was ( rightly or wrongly). People I have some contact with that are part of the market, have told me that the street hated him. I would add that the last earnings call was the worst performance I have ever listened to, and that is a lot of calls. Mr. Chen knows how to handle difficult situations, and as presented in videos above, has CEO communication skills.

2. Mr. Chen brings cred through his history and by the boards he sits on. The market will need to ask the rhetorical question consisting of "why is this guy involved and what does he see that we don't". A big part of any turn around is having a grasp of what the potential is, what the problems are, how to approach them, if they are solvable, and how. And then to have the ability to convey a sense of the situation to the market and therefore the customers. He, along with the new money, provide large commercial customers permission to buy; they have been on hold for a least months, if not longer. They can now purchase without being hammered for the decision.

CEO changes are huge. There are some examples, Mirissa Meyer, at Yahoo. Yahoo was in the tank and badly beaten up prior to her arrival, that quietly went away, stock up +100%, and the company has some respect. Steve Jobs goes back to Apple. Meg Whitman, at HP. It takes time, but it happens. Still to be decided, CEO changes at JC Penney's and Carnival Cruises.

When and if, the short interest in the market senses that the company is no longer circling the drain, that interest will melt away, and with it a lot of the rancor in the press and on the blogs. If they sell phones and make money, the smart short interest will get out, or go long.

I don't expect things to change over night, as my in box is filling up with negative articles as I write. But I think over the next 90 or so days, we might see a significant difference in the way the company and it's products are perceived. I also expect that after the initial fan fare by press, it will be quiet for a while as he gets a handle on the situation and begins to make changes. He doesn't have to hurry, he has already said 6 qters, he has money, and the press is as bad as it could be.

One last speculation. Why is the stock tanking? There were/are many who were in because it was good chance $9 was a lock, so they got out. The short interest sees this as another BB screw up, and are piling on. The longer term investors have a real sore ass, and would like something to restore their faith before pulling the trigger on a buy. This just in, at least two down grades this morning.

Wow, that was windy,


I think Mr. Chen will ease our concerns. After watching the second video, of him in the panel, he mentioned something around 9:30 in the video. The gist is that uncertainty and an unclear goal kills things: morale, Wall Streets concerns, etc. This is very bad for a company and he believes in instilling confidence with clear goals and a clear way forward.

Hopefully that means he is very frank with us and sets BlackBerry on the right path.

How fickle everyone is. When Thor came into power everyone was complimenting him and had nothing negative to say about him. Fast forward to the present and everyone wanted Thor's head on a platter. How long before everyone is demanding Chens head on a platter also? Lets face it the problem isn't who's in charge but the Blackberry brand which this company needs to distance themselves away as far as possible.

#Chen for President!


He turnt' up Wells Fargo and Disney who all seem to be steady and going in a positive route. Maybe he can put the stake to end the Apple era.


No doubt, a very smart man. In my opinion, BlackBerry's undoing was complacency. It's pretty clear to BlackBerry now, that innovation is of the utmost importance for any company, regardless of market share. Chen gets it. I hope that for BlackBerry's sake, they can keep him in the drivers seat long enough to make a difference.

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I would love to run a company in the ground and get paid 55 Mill to leave. I will not say anything good or bad about the new guy. We will just have to wait and see

John Chen defiantly is a more confident leader imo T.H never gave me that feeling. But still, I don't think this new venture will save the company sadly..... What can be done? We are seeing start ups with more traction than this company. And by the time BBRY figures it out it its gonna be to late some say it's already to late. But I hope a good solid hail Mary is Comming lol.

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its time for the action Mr Chen,i think we keep too much hope when leadership changes in blackberry,still lot has to be done

He's only the interim CEO, so that means not permanent. I'm not sure what the situation is, but if he were the new full time CEO they would say that. It sounds like his role as CEO is temporary.

" The Globe and Mail - ‎9 minutes ago‎ "

" Outgoing BlackBerry Ltd. chief executive officer Thorsten Heins could leave the company with about $16-million (U.S.) in severance payments and shares under the terms of a new employment agreement he signed with the company in April, regulatory filings ..."

Oh no ! not another Nortel , wtf..

I have an idea for a farewell post for Heins...GOOD RIDDANCE!!! and while you're at it take the guy from marketing with you.

yes he is the man, hes the best, hes gonna take blackberry to top. If my memory serves me right this was all said about Mr. Heins as well

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You would be better than Thorsten Heins Ketchup who has once again returned back to his Batcave millions of dollars richer...

Winter Is Coming

Key words - transforming the company prior to selling it.

We're not getting out of the handset business...just yet.

Interesting to see what BlackBerry new road map will be

Posted via CB10

I have a farewell for Thorsten Heins Ketchup...one involving the middlefinger! He can now crawl back to his bunker...

When two years ago we tried, at my workplace, to negotiate a collective agreement with a 2.5% salary increase spread over 4 years...the response from management was a "fuck you" offer...as in take it or leave it and go fuck yourselves...

But Heins Ketchup gets a $33 million pat on the back for what basically amounts to a fuck up!

Let's hope that Mr. Chen will prove his mettle by unraveling the clusterfuck that is BlackBerry...if not my nick name for him will be Shitty Wok ( as in City Wok from "South Park"). I will reserve that nickname for later, until he shows us what he can do...

Winter Is Coming

Thorsten Heins was hired to clean house. Obviously the board feels he's done so, so now it's time to get someone in there to can lead BBRY to a new height!

I feel like they needed a fall guy for that part of restructuring, that way, when his era is over, they could usher in new leadership and with it a new plan for recreating the Phoenix from thor's ashes so to speak. Just speculation though. Thorsten

Posted via CB10

Sounds like a potential conflict of interest since Disney is a sister company to Apple. I smell the makings of a quo growing here.

Great resume, seems like a good fit. Everybody say the same thing.....we were excited about Thor as well. Too bad this guy is only temporary, maybe he doesn't have the fire in his gut for this undertaking. Too bad....

I was impressed with the first interview. He was the only one to call a spade a spade; and did not expect a turnaround for sometime. I also liked his comments on the lament that only 10% of docs and post-docs were american born: we are incurring the cost of educating these people, make America an attractive place for the best and brightess to stay, work, invent...some good comments as well on personnel issues during difficult times.

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>his last big management stint was as chairman and CEO of Sybase, where he is credited with transforming the company prior to selling it to SAP

So, hi will kill BB like Sybase?

Okay... here is the no BS version of what happened: Nobody thought that this dog was worth even as much as 4.7 billion dollars. At least three groups made a run at it... nobody could come up with the cash. And this in a market a wash in cash looking for yield... or 'upside' The market then has told us... anyone that will listen that BB is worth... nothing. What then to do? Bring in a guy that has a proven track record of dressing up tech companies and getting them ready to sell. That is what happened here. Chen has been brought in to literally dress it up to get something out of it. Nothing more. This is not the man that is going to keep things going... it doesn't work for you, me the users, he works for the board and the shareholders and his job is the get something out of the company... whole or in pieces.

The only winner here is Kevin... he gets another 6-12 months running Crackberry.

Most people forget that Th was brought in to clean up Blackberry. It was in worse shape that it is now. What did they have before TH. A bunch of outdated products no one wanted, a severely restrained OS. He accomplished at least getting the house in order.Keep in mind now they have 5 new products, and a new OS which is pretty amazing. However now its time to put in a new CEO to make the company successful, and move forward, and sell some products.

This new guy has the one thing Thor didn't...nuts! He speaks his mind...thats what this company needs

Posted via CB10

TH or "fallguy" was missing the Corporate Relationships and vision of a turnaround type Leader.... Mr. Chen has all the ingredients of a visionary leader that could breathe life back into our beloved Blackberry....once he gets his "house in order" this could be a surprisingly rapid turnaround... Good luck Mr. Chen, we crackberrians support you, sir.

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Heins is more of an engineer. He was not ready to be taking a leadership role. Mr. Chen seems to have a lot more experience then Heins. I sure hope Blackberry does turn around and make a come back.

2 wishes for Mr. Chen. I wish and hope he gets BlackBerry on his feet again. Secondly, can he PLEASE PLEASE find a NEW CMO. " anybody anybody Beauler Beauler "

John Chen has my full support as interim VEO... .not sure if it was how he presented himself, or how he talked, his past history of accomplishments. But HE IS the man for BlackBerry. Gonna bug some stock by year end.

Posted via CB10

Thorsten Heins was good for bring back the Blackberry & making it better then other smartphone out there it just the app maker out there just don't realize how the new BlackBerry really work & there powerful security software

Posted via CB10

The future ain't looking to bright for BlackBerry.

They have been a mess for a while and still are.

I still don't think BB10 is going to make it big time like iOS and Android....

I love my Z10. And the OS however limited apps just kills it :(

Posted via CB10

Watching the videos the Kevin posted ... I like John Chen's thinking and his relaxed, authentic and captivating presentation.

I dont like the name "Chen"!!!. I dont like China!!!... but i love BlackBerry :(

Posted via BlackBerry 8700

The question remains will he bring energy, and excitement to the brand? What will he bring that Thorsten could not? I still believe that Blackberry needs a Hudsucker Proxy. Hire Mr. Bean!

Posted via CB10

Hi Kevin! Keep up the great work!
I know it is way premature, but still, I would be interested in knowing your ‘super initial’ feelings about his jib and its cut?

The biggest mistake blackberry has ever made is dropping Chinese markets! What the hell! For a early blackberry adaptor in China I really have nothing to say but to fuck the former CEO.

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Really I wanna say to mr.chen, can you please pull your ass back to China again? Please! We need blackberry alive in China. Loosing China means loosing everything. We Chinese market has a unprecedented market size before. So please.

Posted via CB10

I support you Mr. Chen,

You've Done This Before. Do It Again and Get The Peoples Trust back.

May Blackberry be Bless!!!

"Dream Gadget is Blackberry Communicator, please make it happen"

via CB10 w/ Z10. I drink HiOz.

BlackBerry is a damaged brand in a marketplace defined by th social acceptance of millions of normal humans. As Sybase and BlackBerry are both businesses, that's where the similarities end.

Good luck Mr. Chen, but better think like Disney than Oracle.

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10

Looks to me like the board has put someone in power with a wealth of experience in selling off business assets. We'll see if Blackberry really does end up keeping its handset business.

Heinz was not a bad ceo but he failed to deliver bb10 perfectly. Well that's life cos u cnt just predict the future tho. Am happy for the new interim ceo bt I blive 4 bb10 to do well, they suld bring apps and games like official Instagram, Shazam, vine, kik, Viber, path, subway surf, temple run etc.
By doing this, I belive a lot of youths and teenagers will want to have a blackberry10 and not just the enterprise market.

Posted via CB10

Chen sounds very confident and hopefully he can sit down and learn the current culture at BlackBerry and see how to tap the best of it, and get this company back on track to growth and profit.

Mentioned earlier - does this mean Blackberry 10 for Playbook is back on the table? (or maybe a new Playbook?)

I know it was a shorter interview, and I don't know how much was edited out but I was disappointed that he didn't say that he currently uses a BB and that they're great devices. The long list of phones he's used is good but this is BlackBerry.