First Look: BlackBerry Z10 Multimedia Pod

BlackBerry Z10 charging dock with microUSB and HDMI connections!

Multimedia pod
By James Richardson on 8 Feb 2013 04:37 pm EST

It was only yesterday that we posted regarding the possibility of a charging dock for the BlackBerry Z10. Whether there would or wouldn't be an official one was still up in the air - until now. The above image arrived in my inbox today (named multimedia pod) and it is safe to say that this will be the official BlackBerry Z10 sync/charge pod. I'm pretty stoked to see this as I hate not using one. I've become accustomed to a dock over the last five years or so, and seeing that the BlackBerry Z10 doesn't have any charging connectors like previous BlackBerry smartphones, I was a bit disappointed.

So the Z10 dock takes on a slightly different form factor. Charging is achieved using the phones microUSB port which will do me just fine. In addition you will notice that the dock supports HDMI as well which will be great for docking the Z10 next to the TV and watching content on the big screen. Very, very cool

What do you think? It looks pretty sleek and sexy if you ask me. Happy with this one?

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First Look: BlackBerry Z10 Multimedia Pod


This should have been done for the Playbook!!!
I rather plug in my PB and use as media center and use my phone as the controller.
Bold 9900 & PlayBook 64GB Wifi

THIS!!^^^ I would love this for the Playbook! I got the charging dock, but would love hdmi/charging at the same time!


+10000 PB in dock and z10 for bridge and I am super happy.... :D (now I only need to buy a Z10 -or win it in this week's contest :) - and dream that one day the pb dock with hdmi comes out...) :-P

OK now bring this to the Playbook
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

This accessory will be the nail in the coffin for the laptop. The hdmi port allows connection to a larger display such as my 27in computer monitor. Well be able to dock our Z10s at your desk and control them via a blue tooth keyboard and mouse while using the larger screen. Then grab and go. All your info always with you. The same experience and OS on both mobile and desktop. This is awesome. This is mobile computing.

Wish I had a Z10 so that I could buy one of these new multimedia pods. Still must wait until the end of March

In a way people in the US are lucky because you get to read up on all the positive reviews. It also will give BlackBerry time to come out with software updates. And more hardware accessories are coming out for Z10 by the truck loads.
Just have to ask, have you used a Z10 before? If not it's AMAZING, smooth and fast. Now I know what they mean when they say FLOW. Its a truly big deal.

I want a Z10 so bad right now! Come on T-Mobile. Good news is T-Mobile stated they want to try and be the first carrrier int he US to offer the Z10. I may just buy this and sit it somewhere and Imagine my Z10 is charging. LOL

Looks great... full size HDMI is nice

Wish they had put HDMI pass through on the playbook charging pod too

I really like my charging cradle for my 9700 and for my Playbook - both of which don't use the microUSB.
This looks like it would put a lot of wear and tear on that port (and the HDMI port as well).

I have a dock similar to this for my Torch 9810, and the Micro USB port is pretty much in the exact same spot as on the Z10. I have to tell you that it's great. The phone leans back slightly, and sits INSIDE the cradle, so there's no strain on the port itself.

I'm VERY happy to see this as I use my 9810 as my bedside clock. Now I can do it with my Z10 too... once it's out.

Does your cradle have a white charge light at the top surface? Mine does for my 9810. At night, this "glow" is kind of annoying when trying to sleep. I guess I am just sensitive to light and prefer there to be no light in my room. I do love the cradle otherwise. It fits like a glove.

The great thing about cradles like these is that no, they don't wear the way cables do.

Because a user needs to insert the phone straight down, the plugs mate nice and clean. And unlike a cable, the plugs in the dock can't be yanked around to put lateral stress on the phone's jacks.

In a perfect world, I'd rather have a nice, wireless dock like the Bolds have, but since I'm getting HDMI-out with this one too, I can totally live with it.

Pair the BlackBerry mini keyboard to the z10, place z10 in multimedia pod, connected to my Sony monitor. Sounds great! As for the wear and tear on the ports, my 9810 also used the usb port in the cradle, the wear and tear is subtle.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere

But if they had kept the same lip across the front as the current PlayBook charging pod and left the ends open then this could have been a universal Playbook /Z10 media dock, if the spacing between micro USB and micro HDMI ports is the same, which I believe it is. (I know this because I held my brand new Z10 up beside my PlayBook and they are indeed the same space apart). One last thing, would it be possible to build into the dock a USB host interface so you could plug in a keyboard directly and HDMI the phone to your monitor making a computer you can plug in and unplug and put in your pocket avoiding the need for Bluetooth altogether? I would buy a few of these docks and sprinkle them around at home and work as workstations.

Looks nice but I wish it could be connected by another method as opposed to plugging in the whole device on the HDMI and USB connectors. I'm thinking something like the galaxy nexus and playbook with the three little metal connector. I don't know what you call it. Just think it would be more compact.

with the HDMI port and connected to a tv.... I wonder if that would work with BBM video chat?? that would be awesome if you could chat on ur big screen tv and using the the Z10 as the video camera. =D

but regardless... an accessory I foresee as a must have once I get my Z10!!

You should be able too, ive just plugged hdmi into my Z10 and tried the camera. it works sweet on picture, video and video chat to my playbook

Yup this will be a must have for me. After years of relying on a touchstone I'm not sure I can go back to having to use a cable all the time.

If only the usb and hdmi ports were the same orientation on both Z10 and playbook, you could have same docking station for both

They are. Just double checked to be sure. So yeah, maybe if they keep the lip across the front and open up the two ends it could accommodate both.

awesome! i want one! the launch in germany by vodafone ist delayed, early in march it will come :-(

Can a bluetooth mouse and key board be paired with the Z10 like my Playbook? Because this would be great next to my big screen while I sit back on my couch with the BT KB and mouse

Gave me the idea to try it and it works. I now have a bluetooth keyboard/trackpad combo connected to my phone, with a working mouse cursor :-)

Basic, yes, but well designed. The side slots are tall enough to guide the Z10 down onto the connectors without undo side strain on the ports. I wouldn't be at all surprised that the connectors are slightly undersize so it slips in without requiring force to insert or remove for that busy day.
As soon as Store is stocking it I'm ordering two.

As for the Playbook Charging Stand, I modified mine to mount an HDMI connector, filed down the jacket and Voila! HDMI and magnetic charging beside the TV.

This is random, but I was watching Iron Man 2 on my dad's z10 and hit Play On during the part where Stark commandeered the senate court's screen. It was so epic! I was doing exactly what he did to my TV!

Ahh the powers of dlna :)

Dammit, another accessory I will just HAVE to buy. Better book me a cheaper summer holiday this year, I'm gonna be spending a LOT of money on BB stuff now...

I'll have all the accessories long before the phone hits the states. This way, when the phone hits, I won't have to do any shopping!

Am I the only one who gets more excited about accessories then the actual devices. All these accessories are sooo cool, this, all the cases and skins, backup battery thing!!! hnnng

We're looking at two different images on the same site in the same blog because I see the connector locations on the back of the cradle.

Sign me up. That HDMI port looks far more robust than the micro on my Playbook which no longer works :-(.

*opens wallet* Okay Thorsten Heins, help yourself to my money!!!
I want this NOW!!!
Anyone know as to when this dock will be released and crackberry, are y'all going to sell this?

These should be "official" cases compatible... I had many charging docs and never used them since they cant be used w/ cases... Even w/ oem ones...

Hopefully it's more rugged than the PB stand, after a while that one stopped charging when it was in the cradle unless I pushed down on the PB. Became a useless paper weight.

I'll be buying 3 of them. One for my nightstand to use as my alarm clock, one for my desk in my home office and another for my desk at work.

So many goodies that I have on my wish list, but first I have to wait for Verizon to roll out the phones. :(

Shhh, pretend there is no demand so they won't set the price too high. :) Though at this point I would pleasingly give my money to the awesome company that is BBRY.

That's awesome! exactly what we needed!!! Now, we just need a similar one for the PlayBook with built in full sized SD slot and full sized USB slots for connecting a printer or keyboard/mouse to it. Just an idea ;)

Totaly would love this ...What would be even more amazing is a dock that holds both the playbook and z10 together and has dual hdmi out ...made out of black anodized aluminum/with carbon fiber blackberry branding :) !!!!

I always loved these accessories but i've always kept a case or skin on my phone and never could use these :( because of that. It sucks that i have to always remove to use the pod and such.

Now this is actually worth the $80 they charge for the Blackberry Playbook Charging Pod. I wish my pod has the HDMI port, but I got mine real cheap so I can't complain. (Thank You Staples)

Looks awesome. Can't wait to get one myself. If only it had a charging bay for a spare battery built in as well.

travisredpath raises a very good question though. Kevin... what do you think? Is this coming to market soon, and if so, I am going to assume that landscape mode home screen will not be coming before this hits.

Right now, I agree with the idea that the Playbook should have a similar dock to act as Media Center, rather tan the other way around. Of course, if a future release of BB Bridge has a bidirectional control feature, I would find it very intresting because:

- The PB would be easier to use for remotely presenting slideshows, selecting music, etc. by giving the Z10 a wireless video interface function.
- You would have a wider screen to use for video calls throught the carrier network.
- Probably multitask using one app on TV while using another one at the PB (Netflix/Music/Videos/etc. on TV + Messages/Calendar/BBM/etc. on PB). This could even work having each app in different layout (TV landscape, PB portrait)
- If posible, have multiple bluetooth interactions, for say the Z10 gets a call while having a bluetooth headset linked , but you get the visual call notification on the PB instead of the TV (showing you the caller, number, probably even recent social network updates for the contact, etc.) while the PB is running another video app in the background (rlated to above), therefore giving you privacy.

What other ideas do you have if this bidrectional link could be posible?

The only thing I would have added to this base (and others/future) is also having the BB Multimedia Gateway & BB presenter functions (NFC+Bluetooth, individual audio out for hooking an audio system, wireless video output), that way you could also take advantage of it without the device in; maybe could be used for other wireless devices and make more revenue?. I bet everyone would pay big buck if it had all that, and it should be cheap to produce =).

What a great new accessory. Have to agree with alot of people here that this would have been great for the playbook.

It's pretty sad that I will have a bunch of new accessories for my Z10 before it even gets released here in the US. Hopefully TMO comes thru and releases it mid-March and not towards the end.

if this is available on CrackBerry before I get my white BBZ10 from VZW I will buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember that the 120 vac Blackberry Playbook Charging Pod has a heavy step down transformer circuit-board in the base to charge the Playbook.
The BlackBerry Z10 charging dock simply has short internal pass-through jumpers to the rear ports for a microUSB and HDMI connections.
I expect the Z10 dock will have a lead weight inside to keep it planted.
I charge my Z10 with the larger capacity charger that came in the Playbook box and keep the little cube charger at work.

It needs the magnetic charger like the Playbook! For ease of use when picking it up and putting it down. The whole usb thing would be be a pain in the ass to keep align it to plug in.

Finally some intelligence is creeping in! I too bought a charging stand for my PlayBook. Not only do you have to remove the case to put the PlayBook on the charger, but there are no auxiliary connections! Just a stupid design plain and simple. I'm glad I picked it up for $10 and didn't get one right away when they were full price.

Only questions are: when? how much?
Hopefully: soon and who cares! (within reason)

Had a similar design for my 9800 Torch and installing & removing were not too bad. As everyone says, a PB-style mag connector would be better. But that depends on a phone re-design - won't see that for a while.

Create this with moveable sides. That way when there extended the playbook goes on it. That is if the port are in identicle places as far as seperation. It would then be dual purpose. I do want one though. I want the Z10 also,.. but oh my patience is thin. USA!

My first BB was a 7520, then a Curve 8330, followed by a Torch 9800, next one was a Bold 9900 and finally a Z10. Of all my BB, the only one that had charging connectors was the 9900 and it's one of the feature I liked about it.

Looking at the inside of the Z10, it wouldn't have been hard for BlackBerry to put those two charging pods at the bottom of the case. They had the room.

looks good,,, dunno if it's been mentioned already but instead of using full size HDMI out, they could kept it mini so we wouldn't have to get extra cable,,, that said, so much for hindsight... ;-)


I want this for my playbook, I use it almost every night as our media box, with my phone, now a z10, as the controller....

I am getting mine this afternoon :) it comes as a multimedia bundle. I girlfriend works at Blackberry and it is available at thier store.

Several months later - and no news about this docking station for the Z10?!?!? Where is the problem or - what has gone wrong here?!? Hardly to believe that there is no original accessoire for the BB10 devices available ...

They exist - they're not renders. They are really that sleek.
The Clock Application, among others, supports landscape now (at least in 10.2) but the main screen of icons and things like Settings do not yet. Perhaps that is why the delay.

@CrackBerryKevin - put some gentle pressure on our friends in Waterloo - I'm sure they'd like to offload some of these as the Z30 comes out?

Yes, bigfoots have been seen as well. I am sure the first batch has actually been delivered to the bigfoot population.

I would love one of these by the way. Though the Z10 is now already a "nearly new" model I believe that these will not hit the "human" market places any time soon. Seemingly for the Passport not even the Chinese manufacturers bothered making any accessories to the date.

Poor Blackberry.

I know this thread is very old, but I just recently discovered using my Z10 to connect to my home computer via an RDP connection. I'm blown away. With a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and a connection to my TV via micro HDMI I have no need for a laptop anymore. This cradle would be awesome, but from everything I've read it is not available and was only released in extremely small quantities. Does anyone know where I can find one?