First Look: BlackBerry Z10 cases

BlackBerry Z10 OEM Cases
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jan 2013 05:54 pm EST

Less than a week to go before we get to see all of this fun stuff for real, but today some more leaked images of BlackBerry Z10 cases and accessories turned up in the CrackBerry forums. Seen here are some official BlackBerry Z10 cases in all their glory. We nearly made it to launch day without these guys sneaking out, but I guess they just couldn't wait any longer. Keep in mind these are only a few of what we expect to see announced next week.

Here we have what looks to be the BlackBerry Transform Shell, BlackBerry Flip Shell, BlackBerry Holster and the microfiber pocket pouch. I'm not sure if I'll be going the case route for my Z10 just yet, but these do look very tempting. 

We'll have all of these cases and more in stock soon at ShopCrackBerry. BlackBerry Z10 casesbatterieschargers and other accessories will all be available for pre-order starting Wednesday. You can sign up right now for store updates so you don't miss a beat come game day.

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Reader comments

First Look: BlackBerry Z10 cases


I want the black AND the red red sleeve maybbe even that white case. I'm more and more stoked for the launch as the days go by.

Lookin good! But what I REALLY want to see is them pull an iphone case style thing and have a cutout for the BlackBerry Logo because I want everyone to see that I HAVE A BLACKBERRY

DO NOT LIKE ANY OF THEM! I thought RIM would be creative with their cases. These are the same lame designs of yester-year. C'mon guys, you can do better!!

At least the shell could have the BlackBerry logo large and centered -- a bold statement. This is lame!

Well it may be lame... but who actually buys cases from RIM anyways? Sure people buy the holsters (though they come with the phones). RIM is just making cases for the sake of having cases, for all we know, these might come with the phone itself. If you actually want a nice case, buy one from a BuiltForBlackBerry company, who actually specialize it making cases

RIM should have paid attention in the past to see which OEM cases sold the most and made better ones. These cases shown right now are plain and bucking fugly

well, i can see you researched well before your comment lol.

the hard folding shell case folds so that you can place the device in a dock without having to totally remove the case. also it acts as a stand for when watching movies etc.

naturally as it folds, having the logo in the center would be rather silly

Not to be rude, but is the BlackBerry logo prominent on the black cases above? BlackBerry users are a proud bunch. We LOVE BlackBerry, and after being made fun of for a while, they want to show how good a BlackBerry can be. These cases look very similar, if not the same as, existing cases. Folks won't know, from these cases, that we have a cool & sexy BlackBerry 10 device.

Look at Transform shell case, it seems you can bend it and use as a stander to watch movies in horizontal mode. Its better to wait until the reviews come in.

Love the red micro fibre pouch and the red flip case... May have to buy both jus so I can switch it up from time to time.

I only see 3 cases; the holster, pouch and the transform...

People are talking about flip cases and the bottom ones/top ones, I only see the picture with 3, someone help me out...

THANK YOU! I though I was going crazy. I still don't understand what the flip case and transform case are though.

Is the flip one just the leather holster with a sort of buckle that flips up?

Yes thank you EsJayDee!

The flip case is similar to the samsung galaxy flip case, google that for an idea. The transform the black one on the right, it is like a hard shell but folds in the model (hence the transform) so you can put it on a dock.

You are welcome you two, If you click the links in the article they'll take you to the forum post, and you can see the pictures there.

Folks. Please Google "VCOER BB10 case" and see some actually cool designs. Those shown here are hideous. No offense, Adam.

Thanks for that suggestion on the VOCER cases. Was not familiar with the brand and they have some really innovative products!

Definitely want the slip case but it's seriously not practical. Never used it on my 8310 or my Playbook. Still looks good.

I'm happy to see a classic holster. I don't care what many guys say, cell phones don't belong in your pocket.

Agree, I am a big fan of the classic holster. I find the one for the Bold 9930 to be nearly flawless, and this one looks very similar.

They should come up with alternate battery covers!!!
i would love to get one that is styled like the 9700/9780's leather back and one that is styled like the 9900's carbon fibre back

Going to need a few heavier duty cases for law enforcement, fire department, security, and construction useage. Heavy duty belt loops to fit at least a 2 inch belt.

not to impress i need funcational cases eg one that extends the battery on my phone i honestly dont believe that 1200 is big enough jmo

First of all: holsters are a fashion no-no. Second of all, the actual case looks pretty hideous. I don't know why it's so hard for us to get a decent BB case (that isn't a freaking holster). Can Alexander McQueen get to work on that? Thanks.

Nobody buys those kinds of cases for their blackberries. unfortunately thats just the iPhone crowd. An AM case would be insane tho, saw one once online for a 9900.