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First Look: BlackBerry Wireless Media Server - Stream content from your BlackBerry smartphone using DLNA

By Bla1ze on 16 Feb 2012 08:53 pm EST

Not long ago, we posted that RIM was working on bringing DLNA to BlackBerry smartphones and possibly the BlackBerry PlayBook and even more recently we noted they had signed on for the Digital Living Network Alliance. With a slew of BlackBerry 7.1 leaks out there now, we're getting up close and personal with what RIM has planned for future official releases.

If you managed to dig around those leaked versions, you would have found within the settings to enabled the BlackBerry Wireless Media Server. When enabled, you can stream all media content directly from your device be it music, videos, podcasts and you can also view images. Watch the video above to get a first look at DLNA running on BlackBerry smartphones. Also, I said "basically" a lot -- I'm sorry. I was just so excited to actually see it enabled.

Thanks, @Don_Poky!



This is WICKED! So quick streaming. Windows Media Center didn't do well


Ya windows networking sees it as a media device but WMP doesn't seem to add the device to the list of "other libraries" so far.



It did showed my media files but other than pictures, video or music were lagging a lot.

For some screenshots, check -


Any luck with this? I have the same problem and can't figure out solution. I've set the server to accept connection requests from my PC.


For now OS and up, but I have a feeling that they will enable this on as many devices as they could. But remember the processing power of your phone is the limiting factor so don't except RIM to come up with DLNA support for older models.


Thanks for the demo Bla1ze. Q: would this work in the other direction as well - i.e. I can stream from my server to the BB handset?


Currently it's only a DLNA server, not a renderer.  Would be nice to be able to go the other way though.


Thanks Shao128... sucks though, as its pretty useless for my setup if it can't. I hope some other 2.0 surprise lets me stream from my server to my BB/PB!


That is killer! I've already tried this now on my a treat man. So cool.


I can confirm that it is "basically" enabled on the 9930 with the new leaked OS


Honestly, i was getting tired of the lately because it been boring with no new exciting info coming out of it. Now i can finally say this week has been a one with full of fun and exciting news, 2.0OS launch date, leaked os 7.1 with DNLA and Battery save mode and more things to follow. looking good.


Did blaze have a glee file on his Bold? Now all they need to do is allow me to stream my bbm music.


Hell ya, Glee is the bidness.. lol.

Detective M Downs

You can't have Glee and, a group like Above the Law...


I don't think so... LOL 99% of the people in the world would not pay for music or movies while 1% of the people what the money for their work. LOL :)


It's also on the torch 9860


Can you help me find this option. I have the Torch 9850 on


hey Blaze is the media used option new to. I bavent seen that before its pretty sweet.


Well now; that is so sweet. Sucks that I'm on a 9780 which, of course (rolls eyes), will not be able to see this update. Sigh.


This looks promising! Hopefully I can get this working on my Xbox... My 1st attempt was unsuccesful though.

Hopefully this feature will be on a future update of the PlayBook? That would be nice.


+1 for that - I definately would love to hook up my Playbook to my PS3 :)


my Samsung T.V found it right away but every thing i do says "file not supported" if i take my sd card out and pop it in the tv it works so guess the bb and tv dont like each other :-( My F-N luck.


Awesome, FINALLY RIM is doing great things which they should have been doing 3 years ago! Go RIM, get back on top!!!


Watch The Throne Deluxe Edition :D


This should really be available for the Playbook and hopefully soon.


So would this work from 9930 to my PlayBook?


ok... so I have loaded the new 7.1 on my 9900 but I am not seeing this anywhere.... any hints on where to look?


Make sure you have OS not any other older versions.


that is what I am running...


Media > Menu > Media Options > Media Server


I can also confirm this feature is present in for the 9790


Yawn...Had this on my HTC Desire more than a year ago LOL


Can I get instruction on how to set this up with my 9900?


Will this feature come to Playbook??


So we can "basically" expect to see this with os2. Sorry i had too...


Is it coincidence that RIM news about DLNA comes out a day before a 7.1 leak with it enabled, and a confirmed date for OS2?


so let me get this straight... does this work similar to apple's airplay/mirroring? or it is supposed to allow access from one device to another's content wirelessly?


yes, i also have that on my bold 9900, running on the good move, RIM! now hopefully the battery saving mode on this build (and above) will prolong the battery life of all BB7 phones!

next stop: BB Bridge 2.0 & PlayBook OS 2.0!! Come on RIM, rock n' roll!


Bla1ze ... Why oh WHY do you have a video of GLEE on your BlackBerry ? PLEASE say its for the gf/wife !


Working on my Torch 9810 as well. Already picked up by WD LIVE HUB...


I can't wait to get home to try this now!!!!


what carrier do you have?


this is awesome, dlna + ps3 = awesome media experience


Dreams come TRUE ! I love it.


Is it reasonable to expect it to be possible to stream from your PC to your Blackberry Playbook?


Latest Torch 9810 .258 has this option too! Swwwweeeettt!!! Good find!


Bla1ze add me on PSN bro. ThaChoc1: I know you're down from some Call Of Duty!


oh man, I can't find it. I'm on Torch 9810, Where is it? Could it be that when I shrunk my OS, it took it out? What is the name(s) of the cod files, so I can get it put back?

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it...


anyone tried this EnefceDMS for blackberry. again a DLNA compliant media server. seems to work with OS5.0 and higher:

works pretty much the same. Does crash a lot though.