First Look at the BlackBerry Thunder 9500?!

By Kevin Michaluk on 31 May 2008 04:15 pm EDT

BlackBerry 9500 Thunder

Look what we have here! A fuzzy/blurry image of the rumored BlackBerry 9500 Thunder?!?!?!?! You can take your guess as to whether or not this is legit, but my BlackBerry Intuition tells me it is! And the fact that the image has now been removed from the site where it first popped up definitely adds to the legit factor.

While this device housing still looks a little rough around the edges, per previous rumors it seems the touch screen Thunder features a few physical buttons - the standard Send/End, Menu & Back keys are along the bottom, and from this image it looks like there are also volume buttons and a convenience button on the right side. Once the first image surfaces you know more are just around the corner.... stay tuned!

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First Look at the BlackBerry Thunder 9500?!


The RIM ninjas are getting faster these days lol, forcing removal of images and such..

With the request though they just legitimized the picture almost like confirming without actually confirming..and @megatron27, word on the street is their will be NO physical keyboard, straight keyboard love on this one.

ON another blog the "horizon" guy said its just the housing. Look how the top sits on the base and connects to the top. Almost looks as if it pivots at the top.. Also, notice a slight opening at the bottom? hmmm seems odd....Reminds me of a flip phone...

Yeah, That's why I said in the post "this device housing".

I don't think we are seeing more than just the outside framework of this baby.

But it's enough to get the conversation rolling :)

--> CrazEtooN

I didn't know RIM was planning to release 2 versions of the touch screen, especially one with a hybrid keyboard? I was under the impression that it was pure touch screen only and that they were releasing it under the name of "thunder"

my question though is, if this is CDMA, has anyone heard of BELL Canada picking it up?

personally one of the reasons i love my blackberry is because of the full keyboard.

i would never buy a touch screen blackberry

People obviously are not going to want a touchscreen Blackberry, which is why the Bold is coming out. I think the Bold and the Thunder will come out near each other. Verizon needs them too because let face it, they are losing business because of the iPhone.

I had the UTStar xv6700 from Verizon with touchscreen and slide out keyboard. I never used the slide out keyboard because it was inconvenient so all I used was the touchscreen. Had that phone for three weeks and got rid of it. I'd never want a touchscreen only Blackberry. I remember trying to dial phone #s on the xv6700 touchscreen. What a pain.

It's like one of those blurred UFO this is a UBO - Unidentified Blackberry Object :)...get Mulder & Scully on the case !

i heard there is somthing coming the javalin??? tmobile told me 3 devices this year.. bold, kickstart, and javalin.. hmmm