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First Look: BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset

BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset
By Adam Zeis on 20 Mar 2013 01:57 pm EDT

With the arrival of new BlackBerry 10 devices there are some great new accessories as well. As seen in our first look at the BlackBerry Q10 accessories, one that looks to be a winner is the new BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset. It's an updated version of the original premium headset but will definitely be in our "must have" arsenal. 

The premium stereo headset features sleek design with a tangle-free cable, and best of all it comes in both black and white so you can easily match your device. The headset has improved performance for awesome music quality and is sporting a single-button control for voice commands and media playback. It comes with a selection of covers so you can choose which one fits best and don't have to worry about the earbuds popping out. 

While the headset included with BlackBerry 10 devices is already pretty top notch, the BlackBerry Premium Stereo Headset is one that an audiophile will surely want to have at their disposal. 



not letting jojo be first!

The headphones are actually very nice and very comfortable to wear

Anthony Roberts 1985

I'm taking the first spot so I don't have to see the stupid "First" comment and also these are nice headphones. The ones that came with the phone were garbage.

Posted via CB10


Guess you got robbed for first.

Anthony Roberts 1985

Lol at quicksilver we were both thinking the same thing lol

Posted via CB10


lol yup, JoJo beacon is really getting annoying with his "first" comment and not actually adding any value to the article it's self

Anthony Roberts 1985

Exactly. What did you think of the headphones that came with the z10. I was very disappointed they looked like dollar store headphones.

Posted via CB10


they were ok, but the premium ones are a lot better... I use them to go to the gym with and they fit nicely and don't fall out as much

Kapy Joelle

hey r they being sold individually and were can you get it


How does it work with the music control? Can you skip forwards and backwards with the button? That's always the feature i liked best about the ipod - the ability to navigate amongst songs via just the headset

Posted via CB10


nope, you can only pause and play music, not skip through


You can enable the volume rocker to control fwd/bwrd. It's not as good but it gets the job done.


These headphones are certainly a must-have for me. When will they be available?


Sorry guys. Didn't mean to mess up this thread by talking about the article itself. :)

Anthony Roberts 1985

Thanks quicksilver I am definitely going to get these headphones because of what you said about the gym and falling out part which is my pet peeve with in ear headphones.

Posted via CB10


You're welcome :) Because you have different sizes for the buds, the chances are less likely to fall out when you find the correct size


From the reviews of the headphones included with the Z10 these should have been included instead of the worthless as some have call them .


I could not agree with more! Since I got my Z10 I have not even used them. Dnt like the design, using one a bought. They should av used this instead.

Posted via CB10


Where can we purchase this?



I got mine from my friend who works at BlackBerry ;) after I b!tched to him about the crappy supplied ear buds

The Me

Are these available yet at shop crackberry?

Posted via CB10


Easy with the "audiophile" comment. Audiophile quality, I doubt, but much better than stock? Surely.


I actually have the original premium set but I didn't like the in-ear buds because they felt tiring on my ears (hard to explain). I've always liked the standard BB ear buds (with the covers) that don't go in the ear hole. I've always thought they sounded good (for metal). Looking at the image for these new premium ones, I can't really tell how the buds themselves fit in the ear. Do they go inside the ear canal, or fit in outside it?

Anthony Roberts 1985

Damn you quicksilver with your links to blackberry lol. You in tdot or Waterloo?

Posted via CB10


I can't use these headphones. Wrong shape.

Powered by BlackBerry 10


I'm sorry but the headphones are absolutely terrible. I'd actually rather not receive any than get those. Fortunately, the headphones are my only complaint!

Posted via CB10


Mine didn't come with an headset...

Posted via CB10


So no volume control on the headset? Kind of silly if they forgot that part considering it would have been an easier way to skip songs and adjust the volume without having to take out the phone from the pocket.

Posted via CB10


Jesus. Talk about greasing a pig. Lol. Blackberries headphones have always sucked. I'm just happy that the Z10 is pretty awesome.


I haven't used the supplied headphones with any device for awhile. I've had the same few pairs of headphones that I like, an just use them on whatever device I have.

Posted via CB10


Same here. I'm partial to a good set of in-ear headphones. Earbuds just don't stay in for me.


These won't beat the BlackBerry premium multimedia earphones I have.

Skip forward / back. play / pause. Volume up / down. Answer calls etc.

...I'll try these out too sometime.


BlackBerry should show some responsibility and take back the crappy headphones that came with the Z10 and either replace or at least give its customers some discount for these (if they are any good). BlackBerry came up with the notion that they will be targeting a certain segment from now on. Well that segment would either like a quality accessory or nothing at all. Don't put sub standard stuff in the box.

Posted via CB10


Thank god those headphones that came with z10 were crap

Posted via CB10


I wish they offered these before I got my Z10

Posted via CB10


The stereo headphone that comes with Z10 is crap... don't know how it pass BlackBerry quality control...

Or they probably intentionally made it poor so we will buy a new one... anyway, whoever proposed that approach for additional profit seems to be working because all of us are surely going to buy another headphones...

Posted via Z10


These should have come with the Z10 especially since other devices have much more premium headsets from the box. Have to say I love that Apple gives you nice head phones. Very upset BB didn't do the same.


Ahh the ones that came with the z10 are the worst headphones ever. I've gotten better ones from the pound shop. Cheaply made and mine barely worked.
I hope these ones are a lot better, I was thinking of getting them until I saw in the article that they thought the pre packaged headphones were top notch. If these are anything like them then I will steer clear.

Posted via CB10


The had phones that come with are crap. Seen better at a dollar store. BlackBerry dropped the ball. These head phones should have come with the phone. I use ps vita headphones. Vista $14 and are awesome. I'd like to get a pair if blu tooth buds but dropping $100 on ear buds is simply to much.

Posted via CB10

Kurt Windibank

I use a pair of Monster earbuds.

Awesome sound quality.

All stock headsets suck..if you are a true audiophile you need a pair if Monster or Beats...

Posted via CB10


I won the monster I beats, and they are fully compatible with z10!

Posted via CB10


Monster or Beats for true audiophiles? Embarrassing how enslaved to marketing some folks are.

Posted via CB10


I like the ones that came with my 9900 and 9700. They fit my ears nicely and I think the ones that come with the Q10 are going to fit nicely too. Never had them fall out either. I don't know why people need to complain all the time. LIke really?


I have never used ear buds that come with the phones since the Bold 9000 ( which came with premium ear buds). Having said that I love my Klipsch S4i which are originally for the iPhone but the volume and play/pause work perfectly with the Z10. Cost $120 but best ear buds I've owned.

Posted via CB10


$120 for buds. Yeesh... that's big bucks!

Posted via CB10


When will these be available?


It might just be me, but those earphone are damn ugly. I know there are only headphone, but if those are premium headphones, Houston we have a problem!!!

Francisco Ramirez2

These headsets are cool, however there are better ones if you like high quality sound. I'd like to know what other people think. Here is an example of them:


I didn't get any headphones in my Verizon Z10 box (SAD), but I will be taking a look at these. Are they branded with the Blackberry emblem?


I'm still using the awesome set I got with my Palm Treo. Pretty sad but true.

Posted by my awesome Z10


Just tried the headset. It does not fit my ears at all. I've tried my wife's iPhone 5's and what a difference! The Apple ones fit the ears perfectly and the sound quality is way better. One for Apple. Zero for BlackBerry.


I don't know about the Blackberry Z10 included headphones, but I buy a fifteen dollars headsets that works great. It's not a Bose or Beats, but its works great for me and are tangle free.


don't think it can beat my A-jays four


What is that extra rubber round shape on the earbud?is that supposed to improve the grips?
Its very anooying or may be i dont know how to use it.