First Look: BlackBerry Onyx Spotted in the Wild!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 May 2009 05:50 pm EDT

** Images Removed at Demand ** 

NICE. Look what just got emailed into the CrackBerry tip line and posted in the forums! You're looking at the backside of yet another upcoming BlackBerry smartphone... this is the one that has been going under the codename "Onyx" to date. I'm sure we'll see a lot more details and images in the days / weeks / months ahead (can we puhleaze see the front??!).  Another picture after the jump!

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First Look: BlackBerry Onyx Spotted in the Wild!


Damn you RIM, I've just got an 8900 and now you wanna release newer ones, I promised I wouldn't buy a new phone every month this year!

What series will the Onyx be? 8xxx? 9xxx? I'm presuming it will release for one of the GSM carriers first?

lol you take a pic of the back and not the front?

what an assclown!

...well that 3.2 camera already beats my bold.

This is incredibly mean. Sending in a picture of the back without the front? It does have a nice ass but...

This is unfare, Ive just weened myself away from! Ill be restless now wondering what the front looks like.. please get front view pic soon :)

I hope there is a cover over the camera like on the curve 8900 so no lint gets in there....It almost looks like the camera isnt covered like the old curve or bold??

BGR says this onyx will have :

■AWS 1700MHz + 2100MHz UMTS/HSDPA
■3.2 megapixel autofocus camera
■QWERTY keyboard
■480×360 screen
■Carbon fiber-esque back battery cover (the whole back is a carbon fiber pattern apparently)
■Much sexier than the BlackBerry 8900

hopefull it isnt the "storm 2"...

ive been on a touchscreen phone since the iphone came out and then switched to a blackberry storm...i think i want some buttons now...i miss buttons so im excited to see the next generation of blackberries. im a blackberry addict now.

I'm glad that TMO USA is finally getting the 3G BB Curve!
Too bad 3G service is NOT available in my area. :(

looks like the storm from the back

....storm 2?? lets hope not. dont pull an apple on us RIM! you just released the storm 1!!

Its meant to tease you, they wont show the front of the phone, until its ready for pre-release.

Com'on Guys!

I told myself the storm was my last new phone for a while....Keyword being WAS...It's hot from the back...but then again,,,we've all made that mistake before!!!

i was the one that sent in this picture its not photoshopped if your wondering that and i'll post the front shortly too, maybe a video as well ;) but its the 3G version of the blackberry javelin for those who wanted to know

Just where can one get an evaluation unit? :)

If you're throwing away your Bolds as you have newer devices, tell me which dumpster you're putting it in and will dive for that trasure then :)

or any BlackBerry for that matter

Hello Onyx!!! or Driftwood(?)!

Look exactly like the storm and I would have no doubt what so ever that it is the storm 2. Looks nice from the back if ya know what I mean.

It's a QWERTY, it's not CDMA, and it lacks a touchscreen. How is it the Storm 2? And it definitely doesn't look exactly like a Storm, i'm looking at the back of mine right now, and it looks nothing like this device (aside from the fact that it has a 3.2MP camera)

could this be the hybrid that RIM had rumored about?? part qwerty board/part touchscreen?? the world may never know...

dang it.. why why now.. i just got my bold like 4 months ago.. and now this.. bonus its t-mobile.. so i can wait.. LOL if att gets it im screwed imma have to get it..

Oh and I like the keyboard....the new 8900 keyboard moves to much....kinda sucks how the 8320 keyboard feels more solid than the new one....the Bold's keys dont move at all

Awesome. It looks crooked from the front. Looks like the 9630. What I dont see is the optical trackpad which BGR seems to think it has..

I was gonna say it was basically a Bold for T-Mobile but your words fit this device much better. It's ok if you ask me. Im on Cincinnati Bell and I'll stick with my 8900. I figure I'll just skip 3G since 4G is right around the corner. I kinda think RIM is making a lot of devices that look alike too, but seein how it is a GSM Tour with wifi, this one can slide :)

Trackball? Really? I kind of thought after the 8520 that maybe the trackpad (or whatever) was the wave of the future.
So if it is indeed a 3G 8900 then I'm not interested. If it is slightly larger, say GSM Tour with Wi-Fi, then I am very interested. I don't expect TMO to have 3G service anywhere I go for at least 2 years. The front does look kind of Tour-ish.

this is different than the optical pad you seen, this is a model most likely 8920 model. Looking at the screen it dows look alittle top heavy to me (more screen/top end than keyboard/bottom end)

Go ahead and kill me, but I think the Curve/Bold/Tour/Onyx all look INCREDIBLY similar, specially from the front. But hey, why change something that works I guess.

Geez AZz! For all the people who keep trying to say this is in the Curve series, its NOT OBviously! If you'd actually READ the Article and look at the Picture you'd know that.

LOoks HOTT!!! Cannot wait to see it in person when it Launches. It IS basically the Tour with AWS and UMA/WiFi for T-Mobile.

Bring it!

They're Describing the Driftwood for T-Mobile in this article and WILL include UMA. When it's Released on ATT it will be called Onyx without UMA of course. Its the same phone for two different Carriers. Although I really don't think ATT will be releasing this since the 8900 is coming also.

I was just going to buy the 8900. Good thing this came by my eyes first. BTW, BGR is reporting that the device will have an optical trackpad, not a trackball.

Im still getting the Tour. Mainly because I am on Bell, and well if this is ever a CDMA phone it would be out after the Tour. Looks like a very noce device though

BGR says the new blackberry will definitely launch with a the optical trackpad like the GEMINI. If this is true(and I repeat IF) why would they not have put it on the TOUR?? Just wondering.This seem to be shaping up to be a huge year for blackberry

Nice! But I told myself I'd wait for the hybrid touchscreen/qwerty BlackBerry... However, I really don't think that I could resist if it comes out on at&t...

How come the back and side pictures look fresh and the front picture looks like a cow just barfed it up??

I'm with you curve. The Pre & Tour are taking ages. I might as well go somewhere with options. Plus I can unlock the Magnum/Pluto if T-Mobile doesn't get it. What a weekend.

Optical trackball? Excited? Why?... it sucks on every device it has been put on so far. This trackball that is on BB devices right now is optimized for usability. Don't change it if it isnt broken.

This is def. the replacement for my 8900...GSM, 3G, 3.2megapixel/flash, optical trackpad, with bold/tour style keyboard and smaller form factor. Someone confirm that this has wifi?
This is the first Berry to excite me since the Bold. Def. going to call on some resources to try and get a pre-production unit.

IF I can wait until at least December, and IF I can still sell my 8320 Curve, and IF I get a nice discount before the 22-month full discount wait time, I want this BB!!

Assuming BGR is right about who gets which phones, does it seem like TMO is getting a disproportionate amount of love from RIM? So far, from what has been announced TMO gets 3 BBs this year, AT&T 1 (and not a debut model), VZW 1, and Sprint is left waiting.
It really seems like TMO is looking for RIM to be their number 1 supplier, kind of like Apple for AT&T, or the pre (whenever it happens) for Sprint.

Maybe it's just me but this one along with the 8520 is pretty fugly. Especially compared to the bold or even the 8900 which are sexy as... well, sex. :[

Nope, not just you... I was looking at this and my 8900 in it's dock and wondering where the designers went wrong - the 8900 is easily the best looking phone out there at the moment.

You know, lot of people said that about the javelin (8900) when it was being speculated to come out for tmobile... they were comparing to the bold and saying the jav looks ugly... maybe its not gonna be so fugly in person when its sitting on its own charging pod... i have faith... and since tmobile is not going 4G anytime soon, i think this is a winner

I think the keyboard looks like a sports car, like really tight and compact but full of everything you would want. You know? It looks kind of like a Blackberry Bold keyboard except smaller and tighter.

now it just looks awkward with that huge screen and the squished bold keyboard

anyways, when are we going to see a keyboarded device with a touch screen??? i mean i wouldnt get it just because i love my storm, but i know a bunch of my long time bb fanboy friends would love such a thing!

If this is in the 96xx series and is getting the optical mouse when released, does that mean the 9630 on Verizon will also be getting the optical mouse? I was going to get the 9630 either way, but that would make it even better!

3G with WIFI? I might make a switch! Plus I like the keyboard for this because it close to the BOLD. I have to wait and see more info on this before I make a decision. Looks good for now.

What gives you that impression does it have better internals than every other blackberry? any new changes except for the slight changes in looks?

Is this the reason why T-Mo didnt hold on to the 8900 exclusively for that long? I like the the 3G driftwood/onyx. This is never ending, I Just got my 8900 Feb and now I want this new BB....

Why couldn't they put this on the bold!! Love the trackpad
but i wouldnt sacrifice the 3G just for that. or would i???? ;)

I like it I love the non silver bezel bit. So is just the same but with wi-fi?? I dunno how much i look forward to atrack pad, ithink it looks nice with a trackball. I cant wait to see what else comes up then in the 96xx series.. great stuff.

Just wait until you experience the abysmal battery life and the TMo 3G network that seriously lacks backhaul bandwidth. On the other hand the big advantage will be voice and data at the same time!

How do u know that the battery life is gonna suck?... do u mean battery life of all 3G devices is low cuz 3G network is hard on the batter?

I am wondering if this is gonna to replace the 8900 for TMO? So I guess that TMO let att has the 8900 curve, so T-Mobile getting the 3G BB Curve.

Oh... and one more thing... i love that the charging jack is not on the bottom right like the 8900. Because it was really awkward to type on the 8900 when charging. Also the earphone jack better be on the top left

This may have been mentioned, but without a touchscreen, I do not see this going to AT&T. Tmo would make sense for sure, but I don't see what this gives over the Bold other than a 3.2 mp camera....