First Look: BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac!!

BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac
By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Oct 2008 11:09 am EDT

Rejoice Mac + BlackBerry Users! There is now visual proof that the rumors RIM is finally going to start releasing apps for Mac users are true. Boy Genius got his hands on an early version of BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac and posted some screen captures. It's basic, but it works on a Mac so no complaints here! Click on over for more images. Now we just need Desktop Manager for Mac....

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First Look: BlackBerry Media Sync for Mac!!


Finally! It's about time RIM stepped up to the plate and offered media sync to us mac users. Instead of giving us that second hand junk *pocket mac*.

What's the difference here between the Missing Sync media features and this app from RIM?
Nice to see a mac app from RIM of course.

Syncing playlists is nice, but I really want to know if the tethered modem feature is going to work with Macs soon. Anyone hear if that's part of RIM's plans?

Being a Mac owner, I was (slightly) torn about whether to go with Apples iPhone 3G OR the BB Curve, when I went shopping for a better phone recently.
The iPhone has better integration right out of the box with my Mac products - sure, but it sucks as a truely capable smart-phone that can handle business tasks as well as play.

Ultimately, I went with the BB Curve on Verizon because, well- it does everything nicely and its not AT&T. I am excited to hear that RIM is developing Mac-friendly software for the BlackBerry - between this and the new Storm due for launch, this is sounding like a very good year to be a BlackBerry owner/Mac user!

You know what I call that?

Good news but I am looking for it everywhere
Has it been released yet?
Do you have any details on the go live date?

I tried using this program several times, and it never syncs the album art. I even sent a few email help requests to RIM, and they couldn't solve the problem. Also, the current version of the software doesn't have most of the options I would like to use. Unless they fix my issue and make it more customizable, I have absolutely no interest in this program :[ *angry*