First Look: BlackBerry Link v1.2

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2013 02:39 am EDT

Ahh, yes. BlackBerry Link. By now, most BlackBerry 10 users are fully aware that BlackBerry Link isn't exactly the best desktop software app in the world. We've griped enough about it in the past that it's really not worth harping on any more really. Perhaps, everyone complaining about it has caused BlackBerry to put a little more effort into it. After all, it has seen a few updates since initial release and is slowly improving.

Next on the horizon is BlackBerry Link 1.2, which we've heard about a few times before now and is noted to bring several improvements to the app such as faster and more reliable back-ups, better synch offerings and more options for when it comes to restoring your device. Additionally, there is also fixes for remote access and logging in via your BlackBerry ID. Overall lots of general improvements to make using the app better.

I'm sure we can all appreciate some improvements but BlackBerry has also taken some time to spruce up the visuals as well. Whenever BlackBerry Link 1.2 arrives, be it through the BlackBerry Beta Zone or officially available to all, it will also bring a new UI along with it. You can flip through the gallery and have a look for yourself, nothing overly special about the images but it's nice to see BlackBerry Link is finally getting some love and attention. The images here are from the Windows version but much like the current iteration the Mac version will also be getting all the same fixes and new visuals.


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First Look: BlackBerry Link v1.2


I hope its faster now. I have a 3.0 GHz Quad core Alienware with 8 GB of RAM and it slows down my whole computer for a few minutes everytime I load this application.

Something must be wrong with your computer, mine is as fast as start an webpage. The functionality of this software is the problem.

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This software is the problem. Nothing lags on my computer. I can have 5 pages with 20 tabs each and I can run Starcraft at the highest possible graphics and it doesn`t lag. Everytime I run BB Link it slows down my computer and I cannot interact with the software for about 1-2 minutes.

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I suggest you uninstall everything related to BlackBerry and reinstall BlackBerry Link.

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I know you are trying to defend them but I have 3computers 3 laptops in my house hold all 2010 and newer and at least 1000$ each and it slows down every one of them. BlackBerry link is so bad that I just load up my SD card with the stuff I want my brother dad and mom do the same as well with there Z/Qs

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I manually load my SD card as well then place it back into my Z10. Link is a mess....

Sent via Z10 on Verizon running a .1047 hybrid thru CB10

I use WiFi sharing and drag and drop the files I want onto my sd card in the phone. Its slower but it’s convenient and easy.

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...and at the same time I have two different devices (Z and Q10) tied into 4 machines, and I even have Link set to run in the background (minimized to tray for remote access), and these are older dual core machines with one maxing out on 4GB, and 3Ghz...the oldest is a dual 2.0Ghz with 2GB...and none of them have an issue with Link, if anything it has gotten faster from the older Desktop software...check that your drivers are current etc...

I have that after I reinstall BlackBerry link or I connect a new device. Once I have the device set up & it's done it's first sync, I don't have that problem any more....The program is still slow, but it doesn't effect the performance of the computer.

I gave up with Link a while ago. BlackBerry did not provide a reliable software here, it just doesn't work at all, it does not recognize the z10, it does not recognize the q10. They never do it correct at the first attempt. I have win 7 and still I have to look for workarounds to get this done. BBRY chooses to disappoint.

I have an oldish Lenovo with Windows XP and while it does slow down my pc, I've never had any problems with it syncing or recognizing my Z10.

I only mention this because there may be a way to fix your issue, e.g. uninstall and reinstall it.

Via Z10 & CB10

...perhaps it's your PC that isn't properly recognizing your BB, if not...then Link can't use the BB correctly, or at all...I would check the drivers first before prematurely blaming the software...this had happened on my other laptop...I had to wipe the driver from the system, then reinstall it, and then Link grabbed the phone flawlessly...

Agreed, I have an i7 alienware @ 3.1 nothing slows my system down like BlackBerry link. Hoping this is the fix.

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Seems to be a problem between Link and Alienware
Mine runs fine - home built PC. I just want selective restore in Link.

Only app (save for some games) that bring my quadcore to a screeching halt. Absolutely no other non game application runs as slowly.

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BlackBerry Link - The Ultimate Stress Test for Your Computer System

If the computer system scores 1.0 out of 10.0 you must be running a supercomputer. ;-)

Link works with no lags for me other than it takes a minute to load itself. Just wish RFA still worked for me.

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Running smoothly here on my Pentium Dual Core G620 w/8GB of RAM on Windows 8 Pro. My only issue is the functionality.

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My issue is with Windows 8. It's terrible all around. As for Link, it's ok. Just use it for backups, but I hardwire. I do not use the bluetooth option as it is slow. I wonder if some people are using the bluetooth option to sync/backup. Problem with that setup is that it runs ever time you go near your computer. I prefer to backup and sync manually.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Agreed. BlackBerry Link is worse than malware in terms of its performance impact on a modern desktop/notebook computer system. Undoubtedly some of the problem originates with the Microsoft Windows SDK used to create this application. The remainder of the problem lies with the software development team but that is par for the course at BlackBerry. Maybe Thorsten replaced the code monkeys with actual monkeys of the lowest cognitive order. The "Ikea Monkey" would likely produce higher quality software compared to these baboons.

I hope this can actually do the one single most important task it needs to do: backing up the phone. I seriously hate link in its current version.

Is painfully inadequate.
All the time and effort into BB10 you think they'd have decent desktop software.

We don't need eye candy feature for Link. What we need is functionality. Perfect backup and restore, ability to backup notes from Remember, ability to choose which data to backup and restore like we had in OS7 with BDM. Hopefully Link 1.2 brings along these things, not just eye candy UI.

Totally agree.

I was never thrilled with BDM but had no real issues with it. Link is horrible. Everything I try to do with it is a struggle. Backups take so much longer I am questioning whether they are even working. I don't care what it looks like I just want good functionality and I want it to work.

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"ability to choose which data to backup and restore like we had in OS7"
That's the biggest issue I have with it.

Yes, functionality is the most annoying problem of Link in comparison with its predecessor BDM. I miss the ability to back-up and restore flexibly every details including SMS messages, notes, app settings, etc.

Let's hope Link 1.2 will bring all these back, and please SOON.

Link works.... but when I plug in my z10 on windows 8... "I know it sucks, normally im a Linux user" but when I plug in my berry on windows 8 after a time windows is going down with an watchdog violation error...
System is clean.. and it's only happen with opened link and my z10 is plug in...

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I have started getting the watchdog violation today for the first time. I also run windows 8 and have been for about 6 months. Today it started happening constantly. All I changed was loaded latest 10.2 leak. Installed droid leak. Remove to bug reporter apps.
I also have blue stacks installed and I'd I uninstalling it issue goes away. But I have has it installed for about a month. No issues. Still trying to solve it
Let me know your setup. See what we have done in common

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I think Windows 8 has some serious issues along with link. We upgraded to Windows 8, and other major programs such as inventor etc, are a nightmare. You just get it working, and then an auto update screws up everything again. We are on deep trouble when it comes to personal computers. We have Windows that rules the business end of things, but it has become a toyish and consumer driven product, that workstations are garbage and windows issues are a daily problem. Windows has been bad at work over the years, but it is a complete nightmare since version 7. Windows 8 is an IT nightmare. I use my z10 all the time and my windows 8 computer at home sits there. It is frustrating to use.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Haven't had any issues with my link. Works like a charm. Basic but still gets the job done. Can't wait till 10.2 comes out! I'm to chicken to install the leaks!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Sayumi I have the same problem with a win 8 laptop but win 8 desktop is fine - I suspect a driver problem...

Powered by Z10 on via DTAC 3G

I also have problems on windows 8 when.i plug in my z10 in debug mode. After a while my laptop crashes and reboots. I never had this problem before! I have a lenovo y500, i5, 8gb ram so speed is no issue!

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The only problem with link is that it doesn't work. Sees the phone but won't communicate, so can't back-up, sync or interact in any way. So all in all a totally useless piece of software. Not holding my breath as the updates so far have been just the wrong side of hopeless.

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I have no Outlook and will never install it. So I would love to access Adressbook and Calendar from within BlackBerry Link to edit those at my desktop without drawbacks.

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Still doesn't back up and worse, lost all my phone data. Seriously frustrated with blackberry shooting itself in the foot time and time again. I've stopped bragging about how awesome my Z10 is with so many annoying glitches..sad kitten

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I don't really use this much, but maybe when it is fixed appropriately. Thanks for the read.

On the Underrated Z10

Assuming your PC has no issues, BlackBerry Link is in itself perfectly fine.
The backups can be a bit slow but they sped up in recent versions - and yes, there are only three options, but they work. (I always back up and restore when a leak comes - incidentally, without issues)

Now what does have an issue is the BlackBerry driver - any slowness fromm connecting to the BlackBerry (Z10 ad in my case) stems from the device manager and associated driver being slow to negotiate a connection - if they manage it at all
Link itself has nothing to do with it

As to slow software - Link is perfectly fine. There are worse offenders - Adobe springs to mind...

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Agreed.....and Windows 8 has major driver support problems all around. Windows XP is still their best offering to date. Ask any experienced IT manager. Best to stick with XP as far as Windows is concerned.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

XP? That thing is ancient and no IT manager worth their salt is going to suggest that relic today (it was fine for its time though). Windows 7 is by far their best. All my fellow IT coworkers concur on that. There are a few nice things in Windows 8 but it is mostly offset by the negatives. I forced myself on Windows 8 at work and I'm using Classic Start Menu and a bunch of customizations. Windows 7 was perfect for the most part.

I haven't had any issues so far but improvement is always good. Look forward to when this is available

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Link doesn't work for me on windows, iv got the 10.2.1047 on my Z10 and it won't even backup my phone, my Mrs is on the official MR update and she can back her Z10, but it won't do mine, it's frustrating cos I wanted to put the new leak on my phone but without doing a backup I can not, I've got to much stuff on my Z10, anybody got any suggestions on what might be the problem, thanks all.

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That's cause your using BL 1.1 with BB10.2
I'm sure once you get a leaked vs of BL 1.2 it will work with your 10.2

"(Global Option) Automatically download updates for your device software & BlackBerry Link"
Maybe this is just wishful thinking (in fact I'm quite sure it is) but wouldn't it be cool if that meant that BlackBerry link would look Globably for any updates to your device?....aka USA wouldn't have to wait 6 months for an update ;)

No, I think they mean that if this box is ticked, then the software will look for updates on both BBLink and your accord with your carrier releases.

It would be too good otherwise ! Can you imagine that everyone would have the same and updated software ??? (sarcasm)

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Updates should come directly from blackberry server.. so everybody has the same version which will make it easier for blackberry to provide manage software issues.. they somehow miss this simple thing.
What if an app cant run on the older oS version but the carrier in that country has not provide the OS update? Provide updates directly from blackberry server. Release it by region...

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Your talking to the choir here!

Even BlackBerry would agree with you. They specifically made BB10 modular so they can update it without affecting the radio stack, alas the carriers don't care & insist on approving the updates. BlackBerry in their current state can't insist :(

For me, I recently updated Link and hoped it would be better. It wasn't. Its bad - slow and unreliable. Someone at BlackBerry needs a "Jobs" - like vision, with a huge insistence to meet a high standard. Link fails in my view and like the battery or the camera on the z10, someone needs to insist that it must be better. BlackBerry needs to stand out in more areas if the market will be regained.
Wouldn't it be nice if Link could: interact with Google Play and manage leaks such as 10.2?

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This is looking much better!

I've had issues with link, but the last update (.41 I believe) made it much smoother - the new version looks better still. Can't wait.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

I would take uglier looking as long as it works. Better look but notworking? What's the point?

Posted via CB10

No matter what I do, it doesn't load my iTunes library! It used to work at the beginning but then just stopped loading after a while. Seems like a lot of people are experiencing the same issue according to the BlackBerry support forums...

Posted via CB10

There is a lotttttt of issue with the newer link.. i think they don't get the meaning of the phrase "if it ain't broken don't fix it"

Posted via CB10

I have a much better experience on my personal macbook pro i7 with BL than I do on my corporate i7 laptop. Try reinstalling and maybe run CleanMyMac or something.

Posted from my Q10!

Why are these software updates so slow to be released? BlackBerry is treading water and the hungry sharks circle awaiting an opportunity to pull the swimmer underwater in an already chum-filled pool of feeding activity. When will BlackBerry realise that people want the convenience of OTA backup and restore via BlackBerry Protect to cut the cord with their desktop and notebook computers? BlackBerry could easily offer encrypted backup services using a public-private key pair generated by the user and not tied to a specific BlackBerry device.

Not everybody wants to cut the cord with their desktop and notebook computers.

Posted via CB10

I'm on a Mac and hardly ever use Blackberry Desktop because it just slows the machine down so much.

Quite frankly, I think it is a seriously clunky piece of cobbled together software and not a good reflection on Blackberry at all.

It amazes me that small software developers seem to be able to build better software and tools than Blackberry, who are a multi-billion dollar company. Take the BB10 file manager. I appreciate its simplicity, but why can't it do something as basic as opening at the same location as you left it, e.g. if you were on the media card then reopen it on the media card and not back at the default location every time.

And the music player is so basic. Why don't they just get the developers of Neutron Player to write it for them.

Blackberry have no excuse for having half-baked software. They've had plenty of time to develop stuff for BB10 and it shouldn't just be okay, it should be freakin' awesome!

Thank Heavens, the previous versions of blackberry were horrible. It's like blackberry paid very little attention to it and it just frustrated new comers to the platform. Hopefully this version addresses most of the issues with blackberry link.

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Maybe this version will actually install on my Win7 computer. Q10 since the first week and still haven't had a successful Link installation...

I just want to be able to sync my iTunes library again with my Z10. Haven't been able to get it to work for months despite reinstalling Link and iTunes.

Bizarre how the experience of Link can vary from one person to another. I have a 3 year Dell Win7 4gb Duo Code intel chip, and Link has been fine for me since day 1. Backups are slower than I'd like but everything works fine and my music syncs to my Z10 nicely via WiFi.

You can't believe all you read here. Some people here don't even own a bb10 device if ya know what I mean.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

... On the other hand Desktop manager allowed me to connect my laptop to Internet which Link doen't.. as I installed the leaked 1.2 OS my Z10 hot spot functionality is not operational... BlackBerry connectivity is a whole mess by now...

Posted via CB10

Anyone ever used Samsung Kies? One reviewer on Android Central states "we'd rather microwave our own heads", and after using it I agree. Why does this s/w have to suck?

Mine is slower to load, crashes windows 8, refuses to connect to BBID and wifi connectivity is gone. Otherwise it works great ;-p

Via my Mighty Z10

I never have had an issue with BlackBerry link yet I run it on a 2011 dell laptop i3 processor, I have 6 gb ram and 1 terabyte hardrive.

Does not slow it down at all.

Always able to back up my phone.

I just backed it up yesterday first time since 3 months ago.

No issues.

Posted via CB10

Also wifi works no problems.

Also no issues with remote connection.

So of ppl have issues it maybe in their head more then any software ever made.

Posted via CB10

Does it need to sync on start up? Maybe I'm lazy and there's an option to turn it off. Man it's slow.

Oil sands Fueled

Yes, there are options now for what it does on startup. You can set it to not do a thing upon startup. That's how mine is set.

Posted via CB10

I don't really mind link, it's not the best software but if you sync your email through the air with Imap, you won't need the sync function.

What I do use daily is the remote file manager feature. I store client proposals and manuals on my main pc. If I'm on the road and need to view any file, it's always available as long as my computer is on.

Secondly, the ability to use WiFi to drop files into the phone is really nice. I can have my phone on the kitchen counter charging and I can be in my home office, as long as both the Z10 and computer are on the same network, I can just drag and drop music, pictures, documents.... into any location of the phone or take any file from the phone to the computer.

These features save a lot of time and make life easy for me. My son has an ipod touch, going through ITunes is a pain in the... after using Link....

Posted via CB10

Hopefully, there's a setting for what to show on startup. I don't like how the initial view is a bunch of big ol' thumbnails of my music and personal photos splashed across my screen.

No big deal at home, but a bit unprofessional at work, especially in a relatively open office.

Really annoying since I don't even use Link to sync either my music or photos. So I have absolutely no use for that screen in the first place.

Posted via CB10

I use Link on my MAC. It does the absolute basics - backup files and download photos and music. But what I REALLY need, it doesn't do. Yet. I need my Z10 to synchronize with my computer's Outlook software's calendar and address book. This, to me is Link's (and BlackBerry's) biggest omission. My 9700 was seamless in its synching...

BlackBerry Os and 10 are fantastic OS platforms, but RIM (and now BlackBerry) has always come up short on desktop applications. Both Desktop and Link are clunky at best, which really kills BlackBerry from having a true ecosystem like Apple , Windows, and Android. Even Firefox and Yahoo are somewhat teaming up to bridge their lack of an Ecosystem! Somehow, someone at BlackBerry needs to step up and see if there is some hope of closing this gap to make the line more appealing to the average idiot consumer.

Posted via CB10

Which slows down this horrible piece of code is its sync method, and if you have an heavily loaded SD card well... better go for a nice cup of coffee.

Posted via CB10

They will fix it. It's more like a power hog. But it is a good program. And I don't even keep it running when I'm not using it. I have a i7 3770k 32gb ram, 2 tb + 120gb ssd (rst). It still takes a big effort to load. But I'm sure with these updates, they should get the load times down a bit. I hope!

Posted via CB10

Link loads more than 8 separate and distinct processes upon launch. And many of them remain eating up memory even after close. Check Task Manager for how many processes before launch on a clean boot and how many after. Symantec, even Office 360, doesn't need to use as many process, cpu cycles or memory.

I'm not a computer expert by no means, I have no problem on my desktop and netbook pc runs vista and that is still as fast as when I first loaded, netbook running on windows 7 no problem there and just loaded it on my mac and no problems reported, so if I can anyone can. I am amazed so many posts here have nothing else to do but moan.

so few have mentioned syncing to Outlook... for me that is important. I have my contacts that need to be synced between Laptop and phone. I believe that is important BDM did that Link doesn't do that... there is a program that costs like 25US$ Than BB did not include this business oriented feature amazes me.
Any news on that front?

HI, maybe it's just time passing but I got my BB Z10 just last week and it links fine with my Outlook contacts. I'm always amazed when people (still) say "I lost all the data on my phone" when it's the most obvious thing in the world to keep your contacts on your computer - not just on the phone - and back them up from there. Scratch my head every time I hear that . . .
However I do find the BlackberryLink program appalling on my PC, it slows the whole thing down incredibly (Win7). I closed it when I could but today I uninstalled it completely and my Pc's running like a dream again.

I like the look of the new version. Hopefully it will actually work better. It's working okay on my computer, even though it takes forever to load.

What I really want to see is Bridge capabilities added to Link. BBM, SMS, and even having access to the Hub would be nice features. File access is already there, and works really well for me. It would just be nice to do more with their "mobile platform".

Posted via CB10

I'd have to agree with most of the posters who have experienced sluggishness. I have it installed on 3 machines and they all bog down noticeably when I access this application. Hope any updates will alleviate this.

Go BB!

I'm not really sure what's going on, but they have the potential to weaponize this very much in the same way that iTunes does without being fully dependent on it. They should have:

Movies (installed and avaliable for purchse)
Music (same as above)

..thus making it into a hub for all of your needs. Make it completely manageable as well.

I can't be the only person who has thought of this, so why is it that they haven't done this yet?

That's my two cents.

Posted via CB10

.and by movies, music, and apps, I mean a store feature in which the end user can buy them.

Posted via CB10

Hopefully they have pulled their heads out of their )*('s. As mentioned by many others, this current version slows both of my computers down dramatically. Processor, ram, etc are irrelevant..its this software build that is junk and needs some serious improvement....

Z10 Baby!

It looks good but how well is it going to hold up to the stability test?

On my Quad-core with 8GB of RAM it works fine but takes a minute or two to load up, but no lag to my computer.

Posted via CB10

Horrible, unreliable backups. I have not been able to restore a single link backup that I have made... neither do many of my friends. Isn't there a verify backup feature?

Posted via CB10

Hi have had suggestion for a long time regarding the back ups with BlackBerry link. What if the link was able to make wireless backups to the computer that it is linked to.

Posted via CB10

I'm happy that improvements are on their way, but the fact that this is news is telling. Link does not work fully on either my Mac or pc with my "premium" Z10. This is either a sign of a lack of resources to cover the basics, or a company that doesn't get it. Either way, not a good sign.

Again, the average consumer does not have the time, loyalty and knowledge to work around and troubleshoot.

Getting a $600 phone to interact with a computer in very basic ways should not be something that is revisited after a major launch.

I'm just waiting for one sign that the company has learned from its mistakes and is ready to provide a real value proposition to the consumer market segment. Not seeing even a glimpse of that.

Posted from BlackBerry Z10

Mine runs fine but I have overclocked 3570k @4.3ghz and my memory speed is very fast!!!!

Posted via Z10 AT&T

I'm looking forward to this, especially if they REALLY improve selective backup/restore options! All I ever really want to restore is my Contacts and Password Keeper data. As it is now, I have to restore "Settings" to do this, which can mess up some stuff after installing leaks. I suppose I'd like to restore my pictures and videos as well.

Posted via CB10 on my Seksi Z10 (STL100-3 OS

I use Syncback for downloading pictures from the Z10 to my PC over Wifi. Schedule it to run every week. Works in the background like a charm, with lots of options. Won't sync contacts however, just media.

None of the screen shots showed any actual settings for syncing contacts and calendar. Those are the functions I am most interested in.

When backing up, a phrase appears in the program stating: «copying data from your previous device» I find this awkward, I'm not copying data from a previous device, I'm backing up my ACTUAL device, or am I wrong? Thank you.

Last night sept 16th, 2013, I made a fullbackup with this new version of the BB Link, then I installed on a Q10 latest OS v. with all the steps advised by CB, and then the restore back again. Everything is working very very fine. Until now, no problems at all. 24 hr and going.

Why blackberry is not supporting download apps through Link in my desktop?. Itunes allows download in desktop. It will be easier in many ways to download in desktop and sync my BB later.