First look: BlackBerry Curve 9300 images!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jun 2010 11:53 am EDT

First look at the next generation of low-cost BlackBerry Curve, the 9300...

** images removed per request ** 

Back on April 8th we outted a new BlackBerry device model by finding it's UAProf xml document up on BlackBerry's website, and now we've got the first solid photos of it here for you to enjoy. What you're looking at (more images below) is the next-generation of the BlackBerry Curve 8520/8530, the BlackBerry Curve 9300 (and we're sure a Curve 9330 CDMA variation is in the works too).

As you can tell from the photos and from what we gathered previously from the UAProf doc, the BlackBerry Curve 9300 is really a refresh to the 8500 series, adding 3G and the WiFi n standard on top of the existing 8500's specs (9300 retains the lower res 320x240 display). While we just received the photos today on the 'ole CrackBerry tip line, we're not totally sure on how new/old the hardware/software being displayed actually is. This unit is showing off OS 5.0 (while leaked photos of the 9800 and 9670 have been running BlackBerry 6) and only 256MB of memory vs. the 512MB newer devices are getting. I would **hope** by the time the Curve 9300s hit the market that they'd be running BlackBerry 6 and 512MB of memory, though it is possible that in a plan to further differentiate the lower end of the BlackBerry lineup from the higher end that RIM would keep the Curve platform on BlackBerry 5.0 and the 256MB of memory for the time being. You can just taste this one coming to AT&T and being promoted with their new $15/mo. data plans (especially if they leave WebKit off of it which will make it that much easier to stay under 200MB of data usage). We'll just have to wait and see how this one pans out. More photos below!  

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First look: BlackBerry Curve 9300 images!


I'm an 8900 user from the very beginning, and I think this Curve is definitely looking more womanly than ever. I'd be very disappointed to see this released without 6

I'm a guy
Interesting you should say that. I'm a BB newbie and wanted to trade my Tour for a Curve 8530 for the WiFi that's missing from the Tour. The guy at the Sprint store talk me out of it without saying the Curve is womanly.

This is BARELY different from the 8500 series out today. RIM is clearly not listening and stuck in the past. We don't need another iteration of every phone. We need better SOFTWARE. ALL of their focus should be on improving the OS. Get 6.0 out as fast as possible and work on the damaged relationship with app developers.

Is anyone else as disgusted as I am to see this? Android looking better and better each day...

That seems to be thier corporate direction. Low end data plans and low end phones. Im sure they will sell a ton of them, until they have destroyed the brand.

I wonder if this is what Verizon Wireless will be offering soon on PrePay.............................

How is my 8530 a joke when it looks and specs almost identical to this new one??? The only new things are wireless N and 3g??? Sounds like a stupid decision to me. If they don't up the memory to 512mb, and change the screen resolution, there would be ZERO reason for me or anyone else with an 8530 to upgrade...

This is basically a qwerty version of the pearl 3g. I bet these are super cheap for RIM to build making them a very high margin device for RIM and the carriers. Thus the carriers will push them more and RIM will sell more. It's just like Nintendo did with the Wii, it's not about the graphics, it's about the games and how much it costs to build the device. For RIM, it's not about the specs, it's about the blackberry experience.

Doesn't the 9100 have the same specs as the 9700 minus screen and battery? At least if you compare them on they look nearly equivalent. A lot closer than between the 9100 and 9300 as you state.

Well the tour and the 9700 have the same specs minus wifi and the trackpad by that reasoning, but that isn't saying a lot. The pearl 3G is a high volume, low priced device and this 9300 will fall in the same category. Spec-wise the pearl 3g is a better device (higher dpi screen, better camera), but as far as market positioning goes, these two devices will serve similar market segments.

Exactly. RIM's way of doing business is a joke lately. They keep on releasing new phones which add very little new features just to rip people's money.

I predict RIM will sink within the upcoming years.

What features does RIM need to add? They have all the features a phone is supposed to have. Camera? got that, browser? got that, wifi? got that, apps? got those, facebook? got that, email? got that, twitter? got that, instant messaging? got that, oh and it makes phones calls to.

Sure it doesn't have a front facing camera, a high resolution display, or HDMI out, which would be cool, but is there significant demand for those features in the market segment this device is supposed to serve? Probably not.

You or me would love to see a blackberry with 4G, a front facing camera for video calling, and the new webkit browser (with tabbed browsing), but we only form a small sliver of the larger mobile phone market. That larger market is where RIM sees its profits coming from.

Looks slick.. although not much different than any other Blackberry that has came out in the last year...

RIM has three distinct form factors with a fourth on the way. How many are they supposed to have? Apple has one and most Android manufacturers stop at two.

The phone looks nice and are those touchscreen like buttons? Blackberry is doing a good job with Curves and low end BB's what's up with us high end BB users ehh ehh

Touch screen buttons? What the hell are you guys looking at? Those icons on the bottom are the stock theme.

*mind has been boggled*

Any ideas ?
& is that a silver chrome ?

And what is the difference between the 8500 series ?! Apart from the 3G & chrome ?!

the CDMA version comes with GSM capabilities. I love love love the Curve keypad, best keypad out of all the berries IMO, but I need the GSM capabilities.

but the back look like the other curve, well it's a sexy upgrade and I know alot of people who wants a 3g curve cause they love the curve's keyboard(I do also, but has a 9700 and fell in LOVE) and even if it don't get 6.0, they should keep pushing 5.0, making it the better. I don't mind 5.0, 5.0 could be for business and 6.0 could be for consumers, more media friendly.Either way, BlackBerry just has more class then the other phones(iPhone does also :)

i dont really see much visual difference, between this one and 8500 series, and correct me if im wrong but what MOST ppl like are the visual changes, and THENNNN the other changes like 3G, or better camera and things like that

Having been an ower of the 83XX "back in the day", this is quite the refreshing look to it for sure. Something about the 85XX series never really excited me, this 9300 seems to be a more appropriate next generation 83XX.

3g and wifi...slick. Nice front bezel action too. Sounds like a decent deal for an expected "lower-end" priced RIM job.

This looks damn ugly because of the keyboard layout and the over sized chrome bezzel.

You crack smokers hahaha

RIM needs to stop cookie cutting model releases and improve on apps and customer integration stuff. Truly the 9300 looks like a more expensive chrome added 8530...Oh well if we buy it why be CREATIVE???

LOL haha yeah, they keep releasing the same garbage all the time with different numbers attached.

WTF is this?

Ive never seen such lazzyness to improve from a company before.

They keep making it worse and worse. 9800 Slider aswell, so damn ugly.


I knw a lot of ppl that aren't to happy that the 8500 series don't have flash which is very important, so I hope since this is an upgrade to the 8500 series, it @ least comes with flash!!

As far as I can tell from info on Crackberry and other reputable sites Adobe will release flash for 5.0 in the near future. I suspect that initially they will release it as a stand alone plugin - as per how they do with PCs. This would make most sense for the quickest distribution, which is what they need to counter Apple's statement that the world doesn't need Flash.

Why is that everytime RIM adds wifi and/or 3g to a phone they think they've really done something? It's getting old...why don't they just say hey, we're RIM and we make portable email writers?

This is why Im selling my 9700 today to some poor soul and then using the $400 cash towards a brand new hot azz iPhone 3GS 32GB.

Would recommend you wait till iPhone 4G is launched before plonking cold hard cash for your 3GS 32 GB iPhone.. It is going to get outdated soon. Dont want you down with buyers envy :)

Well that's just a ridiculous thing to say... don't remember when Apple made a big hoohah about COPY AND PASTING AND MMS??? Mind blowing stuff that...

I would just like to know whats the real difference? Buttons, size, screen res all are the same as the 8500 series. 3g okay thats cool but the 8500 has wi fi already one thing I do like is the soft touch battery cover the 8500 holds finger prints like a magnet

Its nice, butttt, ima higher end typa guy!! I need that extra processing power, especially that Flash!!! Beamer benz or bently not nissan honda chevy! Lol

it very simply states "This unit is showing off OS 5.0 (while leaked photos of the 9800 and 9670 have been running BlackBerry 6) and only 256MB of memory vs. the 512MB newer devices are getting. I would **hope** by the time the Curve 9300s hit the market that they'd be running BlackBerry 6 and 512MB of memory, though it is possible that in a plan to further differentiate the lower end of the BlackBerry lineup from the higher end that RIM would keep the Curve platform on BlackBerry 5.0 and the 256MB of memory for the time being."

The Curve is RIM's Honda the Bold is their Benz. This phone is geared to the people who basically think oh cool, I can have a neat looking phone to talk on or the kids want one cause it has a full keyboard they can text on. I think the Tour was supposed to be their Ferrari but so far from what I have read that didn't work out as well as they wanted.

I think the curve would be sweet if where the Send, Menu, Back, and End buttons are..if they went from buttons to touch sensitive controls..o and would a flash for the camera hurt so bad?? and how about increasing the sure since the screen res is the same(along w/ EVERYTHING else is as well)..the camera could at least be upgraded and have a flash!

WFT with all those new devices? they are very similar and very confusing. It's like very 6 months they come out with a new device and yet nothing really new or exciting.

Give us something to chew on.

Ya $15 a month data plan you go ahead and stay with your evo 4g how much is that going to cost you a month

Ya $15 a month data plan you go ahead and stay with your evo 4g how much is that going to cost you a month

like my 8530. What's the difference? And they are still leaving out the camera flash.

I'm kind of glad, because I still have a ways to go (year and a half) before I can upgrade anyway.

This does look like more of a "true" successor to the 83xx. Except of course that it doesn't have a flash. Consumers have more of a need for a high end camera /w a flash then business users do.

Something could and needs to stand out a bit on these phone this is silly...and if the specs are crappy at least make the design stand out. I need to know I have a high end blackberry vs a low end

Come on RIM

I am very disappointed with the form factor of the curve series now, the flash has been removed only to incorporate a trackpad? Honestly the only real difference is the addition of a chrome front to the 9300 still the same hardware form factor as the 85xx series

Looks ok, not really that impressed by it though...I'm starting to get like a lot of these other people here...I'm getting tired of RIM releasing very similar devices...what makes them think they'll sell more devices doing crap like this.

The hundreds of millions of people in emerging economies that are looking for a low cost entry into smartphones?

I beleive they committed to all 9000 series being 3G. But now that this is out are the Chinese still getting the 8910 Curve? I can't beleive how popular the crappy 85xx's are in Canada, eh? They cumm in all these funky colours so the ladies are all over it and treat it as an accessory. Likely the Pearls will be as popular when they arrive (mind you the next-gen Pearl is about a year late) ;)

Guys there's only so much you can do to a phone as far as change especially one with a keyboard wake up what do you want it to have wings or maybe it should have 20inch chrome rims the iphone has been the same fucken phone since the beginning there's only so much you can change

Guys there's only so much you can do to a phone as far as change especially one with a keyboard wake up what do you want it to have wings or maybe it should have 20inch chrome rims the iphone has been the same fucken phone since the beginning there's only so much you can change

Guys there's only so much you can do to a phone as far as change especially one with a keyboard wake up what do you want it to have wings or maybe it should have 20inch chrome rims the iphone has been the same fucken phone since the beginning there's only so much you can change

So looking at this I am like y. First off the 8530s have 3g the 8520s don't so their is no point for me to waste my upgrade for cool chrome and a cool backing. Yea the 8520 gets 3G but is that worth an upgrade when u can get a new phone like the slider with the gsm. This is sad and got me upset I want os 6 and that should be available on all new bb models.

Another rip off update hahahahaha. Same crap like 9630 to 9650 and every single BB Device out.

Thank god I sold my tour recently.

I am still using my 8330 till this very day I believe they haven't made a solid phone since other than the bold. That being said I did not upgrade to the 8520/30 because there just made cheap. I believe that is why rim is going back to the 8330 keyboard and look. Many people stand behind the 83xx series. So they realized they made a mistake and are giving us a curve that should have been out already. I do believe they made a mistake by not having the camera though

colors look pretty good on the device.

no flash - BOO
the battery door is ugly as crap....

I love my 8900 that looks and reacts like a tour and 9700. :)

Honestly, I am sick and tired of the way RIM is thinking. I've had an 8900 for over a yr now, and I've wanted to get a new BB for a while now, but the fact that I can't stand the bold keyboard, and the curve 85xx series is complete stupidy. It has the same OLD resolution as the 83xx series? REALLY RIM? And the new curve doesn't even have a flash.. Like c'mon! I've decided to ditch QWERTY keyboards and go for the new pearl 3G instead. It just makes more sense than anything else they've been pushing out

If they released the 8900 with a trackpad and 3G and a better body, I'm sure more people would be happy with it.

RIM needs to get their head out of their asses, cause this is started to get a little ridiculous.

I've been a long time blackberry user, and RIM defender. I've defended blackberries when other people say your phone can't do this or that. Always came up with a reason why my 9000,8900 8520 or 9700 was equal or better. However I'm truly out of reasons or ideas about how my berry is equal. I tried to convince my girlfriend to get a blackberry, she refused and when with android, a Motorola Cliq. A cliq IMO is a low end android and I can't do a third of the things she can do with the flagship top of the line blackberry I have. I can no longer defend RIM when they keep pushing out these useless phones with basically no upgrades just a shiny new faceplate. This phone is trash and the 9800 which could potentially be good is released with 4 year old technology and hardware. I've decided its time to hang up my RIM boxing gloves and this ever losing defensive position I have taken and move to android. I don't feel the android os has been perfected and I know there are a fair few bugs and flaws, but atleast they are attempting to fix and release better software and devices. RIM you will always have a place in my heart, and if you ever get your head outof your ass I will gladly take you back, but I think I need to see other phones. I need more.

Android I'm coming back to you for the first time since my G1.

I really like this design but,again, no flash for the camera? You have to be kidding.My 2yr old 8330 is built more solid and has a flash for it's camera. The 8900 given a trackpad and 3G would have made a perfect replacement for the 83xx series Curve and saved alot of time,effort,and money.But what do we know,we're not Canadian,eh........................

My first BB was the 8900 - great phone.
I wonder if the 8900 will eventually be phased out since it is too "middle of the road" for RIM's apparent marketing strategy of tiers of phones. It had more more memory, better screen resolution and a better camera w/ flash than the 85xx series. But it also lacked the 3g that the 9700 and 9000 had.
Does it make sense to produce an updated 3g 8900?
It would essentially just be a 9700, right?

Dudes on here making a case for Research in Slow Motion by saying there is only so many things you can do to a phone...They must be using that logic with the OS as well


You deserve everything they spew out at you.... :)

Look at that camera, it's set in like 5mm anyone remember how irritating the curve 8330 camera was? constantly wiping dirt out of the lens, I really thought they realized how dumb this is when I got my 9700 because they did it perfectly so the camera hold is flat

Seems like this is an update to the "low end" Curve to supersede the 8500 series. Funny though that the 8500 series was released later than the 8900 series (if I'm not mistaken), yet we've not seen a new "high end" Curve meant to supersede the 8900, which tells me they might be ditching that little market segment. Possibly because it would overlap too much with the Bold 8900 does everything a 9700 does save the 3G internet.

Indeed... a true successor to the 8900 would trounce anything in the Bold lineup... and since the Bold lineup is their new bread 'n butter... we can't be having that now can we?


Oh well...

It is a sexy phone but I don't think I could go back to the spread out keyboard as well as the lower camera and not getting a memory jump. Should go good with the lower data plans at&t is dropping.

From the looks on the back it seems this new curve will be without flash for the cam and video light, same as the 8500 series

how many curve series is RIM goin to come out with...why not a whole new build all around?? In 6th months theyre gonna have a curve 10,000 lol.

Why would you keep the low resolution screen in there :( .
The Curve 8900 has a higher resolution screen and has a lower model number..

is confused.

I like the chrome!..things I would "HOPE" that would come with it

-Flash (( for the camera)) , OS 6 (( definitely )) , its supposed to have processor faster then the Bold (( 9000 )) , hopefully it would have a higher resolution screen (( doubting it though )) , I like that they took away the 2 beveled line from the center and ADDED the lines at the bottom (( lol that's just me ))..BUT to me right now its not looking like a predecessor at all!!..WiFi and 3G already exist in the 85xx series (( lol I have one ))..maybe if they add some of these features I would probably go buy it!..

Rim I'm getting tired of what your doing! Your bringing your company down. The same crap all the time. We are in 2010 and your phones are still looking the same. I have had blackberries since 7000 series. Wishing that one day your guys will have your OS already fixed and way better features and more Colors on the screen and a better resolution. More memory is not what everyone needs. Sure its nice. But I'd rather have way better specs. Like a 8pix camera, video capture at 720p. A HD screen. A full qwerty side slide keyboard and touchscreen. What are you guys doing. Come out with the device we want and stop stalling. And get a snapdragon processor already. Gosh. This is depressing. I used to love to show off my blackberrys now I'm embarrassed. Even mid end phones got better everything. And 2.1 android. Get it together RIM. People are getting fed UP! Peace people.

Keyboard Looks Very Bad as if it WOULD FALL out upon 2 months use

This phone is a chick magnet all chicks r gonna wanna it there's more of a female feel to the phone the soft keys for " nimble fingers" the simple battery door oh god RIM get it together.

Not trying to be mean to our female counter parts

If they are going to make another Curve, why don't they do it RIGHT? I loved the 8330 I had but IMO, RIM hasn't done it right since. Seriously, the 320 x 240 display should be retired by now and those side "buttons" look more like cysts than buttons. Hideous!

Looks like a pretty nice entry level BB to me! I'm not sure what some of you are wanting? It has a keyboard at the bottom and a screen at the top...not too many design change options with that. Maybe you are expecting them to add a coffee maker? I think the Curve is evolving nicely. THat said, I am waiting for the "Ultimate" BB that will just blow us away.

idk why they got rid of the flash on the curves. It just has a crappy 2.0 MP with no flash. Lame. The 8900 is the best of the Curves.

I have an 8900 but why does it seem like such an oddball? Even T-Mobile discontinued the friggin thing within a year of its release which is BS. It has most of the same features of the 9700 except for 3G and a little less processor power. Even has 3.2MP cam w/ flash like the 9700 and 256MB memory. It's not the prettiest phone in the world but why did the Curve go from that to the crap that is the 85xx series, and now this? If they wanted to update the Curve series, they could've taken the 8900 and given it 3G, trackpad, and up the processor a little, but instead they go backwards with the 85xx and this 9300 doesn't even make sense. I understand there has to be a low-end line, but whatever, I'm just glad that most of the apps and themes available for the 9700/9630/9650 are almost always available for the 8900. Instead of trying to release a new phone every 3 months that looks the same as its predecessor and includes one or two "new" things that the previous model should've had anyway, why can't they just focus on releasing something worthwhile that we could actually get excited about.

"they could've taken the 8900 and given it 3G, trackpad, and up the processor a little.".

-They did. It's called the Bold 9700.

Nice try, but I think many agree that they prefer the Curve style/keyboard to that of the Bold, and vice versa. Nothing wrong with having more than one high horsepower model to let the consumer choose which they prefer. Shouldn't have to sacrifice features for a look or feel that one likes better. For example, RIM didn't have to give the Pearl 3G the power that it has. It's ok for a high end Curve and low end Curve to coexist.

8530 + silver bezel = 9300?

am i missing anything else or is the exact same thing but with an updated bezel and model number?

I love the Curve buttons. I love the Tour's speediness. Can I ever have both?


This thing is cheap and fugly looking... when are they coming out with my 8900 successor with trackpad, 3G and 512MB of memory... the 9900? Hmmmm? Bah.

8900 FTW!!!

They did, it's called a Bold 9650. The Curve is an entry level BB; there is no way RIM would give it more memory than higher priced models...that would be dumb and the price would go up on it.

Let me update my requirements... with a Curve keyboard.


And I would not call the 8900 "entry level"...

looks just like my 8530 (WHICH I LOVE!) but... with... chrome?

so... I approve? I wish they would make the "send" "escape" "blackberry" and "end" buttons hard buttons though. i can just see them getting accidently punched though... that and the finger prints...

and I dont get what you mean about the phones being "cheap" or "prepaid"? even if so, mine does everything to keep me happy, so I dont care.

i do like the way the front looks with the call, end, menu, and back keys being seemless with the screen, but i dont like the rubber texture. the 8300 i had, was rubber around the sides, and after about 2 months it started peeling off. i really am wondering where the 8900, which is what i have, fits in. it has a faster cpu, 256 megs memory, better screen, and a better camera with flash, but its not 3g and is a trackball device. the model numbers are confusing. with the exception og no 3g and having a track ball, the 8900 is an all around better device than the new 9300? sorry it dont make any sense

Wow, they really shouldn't have. What a radical change in design. But I guess I can't knock it, they will sell millions of these things.

I really prefer the Curve keyboard to the one on the Tour/Bold. I wish the features of the Bold series (memory, OS6/Webkit, better display, etc.) would be made available on a Curve form factor device. That would be my ultimate phone.

I am stunned with some of these comments. The phone looks like garbage. 8900 is the best curve model hands down but still when will they release a revolutionary blackberry? Not another storm, not a slider/touch, not another tour or bold. Cmon there's got to be some super creative engineer that went to school for way too long that can think of something to change the game... Frustrating.

These handhelds are for developing nations,
Where RIM is willing to show it's presence,
In India only 20% of bb owners have BIS/BES.
Rest only text/telephone.

Plus device has no good camera + flash.

There are good options with Samsung, Nokia and local vendors.

Better try next time RIM (Reverse In Motion)

This Curve would have been the Curve of all Curves if it had FLASH,3.2MP Camera,512MB MEMORY. The main thing that I dislike is the lack of FLASH, I mean how can I take a picture in the dark with no digital camera at my disposal? Thats why a lot of times I rely on my Bold 9700 when there isn't a digital camera around and it those a pretty darn well job of taking pics in the dark. RIM=Retarded Ignorant Men. All of their "NEW" devices aren't really new at all, all they do is redesign certain phones, take away features and then re-add them and bam! "New phone" I'm just waiting on the cool new slider, even though it should have been out 5 years ago.

Who would not rather have an 8900 with a trackpad and 4g wouldn't that be so much easier.

As addition the more i c this the more i like this 9300 but i hate the 8500 series so thats why

Theres nothing wrong with BlackBerry...but simply put, Android is just better.

When you're dealing with keyboards, you're limited by that dimension.

Innovation comes with touch-screens. Unfortunately, the Storm was a failure at that. So...i'll be moving.

Ok when I saw the 8520 I thought it was just a fluke but now what's with the lack of a flash for the latest curve models? Since the 8300 and 8900 series both had flash

Ok when I saw the 8520 I thought it was just a fluke but now what's with the lack of a flash for the latest curve models? Since the 8300 and 8900 series both had flash

I have to admit that I like the looks of this Curve, I do, the one thing I'm not liking is the lack of a flash for the camera. Now people are going to say that it's the "low end" model Blackberry well my first (& current) Berry is the 8310 Curve & it has a flash on the camera so if RIM is going to release a new Curve why not slap a flash in it? With every cell phone that has a camera seeming to also have a flash this move just doesn't make sense to me. That's why my eyes are all on the 9700 for my upgrade in a couple months, though with my luck as soon as I upgrade they'll drop something better but oh well.

I agree with majority of the people on here... I don't tend to comment much on this forum but I just had to put my 2cents on this one... I am aware of OS 6 and was not thrilled about it..RIM needs to stop making devices for right now and focus on their OS.. I am satisfied with my 9700 and will not upgrade to another BB unless a drastic change has been made to the OS and hardware...

It looks just like every other Blackberry? I don't see why everybody gets all excited about the release of a new BB phone? THEY ALL LOOK IDENTICAL!

I own a Storm2 and I am very happy with it. I just don't get why RIM cannot design something different???


It is a nice looking device.

I realize that everyone does not have $199 plus to spend on a Bold, Tour, Storm or even a competing DROID.

My issue is with the memory. Anything less than 512 renders the device nearly useless if you have more than 1 email account and receive and respond to more than a few per day.

My 8330 has been lagging and needs a periodic reset. I was told by the technician and my wireless company store that I had too many emails on my device (50 spread across 4 email accounts). Plus, even when you delete them, you should pull the battery periodically to refresh the device. Even with programs such as battery pull, this gets old really quick.

Other manufacturers are bringing out phones with 512MB and more, as well ass other features at better price points.

Look at the various Droids at $199 after rebate. I am sure the new iPhone will have more memory than that as well an have at least one model at that price point.

If I am going to commit to a phone for 2 years, it needs to exceed my needs TODAY, and meet my need 12 months from now.

I have the chrome fascia/bezel on my 8520 and it looks just like this, i like the back on this phone though.

I have to say the 8520 is my least favourite device i have owned

Nice one, Kevin! "it's" in the first sentence is spelling wrong. it's is short for "it is" its is the possessive. Kevin, you do this for a living!

Please tell me ur kidding...right?!?!? who the h3LL is going to pay THAT much attention and be so anal about spelling that they have to correct something like that!

Didn't anyone else notice the 9 spam postings that have nothing to do with Blackberrys or any smartphone for that matter?!!!! Please remove this CRAP off the board!!!
Thank You.

Man, when the original Curve debuted, it was "the" power BlackBerry. It was sleek, powerful, and looked great. Now, RIM has not only allowed, but, in fact, insisted, that this once magnificent device deteriorate into a mediocre device.

I loved my 8320, I absolutely love my 8900, now how wonderful it is to know that RIM consistently, and intentionally, releases Curve devices that are sub-par at best.

Some of us still contend that the Curve is the sexiest looking BlackBerry . . . and that it has the best keyboard. RIM has the capabilities to convert the Curve into the ultimate BlackBerry, heck, it almost is, but instead, RIM's contemporary lackluster devices remain insulting to the true BlackBerry enthusiasts.

Come on RIM, get your head out of there.

@ zarzamora, I agree. I still have my Curve 8310 as well as a 9700 but had RIM released a Curve with the trackpad, wifi, 3g, flash for the camera, GPS I would have bought it instead of the 9700. Hell if my 8310 had 3g and wifi, I'd wouldn't have purchased anything else. It was/is a great cell phone. The only real problem was the trackball...
RIM sold a huge amount of these phones as you all know. Why wouldn't you want to improve on your most successful phone? (nevermind..its abt money.) I'm not saying don't make other models but think long term and YES software updates are great too.

I'm not sure why everyone is so negative about a refresh of a mid-line product. If RIM did nothing with their devices and kept selling a phone that hasn't been updated in 2 years, people would bitch that they don't update their hardware enough. I thought it was obvious, but apparently isn't to people on here, that most of these 'new' phones RIM is rolling out aren't intended to make you run out and 'upgrade', they're simply meant to give a few more features to someone who's in the market for a new phone, or replacement for a failed (or failing) device. You want an upgrade? Go to a higher priced model. Making every Blackberry 6.0/512M/8MP/1GHZ just doesn't make sense. You'd be forcing people to buy features a lot of people don't need. Those people complaining the specs are crappy are the same people who complain about being forced to buy an unlimited data plan even if they don't use it. Why would you force customers to buy more than they need? I give RIM a lot of credit for staying on top of keeping ALL of their lines updated, not just the flagship line...