New BlackBerry Blend Beta images appear in latest BlackBerry OS 10.3 leak

By Bla1ze on 10 May 2014 11:21 pm EDT

For a while now we've been hearing about BlackBerry Fuse, BlackBerry Blend and BBM taking to the desktop. There's been a ton of proof that BlackBerry is essentially creating a way to bring all the information you house on your BlackBerry smartphone to a bigger screen, though what screen does sort of remain a mystery.

It could be your computer monitor, it could be your TV or it could even be a BlackBerry PlayBook or even a tablet made by a different manufacturer. There's just not enough known yet to really say but it has been suggested it fully arrive with 10.3.1 and the BlackBerry Windermere. In any case, BlackBerry has been working on this for a long time and while we've not yet got all the details straight, thanks to the latest BlackBerry 10.3 leak we're getting a look at what BlackBerry has thus far dubbed BlackBerry Blend Beta. We're still digging through all of the files but for now, check out the gallery below.

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New BlackBerry Blend Beta images appear in latest BlackBerry OS 10.3 leak


I wonder if this will basically be a Windows or MacOS app that syncs in everything from your BlackBerry account, seamlessly carrying everything cross-platform to all of your devices. Perhaps it will even be "in the cloud". So you can update and manage everything from everywhere.

Alternatively, the BB10 phones could be set up to output this full-fledged large-screen desktop experience directly through the HDMI (or via Miracast). So when you are on-the-go in a hotel or even at home, you could plug in your phone and manage everything via a bluetooth keyboard/mouse and any large display, like having a full desktop in your pocket!

Question : since BlackBerry was able to run android apps, would they be able to do the same with Windows or mac programs ?

Need to conquer the different processor architecture. X86 virtualisation on ARM.

Battery drain for sure, but if it's in the car, it won't matter.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

and if you look closely, it actually says BlackBerry Hub in the upper left corner!

very interested to see where this goes and how fast...

That looks bizarre!!! It would be awesome to get into my office, link my BBRY to my PC and have it like a window in my screen, makes the most sense to me to develop a solution like that, can't wait to see where this goes.

I agree, but I would also love one day to log into a computer and do all that without it linked to my cell phone!!! At least BBM. I'm sure there would be a lot of challenges to do that with the hub.

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

This looks like it has been perfectly designed to be fused with the center console of a car! Calendar, Contacts, Web, etc!

Agreed. Would be a beautiful/functional infotainment system. Looks much more attractive than what's in the market, today.

Hope not. Not a good idea checking calender and messages while driving. It'll be banned like using cell phone while driving. This has to be for the desktop.

Thank looks like a suggestion I made for BBM desktop to be able to be integrated with programs like HootSuite.

I see similarities and I like it.

The last time Chen made some noise about leaks was when people started digging into files and publicly displaying hidden projects.

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Hopefully they can pull these all out before they are running out of cash, this kind of projects which will add value to BlackBerry phones is what is needed to driving powerful sales. They should have done and executed it many moons ago and not wasting money on stupid commercials and ambassadors (Alicia Keys anyone?)

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Exactly! So many great ideas & products but so few deadlines met. This is great to see & super interesting but I have to wonder if it will catch on in time.
On the other hand, I can see this type of feature being very useful for the corporate world which is BB's focus at the moment, so it could be great to use to keep and attract more corporate clients.

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This is nice and all but we need news about BlackBerry Link!!! That pos is the weakest link in BlackBerry's software portfolio right now.

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Link needs better contacts sync, yeah even built-in table based or "biz card style" contact editing on the desktop, so we can clean up the mess the existing versions have left behind.

And hard-merge of contacts, not this soft-linking that breaks again.

Ideally, I would like to see a way that lets me apply every merge individually, so I'm presented with the final result of the merge before hitting apply.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Looks like BlackBerry will finish up this year strong with 10.3 but next year will be telling.

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Until BlackBerry addresses a myriad of higher priority issues with existing products and services they should stop these Googlesque projects.

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What would you propose they do?

If they are not working on the next big thing, Apple, Google, Microsoft, or Samsung will be.

BlackBerry Blend appears to be a solution to a problem that BlackBerry has compared to Apple, Microsoft, and even Google. They don't have a desktop platform to sync stuff with.

Apple has all the same apps on the Mac that they have on iOS and they all share documents and data through iCloud. Microsoft has the same through OneDrive, and Google has their myriad of services on Android and Chrome OS.

BlackBerry needs a solution to the problem of not having a supporting Computer/Tablet platform, and if BlackBerry Blend works on PC, Mac, Chrome and Android and can also share data with popular PIM apps then BlackBerry has demolished another barrier to entry. This gives the consumer on less reason to say no to trying out a BlackBerry device.

It's projects like this that give me faith that BlackBerry is here to stay and will make BlackBerry 10 a success story long term.

Agreed 100%.

Recently set up 2 new tablets, and it is painfully obvious that BlackBerry lacks an end to end solution. The Windows tablets syncs with the desktop and phone, the Android with Google docs, and iPhone does its thing across the iPad and Mac.

What I'd like to see is cloud storage, screen broadcast and remote file access across all BlackBerry bridge for PC and tablets. Hope this provides some of this functionality.

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So interaction with your phone is like interaction with your PC, MAC ,TABLET and CAR.

This will be awesome, because mose of the time sitting behind my laptop my mobile is on the shelf. The ping on the phone I can follow on my desktop :)

I also see business interaction on your workspace at work. the workspace behind your desk :)

Now I get it. So could it be that the development if some of that sooftware delays the devices launch? Hopefully not! :)

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Past history indicates no, see Playbook.

Who knows maybe things have changed and all software and hardware is on schedule.

Looking very good so far, hope all BB10 users can use it and not just the enterprise ^^.
This would be a USP to go for a BB10 phone again now that they gave away BBM.

Agreed!!! Just like how most consumers would like BlackBerry Balance on personal devices. Many people use their personal phones for work, even though workplace does not support the phone. As suck having two separate spaces would make sense. However it only is an option to BES users :(

So hopefully THIS comes available to ALL BB10 users. Hopefully.

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Looks amazing, I wish see it on my playbook, but seems an Android Tablet version of the BlackBerry Enterprise Service, including a BBM with Channels.

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Hope this is not exclusive for enterprise users. BlackBerry should make this available for everyone so this could be one of the highly distinguishable offer from the competition .

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This. I am concerned as what I have heard about Blend before (from CB) is that it has been couched as a likely enterprise feature.

Outstanding! Hopefully not too late for mass consumption though. Once available this needs to be property promoted and not by media superstars but by real ordinary people, maybe by CrackBerry users! ;-)

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This is one of those thing that no one has but a year from now everyone can't be without, a great idea.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Canada

Imagine all this excitement and then have blackberry drop it

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

Well, it looks like M2M just woke up and is going smack in the face in the next few months. This isn't game changing, it is revolutionary.

Just think about it. BBM not only becomes the universal communicator across platforms, albeit mobile, car, desktop, but channels will become a universal means of delivery information (like a fancy version of RSS). BlackBerry shop will become more than stickers because of the cross compatibility. All sorts of possibilities and the only Apple and Google can do is tag along for the ride.

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The future may be mobile but we still live and have to survive in the market today.

As the market is today, I see BlackBerry Blend as more of a solution to Apple, Google and Microsoft then a leap beyond them.

BlackBerry Blend seems to be solving the problem BlackBerry has of not having a companion desktop computing platform to help prop up their mobile platform. Apple kind of does it backwards when iOS keeps the Mac going, but Microsoft has definitely leveraged the PC business to keep Windows Phone afloat. Google is also targeting the PC market with Chrome.

All the big companies have their applications deployed on their desktop and mobile platforms and share data seamlessly between them via their respective cloud services and syncing with their devices.

BlackBerry Blend seems to be a very creative solution to this problem. If Blend is a Web App that will run on anything and provides easy access to all the important data on a BlackBerry smartphone then it give the BlackBerry platform more stick. It gives customers a reason to go with BlackBerry knowing that whatever screen they are using for other computing tasks, they can also view and interact with the data they need on their BlackBerry.

That is definitely the direction that BlackBerry needs to be headed in if they really want to be a major player when all data is stored on the cloud and accessed anywhere on any screen without the need for on operating system or anther at the user end points.

I see where you are going but I disagree with the idea of seamlessness. Basically, Linux systems are still standalone devices. To give some level of connectivity, companies like Apple built a cloud for file transfer. This is not new or revelational. What you really want is one device interacting with another. So no need for duplicate email programs or to download every time you move devices. This is slow, and time wasting. If you get rid of the cloud as the intermediary between devices, efficiency and seamlessness dramatically improves. This is revolutionary and something that traditional Linux based platforms can't replicate.

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I think BlackBerry Blend is actually about blending your mobile life with your "office" life. You will get a "desktop" style UI when you plug into an external display, while you retain your mobile UI when out and about.

This has the advantage of one place for all your data, files, etc but you gain the massive boost in productivity when in "office" mode. And think about all of the businesses out there where this solution could be the complete solution. No more need for a separate laptop - what a savings that would yield!

It's all well and good but I think by revealing these leaked images takes the wow effect away and I'm pretty sure competitors are spying some where looks awesome but let's respect Chen request and go easy on the leaks plz looks good though and positive!

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Also blackberry don't release an unfinished product!!! I'd rather wait for next year and know it's on point than to have a really buggy one.

What a move in the right direction...having BlackBerry functionality and full control of the device from within Windows? If this comes to fruition, I will be doubly glad I remained on this platform. Great devices, stable firmware, and top-notch security were always my reasons for remaining on BlackBerry. With this additional major piece of ammunition in their arsenal I think that the business community, as well as the social user will have a much closer look at this flagship brand again. Well Done BlackBerry, keep up the excellent work.

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Concept was talked about way before BB10 existed. Back with the Playbook. Good to see it finally making the light of day. Cascades was the subject along with falling down videos from the sky seen running. Was advertised for the Playbook but the Playbook didnt have enough memory I am sure. I would still like to see the video UI. Since we dont have a tablet. Lets get that cool cascades Video UI in this. See RUNNING VIDEOS drop down out of the sky and then scroll was cool.

These screenshots show a lot more insight into the design change coming with 10.3. Together, it doesn't look too shabby, I must say!

I knew since everyone was saying blackberry was going bankrupt that they were working on a complete solution for communication by making their BB10 devices a gateway for mobile computing. I see them in the next year offering a way to mirror to any monitor and have the ability to do anything you would have needed a desktop for. Blackberry's biggest weakness is not their innovation, it is their pr, Hopefully Chen can fix this so Americans can see how much Blackberry has to offer. Bye-bye over priced, and under spec'd iPhone!

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Kind of interesting that the mockups don't refer to TAT as "BlackBerry Sweden", but instead as "RIM Malmo." I wonder how old they are? Certainly they resemble the style of the BBM desktop demo showed at BBLive Asia. Could they be even older than that?

" a bigger screen, though what screen does sort of remain a mystery."

Resurrection of Palm Foleo? :-)

And Nokia Symbian had the ability to be used on computer monitor since 2008 with their Nokia Communicator program.

I connect it to my computer through bluetooth, and I could send a text or make a call straight from the computer screen.

I think this is great. I love keeping a BBM calendar with my wife. But sometimes I wish I had a bigger screen to work with.

I really, REALLY hope that this will offer the possibility to finally backop or export the BBM chat history including all timestamps and attachments. Something reliable at which you don't lose your messages from time to time.

And a search function would be really helpful.

Blackberry PC could be one of the most exciting things ever to happen to the personal computer industry in the last twenty years.
Let's face it, the personal computer world could do with a shake up.

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Not to be negative here, but this is why leaks are not helpful. Why give the competition a heads up on what BlackBerry is coming out with? I say let BlackBerry ambush them and make them scramble to catch up for a change.

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Agreed. Now I'm afraid the competition has plenty of time and details to devise and refine their FUD tactics to dull BlackBerry Blend's thunder and buy time till they can incorporate the concepts/features into their products.

Where did you guys find these pictures? I've been digging in the OS and all I find is a fuse settings

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BBM is boring now, doesn't matter how many contacts you have, there is such a huge variety of messaging apps now available, that thanks to iCreeps and Fandroids those users move to different messaging apps literally every other month, how many apps do you need to talk essentially the same BS with people you know.

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yes! this means that we get contact management right? i've been asking for contact management for Link, but however it comes to us, it'll be very good to be able to use a big screen to manage the contacts.

About time and integrate contacts and calendar item syncs with it!!!! Even if it isn't a free program I think we'd all be very happy BlackBerry!!!!!!

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On my New Z30, I used BBM, for switching from BBBold9650; But now, the BBM Sync has got all my email, Facebook,and Twitter accts all "jacked up?! It posted a "personal Yahoo Video; on my Facebook Account Wall?!" my friends are asking me about it?! Yahoo doesn't know about it??! It was a Video of me trying to access my " old Yahoo email account! It showed by password reset request & then my "User ID?!"!! Plus, because of BBM,i was requested to " Create New Facebook Account?!"! My friends,are not interested in joining BBM group!!Plus, I have many fed.government agencies on my "Facebook!! All I need to know is how to remove BBM Sync, from my BBZ30?! It was easier when I had " Personal Control of my email & Posts in Social Media Sites!!"?!

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