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First Look: Beyzacases – high quality leather cases for select BlackBerry smartphones

By Alicia Erlich on 11 Jan 2012 05:37 pm EST

Here at CES2012 everywhere I go there's another new case for my BlackBerry that I'm just drooling all over (not literally don't want to ruin it). One of them is by Beyzacases, who just launched a new line of high quality leather cases for select BlackBerry smartphones.

Now I've seen my fair share of leather cases and they all differ in quality, look, and feel. I have to say these are well designed with great stitching and it's just thick enough to be durable yet thin enough to be portable and comfortable to hold in your hand. The interior features a soft lining to keep your BlackBerry protected from scratches and dust.

As of now they offer two series for select smartphones:

Zero Series - World's Thinnest Leather Case

  • Designed for perfect fit with BlackBerry Bold 9900 Series
  • Slim conception design and adds no-bulk
  • Hand-crafted for ultimate protection
  • Soft lining and protection against scratching
  • Beautiful stitching colors
  • Sleep function support
  • Bottom opening for easy device removal
  • Available in Black and White

The Pouch - A Perfect Business Solution

  • Designed for perfect fit with BlackBerry Torch 9800/10 and Bold 9700/9780/9790
  • Sleep function support
  • Hand-crafted for ultimate protection
  • Adds no-bulk even with padded design
  • Beautiful stitching
  • Available in Black and White

These cases look and feel great and are perfect for those of you that prefer pouches to protect your device. They will be available in the US in the next two or three months. Stay tuned as we'll be brining you a full review.

Reader comments

First Look: Beyzacases – high quality leather cases for select BlackBerry smartphones


Nice cases. I had a case custom made so I could have something other than regulation black. I'll be sure to pick one of these up when they are available.

On the 9900 holster above it looks like there is an opening on the bottom, I guess that is a solution for the radio antenna that is located near the bottom of the phone.

I believe I read about the OEM holster wasnt so power efficient because of the blockage.

Just standard curiousity.