First Look: BBM Money [video]

By Adam Zeis on 26 Feb 2013 08:27 am EST

It was rumored for a while that a payment service using BBM would be avaible for users in some markets, and it is finally launching in Indonesia with help from PermataBank and Monitise. The BBM Money service lets you create and access a mobile money account from your BlackBerry and make real-time payments to your BBM contacts (providing they also use the serivce). You can also transfer money to other bank accounts and even buy mobile airtime for your device. Check out the full video above for a look at BBM Money in action and let us know what you think in the comments!

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First Look: BBM Money [video]


Not yet.
It's currently only available in Indonesia, and in Indonesia the Z10 (or BB10) is not available, yet.

Looks interesting and "I think" I could make use of something like this, but until this video is done in english, I can't really offer an informed opinion on the product. Adam, could you do a translation and voice over for this video pleeeaaasse, ;)

Ironically my name is Adam as well. Looks here it is only tutorial for the BBM Money, and is only available for all the banks in Indonesia. You can transfer to your BBM Money contacts directly,transfer funds from BBM Money to other bank accounts and transfer funds from your banks accounts to BBM Money. PS ; I'm a native Malay speaker and Indonesian language is roughly the same.

Thanks Adam, the interbank transfers is what interests me the most since some banks here in Canada can't seem to manage such a technological feat on their own. Here's to hoping that it comes to my neck of the woods.

Would be great to be able to use your BBM Money balance to pay for things using NFC... complete mobile wallet. Just add funds to your BBM Money account and it's like adding cash to your wallet by going to an ATM. Then just pay by tapping your NFC device at a cash register. So simple.

Looks like a great feature. I do have to ask about it sending money to a bbm contact feature. Seems to me that unless there is a limit to the amount a person can send at any one time to a bbm contact there could be a problem. I can see someone saying money laundering via bbm to contacts overseas.

I'm Indonesian and just downloaded the app. In the FAQ section it mentions the limit to send money using this app is up to Rp 20 million (about US$2000) per calendar month. And if you have basic account the maximum balance can't exceed Rp 1 million, and if you have upgraded your account your maximum balance become Rp 5 million.

I think it's pretty straight forward. Since some of the Bahasa Indonesia uses English as well. Just watch a few times, pretty straight forward.
" Welcome to BBM Money. The first in the world issued by Permata Bank. To download the application visit the BlackBerry World. Type in BBM Money under search. Download the application, follow the instruction to install BBM Money app. To register BBM Money, enter your cell phone number, enter user name, create a password and security question for the security of your BBM Money. Welcome to BBM Money and now you can use the service. You can load money into your BBM Money, Top up to any cell phone service provider on do online banking with any financial institution in Indonesia. To use BBM Money enter the pasword. Pick the service you desire. To load any money into your BBM Money, you can transfer online from your banking institution. Enter 013 and your BBM Money account number to make the money transfer clicking the Transfer to e-savings/BBM Money. To send BBM Money: Click on Send BBM Money, pick the transfer location, enter the amount to transfer, enter a message, click send and confirm your transaction. For topping up your cell phone: Select Mobile Top Up, select your service provider, enter your cell phone number, enter the amount, click Top Up and confirm your transaction. To transfer money out from your BBM Money: Select Transfer Out, Enter your bank code and account number. Enter the amount to transfer, click confirm, and again confirm on the transaction to complete the transaction. Transaction History and Frequently Ask Questions. Select item transaction history, FAQ or frequently ask questions, look under the menu Help. For faster assistant enter the following number on your cell phone 500111 or 63399. Wanna send money? Just BBM! BBM Money Issue by Permata Bank.
That's the rough translation of the spoken message. I'm sure the true indonesians can correct any error I've committed.

I actually thought about posting this in the forum but forget about it thanks to the hectic work-schedule...LoL. Anyway, BBM Money is pretty easy to use and it works just like Paypal without credit card option. It's like an e-wallet that you can use to, as of now, reload/topup your prepay SIM card and transfer money to other BBM users. The limitation in amount of money that you can fill your account with and/or using during a month is more related to the regulation from our Central Bank.

Not working on OS 7 devices? I'm in Indonesia, on my 9790 OS and keep getting error message "There is an optimised version of BBM Money for your new phone. Please download latest version from Blackberry App World." When I click OK on the error message, it will bring me to BB World but there's no optimised version that it mentions - only an option to actually delete the app. I found similar complaints on the app's review, referring to 9790 and 9900 devices.

That's strange, the video above from Permata Bank clearly shows it is being used on Bold 9900 (Dakota). Have you tried to hard-reboot the BlackBerry by removing the battery and inserted it again?

Maybe try updating to, or delete, reboot and reinstall the app. It could be a glitch on blackberry world.

I'm from Indonesia, using BB 9860, on BB OS ver.7.1.0 Bundle 1646 the latest it can get. And i tried to install "BBM Money" but it refuses.
The app says "App not supported for this device".... whaaaa ??

I've tried rebooting, hard reboot...still no joy. I think the app needs to be checked again by Permata Bank vendor and Blackberry App World developers.