First Look: BBM Channels, Voice and location sharing for Android and iOS

By Adam Zeis on 19 Dec 2013 03:08 pm EST

The BBM team has been hard at work since the launch of BBM for Android and iOS. They've updated both apps to keep things running smoothly and BBM has taken off in it's cross-platform phase. We know that there is plenty more on the horizon for BBM including BBM Voice, BBM Video and BBM Channels. These are all features of BBM on BlackBerry devices (go BlackBerry!) but our Android and iOS using friends have yet to take advantage of them. You'll even have the ability to share your location over BBM which is very cool. 

The BBM team has posted up a short video today with a quick look at all of the features that are coming soon. Still no date for release, but we're crossing our fingers that it's not too far off. 

Check it out above and let us know what you think!

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First Look: BBM Channels, Voice and location sharing for Android and iOS



BBM4ALL needs first the masses, only then it becomes attractive for advertisers and marketers.

So bring please first BBM Video and Voice to attract the masses and afterwards BBM Channels to monetize that thing...

Posted via CB10

80 - 90 millions right now? Till end of 2014, 120mio +-... you want masses? here you are..!

Posted via CB10

I don't want them to get rid of the LQ photo transfer, but they should have it so it's an option to set your photos to send/receive by default in HQ or LQ

If Person A has LQ set & person B has HQ set, then it should auto send in LQ with a notice letting you know it's LQ so you can req HQ if needed

Get this up and running. Then get with US no contract carrier to offer a data only plan, for BlackBerry devices only. If they could off an "unlimited" plan for 30 bucks a month, it could help change wireless.

Posted via CB10

Mine doesn't throttle til 5 GB. Don't go through WalMart. if you do you get throttled sooner.

Point is if they advertise and use bbm to leverage they could start selling q5 and z10 as the entry level. And with a low cost monthly plan they could move handsets. Also, these would be the people that would get others to join bbm as that is their only way to text and call.

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What do you mean? These features are already available for the Blackberry version of BBM. What device are you using?

No they're not. Timed location sharing. Push to talk. 100 new emoticons. These are all things not available yet on BB10 BBM. That said, I don't think they're confusing.

Sorry I meant enhancements. BBM voice, emoticons and location sharing are available for blackberry 10. They are enhancing current features for cross platform use.

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It always seems like BlackBerry is too slow to get things off the ground. This isn't anything to cheer about, this is another example of how BlackBerry is always late to the party.

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Do you mean the fact that the girl was running late to the bar? I'm pretty sure all the guys cheered when the one female arrived.

Lol jk.

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Darn. Too slow? Hay, where is your Christmas spirit?
Things are going along very well. Six months ago there was no iOS and Android BBM.

ever stop to consider the difference in size when you compare BlackBerry and Google or BlackBerry and Apple? I'd say they're doing a fine job keeping up with companies who employ 10x more people than they do

So remind me, when did Google Hangouts get SMS capability, or when did iMessage go cross-platform, again?

When looking at the groups and channels page (subscribed to) instead of having all that space with nothing how about increasing the size to fill the screen and the more channels/groups a person is apart of the smaller they become thus utilizing the screen. I just hate waste of screen.

Please oh please do something about the bottom menu bar like on the CB10 app has done so perfectly well.

Keep The Faith

The clip doesn't mention video, only voice. That limited-duration location sharing feature looks sweet though.

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I noticed that too. It seams weird and I hate to say it...kind of disappointed. Yes, the limited-duration location sharing feature does look awesome!

Meanwhile they don't add anything new, like video sharing, or even sending a picture in a multiperson chat. Until they add the second one at least, I'll be unsatisfied.

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BBM Voice over wifi correct? i think they should have clarified that. I also hope they implement changes to channels to allow for searching as I have seen some complaints about that on other posts.

BBM voice works over the mobile network on BB10, so I assume it will be the same for Android/iOS. Also, in the video the girl in the store answers her BBM voice call, probably safe to assume she was off of wifi.

It's like snapchat for your gps location - a pretty cool take on things. If your gps location updates in real-time for the set time limit, it could make finding each other at a mall or stadium a lot faster and easier (no need to stop what you're doing and wait for the other person to find you).

Bring it on!! Would be great to have over the Holiday season. Need OS 2.2 to drop as well. Hope the BBM4ALL team can deliver this soon. Need more positive momentum for BlackBerry and BBM in general. Can't come soon enough.

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Anyone else notice the swipe right to answer the phone vs swipe left. Maybe they are going to give an option in the final release of 10.2.1


Was just gonna say that, looks like this is the way they are going on 10.2.1, sad.

Would have been amazing if IOS And Android users use the current BlackBerry10 call screen.

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I noticed that too. But i think it was an android device as the add aims at iOS and Android bbm.

What's your Qollar ID? The shirt addict plan...stay tuned. C00122EC9

Looks real good. Need video, multi photo sharing, remove the 6mb limit, increase emoticon size, make a WP app, increase the group cap to 50, improve group sharing options, add dark theme for BBMx.

BlackBerry Z30 | | BBM Channel C0006E212

Hey, look at that call screen! It's the 10.2.1 call screen, but the green answer icon is on the right instead of the left! Are they changing it again, or is there a setting for left-handers (the guy is holding it in his left hand)?

BBM is definitely going to be the future of BBRY. That video simple but cool too. Nice music.

Wow all of those updates look amazing! Hopefully we see a refined BBM on BB10 as well...the icons they use to send pictures, voice notes and the new Glympse looked really cool! would love that styling on my Z10!

Hey where do you get location on the current bbm using a BB10 device. Is that in the next release or does the Android and Apple guys just get it :)?

I wish that BBM can be used in Nexus 7, why do they bring it to non cellular iOS (iPad, iPod), but not to Android?

It works great on non cellular iPad. Change your app type filter on the app store from iPad to iPhone and you'll find it.

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NOOOO! The thing I'm taking away from this video is the new call screen is prevalent here as well. THE OLD ONE WAS BETTER!

Why does it look like BBM for android and iPhone is better than for my Z10...
Especially in terms of the geo-location portion of it.

Come on blackberry, I want my NATIVE apps to look just as sleek and smooth as the Android and OS versions.

Voice notes in chat would be great!

To be able to filter broadcasting would be an excellent addition too, my friends refuse bbm because of annoying bc!

Raise the file allowance for sharing video, at the moment whatsapp is better!

Have the group owner as CEO! And the rest as administrator!

Enable non blackberry handsets to create groups too, since they could invite non bbm contacts to join?

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Just downloaded new BBM off from Betazone app. Has the location sharing, increases group size to 50, and can exclude BBM updates from 3rd party apps.

Posted via CB10 on Z10 STL100-4

Nice!! I use z10 and an iPhone 5S yes carry both phones on me. My pet peeve is that you cannot increase the fonts on BBM for ios

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I often wonder what others are working on. BBM for BlackBerry 10 is clearly superior to anything out there and it's great cross platformers are soon getting a taste. But... blackberry needs to get this out there faster. Maybe not video but the ability to send videos and share photos in group chat.

Finally, channels need to be searchable by categories. Once that happens and it goes Criss Platform, Money will flow in in ridiculous amounts and BBM will surpass all others within months.

Posted Via my second Z10

I just got BBM beta with the location feature enabled and tried it with my wife that has an iPhone, it works like a charm, you are able to share your location from 5 min to 4 hours, she received my location and the app is using glympse to track your location, the integration works perfectly, love it.

If BlackBerry can successfully combine all these elements of BBM, and make them available X-platform, who has an app that can compete with it?

Sounds like the making of a world-wide smash.

I smell a buy-out in the making, and I'll bet it has Google written on it.

So BBM has voice and channels coming down the pipe. They needed to explain channels better I think.

Also, the whole thing where they clink their drinks was REALLY LAME...

It reminded me of a lame hometown "don't drink and drive" commercial. :(

Don't mean to be a downer but this is my "tough love" for BlackBerry marketing:
Truth is, I'd be embarrassed to share this video with my friends on Facebook. :(

C'mon BlackBerry. You still need to do better. This seems low budget and hokey.

Posted via CB10

I liked the fact they used the Z30 though. My friends would be like "THAT'S a BlackBerry!??" :)

It's a beauty.

Get rid of the lameness and you'll get more shares on social networks!

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Men's fashion and dress sense. Follow please C00122EC9

The shirt addict blueprint | BBM channel = C00122EC9

once these features have been implemented, come on guys, why do we still need the others?? HAHA!