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First look and hands on with the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C

By Richard Devine on 5 Feb 2013 07:37 am EST

During the keynote presentation this morning at BlackBerry Jam Europe in Amsterdam, Alec Saunders unveiled the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C device. Geared at developing for the forthcoming BlackBerry Q10, the Dev Alpha C is of course the first Dev Alpha with the full, physical keyboard.

OK, it's only a developer device, so it doesn't share the same good looks as the Q10, but the hardware is solid, and qualifying developers are sure to have a great experience building for the Q10.

And, of course, we've had an early chance to go hands on with the Dev Alpha C. It's a different experience, but the great thing is, it leave us even more excited for the BlackBerry Q10. Enjoy!



It does kinda look good under that form factor...


It looks like a Curve line!


love it....looks hot!


Is it just me, or does the Dev alpha C look better than the Q10?


I wouldn't say better looking but different. It has a more futuristic and rugged look where the Q10 is more sleek. That being said I would use the Dev Alpha C as my daily driver. I actually like the look. I must be weird lol ;)


First thought that crossed my mind too! I'd love one of those for an everyday phone. :)


I like how it looks, but I wouldn't say it looks better.

Goliath king james

It looks better......that shoulb be the Q10


The alpha C looks waaaay better than the Q10, I love the boxy look to it... Common Blackberry


The active frames are of a different size than those on the z10. Will that be a problem for developers?


It shouldn't be since they were made aware of this fact WELL in advance


I like how industrial it looks. Could throw it against the wall without worry.


call me crazy but I prefer this look to the Q10!!!

it could take some polishing but i prefer the square look to the old 9900 shape.... then it may just be me :p


Yeah, should we be worried that this design can actually challenge the Q10? :)


I am seriously digging the Dev C design.


Not only do i like the look of this device but it looks more like a sister device to the Z10 than the Q10.


Immediate thought was when does this one come out. I will wait for it. looks like the size of it will be great. Love the look of it as well. Hopefully this will make it to market with more power and better keyboard than the curves.


I have to agree with the masses here. There's something real badass about the Dev C. Probably even better than Q10.


I'd get this over the Q10 if I could, it looks great.


You're kidding me...
That's not dev alpha c...
That's a porsche p9981 with BB10.


this is taking too long, I'll buy the dev alpha c to use for every day any day.


I just hope that it has build quality, solid feel with a nice keyboard feel
better than a 9900 keyboard?


The dev alpha c looks good and rugged. Really it is just a "disguised" Q10 like the dev alpha B looked like a disguised Z10. That leads me to ask, "why disguise it since the Q10 has been revealed?"

What is the symbol on the zero key? I don't think there was anything extra on any previous blackberries.


I ask the same question: "why disguise it when the Q10 has been revealed?" why not simply give out Q10s ?

surely it must cost extra to make different hardware for the same device esp since the quantities are going to be limited, and in the end they will sort of "self destruct"


1) Less expensive to build: remember that the Q10 has the exclusive glass weave. The simple plastic casing keeps seeding device cost down. 2) keep devs from selling them. If it looked like the Q10, devs would be much more tw$pted to sell the device.
3) Consistency: keep the look of the DevB.


Looks like RoboCop's cellphone

Goliath king james

Is strange it doesnt look like bb but thats great ......cute


I hope that this is the final design. It's alot better than the q10


I like it maybe that can be the new curve...


OK...I love it....ummm...but in the video....

DID the reviewer drop an F-BOMB at the 1:08-1:09 mark or is it just me?


It sounds like he says "fuckin'", but he actually said "if I could".


LOL Oh thank goodness. My virgin ears just keep hearing things. I guess the phone looks so good, it makes you just wanna make sweet love to it.


I always thought the dev alpha A was the best looking iteration of the full touch bb10. I'm a huge playbook fan design wise and was really upset they didn't carry more styling cues over.

S.N. I hope to see a porsche design bb10. That will be nice.


I Definitely do Not think this phone looks just as good or better than the Q10....... Yes of course I know its a dev device.. But I jus don't understand how people can think this looks better than the Q10.. To each their own tho.. To me it looks like its from 10 years ago


Nicer than the Q10 in my opinion


Nicer than the Q10 in my opinion


Me likey allot!
I can't wait to get the bold-like blackberry Q10!

Jin Kazama2

Can i know price of blackberry dev alpha B and blackberry dev alpha C?