First Look: 3rd Party App Viigo on the BlackBerry Storm!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Nov 2008 02:52 am EST

Here's a new one for all of you Storm chasers out there... By now most of you have seen tons of images of the BlackBerry Storm, read a handful of first-impression reviews (including CrackBerry's novel) and watched ~15 minutes of the Storm's hardware and native apps in action spread out among a variety of short video clips, all of which can be found on our Storm Super Page. Heck, some of you have even used the Storm in person at launch parties! But what we haven't seen to date is any real footage of how third party apps will look on the BlackBerry Storm and take advantage of its large display and touchscreen input... that is until now!

The video above features an in-depth, hands-on look at one of my favorite existing BlackBerry apps, Viigo, running on a live BlackBerry Storm. The video gets pretty in-depth as it goes into detail on the application from a developer standpoint and contemplates some of the new-to-BlackBerry opportunities that the Storm's touchscreen platform provides, such as utilizing gestures. Take a watch! It's five more minutes of the BlackBerry Storm in action, which by the way, does look to be running relatively smooth here. Be sure to expand the video (bottom, far right side icon on the video player) to get a real good look.

As for Viigo, it looks sweet in this video but you don't need to wait for a BlackBerry Storm to get your hands on it. Just double click on the video or visit on your current berry's web browser to download yourself a FREE copy of this must-have app today.

Reader comments

First Look: 3rd Party App Viigo on the BlackBerry Storm!


Viigo looks incredible on the storm!! Even as a newbie, I realize how sweet that application is on my curve 8330!!

With the slow down of leaked or released info, I was starting to calm down and tone down the excitement. This video just got me as excited as when the first hands-on video showed up on the net. I'm back to being stoked as a m*daf*ka. Even with a pre-released version of viigo and the Storm, it seemed pretty damn fast and smooth. CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS PHONE TO DROP!

Viigo looks really good on the Storm! For it to be a pre-release OS, the Storm functioned pretty smoothly. I can't not wait for this to drop!

The OS here seems quite efficient. I can definitely live with that; doesn't look like lag is an issue. Oh well, I'm glad Verizon is making sure this device will be 100% before being released. The wait will definitely be worth it.

OK, gotta love how long it took for the QWERTY to pop up after he rotated it into landscape mode !!! That will get annoying REAL QUICK !

That is the only spot in the video where the Storm shows any moment of lag. It looks pretty darn smooth for the most part. He does say it is a pre-release device, so hopefully the keyboard transition come final release will be quick.

not to mention he very clearly said that is a prerelease storm, it's looking a lot better in the week since the conference, it will probably look EVEN BETTER in the next week before its out

im with you on this one....i timed the delay...its a solid 4 seconds before it kicked into qwerty....lets hope this is because of some pre-release glitch...4 SECONDS man...thats no programmer but there HAS to be a way of making that faster....

Is it just me or did he have to tap the Storm to get the landscape qwerty to appear? It's almost as if the accelerometer didn't recognize the move and it took a little tap to get it to recognize a new orientation.

This make me wonder if the lag is due to software or hardware. Anyone know if the Storm is using the same accelerometer as the iPhone for judging orientation?

He has to tap the phone at 4:07 to get the accelerometer to notice the changed orientation. Lets hope this isn't a hardware issue.

Its understandable that the pre-release storm running a pre-release app is going to have some lag. I'm def willing to give them the benefit of waiting til I have it in my eager hands before I pass judgment. Overall, look pretty freakin sweet. It will be mine.

WOW that was really one of the greatest one's that I have seen. And when I enlarged the video wow it was like I was holding it in my hand I was even touching my laptop screen only to imagine my storm in hand.

FYI, I noticed a number of you were commenting on the delay in moving between the two keyboard views ... for some reason it happened just when we were making that cut of the Video (stage fright perhaps?). In fact, in our experience, it's been pretty speedy at switching back and forth.

Also, as you will have noticed, my fingers couldn't seem to find the "Next" button in the last sequence of the movie either. That was human error, pure and simple.

So the final score was really Device:1, Human:1.

Reminder again - pre-release Storm ... and pre-release Viigo ... oh, and untrained part time demo actor, who's day job is really CEO.


Mark Ruddock

Mark thanks for the follow up comment - hopefully it will quiet some of the many posts complaining about a 'lag'..

It looks GREAT!!

thanks for being an active blogger and reading what ppl have to say. i did notice those delays/human errors. those delay pale in comparison to how well the device performed overall, it looks to be very quick, how long ago was this video made if you dont mind me asking also is this the same software build of the storm everyone else had the pleasure to play with?

I second this statement! Its nice to see a CEO read the blogs and what us addicts love and hate about BB applications. Thanks for your input and THANKS FOR SUCH A GREAT APPLICATION!! Already us it daily on my 8830. Can't wait to use it on my new Storm!!

this vid has help ease my storm info withdrawal, to me in the last moments of the vid it almost looks like the device it being unresponsive, you can see him press the same commands a few times before the storm even budges. im waiting for the telus storm to come out which according to has been delayed but if it means better integration with the network and optimized device performance ill keep my curve until then

by the way i've started a blackberry storm fund in my name anyone want to contribute let let me know :)

when typing emails and basically other long winded documents.... does the keyboard always go to a full qwerty mode in landscape???

Reason for the question.. is the Bold has a full keyboard which is perfect for real email users and not just your quick TXT LOL dribble.. If this is the case... maybe a Storm may be better than a Bold??

Anyone know???


i think there is a way to default orient the kb to the one u want.......i would have to check in the simulator again but. i am pretty confident that you will be able to only pull out the full qwerty if you wanted it that way

i thought you meant that u want to pull the qwerty kb every time anything had to be typed ie: even in portrait mode the qwerty kb would come out instead of the suretype or multi-tap, that being said the, to answer your question yes, device will always display the qwerty kb when in landscape mode.

landscape has two option: qwerty and azerty
portrait also has two: multi-tap and suretype

hope this answers it all for you

you were touching the screen as well? lol!! I just couldn't stop myself. I had too. And the delay really had no effect on my thoughts of the device or viigo. I personally have never understood why add the app UNTIL NOW. Once I have seen it in action I do understand why it would be a benefit to add this app and I will be adding once I get my storm.

thanks Mark for taking time to share & you have great hands by the way.

this video of viigo on a "PRE RELEASE" storm looks amazing. IMO this should calm all the negative talk about the phone being laggy and such. This program work marvelously and will only be better with the final release coming next week.

Just spoke to a truly stupid vzw csr. Most don't have a clue but this dude was just stupid. Only bright spot in the call was he kept saying that the storm is being (field tested) by vzw employees. If this is true maybe we are getting close. Anyone else hear this???

Can Verizon stop Fu$%$ing teasing ppl and just drop the damn phone.... I WANT IT SO BAD! I think im going go crazy i cant sleep waiting to get my hands on one of them....