(this is not a) First Live Photo of the BlackBerry Magnum!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jul 2009 09:53 am EDT

First Live Photo of the BlackBerry Magnum

In the past couple of weeks RIM has been taking a bit of a beating in the online techsphere for their BlackBerry firmware, which is arguably becoming a little dated in terms of looks and mechanics when compared to some of the newest operating system entrants in the consumer smartphone market (ie. Apple, Palm WebOS, Android).

It seems Research in Motion is really taking the criticism to heart and in response is going to try and TRUMP the competition in the sex sells department with the next rumored device in the BlackBerry pipeline, the BlackBerry "Magnum." Packing a physical keyboard, touchscreen and 3G goodness, apparently RIM thinks the Magnum is sooo hawttt you may want to wear some protection when touching it just to be safe.

Here's to hoping a REAL image of the mythical BlackBerry with the codename "Magnum" shows up on the interwebs soon. :-)

[ Image via @Videos4BB ]

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(this is not a) First Live Photo of the BlackBerry Magnum!


now that i look harder, i can tell :( darn i just saw the post, and rogers at the bottom so i guess i was just praying it was real :)

So, I am assuming this will be available soon from your local Pharmacy or Grocery Store!
Then soon after I would guess it'll be available at Quick Check, 7/11, WaWa, Circle K...behind the counter of course though.

this phone should have been out already. knowing rim its going to be a bold or onyx if u will with a touchscreen with no special improvements. now while i want a touchscreen like this hopefully they wise up and do something special with the magnum.

what, Bla1ze? couldnt get a flavored or "for her pleasure" one??? dang, guess i wont be getting this phone then. *sigh* o well, maybe next version?

They play trojan commercials on TV all the time. That's what's wrong with people instead of facing the fact that kids are starting to have sex at a younger age people continue to put their side blinders on. Plus I'm sure if a kid is smart enough to come to crackberry.com to read up on BB's that same child can go to google and type the word 'sex' in the search engine. Why not promote safe sex and blackberries?

Why have to even worry a sexually related content on a Blackberry site at all? Now I know my 14-year old daughter doesn't need to be on here. Sigh...

[bold]It seems Research in Motion is really taking the criticism to heart and in response is going to try and TRUMP the competition in the sex sells department with the next rumored device in the BlackBerry pipeline, the BlackBerry "Magnum." [\bold]

From this line it makes it sound like RIM put this picture out. Either way this country (USA) is uptight about A LOT of things. BTW, Janet Jackson never exposed he nipple so it was NOT indecent exposure. Just using that as an example of 8 uptight people that complained about it.

RIM definitely didn't put that picture out... that's just Bla1ze being creative and me attempting to write something sorta funny ;)

I figured but it is funny how some people can get offened by a condom but not what they see on the 6 o'clock news.

It was funny by the way. Probably more funny than a tom selleck would have been. Nah someone would have complained about that also. :)

It was cool and refreshing. We need comments like this on this site. Where else can you find it. That is what makes this site one of the most diverse BB sites.

I think it was still within the limits of censorship. Kids can see more harmful information just trying to pick out a greeting card these days. Last time I picked out a card it took me until 15 to find one without profanity and sexual references.

Hmmm, I would be SHOCKED if live pictures or maybe a review showed up on CrackBerry within the coming weeks.


Haha, okay, I gotta admit, this one was good. :D
Thanks for the laugh and smile for the day, Kevin. :)

All they need to do is come out with a upgraded BOLD. I DO NOT want so see another Curve come out. PLEASE upgrade the BOLD.

So yet another physical redesigned phone still running an old, outdated, antique phone OS for 2009? RIM needs to spend more money of R&D for their software. Forget about making so many new models of phone when they still feature terrible features like the inability to store apps on SD cards instead of the small amout of system memory, memory leak galore, and don't even get me started on my Storm which I want to throw against a wall because it's the total clunky clunker of smart phone with all it's issues. I had hope that RIM would work magic and make the Storm work well, but after all these OS updates later it is still the piece of junk I had hoped it would grow out of. Unfortunately my work pays for my cell service so I'm kinda sticking with it for the moment. Having tried the iPhone G3S in the store it is fast compared to the Storm. It knows which side is up, left, and right, unlike the Storm. RIM... FIX YOUR OS! MAKE PHONES THAT HAVE ENOUGH POWER TO ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO RUN WELL! I'm am not an Apple fan boy at all. Why spend so much money on a laptop just to be able to check email and go on the web? But their phone is obviously King, and RIM's phones are just so... 2005..

My exact thoughts! Too many models that do the exact same thing. The OS needs to be overhauled and completely re-done. RIM has no innovation when it comes to the software side of things.

RIM needs to narrow their product line to 2-3 phones and concentrate on polishing the OS's. With less models out there, it will allow 3rd party developers to make BETTER APPS for the phone. Too many models with too many different specs must drive developers up the wall.

Apps are the main draw of phones these days, not so much the hardware.

Maybe its just a reference to the Ben Stiller classic. ;) Any pose that can stop flying weapons...

You guys need to add that pic to this post :D

RIM can put all sorts of gizmos and gadgets together to make new crappy phones but the bottom line remains: Their operating system sucks and they don't have the will or the means to come up with something better because of pure greed. Shootz bra, it took them 6 months to come up with a crummy update for the shitstorm. Why spend money on the OS when you can just put some new crap together and make more money(for now)? I'll be happy the day RIM goes the way of the Dodo. In conclusion I would like to say: screw you RIM, my storm was the first and last product I buy from you! Compared to your competition, your products are really starting to stink and just having a cool email system isn't cutting it anymore. Take that magnum and shove it up your Canadian/Middle Eastern ass!

That's because the photo is of a Bold with a condom on top - not a photo of a BB Magnum.

I have to agree with others. THey can trick out the hardware all they want. If they don't update the OS to keep up with other companies, Blackberrys are going to get left behind.

I love my Blackberry, but with small amounts of memory for storage and running applications, I could see moving to another device in the future. I'd rather have a BB with plenty of application memory and ability to load more applications (on SD or internal memory).

their OS doesn't suck, its just not as flashy as more modern ones. Its perfectly stable for my curve, and its twice as fast as any other phone when actually reading, typing, and communication messages to people. I have plenty of third party apps that can do everything any other phone can do, i don't see how this is crappy.

Several people run out of space on Blackberrys. I know my 8830WE sits at 12MB with about 10 apps loaded. If I want to try something new, I have to consider resources before thinking about adding something new. My wife's Curve has more memory, but she still has to watch how much she loads onto it.

Graphic-intensive applications are starting to take up more than 1MB of space. Facebook is now 800K+, Some of hte music/radio apps are 2MB+. Load up a few of those any your memory is gone quickly.

The OS doesn't need to be flashy, but it does need to accomodate how people are using their smartphones thesedays. Apple's App Store has opened up a can of worms with people wanting to try new software. App World's solution was the ability to reload apps anytime you want to run it again (after deleting to make space), and even that doesn't work properly (apps disappearing from accounts, App World showing the app is already installed even after it was deleted....). There is definitely room for improvement.

But the thing isn't that the OS simply sucks. If you measure it based on how it accomplishes what it sets out to do it's perfect. I can run background processes, I can leave multiple messaging and chat apps open, and I too have a few 3rd party apps. Hell I convinced my friend who owns an iPhone 3G to switch to the Storm 2 when it comes out because BB does more of what he needs.

It's not that the OS doesn't perform, it's that it's archaic. I think RIM puts a lot of thought into their hardware and software just seems to fall to the wayside. The idea that you can't store apps on your memory card. Let's face it, App World is a joke. Especially considering that the pre-existing CrackBerry App Store offers so much more. From what I can see RIM changed their business philosophy without changing their software.

Sure BlackBerry hardware is consumer friendly now, but the current OS isn't scalable. As time goes on people expect more and more, but as far as I can tell BBOS hasn't changed since v4.3. My friend has an 8700 and was about to buy a Curve 8900 until T-Mo released v4.3. He can be quoted as saying, "well now I have no reason to switch, the only thing I'm missing is UMA." Sure the media player's a little better, the browser's a little better, but look at bloody Palm. Palm was in the dump, they were doing the same thing RIM is. Their OS was archaic and dying and the only people, I could tell, who were buying Palms were loyalists and people who liked the hardware that much. At the brink of destruction Palm built an amazing software platform. The Pre itselt? Mediocre/average hardware. No SD Card slot? That's a bit too Apple for my taste but Palm did their software SO well that no one cares about the shortcomings of the hardware.

The fundamental question everything boils down to is, in my opinion, what does it take for RIM to truly modernize their software platform? If it what happened to Palm needs to happen to RIM, that really sucks. The idea that RIM has to capsize in on itself to change. Sure RIM is firmly cemented in the business world right now, but what's stopping Apple from introducing the 'iPhone Enterprise Server' in a year or two? What if they dared tread directly into RIM's territory? I predict, as much as I dislike Apple, they would do a damn good job and slowly but surely, RIM would start hemorrhaging users. Why? Because no matter how much anyone dislikes Apple, they can't deny the fact that against RIM they are much stronger in their ability to offer software. No matter how much pretentious, planned obsolescenced, black turtle-necked douchery is offered with the platform, it would do well because at it's core it's just better in the way people care about.

From what I can see, RIM's mentality is still stuck trying to provide for business users despite trying to provide for both business and consumer users. They come out with a piece of hardware, and then continually try to improve it. Sure that's great, it gets us some really good hardware like the new 9630, which I'm in love with frankly, but it doesn't matter if the software doesn't provide what people want. As far as I can tell, it's the BES which is RIM's bastion of survival. Most of the reasons i tell people BBs are better than iPhones or Pres are easily fixed. Hell, my iPhone toting friend gets his Gmail email faster than I do using IMAP. If Apple brings native chat clients and background processes to the next revision, then I find myself short on arguments that don't amount to 'fanboyism' or my distaste with Apple's business philosophies.

This is already too long but I hope anyone who doesn't 'tl;dr' this understands what I'm saying. Sure RIM is fine now, but will that be the case in 2 years? I doubt it...

I will agree, the OS does need an update. It is ok to work with, but not user friendly at all. They need a better place for changing settings, one that a normal user can find. I can find them just fine, but my parents would have a ton of issues. RIM really needs to step up OS 5. Maybe not completely rewrite it, but make it more use friendly. Oh and eyecandy galore, since that is what most people want these days. I could care less. I just want an os that works and is easier to use. Oh and flash would be nice.

The problem with RIM is that all their phones look the same, but only change the name of it to fool the masses.

Just compare the current RIM line up...curve 83XX/89xx, bold, tour, onyx, they ALL have the same core functions, they just mix up a few minor things, one with wifi, one with a slightly better camera, one with a slightly better screen, one with just a little more memory...what's going on? and all all look alike! I can pick up ANY blackberry and be flowing in seconds with no learning curve at all (storm not included), why? because they are all the same!They could really just make ONE model with all those things, and focus on the OS. imagine if there were 5 different iphones? that would drive people crazy. Then, six months later we hear about a new bb being released and whats the differrnce? oh they added one MP to the cam, a few more MB of memory, and a couple of pixels to the screen? This is what you have been doing for the last YEAR? working on the camera? who cares? Either revamp the whole device with MAJOR advances or just leave it alone and get to the OS, stop trying to milk people with a new model every six months.

Please, if you dont plan to dumb the BB in the can then don't down talk their OS because it is fine. Stop comparing it to other phones out there that can't match it. The 5.0 update had been a nice step for RIM. Even though they five you updates that make everything 'look' better, they are still providing us with a pretty good system. I prefer the steady upgrades over a complete overhaul anyway. It will help ease the rate of people saying "well, I liked the older OS, it was much easier to use..." Ours BB's are capable of everything, so what our stock browser is somewhat trashy, get bolt or opera mini and call it a day...these unnecessary complaints dont take a way from the fact that the BB OS still superior to others or on par with them.