First Live Images Of The BlackBerry Dakota (or is it an old Magnum Prototype?) Emerge

By Bla1ze on 21 Jan 2010 04:08 am EST
First Live Images Of The BlackBerry Dakota Emerge?

* Update from Kevin: This is DEFINITELY one of the older pre-dakota prototypes (ie. magnum). Don't expect to be buying this exact device anytime soon (errr.. never). But something nicer and updated is in the works! *

We've been hearing the codename "Dakota" for a while now. The Bold 9000 sized, 3G, Touchscreen device with a full QWERTY keyboard that is also rumored to be using a "Liquid Lens" designed for high quality images. And now the above pic appears on Twitter followed by a second, clearer shot. showing off it's trackball / trackpad-less form factor.

Is it a Dakota? Or is it more likely that this is a Magnum prototype? Or some other prototype that got left in the trash can? Magnum was the predecessor to the Dakota, whose design was scrapped and then transitioned into Dakota. No OS details were mentioned from @cellguru, so it remains unknown if there is even an OS loaded onto it, which makes it a little difficult to say with 100% certainty what device it actually is. We were under the impression that Magnum didn't have a trackpad while Dakota did, plus the actual look and styling of this device seems a tad bit older than that of the latest generation of BlackBerry Smartphones. If it is Magnum, then hopefully we'll see some Dakota soon and that'll clarify the situation. That's all we have for now. Feel free to speculate in the comments. Hopefully some more details will turn up soon. In the meantime, what do you all think of the concept? Liking the notion of a BlackBerry that's half touchscreen, half physical keyboard?

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First Live Images Of The BlackBerry Dakota (or is it an old Magnum Prototype?) Emerge


my money is on it being an old prototype/mockup. the design is much closer to that of the Bold 9000 than anything RIM has been putting out as of late.

thats a prototype, can't be that it has a keyboard and NO trackball/pad. the navigation would be TOO difficult like that.

It would be cool, but you'd still need some sort of pointer for when you are on the go and can't mess with your screen.

I read that RIM is in early developement (could be further along now, don't know at all) for a flip qwerty Storm-type device.

If this did come out, I hope that this device would be carrier wide. One can only hope.


I agree it has to be a mockup/prototype unit, however it'd be cool if they introduced a touch sensitive "gesture area" type arrangement with a surepress style "press a bit harder to confirm" type thingybob, to solve the issue with the lack of trackpad/ball .

I'd love something like that, in that exact "old bold" form factor.

As it is I reckon it might even be a home made mockup using a bold, some basic materials and a little creativity rather than a RIM produced prototype...

it looks like you can see the plate through between the bezel and the screen on the lower left screen area above the call button. like there isnt even a back or inside to the device....

I love the idea of trackpad, keyboard, and touch screen all on same device.

A problem with that is that the keypad takes up room, so screen has to be smaller. Smaller screen mean smaller items, and harder to navigate with finger.

I like the traditional trackpad/keypad designs, the only reason I would also want touch is to actually have some half decent games ported to the device.


That's how the slide out keyboard Storm is said to be, like the Pre slide out. Salomondrin has a story on it, Google it.


I thought it was also said that there was a ~90% chance of the keyboard getting whacked off before production?

I think it is a fake.. If you look at the clearer picture and this one the talk button is on different sides. I could be wrong, but it just appears that way.

The screen is still to small for it be a touchscreen IMO I wouldn't like to be using that everyday but none the less it's a nice phone and what is up with the send and end keys being opposite that's weird.

They aren't opposite, the coloring is just bad in the second pic. You can clearly see the symbol is the same (semi-circle with a vertical dash) in both pictures.

I've said numerous times that my 8900 would be the perfect phone just the way it is, but added touchscreen. (Well, and 3G)

I'd love to see something like this released.

I hope this is real, but I have my doubts... I would LOVE a new BB with the physical keyboard size of the original Bold...

This is a 9000 with storm keys lying on the original bac, call and dend keys.... look at the top, it is a normal 9000 nothing new

I had a HTC P4000 and loved the layout. Touch and full keyboard. Best of both worlds. Now combine that with BB OS......

GSM or CDMA??? Wondering if there are any rumors as to what providers this might start with??? Hopefully, not another AT&T exclusive if it's a GSM phone here in the US.

I like the idea of a touchscreen with a qwerty in this form factor. Im with those who believe that this is a idea. I would take it though!

I've been saying for years now (since the Curve was the best BB) that the ultimate phone would be a slightly bigger Curve with a touch screen. This looks like the idea I was talking about 4-5 years ago. Give it a good processor, good memory, on the bold form factor, and add a touch screen. Its not that hard and I think it would do great!

I hope by "nicer and updated" it still means a Bold 9000 form factor. RIM seems to think every Blackberry user has lady hands. The Bold 9000 size and feel is perfect for me. Touchscreen, trackpad, full-QWERTY Bold keyboard, and Bold 9000 form factor...what more could a guy want.

Ok, ok...maybe liquid lens, 512 MB RAM (min), updated CPU and GPU, HSPA+ or even 3GPP LTE compatability, Adobe Flash support, and widgets. I'm sure I could keep going, but it is probably a pipe dream.

I think this would be a great device, but we'll have to wait till we know the touchscreen size. A small screen is not convenient at all. But I trust BBY and I'm sure this phone will be awesome. I'll change my 9000 Bold for this device. And like in upper posts, add Flash support, more memory, PDF support (not by receiving it by e-mail) accelerometer and I'm buying it as soon as it is released!

I would bu it in a second. I hope Big Red comes out with it since my works pays for my BB and they have a contract with VZW.. come on Red!!

Don't understand why this is stickied if it's not a real device. Perhaps becuase of the discussion? But if you see, it's only spawned about 22 comments (at time of writing this) since about 4 am this morning.



This is exactly what I have been waiting for, probably awhile off yet but good to know they are "working" on one.

Every time I play with a Tour or Bold, I keep trying to move things around on the screen with my finger.

I have no idea why anyone would want a track pad or ball when you could just move the screen around like the storm 2 (my daily driver).

Maybe I would like a physical keyboard if I could still interact with my screen.

This is the device I am waiting on. Half touch/half qwerty is the ideal form factor for me. It was one of the things I loved about my Treo 750.

well I know this will ruffle some feathers but, I am as per usual on the fringe at all times .. I would trade up 9700 for something bigger any day. If this Dakota is a bit bigger with more mmmpf for the lack of better words and 3G and bigger keys as well as all the goodness of the 9700

I would like to see the power to perform, as well as other things like some touch capability non click screen please there is no reason for it.

This is a FAKE. This guy pieced together something he may have seen before. It's nothing but a bezel, keypad and screen. That you can see through on the left side. Looks like an old proto of the Magnum, but is not Dakota.

FTR, I am the first person EVER to mention the Magnum on ANY BlackBerry forum anywhere!!

Storm on One Side, Touch Screen Tour/Bold on the other, batteries and memory inserted on sides, two cameras, projector on top, with wireless monitor out capabilities - Climax! I give it two years.

I love my storm2. A touch screen device is very intuitive. There's no scrolling around to get to where you want to go. But, I love the physical keyboard too. This is definitely the best of both worlds.

This looks a lot like a photoshopped 9630...

I, personally, would love to see a half&half's what a lot of my clients would love to see as well!

Guide to fake pics: low light, low res, 1 poor angle pictures taken with a crappy cell phone type camera sorta like the pics we see of bigfoot or the lochness monster. You'll know when a REAL device is present because then we'll see high res, studio quality pictures taken with a 20mp dslr from every angle possible. NEXT

I'm waiting for this very type of device before I upgrade from my 9000....hopefully we'll get something this year!

If i wanted a touchscreen phone I would get an Iphone.. I ditched my iphone for the bold 2 (9700) I wouldidnt trade it for the world I am in love with it. now I do believe RIM need's to do some work on the browsing on the phones they are way behind in the way of speed, get this crackin and were money I love the blackberry as Im sure you all are but I think they broke the mold with the 9700 lets just speed up internet browsing so I can access my google maps and what not ane its curtains for the competition>>>>>

but not so sure about them trying to do it with the same old box shape. I'd prefer it with some sort of slide out or flip keyboard. Time for RIM to come up with a more modern design.

I love my 9000, and think the 9700 looks great, but the size of 9700 is.... lets just say leaves us a bit short in all directions. For THOSE of us who like and appreciate a LARGER unit, this would be a proper replacement for the 9000.....

The only question is when!!!!!

Just when everyone was ready to write-off BlackBerry. There comes news of this device. If the specs/OS are right, could be the device of the year when it comes out. I believe that the newer BBs released after the summer are supposed to have the updated web browser. Just in time for the Dakota. Hear that? That's the sound of the game changing again.

Sorry Rim, you had me hooked with my 8320 (T Mobile). I waited and waited for a touchscreen Berry, then T Mobile announced the HD2. It was fun while it lasted (before it became outage central). I wish you a bright future.

Please develop us BlackBerry users a Crackberry loaded with a touchscreen, full qwerty, and a trackball/pad!!! Plus, I think sells would go through the roof. So it's a win win situation for RIM, its partners, and its consumers.

form factor is basically insignificant here since these shots are of "mules," like how car companies will test-run engines and componentry for future models in current or previous models just to get operational bugs worked out. can't wait to see what results from this concept!

It's definitely older, not only because it more closely resembles the design of the Bold 9000, but because anything newer now has the green send button facing the opposite way of the red end button. It's faint, but you can tell in the picture above that both buttons face the same way.

Either way - this is the ULTIMATE Blackberry, for me at least! I gave up my beloved 8820 (my favorite BB to date) for a Storm, because I wanted to experience the world of the touchscreen. I REALLY miss having a full QWERTY keypad, but love the touchscreen for web navigation and games.

Personally, I hope that the eventual model will NOT have a trackpad, because that would just take away from space for the screen.

I will look forward to this phone so much that I would be willing to leave my current carrier if they didn't have the phone and switch to whomever is putting it out there!


im thinking prototype hoping the final model should be something very similar though...i could really go for a touch screen with a full keyboard, this would make my day

This is the BlackBerry I've been waiting for.. I WOULD like to see the trackBALL come back though. Like the original Bold with a touchscreen.

Is it me, or am i forgetting about the BlackBerrys only UI was based on the TrackWheel and/or a lone softkey? How many "new" BB models have came out last year? What happens when the BlackBerry runs out of model numbers? And anyways, wait till the second generation comes out.

A touchscreen Blackberry with a full Qwerty keyboard would be the top must have device ever. I've been a long time Verizon Wireless faithful, but that is the sort of BlackBerry that could get me to leave Big Red if another carrier picks it up as an exclusive.

I love navigating with my storm, but miss the wide keyboard of the 8830 World Edition. The Dakota would be the marriage of my favorite hardware features.

Obviously a mock up photo. Yes you can see the plate thru the blackberry. Not a feature I would like. But the idea is marvelous. If there is a phone of this style & design in the works then it's definitely the next one on my wish list.

i will like to see rim bring back the 9000 screen size on this one like how they market the 9700 with the same storm style body. only make this with a new cpu 1gig plus original, the touch screen will be nice to input scanning data and for bio technology level security applications, they could add a switch to that as well for deactivating the touch. im waiting for the next bold im betting it will make the 9700 look like the 8900 right now. now its up to time.

I absolutey love this idea. I have a tour currently and am more than pleased with it however I like the storm 2. Storm2 is way to heavy for me so this would solve all my problems hope something like this comes out soon. :)