First Images: BlackBerry Watch is FOR REAL!

By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Oct 2009 01:05 pm EDT

BlackBerry Watch

* Update 2 - October 26th, 2009 - the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry Smartphones has been officially announced and is now available for pre-order! *

* Update - Just to be clear as I've seen some confusion in the commments, but as far as we know at this time the inPulse watch is not being made by/for BlackBerry (it won't feature a BlackBerry logo), but is being made for use with BlackBerry Smartphones. However, this is in fact "the BlackBerry watch" that has been referred to previously in articles dating back to WES in May. There isn't another RIM-built BlackBerry watch out there. *

Remember that story about a Bluetooth BlackBerry Watch accessory being in the works? In case you were doubting it, today we can say with certainty that it's happening, it's getting announced soon, and what you're looking at above (another image below) are actual renderings of the real deal. Key features we've been told so far about the BlackBerry-connected smartwatch by our source:

  • it has been designed specifically for use with BlackBerry Smartphones from the ground up - developed by a new BlackBerry-dedicated accessory company
  • it features an OLED screen that we hear is "big, bright and beautiful" and optimized for displaying text clearly, and thanks to OLED has solid battery life
  • it's designed to show you notifications and previews of messages arriving on your BlackBerry
  • judging by the filename of the photos as they were sent in to us, we're thinking it's going to be branded the inPulse smartwatch

The intent of the watch isn't to replace using your BlackBerry to view messages. Rather, it's for those occassions when your BlackBerry is tucked away - while in a meeting, while driving, or while you're out for a bike ride and you feel it vibrating in your camelback. When you get that impulse to stop what you're doing and pull out your BlackBerry, now you can quickly glance over at your inPulse and decide if you need to pull out your BlackBerry to address that message now or if it can wait fifteen minutes you're free.

Definitely a cool accessory. And because this smartwatch is desiged specifically for BlackBerry, we're thinking hoping that at somepoint the watch APIs will become available to BlackBerry app developers so even notifications from third party apps could be displayed. CrackBerry heaven! We'll bring you the official details on this when they emerge soon.

inPulse SmartWatch for BlackBerry Smartphones

BlackBerry Watch

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First Images: BlackBerry Watch is FOR REAL!


I would guess that it is mostly for the corporate world, especially in meetings and trainings and such. Instead of pulling out your BB, you can look "at the time".

If they're looking down at this watch for the "time"; others around the person would probably be like.."damn what a dumbass; it takes him/her that long to figure out what the time is?? It's a digital clock; not even an analog for God's sake".

its being developed by a 3rd party blackberry accessory company.

and i think its a pretty solid idea, as long as its implemented the right way. it can be a pain to always pull the berry out of the holster or case and see whats going on.

So now instead of staring at your berry you'll just be staring at your watch looking like you can't tell time. We won't just be "looking at the time." More like staring at the time.

I wouldn't touch that with a ten foot pole. Imagine the SAR effect by wearing something like that full time. I know it's not proven, but why take the chance.

...cigarette smoking back in the days. Naive fool. Knock yourself out. Why do you think they make the holsters a minimum of 1/8th of an inch from the body and recommend against leather holsters? I'm in the biz and need to cover ALL areas. Do you really think a consistent flow of radio waves making skin contact wouldn't have an impact of any kind?

Your skin is already in "contact" with "a consistent flow of radio waves." Do you really think that radio waves aren't flowing through and around us all the time already? Just stand outside... I wonder how those cars get their radio stations or we use wifi. Those waves are 'touching' you too even if you're not using them. It's all around (we get some from the sun too, please turn that off too)... Think of particle-wave duality+energy conservation. Think of it a many invisible stray bullets. Sir, signals aren't propagated through space in straight lines. It's already there... Since the dawn of time... Oh yeah... by the way... we have something called a skin to protect us from that... if it can handle Visible light then it can handle radiowave which are at the far end of the spectrum... don't look directly into your radio... :-/

Ever hear of a "source." Sure, waves are all over, but keep a source receptor close to your body, unlike a car radio which is stationed outside the car. Why the hell do you think they have a SAR rating to begin with? Ever think why the FCC regulates the rating? Skin protects you...LOL. You need to hit the books. Due diligence my friend, due diligence.

bluehorseshoe, I agree with you and understand what you are saying, you have to remember people that don't work in our line of business just read the package and forums online. They don't ever get into the backend stuff that we have to deal with everyday. But none the less, I think the watch will take after a bluetooth device, everyone wears them on the side of their head now, what is it going to hurt to "wear" one on your wrist.

Let's just use some common sense here.
#1 if the FCC regulates SAR ratings then this device would obviously have to pass to be marketed in the U.S.A. Therefore it would be within the "safe" levels as designated by the Federal Government (we all know they don't lie).
#2 As the point already made by Cory, an extremely large amount of people wear bluetooth headsets daily. This device would be safer as it is further from vital body parts.
- Additionally holding a phone to your ear produces the same effect, does it not? At least this has been what all the controversy is about.
#3 It is in fact true that our bodies are bombarded by high energy daily, show me decisive evidence that this causes physical/mental defects. It is true that the sources are much further away but it is also true that these signals are far more powerful than that of a bluetooth accessory. You mention "source receptor," guessing by the terminology you basically mean an antennae, or something that simply receives signal. You must take into account surface area, in which case you entire body is susceptible to far more. Ever held an FM whip antennae and realized your Sammy Hagar sounds clearer on the radio?

My guess is, you've been walking underneath power lines a bit too much lately.

You mean there's more than one guy locked in a glass box suspended from the ceiling? Boy, I was WAY off...

The real story here is the "new BlackBerry-dedicated accessory company". It seems that blackberry accessories are crap compared to apple's. Bout time a company focuses solely on Bb

My BlueTooth is always on, just not always connected, and even when it is I don't notice any additional battery drain by just being connected... even if there is, it's going to be very slight...

I am so getting one.. This would be perfect in meetings.. you can do 2 things with this.. One - make people know your not interested in their meeting by glancing at your watch all the time. Two - know how many messages your missing being in the stupid meeting your in.

People will think that you are so busy that you need to keep checking the time, but you're actually reading email...

I ain't gonna lie, I'm gonna get this as soon as it comes out. I'm already a watch junkie, so this is a perfect marriage of two addictions.

My Tour's battery life sucks with Bluetooth turned off, not going to turn it on for an ugly watch.

This will definitely be replacing my regular watch!! Perfect for me working in the retail environment!!! (on a side note, I wonder can this be iced out???)

This would be perfect for me at work. we are not allowed to have our phones out because the company fears we will use them to steal company secrets. (laughable) Have to see how much It would hurt battery life, I would only use it while at work. bike ride mentioned in the blog would be cool too.

will find a way to charge you more for this to synch with your existing device :)

Didn't fossil do something like this awhile back with a different os?

A few years ago. There was pda watch based on the PalmOS and it didnt work. I think it was Fossil watch. I dont think it was even released before it was killed off.

That's a pretty cool idea. I don't have a need for it, but definitly a good idea. Haha maybe later you can make bluetooth calls through your watch, just like the james bond watch from back in the day.

I'll call my BB, Kitt and talk to it like Michael Knight. I will be so cool, then the batteries will run out and I wont even be able to call for help...

That's a pretty cool idea. I don't have a need for it, but definitly a good idea. Haha maybe later you can make bluetooth calls through your watch, just like the james bond watch from back in the day.

now this is cool...would i wear it? eh, prob not, but i'm sure lots of other would. to much shit on my wrist as it is. very cool concept though.

now this is cool...would i wear it? eh, prob not, but i'm sure lots of other would. to much shit on my wrist as it is. very cool concept though.

Very misleading headline. Pure link bait.

Also, get a damn mobile site going, crackberry is shit on a blackberry.

Your BB communicates directly with your brain. No more BB thumb... just *think* an email. Everybody thinks you're daydreaming but you're really checking the latest headlines. The tricky part is the phone calls - keeping the party on the other end from knowing what you're really thinking...

I would certainly look into this, more for my not-at-work time than at work.

I'm always getting in trouble with the whiff for spending too much time with the BB. I might be an "early adopter" in buying whatever is released but obviously would lobby for full syncing between the two.

I do like that it is NOT an actual smartphone but an interface that expands the functionality of our beloved BB.

If they would just change the way that it looks, get rid of the 4th grade Seiko wrist strap and make it look like a higher end watch, then I'd really consider this, until then, no way. Could you imagine sitting in a boardroom and the guy across from you in the tailored suit pulls back the sleve and you see that thing on his wrist? I think I'd die laughing... Metal band, metallic housing... make it look more upscale so that the business man/woman don't feel stupid wearing it.

What is Kathleen H. trying to say "should we go and..." jump in the sack? Order another lap dance?

More truncated messaging on its way.

I ride a motorcycle and would love this. I wouldnt always wear it, nor would i keep my Bluetooth on, but before i hop on my motorcycle ill definitely put it on and use this product. Great idea IMO.

I'm pumped for this! My work won't let me pull my phone out all the time so it'd be great to have something to tide me over!

I've been waiting for the right watch to come along for a long, long time now. Finally a watch I'd actually buy. This will surely compliment my Storm (not Storm2) perfectly.

I hope they'll make it possible to send & reply to SMS Messaging. All they would have to do is include something similar to the way one currently adjusts time on any BlackBerry Smartphone running the 5.0 OS - that is if you don't use the network time function.

They could include a pre-configured "quick reply" that the user has to simply scroll to their favorite reply in much the same way they scroll to set the time on any BlackBerry device using the 5.0 OS. It woud be fast, fun, and accurate.

Even better, since we know it's going to be Bluetooth and we'll be carrying our BlackBerry close by, we should be able to use our BlackBerry SmartPhones to customize our replies. We could select from either a BlackBerry Pre-Configured phrase or simply create a personalized reply from a paired Inpulse and BlackBerry Smartphone.

What are you going to reply to? The messages are so truncated that you can't even tell what the sender is talking about. You'll have to pull out your BB and read the entire message anyway so you might as well just reply from your BB.

This is a stupid gimmick that will not take off.

I hadn't considered that, you make a good point! I stand corrected.

Plus after KM's update I don't think I'd even want one!

The watch will require you to be running BB OS 6.0, scheduled for release 3 days before the Apocalypse...

all those winking, blinking fobs/pens/pets people used to have, to let them know their cell phone was ringing, when it was on vibrate. Now we have one that not only tells the correct time, but also lets the user know if it's voice mail, a text msg or an email, has just made them jump when it vibrates.

not saying i'm getting it. but if its cheap enough and cool enough with no bugs i'd definitely get it. oh and it better look a LOT fancier than a 5 dollar watch from wal-mart.

And Se7enth Sinn is a gay gamers name. Prolly plays W.O.W. in your moms basement all day...See, it's all a matter of opinion. Names still gay though...

Yah, the 80's concept and style isn't a multi-million dollar industry today because it is so 80's. LOL ?!?!?!

So they mention battery life is good, but I would assume I would have to charge this thing like the bb? Maby after a style change or seeing one in person I may be intrested if it is not too expensive.

Definately count mE in on this one! I have a thing for gadgets just like my bb I just hope that it doesn't cost a ridiculous price

Just when I thought I couldn't love my Blackberry anymore! Hmm, now I can keep things going while intimate with my wife

The only thing i think it should do is electrically shock you when you get a notification so we know to look at the watch. or a vibration would be nice.

What are you on glue!? I'd were that in a heartbeat and I don't even wear a watch! How cool is this thing - I can't wait!

He was showing me his DeLorean at the time.
(true story, even though I'm using it for cynical effect)

Seriously, I haven't worn a wristwatch since I started carrying a cell phone WITH A CLOCK ON IT everywhere.

This idea is founded on 1980's science fiction.

A wrist Fax-Machine would be sell just as well.

Ummm, and why did you feel the need to tell us your boring story? You must have been at a Back To The Future Convention.

and when you get a call or msg all your bling will start lighting up and vibrating...bahahaha

oh god i just gave some idiot an idea...

The only people that would have an actual need for something are the business types that wouldn't wear something that looks like it came with a McDonalds happy meal. If they made it look like an actual designer watch that doubled as a Blackberry then I could see this as actually having a market. But the watch itself looks ridiculous and the screen interface looks just as ancient and basically pointless.

The idea / concept is good but hopefully they actually make the watch WORTH it and not just to see who called or your messages...

I saw these for sale once at the mall...Yes..I mean once...They weren't around long at all...granted this was like 5 or so years ago...and made by microsoft...but c'mon

i dont know...the idea is very nice...but I agree with those who say the quality isnt that great and RIM should focus a bit more on their native OS. it might just be the upload...but the graphics look TERRIBLE for a "new device"

By the looks of the computer rendering it appears, to me at least, as though the watch itself and the strap will be too big and the screen will be too small for many people.

will you be able to control the media player with it? like skip tracks and volume and stuff like you can with some stereo bluetooth headsets?

What a monumental waste of time/resources. And before some idiot replies: "RIM ISINT MAKING IT LOLOL," understand that they still have to devote some time to this stupid, stupid project, time that could be spent, say, FIXING THEIR GODDAMNED OS!!!

What OS are you running? No problems with my Berry. You must still have an ancient 6210. Time to upgrade buddy...

My OS runs "fine" too, broseph. Does it run as fine as Android, WebOS, or iPhone? No, no it doesn't. RIM needs to take their dope hardware, and back it up with some cutting edge software. Maybe you're just the type to settle for mediocrity though.

Interesting. The OS on all my Berries are flawless. I rely heavily on them in my field of work. BES server is awesome as well. Anyway, I'm on it now matter of factly. Try getting rid of the junk apps you don't need and yours may work faster. Or better yet, try cleaning the leftover donut glaze off your trackball for better results. And yes, Android is great (have a myTouch), of course Apple is mediocre (iPhone POS quit on me) and Windows Mobile (had 3 Treos) is just that. But none compare to a Blackberry when in the right hands and setup correctly. Currently running an 8900 on T-Mobile for personal, Tour for work and an old 8100 permanently hidden and mounted in my vehicle that stays paired to my Kenwood excelon for handsfree. All flawless. head is always hurting and i's gots a tumur. Bluetooth is collecting all these little waves and making an army inside my head!!!

this literally might be the nerdiest thing i have seen in my entire life.

its not even fashionable... who wears digital watches?

I was at an Empire theater last week and saw this watch in the loop of stuff they show before the previews. The watch has nothing to do with RIM or BlackBerry other than the fact that you might be able to connect it with blutooth. The watch is a smart phone all on it's own and doesn't require a blackberry in any way.

This is not a watch for Blackberry. These are just speculations with no back up. Maybe crackberry should have google'd this before making these false statements.

*sigh* that's a different product you're talking about altogether. stay tuned for this company's announcement next week. not a false statement. 

Say...that would be interesting if you had a 'voice command' button on it activate Vlingo. But then what...?

Don't tell the accessory company, but i would pay like 299$ for this!!

I can't wait to see the other accessories that this company will make!!

This is a test cheaters heaven. Think about it you text yourself things you won't remember, and turn your phone on silent. "You will just be checking the time", and you can get your answers lol. cheating with style.

I wonder how much that's gonna cost. I could use it, because my work considers cell phones a HIPPA violation. They don't like it when you pull out your phone :-(

What interests me about this is not just the watch, but the possibilities for other accessories.

You could have a BT app on your laptop that could display the same information as it comes in. A car's Bluetooth system could be made to either display the status icons, or even read notices to you.

It's not just about the watch, but the additional possibilities that are coming forth. :)

Its a good solid idea. Its good for just being more discrete but I can see people getting out of hand with this product whiles its linked to their blackberry. Like people have suggested no one will just look at it in a meeting quickly once in a while, people will be fixated on it. Making it not as practical as we maybe invision it to be.

this thing is useless to me, 2weeks ago i met a guy who had that prada watch and a prada phone, his watch made a sound everytime he had a message on his phone, made fun of him all night it was hilarious xD

This is a horrible idea. Flame me if you want, but why is RIM wasting money and effort on this? My opinion, YMMV.

I would use that, I get enough work emails mixed in with personal text that I could put that to use. Excited to see some reviews.

This is a nice concept, I understand that RIM wants to branch out, but they don't have too they have the best phones on the market hands down all they need to do is release the official OS 5.0 and that should keep the blackberry lovers satisfied.

I plan on getting this.

Other than when I'm at work, and my BB is on my desk, my phone is almost always in the pouch in my pocket. So anytime I get an email/text/BBM I end up taking a look and 90% of the time it's nothing that I respond to (general email, etc).

So this would come in nice since I'm out and about a lot and outside of the constant email notifications setting off the vibrate the other portion of the time I don't feel it cause I'm walking so I miss it until I happen to check.

It would cut down on my "pull out of pocket, check status'" time.

Plus I'm a tech geek anyhow.

Most watches nowadays are waterproof or water resistant at least. I'd laugh if someone jumped in a pool with this thing on their wrist and a berry in their pocket.

It should be interesting to see if this catches on. I myself still wear a watch even though the correct time is on my 'berry; the watch is still very convenient. The question here really boils down to whether it is equally convenient to have access to things other than time from your wrist. As ever, the consumers will show the way.

Hopefully a better wrist band (not into the rubber or synthetic whatever wrist bands). Spruce up the face a little, add a nice stylish linked bracelet (wrist band), and media controller: I would be sold.

I'm a bit of a watch collector so this would be at the very least a fun little novelty...and if I could actually get some added productivity out of it that would be a nice bonus.

Yeah, i would totally be all over this. i can imagine it being very useful for notifications when im a bit busy. or in class lol

yea, i definitely think i could make good use out of this device. Cellphones are banned in my school. So instead of reaching for da berry every couple of seconds to see whats going on(risking the possibility of it being taken), i can jus look at my watch.

So you get one, your colleague gets one, hell even your boss gets one..... booom no watches at meetings! Just wasted another 120bucks on a useless gadget. Oh cost wise - let's see. 4USD for the OLED screen, 3 USD for casing and rim, 4-5USD for the BT chip, 1-2 USD for the MCU + 50K in development charges + approvals - add up - divide development on 100K units +- buffer = 20USD from factory that means the watch gonna retail for about 99-139USD - if they charge more you are getting ripped off, if you choose to waist your money.

I definitely didn't see something like this coming! We are constantly staying connected with what's going on. I don't think you'll ever catch me wearing this because that is too much. I like the excitement of not knowing everything that's going on the moment it happens. I'm not always wondering if someone's calling or texting me. Soon there isn't going to be any excuse for people to say "I didn't get your call" or "I didn't know you texted me." It's okay to have my phone in my purse or pocket and then checking notifications when I have the time. Pretty cool toy but not for me!


This is the stupidest thing i've ever seen.. I think we can all wait for an appropriate moment to check your BB.. We are not making presidential descisions here..

dude, i just did a search and i found a watch that has a calculater made by a company named casio, wow technology is great!!!

I like the idea. I would wait for an official review before actually pre-ordering it - Can someone clarify if I can have this watch connected to my blackberry and also my bluetooth wireless headset

Im not sure if I would buy it because it is confined to only blackberry. Not sure I want a $150 accessory that is tied to only one brand.

But on the flip side, I work at a casino, so I cant have my phone out. This would be great!! usually when I'm in an area off the gaming floor I pull my phone out. Yes the eye in the sky can still see but thats why you make friends with the surviellance guys!

If any of these 'smart' watches powered by winding rotor like seiko kinetic only then I would consider it. I already have a laptop, tablet and two phones, all require charging. I think for a watch I'll stick with my Rolex.

Where I come from...I.e Africa, Nigeria to be precise. Owning a blackberry device is a big deal and Am proud to own one. Infact the word 'blackberry' is a household name.

I'm just curious as to why this watch which is a failed attempt from the makers of pebble are talking about it now. to be honest I like the look of it and the fact it would be based on the blackberry OS but isn't this Pebbles original waterloo watch?

oh and I do own a lovely pebble watch which with the help of talk2mywatch works like a dream and think it's a shame that now this original concept is now being shown the love it deserved in the first place or am I missing something.

I'm not too impressed with the spec's on the battery life of 25-30 hours on a Blackberry or 6-7 hours on an Android. It sounds like just another thing to keep charged or another thing that sits around waiting to be charged.