First Image: Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230!

By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Feb 2009 09:41 pm EST

Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230

Ahh..gotta love it. I walk away from the computer and ignore my BlackBerry for an hour to hit the gym only to come out and find that member BlackBerryInsider has posted in our forums the first live picture of the not yet released CDMA BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230! Along with the image comes these words:

I just received my Verizon Flip Pearl (81230 Flip). I don't think Verizon has annouced it yet, but if not it should be coming soon. Not sure what the color options will be, but mine came in Silver. I personally like the Black (T-Mobile Version) better. I will be testing it over the next few days and let you know how it does. 

This particular Verizon unit is in silver. No doubt this will make its way around to all of the CDMA carriers, so more color options will likely crop up. Once the first photo leaks you know more info is just around the corner. You can jump into the CrackBerry forums to follow the discussion!

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First Image: Verizon BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230!


Well if ur lucky they will release it bfore ur 30 days are up and u can return ur storm for the flip.

its been 25 days since i got my storm. so unless they release it in 5 days im stuck with my storm (i havent really found any problems with it and it does everything i would want but its just so big (my last phone was a razer))

What is with Verizon's obsession with silver? First the pearl 1, then the curve, now this...I hope they don't put out the bold or the 8900 in silver.

I have the silver curve now (waiting on the jav!) but titanium or black would be so much nicer, but I don't want to spend an extra $50+ on a new housing...

my buddy has the t-mobile bb flip and i personally don't like it. it feels to plastic and not as durable as most other bb's out there. just my two cents

I know it's rumored to be coming to Bell either late Feb or early March. I'm personally not too enamored with the device, but I think it will get new people into blackberry that weren't before...and that's ok with me.

Nope, I mean Bell. I assumed Telus would be getting it, as they seem to get things the same time as Bell does...But I work for Bell Mobility, and I know they will be carrying the device at the end of Feb, or the 1st week of March at the latest.

I would rather have the Storm than this flip phone. I'm so against flip phones for BB's.

Phone looks berrry UGLY! It's like having any other phone...

My 3 cents :)

At my local store, I was told that Verizon is to launch 8 new phones by the end of Feb. Not sure if that can be confirmed. I was told one would be like the bold. I assume that could be the new curve. I can only hope...

No way 8 new verizon phones are released before february. Thats an insane amount of new devices especially for a short month and we are already 5 days in with no new phones.

This can only mean good news. Even though I am not a fan of this phone, it means the CDMA Bold, and the CDMA Curve 2 is not to far behind...... I hope

Not surprised that this arrived at Verizon silver. I thought I wouldn't like the silver curve or pearl, but they became my favorites, so I'm sure I'll like this color too.

Any chance the shape of the phone has been modified? Thinner (PLEASE!), heavier, shorter? I've wanted this phone for a long time, but coming out soon puts it in an odd window of being months before most major cell phone announcements for this year. Don't know if I want to wait or not...

I WILL BE GETTING THIS! i love this phone.
i miss my razr but i want a bb.
this is perfect! i love it.
any more info on it?

Okay, can someone please help me here? I'm a business user who only occasionally needs to SEND an email from my phone. The rest of the time I use it for a phone and to read/review my emails and check information on the web. Can someone explain to me why this is not the perfect phone for me?

already six days in to the month of February and verizon has released the samsung I'm sure there will be more this month..we can only hope!!!