First image of the BlackBerry A10 leaked!

By Simon Sage on 11 Jul 2013 06:18 pm EDT

The first image of the BlackBerry A10 has been leaked! It's looking an awful lot like the BlackBerry Z10, and it's running OS 10.2. 

We're expecting a 5-inch 1280 x 720 display and a dual-core processor when it lands in the fall. The Aristo has been long-rumored, and though we aren't seeing a ton of surprises here in terms of physical design, it will be mixing in a bit of the BlackBerry Q10 style for the rear, apparently.

What do you guys think? Is the Z10 style good enough for the A10? What would you like to see in an extra-large BlackBerry? 

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First image of the BlackBerry A10 leaked!



It better be Quad Core and 3 gb of ram. It needs to be top of the line in specs even if it isn't needed. BlackBerry it is time to go big or go home!

Posted via me on my Z10

+1 and add a dedicated shutter button and convenience key. To top it off, give us back the real Bridge and announce a replacement PlayBook with upgraded specs to go with the new Bridge. ;)

TH said that the tablet industry isn't something BlackBerry wants to get into, Ipad owns that.

Posted via CB10

By that logic iOS and Android own the "smartphone industry". Consider the market share, at least in North America. As a mobile-first company, BlackBerry should offer a tablet or tablets and have software/hardware for cars as well.

Exactly the tablet market has to be played carefully.
Exiting entirely is not smart imho.for the ecosystem. Esp with this talk of Mobile Computing etc.
Just don't make too many of the damn things.

Obviously Blackberry would love to get into the tablet market, unfortunately they can't compete with the new Android tablets that are being offered. No company would want NOT to get a marketshare of something if they could get it, the problem is that blackberry doesn't have the right product to compete in that sector, and the Playbook is now pretty lame when compared to what's out there now.
Read the financial reports and do the math, Apple used to own the tablet market, now it's being outsold by Android devices such as the Google Nexus. Go figure, a better product for half the price.

Anyone else tired of every post/comment somehow being derailed into a PlayBook conversation???

My family owns 8.. I'm over it.. try and get over it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

This! otherwise the phone will be too outdated as soon as it comes out..Unless they want to sell it as "Z10 with bigger screen". I love BB, but they've been pissing me off lately.

Just as they've been pissing off the investors. I agree and don't understand many of BlackBerry's decisions. It's very difficult to sell "we know our specs don't stack up to our competitors, but our efficient OS makes up for it."

I'm surprised they didn't go for 1080 resolution. There are already a few in the market including HTC One and Galaxy S4. Aristo is supposed to be BB's high end phone, but it's not even stepping up to the plate...

In terms of luring people into buying it, it's not useless.

In terms of using as a core feature to market, it's not useless.

In terms of one upping or matching the competition it's not useless.

Frankly this attitude of 'just good enough' is what is killing them. Go big or go home.

Posted via CB10

Agreed big time! Quad or better 3gig ram. BlackBerry has to bring it this time around. No doubt. I'm not buying I would just keep my Z10 if it's dual core.

Posted via CB10

It's blackberry. Don't expect too much.

I used to believe in them but they kept under delivering. My faith is gone. I like my Z10 but chances are high it will be my last BlackBerry phone. Been with them since mid 2000.

Posted via CB10

Ya my bet is this is just a Z10 with a bigger screen.

I for one am not interested in the slightest to get this to replace my Z10. And I'm the kindoff person who always wants the next best thing. I'd grab a Q10 before that. And before that I'd grab a Google nexus 5 running android 5.0.

Posted via CB10

+1. If specs are like this I'm Switching my z10 to q10 till bbm on ios or android then forget BlackBerry. They better step it up.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!

I totally agree, blackberry have too get big or get loose Samsung is coming with an octo-core, the minimum is a quad-core for the next one

The octacore, isn't really an octacore. Its more like two quad cores. It can run 8 cores at one thing, only 4

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

I'd rather have 2 Krait 400 and 4h of extra battery life than 4 Krait.
Also, the Android VM can only use 1 core, so it would be a waste.
The GPU is much more important.

You're right, from 300 it's quad only. Probably the reason they went with an external GPU then. They're probably still on the S4.

Someone had to say it, Blackberry has to just pull everything they can and make the A10 a beast, other wise BB10 won't be enough if the Hardware it's running on is a whole generation behind.

Posted via CB10

Based on what timeline. It was a beast when it first leaked nearly a year ago. Now it's just meh. They need to bring these to market much quicker or they need go make the components flexible enough in design to upgrade to latest

Posted via CB10

With QNX they don't need Quad core. Most quad core phones don't use all the cores efficiently anyway.

And multiple cores drain the battery very quickly - even if the CPU is inactive (unless you're using the new battery efficient ARM 8 core CPU!).

My guess is they'll issue the phone with 2 cores, and use the 8 core CPU on the next device. Don't suppose they've had time to add the 8 core. Only Samsung is using the new ARM CPU and then only on select international S4 devices.

You're completely right, BUT:

Either they advertise this indisputable fact explicitly or they have to join the specs fight!!

It wouldn't even be hard to advertise this fact...

Posted via CB10

Cores can be turned off if not used.
They're not going 8 cores at the moment. They're only testing the Snapdragon 800 for the immediate future.

Originally they were saying 4 GB of RAM and quad-core processor. I hope it's 4 GB of RAM... there has to be incentive for me to upgrade my z10.

It was in an article somewhere, can't recall. It was obviously pure speculation, but it should be totally feasible considering how cheap memory is.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Z10

Agreed. Though Thorsten said they're not in the spec race, the rest of the world is conducting themselves as though they were and each is being pre-judged based on those numbers. Blackberry, it really is time to step up, or step off. The OS is great...just put it in a device that can really maximize its potential.

Yes we need to match current specs, even one up the competition for a change. How about 4gb of Ram and an OctaCore processor. All these rumors say that BB is having trouble with more than 2 cores.

It doesn't matter if the A10 has Quad core and 3 GB of Ram ! If there are no great Apps, the A10 will be DOA! :(

BlackBerry has the amazing OS10, now is all about specs. they need to bring high specs, not only the screen, they need to bring a super awesome camera, Quad-core, at least 3 GB of RAM, great battery life, a nice and sleek design, and upgrade the internal storage also. it will be helpful to have some gimmicks too.

Give it more ram than the OS can access,
Give it enough mega pixels (but not good opticals) to print a mural-sized picture of a dark-lit bar scene,
Give it 4 cores which most applications won't be able to use properly,
Then let us bitch about the battery life!

This comment FTW... 4GB Ram. don't want to hear the box efficiency jargon anymore, not after the PlayBook oS10 fiasco.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry A10 Spec Sheet - May change before final product is determined.

Qualcomm APQ8064 Krait Quad Core 1.5GHz
136 x 68 x 8.85mm
GSM – Quad band (not specified) – WCDMA – 2100/1900/850-850MHz – LTE – AWS/700/1900/850MHz – EU/APAC – GSM – Quad band (not specified) – WCDMA – 2100/1900/850-850/900MHz – LTE – 1800/2.6GHz/800/900MHz
OCTA Glass OLED 4.65″ – 1280 x 720 – 24 bit Colour – 16:9
Capacitive All Touch
2GB RAM + 16GB Flash – Hot Swappable MicroSD slot 16GB MicroSD card
802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz/5GHz 4G Mobile Hotspot
MicroUSB – MicroHDMI – Wifi Direct – NFC – DLNA – Bluetooth 4.0
Stereo speakers – 4 Microphones – Noise Reduction – Wideband AMR
2800mAh sealed battery with non-removeable door
Footprint 104 x 57.1 x 3.4mm (20H use for Multimedia user)

yea, it depends on which rumours you listen to as to if it's going to be dual or quad core. I agree that Simon should have mentioned that there are reports that it's quad.

Rumored, rumored, rumored.
Get it? And to think that got your panties in a knot..... go to bed.

Posted via CB10

I was just about to bring this up! But seriously...if the A10 is anything less than quad core, it will be a huge disappointment. Maybe if they implement a dual core Intel chip like Lenovo has done dual core would be enough to give the device an appeal, but if not, then it better be at least quad core.

BlackBerry A10 Spec Sheet - May change before final product is determined.

Qualcomm APQ8064 Krait Quad Core 1.5GHz
136 x 68 x 8.85mm
GSM – Quad band (not specified) – WCDMA – 2100/1900/850-850MHz – LTE – AWS/700/1900/850MHz – EU/APAC – GSM – Quad band (not specified) – WCDMA – 2100/1900/850-850/900MHz – LTE – 1800/2.6GHz/800/900MHz
OCTA Glass OLED 4.65″ – 1280 x 720 – 24 bit Colour – 16:9
Capacitive All Touch
2GB RAM + 16GB Flash – Hot Swappable MicroSD slot 16GB MicroSD card
802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4GHz/5GHz 4G Mobile Hotspot
MicroUSB – MicroHDMI – Wifi Direct – NFC – DLNA – Bluetooth 4.0
Stereo speakers – 4 Microphones – Noise Reduction – Wideband AMR
2800mAh sealed battery with non-removeable door
Footprint 104 x 57.1 x 3.4mm (20H use for Multimedia user)

Your Welcome

i didn't like that render, it looked a lot like the GS3, i like the HTC one look a lot better, like a huge z10 but sleeker.

Oh the outrage! Lol relax people, it's probably just a prototype. Remember the Dev alpha? Looked like smaller playbook.

I'm sure the A10 production model will look good.

Posted with CB10 on Z10

The device does NOT NEED Quad cores and 1080p to RUN well.

The device NEED Quad cores and 1080p to SELL well.

Simple (in British Accent)

Posted via CB10

ditto untill i saw the top of the image and it was all on the upper bezel and had a more Q10 like curved back

if its a dual core i doubt i'll be buying it unless its pushing 2+GHz. if not i'll stick with my Z10 as the onyl real benefit will be a bigger battery and larger screen

Step it up, BlackBerry. Otherwise, I"ll stick with my Z10.

My more loyal than a dog Z10/ os PIN PM me(~_*)

Yeah baby much better then the last concept and rumor.. enough with the samsung looks.. this is BlackBerry and Keep Moving

Posted via CB10

+1....i was concerned that it would look too much like a S4....i already have to constantly say about my Z10, "NO! It isn't a *##*ing iPhone!"

Posted via CB10

According to the yahoos @ BGR it was supposed to look a lot like the S4, just bigger & more streamlined.

I like it and I want one. The smooth edge/endless edge on the top is nice. Let's see more pic's please!

thats why they have different models, some people want the large screen as is evidenced by the sales of the note and note 2

Love it! Looks like the great design of the Z, only in a nice 5 inch screen!!

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Z10 but bigger...meh hope the specs are better or this is gonna flop... I love my Z10 size is perfect

Posted via CB10

Yeah... It can't just be the Z10 and bigger. Samsung set themselves apart with their Galaxy Note phablets by offering the Wacom pen.

I think BlackBerry should set themselves apart by offering a phablet with a keyboard.

Just like a Z10. Bigger screen. But still 2GB RAM and 1.5 processor. Prefer the Z10 it fits in my pocket but we'll see. When it's releases

Posted via CB10

Bottom is white but the top is black... a whole new dimension to the BlackBerry Oreo! Kevin, get on this!

Posted via CB10 on my white Z10 & lovin' it!

I'm pretty sure it's gonna have the glass weave in the back, hopefully they can leak a pic of that soon as well

Posted via CB10

Bull shit.

Looking at my Nexus 4 (720p) and then looking at my friends HTC One, I can immediately tell the difference. Both phones are the same screen size, but the difference in 720p vs 1080p is obvious to me, especially when you're used to looking at the same screen.

Probably not.
It's harder to be opinionated if you look at actual facts

Of course it's always fun to watch these people make complete fools of them selves. Take the above poster. "Bull Shit" he says, & then goes to say something that is confirmed in that article he is putting down because of what he THINKS it says & not what it ACTUALLY says lol

I fully agree.

There is no point to have a bigger screen of the resolution (or ppi) is the same as a smaller screen.

My Z10 display is amazingly good, and BlackBerry needs to keep it as good on newer devices, especially so said "flag ship ones"....

Posted via CB10

From what I have read and heard the HTC One doesn't have great battery life trying to support that 1080P. You might be able to tell the difference side by side but in day to day use it seems unnecessary. I'll take the longer battery life.

People said the same thing about the Droid DNA and they were full of it. Has some of the BEST battery life ive seen (up to 16 hrs ).

So that I can view the UI in 1080p on my TV instead of upscaled 720p. Also if it's an AMOLED screen it may be using pentile matrix which would lower the perceived resolution, especially when viewing text.

you don't know what you're talking about, with a shitty AMOLED screen + 5" screen + 720p resolution, I can guarantee you that the only thing you will see on that screen is big pixels, remember my words.

end of the article posted by RubberChicken76...
In the end, whether 1080p is worth it on a smartphone display depends on each individual use case. If you're using it to watch video or scroll through photos on Facebook, it might not matter too much whether you're doing so on a 1080p display. But if you devour e-books on the train ride home or have content that's catered to a 1920×1080 resolution, it may prove worth it. It's also important to keep in mind that all of those added pixels come at a cost. "It takes energy, computer power, and electricity to rescale an image,” says Dr. Soneira. "That uses CPU power and battery power and neither of those [things] are good."
ill take my battery life over some extra pixels my eyes dont even register (229ppi is human eyes max btw as said in article if anyone bothers to ready anymore)

I wont be able to perceive the pixels, and that's the point. There are times that I can perceive the pixels on my z10. Same resolution on a larger screen will just make it worse. And as someone else pointed out. I'd rather have 1080p video on my 1080p tv than 720p.

Yes! A10 needs a FHD screen, better SOC (Snapdragon 800), stereo speakers and better camera to compete!!!!

Last I heard the bottom bezel was going to be a stainless steel finish...could be the light in the pic that makes it looks plastic?

Posted via CB10

Oh yeah looks effing awesome, I forecast this ages ago to much derision from fellow BlackBerry fans.

Well look at me now!!!

I want one bad, gonna give my z10 to my son and get one. I'm gonna walk proud and tall and show off my 5inch screen. I love the big form factor. Good for big or small hands, I see loads of oriental women/girls on my daily commute with Samsung notes so this size is good for all.

Let's get behind it and show some support.

Posted via CB10

I hoped for a better camera 13 mp to at least compete with others, but unfortunately it doesn't have it so bummer :( my Z10 is just right

Posted via CB10

The leaker probably isn't part of the product team and it was just shown to him once during a meeting or something - if they knew the time of this meeting, they could trace him maybe.

development versions of the OS place identifying information about the phone on top of hte GUI at all times. I think some of the 10.2 leaks do this.

The reason is so the can track people breaking the NDA.

I hope specs are not the same as note2 cuz that to me is just playing catch up.. go big or go broke BlackBerry...

Posted via CB10

I totally agree! First the specs for this are disappointing not to mention the design looks plain a bigger design of the Z10. Specs should be at least quad core 1.5 /1.7 GHz, 3 GB of Ram with at 13 mega pixel camera. Stop playing catch up with hardware specs and go with something more impressive. Plus I was hoping the design would be a lot more appealing than what we re seeing. I hope this pic is a fake bec I definitely won't be wanting to get this model.

Posted via CB10

I understand the desire to have higher specs. We need to remember a few things. BlackBerry doesn't own the supply chain like Apple and Samsung (they just aren't big enough to purchase their suppliers of components). This means it would cost more to make the phone and since they are still trying to make a ocome back I do not see an opportunity to be priced over other strongholds in the market. This than means lower margins. They really can't afford that right now especially from a stock price point of view. Although I do not think the stock price means everything - it is not the case for many. If the analysts say a company is doomed even with 3 Billion cash in the bank the gerneral public will think the same and will likely shy away from something that isn't sure to be around in a couple of years. Apple doesn't worry about the spec game and I don't think that BlackBerry should either - the performance and experience just needs to work very well at whatever specs allows for that plus some software upgrades in the future. That being said I would love to see a competitive camera and sharper images on screen.

Well HTC and sony don't own the supply chain either, and yet they already have 1080p screens and the latest snapdragons.

Posted via CB10

Well that s unfortunate for them because these specs arent gonna really win ppl over especially since this is "suppose" to be their high end device. Comparing the A10 to the S4 8 mega pixel camera to 13, 1.5 dual core to 1.7 quad core looks pretty disappointing. If those are the specs at least they can make up for it with a better design to really appeal to ppl. The only thing they have going for them is their new BB 10 OS which is awesome but the hardware is lacking a bit.

Posted via CB10

Nice... I wasn't quite feeling the A, the previous render wasn't doing it for me and I'm still really content with my Z, but damn! Looks really good... I might just go out and cheat on my Z... who knows?

For screen that big, could they make one with a 1080p screen? And with a better camera?

I don't think I'll be buying the A10 because I'm not into the "phablet" phones, but for people who are interested, I hope they get specs that aren't viewed as "outdated" at the time it launches.

If they were to do that, I believe it would have to be 2560 x 1080 in order to keep the same aspect ratio.

The galaxy 3 and 4 are pretty big phones. I love the size of those but worried the A10 might be huge because of the bezel requirements. I'm sure I will still get one though!

Posted via CB10

Looks nice, but it really needs a ridiculously high ppi like the HTC One in order to grab people's attention. If it has lower than the 356ppi of the Z10 people will just laugh at it because it will again be the lowest resolution of the 5" screens. I understand the desire to keep the pixels and resolutions constant to reduce application fragmentation, but seriously, they should just figure out some scaling algorithms and use a higher screen res. In side by side comparos people will say it has lower ppi than the iPhone 5 which is over a year old. What this does is just make things bigger, but it doesn't really fit more on a screen. At least when the Z10 is compared to the HTC One people say that while it doesn't have the crazy high ppi, they still can't see any jagged lines and can't tell the difference. Take the Z10 res and blow it up to 5" and the jagged lines will become noticeable and thus the bad press reviews. Any chance we can influence this? Can we send a vote to BlackBerry?

True, although the OLED seems to be more energy efficient, and Samsung and HTC seem to be able to make 5" and 4.7" screens with high res without causing heat problems. Better yet, the ultimate would be a partnership with HTC making the hardware and BlackBerry supplying 10.2 OS.

Looks like the Z10.... Even if the specs are "slightly" different - why waste the resources on it..... Put it towards a slider or a different style...... Imo

Ha! Who wants a slider! And please don't show me a picture of the blade because that's just bs.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Looks great! Sign me up. I personally love the look of my Z10 and my Q10. I think combining elements of both within the design of the A10 is great. However, the final design style could change between now and release. I like it. Sign me up!

Posted via CB10

That's good, but to compete with the S4, we're going to need more than just size. I hope 10.2 comes with some of the nifty things In the S4.

the space between screen and top of the phone looks a lot smaller than the z10 so it shouldn't be that much bigger than the z10

Just the Z10 in bigger...

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Looks nice, specs are lame. Sorry but having low specs will make it dated once upgrades and add ons or innovations are wanted or needed on the OS. It will be like the situation with PlayBook. Was fine until trying to upgrade to BB10. It may not be needed much mow but will have potential for greatness. How hard would it be to have at least 3 gb of ram, 10-13mp back and 3-5 mp front, 1080p. How hard can that be, damn it????

Posted via CB10

Totally Agree with everything you said. The specs are so lame especially with the camera only being 8 mega pixel! Seriously WTF BlackBerry! Should be at least 12 mp. Heck when apple releases it's iPhone 5s it's gonna have a 15 mp camera. Just hope when the A10 is released it has good battery life with a nice big battery.

Posted via CB10

Funny thing is people will say its a Samsung Look a like. I hopw its no bigger then the S4, or its too big. I like my Z10 size. But a 5" screen would be nice. Wouldn't need a tablet then. Needs SD slot and removeable battery. It does look nice, change bottom to a smooth gloss finish to make it meld.

Although I was hoping for a quad core processor, I think the A10 will be Ok with how BlackBerry has tune the OS. My concern is the battery. Would love to see something in the neighborhood of 3500mah

Posted via CB10

Man dual core it's a real disappointment if this has 2b a flag ship model it needs 2b a octa core really disappointed

Posted via CB10

In really confused, I can only spot one difference which is the black too bezel and bottom white bezel. What are the other differences? Nice phone anyway though

Posted via CB10

Very clean design! BlackBerry looks like it is on the right track. Let's hope it keeps the magnificent keyboard of the Z10.

Yes a heck of a camera and ditch 10.2 make it 10.5 for a better OS experience and quad we need that! Unless we just a joke!

Posted via CB10

It needs to have the back of the z10, make it a true flagship and the q10 won't give that feel to the backside.

Why not out the latest NVidia graphics and i7 in it just to say they did it? Oct acres and quad core in a phone are a waste.

Here are my take on the specs:

1.9 dual core/quad core (not sure)
2GB of RAM
5' Super OLED screen
8mp back camera
2mp front camera
2800mAh battery (removable)
16gig internal memory
Hot swappable SD Card

Will be a nice improvement but not as good as I would have hoped. But none the less I will sell this thing like hell when it comes out

Posted via CB10

Minimum specs. AT MINIMUM SPECS

This thing will get murdered for that rumored ppi. 295 is not acceptable AT ALL for flagship items. I cannot believe they think that good...SMH.

Z10in' since the Beginnin'

100% agree. The z10 was released OUTDATED! This will be even more outdated once it is released, as the specs are far too close to the outdated z10.

Posted via CB10

Is it a dual core or quad core processor? And is it true that it will be AMOLED screen just like the S4?

If its only dual core, ill be sticking with my Z10, and not spending the money to upgrade to something the same.

Posted via CB10

No one thinks that it is weird that if this is a white edition the whole top is black? Instead of framed like in the Z10? it's like a q10 and a z10 duct taped together and made bigger, I will stick with my one handed Z10

Via CB10

If it ain't quad core its already leaps down from sg4 and the rest! Looks exactly to the z 10 might as well call it the z10 + or something!

Posted via CB10

The only thing that would make this phone even appealing to anyone is if the software features some amazing new features that can combat the competition

Posted via CB10

I would so love this phone size but pleas o please beef up the performance. The way BlackBerry prices things peak and flow will not be enough to justify the cost.

Posted via CB10

A10 needs to sell not be questioned and bashed even before it is even released.
If BlackBerry is trashing PlayBook make the A10 the Playbook Part 2
So BlackBerry let's do this right !

So here it goes :
- great battery and I mean great
- quad core
- 3 to 4 Gig RAM
- 32 G internal storage with a expansion to 128G
- All key Apps already installed.
- Wireless HDMI
- A complete and in depth A10 Demo video iconed on the desktop permanently which can be updated with any new features to be explained and the icon cannot be removed only moved on the desktop. The icon will be a permanent help and How to video icon. Hint hint Ala Crackberry !
- all productivity Apps easy to find on BlackBerry World or installed already eg. Evernote, Notes etc..

Keep Moving !

Posted via CB10

I love my Z10 soon much and would love this device as well. The only thing about bigger phones is UT can be difficult to one hand the operation of the device. But, I'm excited!!!!

Posted via CB10

That bezel is ridiculously bad. What the f are they thinking. This thing needs to be sleek. Hope this isn't the final design. And it better have 8 cores. Go big or go home!

I want something positive to say but I unfortunately know how shallow people are and that the specs will make or break this phone. Without them it will not sell well enough to non BlackBerry users. I hope I am wrong but I don't want to get my hopes up

Posted via CB10

Too big. I'll skip it and go for the Z10 replacement. That or the Q10 replacement as I find I really do like the Q10 my friend has.

Posted via CB10

It won't have quad core, it won't have 1080P. Pretty much it's a Z10 with 5inch screen. I do not think they have optimized the code for quad core yet. And adding 1080p amoled screen will increase cost, so my thought is just to keep margins high they will just have same hardware specs as Z10 but with bigger screen.

They're probably testing a new chipset, so it could be a very zippy 5" device, but they've taken the wrong decision to stay with 720p if they want to compete at the higher end of the market.

Hay, the NEW model has 10.2
What about us original Z10 and Q10 owners?
When are we going to get the upgrade?
And, what does it include????

This is old news buddy. Go check in the forums for more infor about the 10.2os. There are a couple of 10.2 leak os already. The official release won't be till sept/oct I believe.

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