First Foxconn built BlackBerry could debut at Mobile World Congress

By Bla1ze on 26 Jan 2014 04:32 am EST

Mobile World Congress is all set to kick off in Barcelona, Spain February 24-27th and while the event has never really been big for BlackBerry, Terry Gou, chairman of Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. otherwise known as Foxconn is creating some buzz for BlackBerry. Gou recently made comments at a Hon Hai charity festival in Taipei that BlackBerry and Foxconn would be debuting their first Foxconn built device at Mobile World Congress.

We are working with them to design a new device, and we will showcase multiple devices at the trade show in Barcelona in February

Gou never mentioned device specifics but as we already know from comments made by BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, that device will be the BlackBerry Jakarta. A low-cost BlackBerry specifically targeted for emerging markets possibly available in March or April. Given that time frame, showing it off during MWC makes sense but Gou noted multiple devices. Maybe he just meant multiple devices built by Foxconn, not necessarily Foxconn built BlackBerry devices. In any case, we'll be on the ground in Barcelona to make sure whatever BlackBerry news happens, gets covered.

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First Foxconn built BlackBerry could debut at Mobile World Congress


Heard that this will be budget phone. Will pass on this one and wait for the second phone that should be high(er) end.

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Hard to believe that a $200 budget phone would create any "buzz" outside of the BlackBerry world. Now if it were a the $100 phone that most of these emerging markets have come to expect as a budget phone....

No name phones? (Ok, disregard the Moto G et .al. ... )

Not a brand that still has some goodwill from the yesteryears and BBM built in. Pretty sure a more than a few people will pick up a branded phone that might bring back good memories in a sea of (landfill) Androids.

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I hope it has at least an hdmi port. That's the only thing preventing me from recording the Q5.

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It would be funny if it had the same look as an iPhone with bb10 inside. Sort of like how amazon copied the playbook and put android in it.

Still I want a another super phone so I can replace my z30. I want a phone the size of a note 3. (I already have a note 2 as well).

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You noticed that too eh. My mom had her Kindle Fire(I believe) on the table, and I said "when did you get the PlayBook ? " lol


The similarities between the Kindle and the Playbook stem from the fact that both BlackBerry and Amazon used the same reference design from Quanta. A big ODM and manufacturing company like Foxconn or Pegatron.

In other words, the Playbook was designed and built mostly by a 3rd party just like the new phones will be. BlackBerry isn't new to outsourcing some of its design and manufacturing.

It should be if priced right and I think this partnership has got this right. Expect uninformed or should I say negative comments on price, materials and it being a BlackBerry device.

As long as it can be appeal on price and build quality, BlackBerry could easily compete with generic Chinese devices.

A lumia 5xx device in the making.

I think a few months back John Chen said it was going to be priced under $150. Therefore, in emerging markets which no carrier subsidiaries, this will be huge!!! Much better than the Q5 which was priced at under $350 which is still high.

Best wishes and nothing but good luck and hope Jakarta makes a big splash in attracting users from other platforms.

I would love it if a couple of those devices would be built by BlackBerry I don't think they will be but I can always hope

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One confirmed from Foxconn for a low end and a built by BlackBerry high end device later on in the year... so far

Now this is exciting news! BlackBerry for life!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

No LTE is already a given and confirmed. For some stuff, like RAM it can't be lower than the Z10..but either way, you're right in saying it's BB's Moto G.

Shows the benefits of partnering with foxxcon. They basically cut their price in half if what was stated months ago of the Jakarta being priced below $150.

Lol! John Chen never said under $150. He said under $200. Kindly prove that you are right and what your source is. Thanks.

Oh a tablet, now there is a nice thought. I would buy it in a flash and dump those junky android tablets I have. Nothing like rebooting half a dozen times a day.

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Tablet would be soo awessommee... also cant wait for a "bigger" Q50 (no sliders pleeaaseee)

Sometimes I just flick, peek and flow for no reason, you gotta admit the feel is awesome and futuristic!


to the seemingly senseless flicking, peeking and flowing, just because it is there, you got it -oh yeah!- and other phones feel so boring

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BlackBerry and tablets don't go well. I bought one on the first day it came out, now it turned rusty. BB should enter into tablet space ONLY if they increase the BB10 user base. They need to work out on Thor's favourite word "mobile computing" and offer something unique from the existing already saturated tablet market. A BB10 slider will be great.

Windows 8.1 pro only way to go on a full touch tablet, screw android. Even the touch Internet Explorer feels like the BlackBerry Browser. What I am missing : press spacebar long to close keyboard same blackberry. Dell Venue 8 Pro is an awesome device for 199 euro in Germany, even office 2013 licence included

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It have to be the Z5 since with an OLED screen and the battery of the Z10. The basics are already there.

The Market has spoken. It is a touchscreen world. Not keyboards at the moment.

BlackBerry is a Follower not a Leader in this market .

Get rid of this slogan 'keep moving ' it is dead as desert carcass.

My slogan below is much better. It's to the point in your face, without the pomposity.
This slogan somes up BlackBerry directly.

BlackBerry...Get it done!!!

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I like "keep moving" better. It's more inspirational. Because after you do get things done, then what? You "keep moving".

and I think its what they've done. They have done so many releases in the last 12 months on hardware, OS updates, and BBM, BES, even software like BlackBerry Express. Lately too is QNX cloud. Much of that is business centric, and shows that they've been moving.

Moving without a plan, direction nor a goal is NOT inspirational. Too much is left open with that slogan and it shows.. BlackBerry didn't know where to move to or where it was going.

They msg
Get it Done
Get 'er Done (as we say in northern Canada, lol)
Or even Font out off tomorrow what you can do today!

Is much more focused and to the point! No room left to what you're trying to say.

Procrastination is the Assassination of Determination!
(that's mine).

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Totally agree with the slogan!!! Infact you shdve copyrighted and sold to BlackBerry.. I really think its apt and perfect

Sometimes I just flick, peek and flow for no reason, you gotta admit the feel is awesome and futuristic!

I agree. Get it done seems to have appeal limited to business users, and at the same time invites comparisons to the redneck git 'er done.

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well if it is a keyboard centric world, then why did they(typo) just release a keyboard adapter for the Iphone? yes touchscreens dominate, but there are people that still want keyboards. By your analogy Iphone's are followers in the market as well, since Android is the dominate OS these days. as for your "slogan" it is to close to Larry the cable guy's and he would probably sue Blackberry.

my advice to you is stick to your day job

"Keep Moving" slogan for a MOBILE communication company.

Also, don't change slogan every other year...a great slogan should be kept in order to stay in the public's mind. Ex. "Good to the last drop"...everyone knows is Maxwell House.

Michelin in my opinion should NOT have changed their slogan from "Because so much is ridng on your tires" (the best) to its current "A better way forward"(mediocre).

I wouldn't change BlackBerry's excellent slogan for many years.

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I really hope the new device is well received with the media. I bought a z30 two days ago and the device has brought me back to the BlackBerry World.

Sent from my z30 with

Very curious how this one will end up. Low-cost handsets aimed at the right markets could be a powerful play!

I bet it's going to be an awesome looking phone. Foxconn has every reason to make this something special.

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With this low end and cheap phone, BB10 will outsale BBOS. BlackBerry still is a brand name in the emerging markets. People prefer to buy a BlackBerry, even outdated, instead of those no name Chinese phones " ready to get broken".

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Except that allot of those "no name" Chinese companies are rapidly establishing themselves globally as "brand name" companies. ZTE, Huawei, Oppo, and Meizu to name just a few. Then there's mega players like Lenovo who are getting ready to take their smartphones global.

You are funny!!! With your £60, you'll get a BBOS7 in the underground market over here, BlackBerry is still hot.

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Where are you from? Would be great to see / make sure that there are local apps for your market. That's another evening up of the playing field. Many emerging markets don't care about 1 million apps (with 1900 flashlight apps, and other crap), they want to have software for their region.

In order for people not to associate BlackBerry of old with the BlackBerry of new.

There has to be a revamped campaign using you tube etc.

Guerilla tactics are needed, not conventional marketing. Superbowl commercials are expensive.

All Car motor Shows QNX should promote there, at all Apple and Samsung stores promote BBM.

Go to the Colleges promoting BBM and BB10 , use marketing and communication students for getting first hand experience.

This will have an ready made customer base.

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The sweet spot is between $150 and $200. The BlackBerry name and bb10 package (Hub, BBM, etc) should command a$50-80 premium over local or whitebox android with the same specs. The next BBM update for android and iOS (Feb) looks like it will have voice calls and channels, but not everything yet (e.g. videochat). I think that's smart because then the BlackBerry Jakarta can also be marketed as 'having full BBM'...


They can't really sell it for more than that as the Z10 is retailing for $230 and Chen said that it would be under $200, I'm looking forward to buy it.

Does make you wonder. By the time it's released, the Z10 will most likely also be under $200. Hmmmm I can see another conflict of hardware about to happen!!!!

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Even if the Z10 could be retailing for the same price by the time Jakarta is released it will still be a more expensive phone to produce for BlackBerry. The manufacturing and distribution process with Jakarta is a longer term solution than just dumping written down Z10s on the market.

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Exactly. BB wont want to drive sales of non-profitable phones that were built with the expectation that they would take off. They need to focus on phones that they can make money on, or be less of a loss leader, in order to get the volumes back up.

I really hope that the new phone can start to replace the BBOS sales, and drive up the number of BB10 users. I wonder if these regions also like BBOS because of BIS, and the reduction in data use (and thus cost)?

Thing is.... there is still shed loads of Z10,s. somehow some way they do have to be sold. It makes even less sense to sit on them because it will conflict with cheaper hardware. That write down has to be reduced.

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Can't speak for any other country but here in Venezuela people doesn't really know anything about BIS except that without it they don't have BBM.

Maybe not bud...... but at any time a company in your country may need bis and bes as a network solution sometime. better to have it then not:-)

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Watch a report on youtube by goodEreader on mobile maleware..... you will be glad you chose blackberry and not android lol

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We're talking BIS, hence regular consumer, they don't care nor know what BIS is, anyway this market is dead and most people use feature phones.

BB10 is BES-capable I don't get your point.

In the UK it's a different market.Most blackberries on bb10 are bis. I know lots of people who don't bother with bes for work as the security is so good anyway. Feature phones here are very dead indeed. Different services for different markets

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And right about now the Crackberry team is arm wrestling to see who gets to go lol

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I hope it's all touch with a great built quality. It must have excellent battery life and responsive. At least 2 gigs of ram for apps plus 8 gigs for storage along with a micro SD slot (if possible). At least a 1.3 ghz dual core processor .
It may be a more affordable model but it must perform . Just don't make another "Curve " with a crappy rubber body that flakes off and leaves the button contacts exposed!! YUCK!!!
Almost forgot, give it a removable battery.

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I'm a bit worried about the Foxconn Deal. There are more important things than the price, and I always felt well with BlackBerry because they are built in countries where Human rights and economic behaviour are known - and now there's Foxconn. Clearly a step back in my opinion. The "Fair phone " is a big deal, but it's equipped with Android?!? So, this is a real reason to buy a BlackBerry - fair working conditions and a independent and secure operating system.

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Apple uses Foxconn too, people doesn't care if their phones are made by 8 year old chinese kids, also this device will run BlackBerry10 not Android if that's what you meant.

Foxconn is building manufacturing plants in Indonesia and Mexico to assemble these devices. So, the China working conditions will not apply moving forward.

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Costs buddy. BlackBerry does not have competitive advantage due to ethics. They need to jump on board with a low cost supplier as they've done. The market has not rewarded their "ethics" in the past.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

I think it's gonna have same specs as Q5. Maybe without NFC and maybe with a worst battery but that's it imo. Lower specs do not make sense because people would buy the Z10 instead for a 100 bucks more. Better specs do not make sense either becuase it would be the faster BlackBerry10 device after the Z30.

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Hoping sales of the Jakarta (if that is indeed the code name of the model we're referring to) are stellar. They need to be, for material and symbolic reasons. Apart from that, I have no interest in this device. For an adult Westerner, a low-end feature phone is pretty unsexy. BlackBerry needs to sell one like crazy, and I hope they do, but I'm looking forward to the next BB smartphone more.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

Pls ditch 5/8mpx... even it doesn't make sense to put a better cam than z30... just do it!

Since 2010 

So now we see what Foxconn can do for BB,I,m pretty sure that BB will be pleased with what is coming ,after all ,this will be the first phone and it better be good ,or else everyone on the street will now be jumping with joy that BB can't make any headway going forward.BB hopped in bed with Fox for a reason ,now it's time for Foxconn to deliver, and I am sure they will.It has to be good or else we can say Bye Bye to BB's emerging markets plan.

The key is to get people talking about and buying BB10 devices again, outside of its customer base.

A competitive device at the budget end could do it.

Just get the marketing right with 'real time ' use.

BlackBerry...Get it done

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The only reason windows phones have been making progress is the lumia 501 which is the lowest end phone in their line up. The 501 sells more than the rest of their line up combined.

Jakarta will be that phone for BlackBerry. Even if BlackBerry doesnt make money from it, at least they will grow in market share.

If they grow in market share then 3rd party app development will quicken.

This is a very important phone and strategy for BlackBerry devices.

Z30, Q10, Z10, iP5, SGS3

Yup. But <insert some witty comment about the U.S. being the center of the Universe>

(Sorry, it's early on a Sunday. Brain not *really* working for something witty.)

Totally agree, the Jakarta has to be a winner, and I believe it will be, the OS is a winner.

Z30 on in Canada

How can BlackBerry sell its phones if T mobile here in Long island new York does not have for display. If you want a cell phone you order it and they send it to you over the mail, we need our new CEO to do something about it, I always ask can I see a BlackBerry they say we don't have those kind it makes me so Mad

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While I do feel for your situation, this article is about a low end phone that if you don't want to order it from overseas you had better hope it lands on a value brand carrier in Canada because it isn't going to launch in the USA.

This phone is aimed at developing markets in South East Asia, India, Africa, South America etc. It won't ever show up at your local T-Mobile shop.

In fact, you may have to order your BlackBerry's online for your next couple of upgrades as BlackBerry isn't going to focus on the US consumer market right now.

But, Mr Chen has already stated what he believes about the mobile phone market being like Hollywood movie production. All it takes is one hit to be back on top. That's when he will reevaluate the company's position on the developed world consumer market and work with carrier partners to get that product back on shelves. But even then, you may have to hear about the cool new BlackBerry phone that's out from your non USA based friends or read a review here on CrackBerry before you see it at your local T-Mobile in Long Island

I think the new Jakarta will be competitive, since it's Foxconn's baby and they know how to make cost effective devices. Foxconn is not a small company, since they are taking most of the risk don't think they will produce a phone that will flop! I think they will want to make a lot of money on this phone. Also it helps Blackberry in this case because it eliminates disastrous write downs of the past from the equation. If this phone takes off i think you will see BBRY stock go past $15.

Not Could Mobile World Congress, but better show. This would give BBRY a great opportunity.

I would like to see a whole new different blackberry category. Not a Z or Q series. Something different. I'm sure the device has to be small to cut costs. I kinda miss small phones like the pearl

This Foxconn produced phone could be the first step toward, maybe producing other BB phones in the future if things go well, for this model. The Jakarta Phone is virtually no risk for Blackberry and would not really impact Foxconn's bottom line that much if it flops. However since Foxconn is such a hugh company i don't think they are in this to fail, because a successful launch will leave the door open for them to take on more designs from Blackberry.

Made in Canada quality please like Canada Goose pround to bring " Made in Canada " to the world. Premium and luxury cellphone should be made in our country!!!"

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Also if Jakarta is successful and the build quality is good, People who purchase the low end phones will eventually transition to higher end phones, and that is where the payoff will come for BB since they will build up brand loyalty with the Jakarta phone if build quality is good.

What I find amazing is the time frames involved from John Chen's appointment to a new partner unveiling new "devices" in Feb. That in the midst of significant internal changes at BlackBerry suggest that things are firing on all cylinders at BlackBerry.

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You DO realize that this was being worked on by Heins for months prior to Chen's appointment, right? Chen just signed off the final approval.

 Here is the cost for an iPhone built by Foxconn, it kind of gives you an idea of what not to expect. I do see that the cellular radio is very expensive and BlackBerry builds their own radios now, so that would be an area to save some cost. Don't expect a nice display or camera.

iPhone 5 Manufacturing Cost Estimates
Flash Memory & RAM
Display & Touchscreen  $44.00
Processor  $17.50
Sensors  $6.50
Cameras  $18.00
Cellular Radio  $34.00
Wireless Radio $5.00 
Battery  $4.50
Power Management $8.50
Mechanical Parts  $33.00
Packaging  $7.00
Production $8.00
Licensing Fees $20.00
Total Cost  $226.85


 iPhone 5 Manufacturing and Operating Cost Estimates
Manufacturing Total  $226.85
Research & Development $18.85
Software & Administrative $42.33
Total Cost  $288.03+


When did BlackBerry start making their own cellular radios?

They bought Paratek to make a better cellular antenna and improve reception in low signal strength areas, but BlackBerry doesn't make radios or any other silicon in house.

I'm a little sad that BlackBerry went with Foxconn. I was proud of the fact that blackberry stayed out of Asia for construction of their phones. Keeps the money in the America's. Also, with all the negative worker-slave press that Foxconn gets, I'm sad that the name is now associated with BlackBerry. That being said, it sounds like only phonwill be getting any blackberries over here in USA with notes for help from Chinese slave workers hidden in the box like tyco had happen over Christmas.

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You might want to do some research on Jabil Circuit and Quanta Computer - the two companies that made BB devices prior to Foxconn. If you think there were no Asian components or construction, you are fooling yourself.

I hope BlackBerry makes another flagship touch screen model. Because it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to buy a AT&T compatible Z30 anytime soon :(

Posted Via AT&T BlackBerry Z10

I find a few things intriguing in Foxconn comments " Showcase multiple devices" New BB phones and maybe Foxconn own branded phone running BB10, In 2013 Foxconn launch their or Tv' lineup and mansion their would do the same in Smartphone, And/Or does "multiple device" means Dummy tablets for mobile computing and/or tablets running BB10 OS?

If BlackBerry keeps the price down it should be a big seller in certain countries. I don't like to call it cheap, it's marketable for consumer and hitting the proper price point for them is very important. They can't mess this up sub $150 with decent features would be great.

From my z30

Ps I don't see Mr. Chen going that tablet route anytime soon. They need to get their ish in order first.

From my z30

We need an under $200 handset in the US too, something in the $160 or so range that Cricket was selling the Curve at. Something for the Cricket/Boost/Virgin types.

Those customers may not be the privileged upper class businessmen with money to p*** away on $500 handsets and $100/mo plans, but it's a sale and it gets the OS into customer's hands.

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A BlackBerry burner phone?

I know that carrier pricing changes with geography - deliberately to make price comparisons difficult. But in the Great White North, one can get a Z10 without additional cost on a two year plan ($50/month). Doesn't that meet your criterion?

Posted via CB10

No. You cannot compare the price of a contract phone (of which up to $450 of the contract money is used to pay back the phone subsidy) to an off-contract phone that is sold outright. In African and most Asian countries, there is no subsidy, so only off-contract prices apply.

For *my* purposes, I could get the Z10 for free, with a new contract on Verizon, so yes and no.

The kinds of people that use Cricket, Virgin, or other MVNOs here may have bad credit or other reasons

Posted via CB10

Other reasons that they cannot qualify for a contract plan. It would be nice to have some BlackBerry option even for the low income set.

Posted via CB10

Is it even possible that nothing has leaked yet!? Because as it stands, no one has the slightest clue as to what we can expect. Though for some reason, I'm actually hoping it stays that way until release :)

Posted via CB10...

As long as north American models are made in North America, I'll stick with Blackberry. I don't want a Foxconn device.

Posted via CB10

Well it was nice having your support. Enjoy your Android phone likely made in Asia by a big evil ODM like Foxconn. Or your iPhone, also made in Asia by either Foxconn or Pegatron. Or your Windows Phone, also made in Asia by Compal.

Is Foxcon buiding a new appstore as well? Because there is really nothing wrong with the current Blackberry 10 phones, both High end and low end. Making new hardware is not the solution, getting a more up to date app store is. As of today, just to mention three, Bank of America, TDAmeritrade, and Uber apps are missing. Android side loads are not a viable option because they end up being slow and out of date.

Promise one device and deliver two or more, sounds like a possible "under promise and over deliver" situation, this is exciting. Also loving the all black booth in the picture.

Z30 on in Canada

Looking forward to 2014. BlackBerry is claiming the respect they deserve by doing big things.

Aka S.Jizzle Z30STA100-5/

BlackBerry....Lets go to work

I like your thinking deptech 'under promise and over deliver.'

For too long BlackBerry has been doing the opposite.

No more ' coming soon ' nonsense give a specific date internally and three weeks later externally to iron out any errors.

That will be plenty of time to polish the OS and the hardware.

I'm sure Mr Chen is thinking along those lines. This enables greater efficiency and gets the devices in people's hands.

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I've owned alot of high end phones,I currently own the Note 2 and the BlackBerry Z30, and the Z30 is IMO the best, coolest and most incredibly fantastic feeling phone I've ever owned, it's solid, heavy but not too heavy...just right. If BlackBerry comes back with something with along the same lines, alittle bigger, with more powerful specs, they will be the best phone on the my opinion.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Wait, Foxconn? The same ones that make iphones and are always in the news for their abuse of human rights? BlackBerry is really going to associate themselves with that?

Posted via CB10

doesn't seem to make a difference for AAPL. Let's just hope they release the devices on time otherwise they're going to have to reinforce that anti-suicide netting around the building

Excuse me guys, MWC is in Barcelona, Catalonia: Next state in Europe. Not in Spain. You should begin to get used to that change. ;-)

Posted from my C=64

U$200 is too high for emerging markets like my country, sorry but it has to be between U$120 and U$150, a Nokia Lumia is more or less at U$100, and for people who makes U$300 per month, that is a lot of money. I was forgetting abouy the Huawei (Chinese devices), those phones with Android 4.1 and 4.2 and very good functionalities are like U$150 unlocked.

Low Cost BB10 ... will it be priced lower than a discounted Z10 ? will it be specced better than a Z10 ?

When it has Dual SIM it will be a winner, can not understand BlackBerry not build devices with Dual SIM. They would sell same warme Semmel (don't know in english)

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