First Foxconn-built BlackBerry is codenamed "Jakarta" - possibly out in April

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Dec 2013 08:17 am EST

That's the word from BlackBerry CEO John Chen on this morning's BlackBerry earnings call.

Codenamed "Jakarta", it's said to be a low-cost BlackBerry that will feature 3G, is based on BB10 and will target Indonesia first. He pointed to March and more likely April as the launch timeframe.

So much for no forward looking statements on earnings calls. I like this guy! Leak it before CrackBerry does. Smart. :)

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First Foxconn-built BlackBerry is codenamed "Jakarta" - possibly out in April


Kevin replace Mr Heins pic under arm chair ceo in the forums with this articles pic of John Chen, thanks :)

Well....not really. Motorola for years has farmed out phone design and assembly to companies like Compal or Flextronics, and that got them nowhere in terms of market share. Hopefully these BB devices will be dirt cheap so they can move lots of units.

Awesome indeed. But let's hope its actually low cost unlike the Q5 which is not. And it better come out in the US or at least let te US customers order them online or something. Actually low cost I say!

Stock up 3 percent. Strange! I predicted they would take a beating if they didn't meet expectations.

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low-cost usually BlackBerry OS 7. since BBOS still pretty popular here and enterprises here still using BES instead of BES10 due to various reasons.

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"Codenamed "Jakarta", it's said to be a low-cost BlackBerry that will feature 3G, is based on BB10 and will target Indonesia first."

Don't you think that Foxconn knows what they are doing? Do you think they wouldn't have done a feasibility study prior to embarking on this project?

my head is pounding while reading all the news.
I hope this will mark bb10 hype among indonesians next year!
*gotta start promote "no battery pulls necessary" from now

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By seeing Foxconn currently built their manufacture plant in Indonesia, I don't think it's an legacy OS, since 9720 is the latest OS 7 device.

yeah, I (admit) did speed read last 4 news on crackberry. lol

lesson learned.
J series then?

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Hopefully its not going to be J series. I can hear the haters now BlackBerry makes a cheap device and J stands for junk.

Meh. There's a derogatory word that starts with pretty much every letter.

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Phones are usually A year and 1/2 between design and development and release on a carrier . How is this phone going to do all of that in three months?

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I guess it's the Z5 in a modified version that never saw the light.

See, there were initially 6 devices announced for 2013, as far as I am aware.
Fill in the gaps: *Z5*, Z10, Z30 / Q5, Q10, *Q30*.

John Chen talks "very high end devices", one is missing and I know I want it.. Wooohooo!

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

"Q30" was never said to be the 6th device it was the "T10" which was supposedly a tablet peripheral. Q30 wasn't talked about until Chen took over office.

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Thanks for filling in my gaps and the info about the T10, but how could Q10 have "moved to mid-tier", if there was nothing in the pipeline?

Not trying to be a smartie, just curious and open for correction. I value new info more than "being right". Appreciated! :-)

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This morning Chen said he held the device in his hand and it was running BB10.
So it's pretty far along in terms of R&D, design, specs, parts. Foxconn will need to negotiate and source the parts and train the people on the assembly lines, and fulfil the supply chain. BlackBerry will need to engage the carriers, tweak the OS, and market the device. It's quite realistic that it will launch on time and then be available within a couple of weeks after launch with Foxconn's help.

Jakarta? no hope for indonesia market. Since bbm went cross platform, teens prefer to buy android instead of BB. maybe another story if next BB integrated with playstore.

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They only preferred Android phones because they were cheaper. Foxconn will produce cheaper phones.

BlackBerry craze is still there in Indonesia. The problem is a lot of people are not aware of BB10 phones. I would blame it on the pathetic marketing. Teens these days are buying Android phones cause its affordable and has ALL APPS but they still love the BlackBerry brand. If BB can't sell phones in Indonesia then they can forget selling phones altogether.

That is so very true. BB10 was quite successful here in Indonesia. The Z10 were sold out in many stores when it first launched here.
But then... BBM going cross platformed have made a substantial amount of users switched to Android due to the lower priced phones and apps.
The apps are catching up, so there's hope that Jakarta (if being priced right) will be quite successful. I do hope it will be priced as low (if not lower) than the Lumia 520.

Apple has been pretty strict with deadlines and Foxconn has delivered well for them for years now. If they bring the same to the table with BlackBerry (and of course assuming BB meets its own software deadlines), then BlackBerry's famous "Coming Soon" might start meaning something.

This sounds like the end of high-end phones in other markets. I'm also wary about how much BB10 innovation there will be if it's only going to be used in these low-end phones. I'm extremely happy with my Z30, but I'm more convinced this will be the last BB device in mature markets.

No it will not be the end of BB "highend" devices. Did you listen to Earnings Call this morning? If NO, go and listen to it.

Yes, I did. Please direct me to any quotes that discussed the future of new, high end BB10 devices. Thanks.

15:12. "The device group is gonna continue to build out best of class technology in software, aswell as some very high end phones, and our designers are already working on that. So this will give us more pipeline of te phones, going foward, with minimum exposure as I said, for finanicial."
This gives me hope for the future
Please release a Z50!

I guess that he read the open letter that Brian Blair sent him

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BlackBerry has always designed the phones, very few are actually made by 'BlackBerry'... most of the manufacturing is outsourced. ;)

Waterloo builds when more supply is required and also builds development devices. Generally they are made in Mexico...

Are you eluding to last hardware made by BBRY. If so, Im okay with the last hardware by BBRY. In reality, what's inside really counts.

Think about it....

The iPhone and Galaxy are nice looking devices, but you don't really see that because one may have a case on it. I know they're are gold iPhones out there, but I've yet to actually see one in public use. I know its an iPhone but dont know if its gold. long as I can get the BBRY QNX OS experience, I'm okay.

I'm happy for this news, but would hope for a Feb - March release not just launch, oh well I believe in #BlackBerryChen

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Wow! I'm surprised Chen recognizes the importance of Indonesian market right away. But many people swtiched to Android already..

For lack of a better option, ...

I am convinced a lot of Indonesiens will be happy to wield a competitive Berry again and dump the "landfill droids" (pardon the pun).

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* Indonesians

(installed second language auto-correct got me there)

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

If the price is right, BlackBerry could still make a return and i hope they could. BB10 and affordable, way to go!

Ok chechen, where is our high end phones?
We Americans demand more even if we can't afforr

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It wud be like a low budget BB10 fone running 10.2.1.XXXX out of the box...with all the advantages of downloading androids apps easily...seems legit! win-win situation..sales wud be good for sure..indonesia is a right place for the start..

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Where are the people who said no more hardware would be made and were so dead set that none was being made despite proof?

BlackBerry Z30 | | BBM Channel C0006E212

You can't base your entire business on Indonesia. Seems like they are the only country that wants a BB device... BB7 device that is...

Something along the lines of the Moto G doesn't sound all that bad to be fair. Considering how well the hardware runs Android it should have no problems with bb10 ~ the same as the s4 z10 and even better than the OMAP z10.

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Take a back seat Zs and Qs, the next few years will be the Js. And the Js shall be the budget phones to flood the market and bring home the bacon for the next few years and then the Zs and Qs will rise once more .... just my 2 cents ....

Hope I can buy a couple as gifts for my friends and relatives (BBM, yeah) and they are available somehow in the developed world (Europe, Australia, ...)

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Some are still on flippin ' flip-phones, gotta get them off those...

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Yet, you are holding a blackberry device which is probably manufactured, assembled in Mexico where the average annual income is lower than China.

the average salary for Mexican workers was $2.10 per hour in 2011, up 19 percent from $1.72 in 2001. By comparison, the average wage in China swelled during those years to $1.63 per hour in 2011 from 35 cents per hour in 2001.

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Not sure where you get your numbers from.
As per January 2013
China hourly minimum wage : $1.19 anual income of $2,472
Mexico hourly minimum wage: $0.58 anual income of $1,454

Before you make statements like above. Have a look where all the components inside your blackberry come from.

i just hope low end Jakarta will not be so low end in performance that it wont be able to compete with similarly priced androids...i'd prefer low end BB that sits at the top of the performance table when compared to androids of similar pricing

Brilliant moves,Chen. With more than 5m users in Indonesia (most legacy devices), Blackberry needs to release cheaper BB10 device to push them to switch their legacy device to BB10 device. It should be $150 - $200 to compete with local / Chinese ICS / Jelly bean Android devices with BBM app pre-loaded on them.

It will be great if the price for the first release are around $150 - $200, I'm sure the legacy users will trade their devices. It will makes a competition with Lumia 520/620 which have been sell quite well.

It will be key to know what they consider a low cost phone. At this time the Q5 and even the magnificent Z10 are basically entry level devices and could wind up selling for almost nothing already. Not sure how a 3G phone could be cheaper than almost nothing but my guess is $50 off contract. I think 3G based phones will just hurt the brand so please keep them out of the US and other developed markets or else people will continue to think of BlackBerry as junk devices.

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I guess you don't understand the importance of emerging market like Indonesia which still highly sensitive with price.

In Indonesia, Q5 are $350-400 & Z10 $400-450 off contract and it still considered as high priced for those legacy device users,

Nokia Lumia 520/620/720 are 3G, and not exactly junk devices. Also, Samsung is still selling $150 3G Gingerbreads here in Australia, and these are definitely junk (landfill Android) . 3G won't be too much of an issue in my opinion.

I had the choice, either up to 1GB 4G data per day, or unlimited 3G/HSDPA+, so I went for 3G. Might change, depending on how my usage pattern and the market evolve.

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So sad. I'm waiting for a high/mid tier phone less than 5" to upgrade from my z10. I love my phone but 8 months already with it. TOO MUCH

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I saw an article just yesterday where the author was pushing for blackberry to target low-end in emerging markets. Interesting that Chen announced today.

I agree...they need people to adopt the platform. Numbers talk. Customers aren't investing only in a phone, or even a platform. They are investing in the ecosystem and that is where Blackberry currently falls short.

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I really like Chen, straight up to the point, and appears honest. Not like the smoke and mirrors of TH. I'm certainly not hoping on the "Chen will be the savior of this company bandwagon" like many were with TH, but he has a solid, down to earth approach and I can't wait to see what else he has up his sleave. However, at this point he is still in a interim position. So hopefully he is around long enough to make this company turn. It's great to see some positive news over the last 3 days.

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I agree, like the guy, but will give it some time before I join the premature-ridiculous love fest going on here.

24 months ago 14.2m BB devices sold, and the sky was falling. 1.1m BB10 sold this quarter and orgasms all around....

Yes, ameteur hour is over regarding the CEO and his recent hires, it seems. BOD was done playing around, they finally decided to bring in the Yanks to save the day, of course.

Disappointing to hear that. I'm against Foxconn policy in their treatment of their employees. One of the reasons why I don't support Apple and Samsung.

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What we need is Blackberry build the server here in Indonesia, or anything to make better and faster services. Blackberry mostly use for business conversation by small business enterpreneur (through BBM). Business market is Blackberry strongest, so please focused on that servises

Well in my point of view this is a little too late. Most bb users in Indonesia was "loyal" to blackberry brand because of BBM. Now that BBM is out on iOS and android, blackberry prices have been dropping significantly. Blackberry Z10 now can be had brand new, unlocked, and unsubsidized for less than $300. More than half the price since it has been released here last March. No blackberry handsets before in Indonesia's market history has been "price-corrected" that low in just 9 months after the official launch. Usually the price only corrected 15-25% tops within a year after release. So now if this new codenamed Jakarta handset released (with a supposedly lower spec than z10) with a price tag of more than $300 unsubsidized, then bb can just forget about it. So i guess we'll see

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Chen does have a realistic plan that investors connect with - it's as simple as that. It sure remains to be seen how things will pan out in the real sense, but I'm liking it so far!

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The thing i also see is that it is a a good start of having third party to build the device and running our OS. A licensing model to go. I am so happy to see this movement :-)

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This is great news!!!! It may put to rest some of the rumors of them no longer releasing new hardware!

So, with this Jakarta 'C' class touch phone being launched possibly in April, what do us in the East get? I am presuming that we will see a new phone, as that is a looong time in the world of mobile.

This is a licensing agreement so no cost to Blackberry. Blackberry gets a margin (license fee) from each phone sold. No cost to Blackberry. Great deal. I am glad that I did not sell my shares. I might break even yet!

Come on guys! Don't you see the writing on the wall?

BlackBerry is doomed...and Chen is only the next millionnaire to be in a list of CEOs to take control for a time.

Its Nortel all over again.....Number one IN THE WORLD then a bunch of saviors all jumping ship with a golden parachute until the stock is worth close to nothing then bankrupcy and one major shareolder that gets away with the "tought to value but very valuable" portfolio of parents while all the reste swallow's the big pill.

My guess....Fairfax will be the Lucky winner this time.

Don't get me wrong....I still believe bb10 to be THE Best os on the marketing right now.

As Nortel was years ahead of Its competition when it falled but, as long as the stock market will be a playground for nerds thinking they will be part of the Lucky,the few,the crème de la crème of finance while the one percent continues to play muppets with them...great compagnies will disapear for good in the hands of the real experts.

Elop took over a company with 68% market dominance of the mobile undisputed reputation for building undestroyable phones, an OS perfectly adaptable to smart phones and stable as a rock and turned it into a loosing proposition within a year...scrapped the os...and turned it into a Microsoft division.
Now...he might become the next Microsoft boss....

I wonder how much he was personnally worth before taking over Nokia....and how much he is worth now. My guess is......probably more than T.H. wich is not bad...not bad at all.

Is that Foxconn version just another Q5 but down played? Oh well, it'll be interesting to see! :)

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Jakarta is Kopi,because Kopi is coffee in Indonesia but foxconn is cheaper so they chance the name in Jakarta.

Will be a cheap phone for indonesia and India.

They just chancel it because mexico/canda is more expensive to produce.