First Ever BlackBerry PlayBook App Released! Get the CrackBerry Launcher for your BlackBerry PlayBook today!

By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Oct 2010 10:32 am EDT

Somebody has to be first, right? I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise then to see the first third party app to be released for the BlackBerry PlayBook be a CrackBerry Launcher app! While it's still an early build and only a few people in the world actually have BlackBerry PlayBooks right now to use it on, our friends at ShaoSoft got playing with the newly released BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK and BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator and have made this one available for download.

For more screencaps and download instructions (should you actually have a BlackBerry PlayBook), jump over to the forum thread at the link below. With the SDK available with plenty of time still leading up to the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook, keep in mind the app will only get prettier and more feature-packed by the time you get your hands on a PlayBook of your own.

More Info and Download the CrackBerry Launcher for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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First Ever BlackBerry PlayBook App Released! Get the CrackBerry Launcher for your BlackBerry PlayBook today!


I think he said developers would be "eligible" for a free Playbook. Wasn't quite sure whether they would be entered into a drawing, or what. Or, it's quite possible that I didn't hear him correctly.

At any rate, I DEFINITELY think Crackberry should get an early prototype. Who could be better advertisement and draw more attention and anticipation for the Playbook's arrival than CB!?!

I cannot wait until the Playbook is released. But I do want RIM to take their time to perfect it.

Never thought they would be this far along, considering
what they had to show at devcon a few short weeks ago.

Looks like the Q1 2011 launch is reasonable.

Anyone else notice RIM stock price is up 10% over the past
2 days?

I know this was just rushed so it can be the first, but something tells me a lot of Playbook apps will look as rushed as this.

Like Steve Jobs....You can just feel the pent up desire out there to crap on the Playbook. I hope RIM pulls it off, the early video is looking good.

I'm sorry for all those people who's lives will be shattered when they wake up and find apple doesn't make the coolest product out there. That is if the media reports it correctly, which is a slim possibility.

I've switched to Win 7 on my iMac. It' simply a better product, but you never hear that.

Not to rain on your parade or anything, but I don't really see the point in having a CB launcher "app". I mean, isn't this what Balsillie was talking about when he said that most apps are useless, or are just bookmarks to websites? Now that we can have an "uncompromised web experience" on the PlayBook, I see no use in "launcher" type apps anymore.

Having said that, I still think all the main guys at CB should get free PlayBooks. Of all the work you guys do to promote BB, it's the least they could do!!

I thought that you had to develop the app with Adobe AIR and get accepted into App world. Not just any app...

In my humble opinion Kevin SHOULD get a free Playbook. As the founder of the website that bring THE MOST "foot traffic" TO R.I.M (even droid-fan boys) once it does come out.

Kevin, ship me your Playbook for a couple of days so I can try the new app launcher. I promise to spend a few days or even weeks testing your new app ;) I'll pay for shipping both ways even with extra insurance :)

This is the way it should be. Let's hope this is the 'New' RIM and this is the perfect way to start off. Keep it coming and let me know when/where to pre-order!!!

I just added the CB app, Hello World app, and an app that I am working on in my PlayBook simulator, and it is awesome. The switching between the apps looks nice and it is very intuitive. Here I come free PlayBook.

ok from what i saw in the video yesterday the PlayBook is Full HTML compatible, so why is crackberry launch app launch it in mobile version of the site. you might want to change that.