First Device-On Photo of the BlackBerry 9630

Niagara On
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Mar 2009 02:46 pm EDT

OK... So while the interwebs debates whether those photos of the BlackBerry 9900 are legit or photoshopped, here's some more undeniably real photos of the BlackBerry "Niagara" 9630. Another photo after the jump.

This is the first photo we have seen of the Niagara with the device turned on. Cool!

Niagara On

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First Device-On Photo of the BlackBerry 9630


I hope that it doesn't have wifi. I also hope they don't choose wifi over GPS for Sprint's version. Wifi just seems like a waste to me. Isn't that why I have a mobile network? I mean, I know wifi is faster, but come on...
I use my GPS on my 8330 all the time, and I would not buy the 9630 from Sprint if they include wifi and leave out GPS.

You've got to be kidding! Wi-fi is the opposite of a waste. It's MUCH faster and MUCH easier on your battery life than 3G, and it's nice to be able to have reliable data even in buildings where cell coverage is lousy. Why would you hope a phone comes without a feature? If you don't use the features it comes with, wouldn't it be easier to turn them off until you might need them than hope for a less capable phone?

And the latest BBs have both WiFi and GPS... you're probably not going to have to choose one over the other. The 8900 doesn't have 3G, but the Bold and Storm are quad band. I don't think this phone is set to be a step backwards. Time will tell though I guess.

it doesn't have a BT icon because it is probably disabled. If youd disable BT on the Storm or Curve, there is no more icon. Do you even own a BlackBerry qtstang462002??? Jeepers...

I believe that, judging by the obvious wink at the end of his statement, they were mocking the person talking about Wifi. I believe the question for you is Why do you care?

I will second the he was making a joke. So is it not 3G because it has 1X and 1XEV. You can't tell from a photo what it has for a hardware.

Looking at the port layout, Otterbox is gonna have their hands full trying to make a Defender case for this thing!

Otherwise, it looks Sexy...

Just copy the image location and change it to "niagraon2.jpg"

It's only another shot of the back of the device. No carrier logo or anything.

The --30 at the end of the model denotes Verizon. All the BB models that Verizon Wireless sells is 8130 (Pearl) 9530 (Storm) 8330 (Curve) 8830 (World)......just an FYI.

You can see inside the phone? I don't see much of anything that indicates what it does or doesn't have on the phone. I see the GPS logo. I don't see a BT logo though so it must not have BT either huh?

God I hope this comes out for Verizon & soon or I'm going to throw my Storm against the wall and start screaming. Any more details about release dates or providers? Thanks!

Yeah, you have to pay full price, because you already upgraded. Unless you wanna wait [enter how many more months until eligiable for New Every 2], you have to pay full price. Unless you're eligible. But since you have the Storm, I doubt it.


I will see your storm-against-the-wall throw and raise you a tennis-raquet-smash-off-the-james-river-bridge.

Is the trackball actually atomic this time?? Hopefully they won't leave it out like they did on the 8900..

This is looking very sexy way better than that 9900 or whatever. If I didnt love my storm so much I would have def got this but oh well there is always the 2nd geb storm....

everything the bold has +

bold keys, javelin size with nice material and finish

1.2ghz processor

1GB ram (for apps)

8gb internal memory + micro sd card

8 mp cam with auto focus and better lens + 720p video rec

2 mp front video conference cam

hd screen rez

FLASH support

ok ok ... a netbook in the form of a phone

Kevin--the time on the picture is 2 minutes before the post went up. Saturday, March 14th, 2:44pm... It's your phone, isn't it?

Nice rug, dude!

I sure wish the person who took the photo would take another at a different angle so i could actually see what it's going to look like....

This is not the CDMA Niagara. The one displayed here is CDMA/GSM and is factory unlocked. The features of this one might be different from that of the actual released 9630 for Verizon/Sprint/Bell/Telus. Don't get all hung up on the features displayed on the phone, as it WILL be different for the version you see available for your CDMA providers in the USA.

This is DEFINITELY the CDMA version. It is a world phone, so it has CDMA and GSM, just like the 8830. The GSM frequencies are usually the European frequencies, although this one might include the north american frequencies.

Matt , just curious how can you tell that it is the GSM/CDMA? I got pretty excited when I looked in the upper right hand corner and saw the 1X denotion of CDMA network. I just hope eventually it turns around and says something like EVDO or 1XEV lol

I talked to the seller on the phone, asked him about the phone. He said it was factory unlocked for any CDMA/GSM provider, and that you can toggle between them at your convenience.

I have an explanation for why the "wifi" doesn't work. The pictures of the phone you see displayed, with it turned on, probably have the phone set to be "CDMA", so you see a 1x for data. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wifi has never been applied to a CDMA BlackBerry, so that might be why it isn;t displayed in the photo.

Now, if you toggle to GSM, you probably would see 3G in the upper corner, along with wifi, if this phone actually has it. I forgot to ask him that :(

My understanding of this is that it is not only the replacement for the Curve but also for the 8800 which means that it will be a "world phone" edition capable of both CDMA and GSM.

I don't think Verizon currently offers Wifi on "any" of their phones, so I wouldn't get too crazy thinking that this phone suddenly will change all of that.

VZW does offer wifi on quite a few of their phones. I bought my phone (Windows Mobile Device) from them and it has wifi. I also have a data plan.

will it fit in your pocket like the curve? please provide measurements of the curve vs. Niagara.

If you go on the forums you can find the dimensions of the Niagara. They compare it to the Curve 8900, Bold, and I think Storm.

verizon will never have a wifi blackberry!!! Why do we see CDMA blackberry and ask if it has wifi of course it does not.

...for a free upgrade from VZW in May... hopefully this will be released in time for me to upgrade from my faithful, yet old, Pearl!

AMEN same here, just hope so NEW person fresh off the street doesn't get mine!! HAHAHA vs us loyal customers 1st love my pearl, but its time to get a bigger toy. funny thing is man the VZW ppl try and sell the STORM likes its the best thing out there and I have to hold my tongue everytime im in the store.

Look at the date and time on the device and the time this was posted....make me think the original poster has the device???

Nah, original poster doesn't have the device. Probably just didn;t set the time. That ebay pictures were uploaded a few hours earlier.

OMG I can't wait. I am loving my Storm but since I started my crackberry addiction with the Curve, I sorely miss the keyboard. It's unfortuate that I will have to sacrifice the large screen though. But then again I understand. Can't have the huge Storm screen and include a keyboard all in one device. The phone would end up being about 12 inches tall! LOL!

So is it me, or do both the 9630, and the 9900, look much like the Bold 9000??

On both the 9630 and the 9900 (for everyone who calls BS, let's just say it's going to be for real eventually), I do like the fact that the 4-navigation buttons (Send/BB/Back/Hangup) are THINNER than the Bold.

How are they so different??

This is the ugliest piece of ish I have ever seen. They should have just released their own version of the Curve 8900, so it would have EVDO, Wifi and GPS. A CDMA bold would also be a waste - it would be too big, have wifi, gps, but only a 2megapixel camera, and only have smaller resolution screen than the curve 8900.

I was at the Verizon Store last week talking to one of the Service Rep's and i had mentioned that i wished they (Verizon) would soon get the Bold or the new Curve and he told me they WERE getting the Bold some time in May. So maybe this is what he meant to say? Coincidence?? Hmmm....

This is defianetly a sharp phone. Verizon will be releasing this phone in the 2nd Qtr. May like a few other people have reported.


This looks like it has a sure press touch screen like the storm, and i heard that only verizon and vodafone had rights to use it on a phone or somethin like that so if thats true i think it will be for verizon.

^^ that link looks like the renderings used for the only "demo" of new phones before they come out. I think I read someone post somewhere that said when they have those demo sites up an running, it means the phone is coming out shortly (duh?). like another poster here, i like my storm a lot but also came from a curve and do miss the keyboard at times, so i'm greatly looking forward to the release of this little guy to compare.

I am thinking this won't have wifi either. Doesn't wifi-enabled Blackberrys have the wifi symbol on the battery cover? This one clearly does not it just has the standard "Qualcomm 3g CDMA" that all previous non-wifi blackberrys have had. What is with all the light leakage, there is leakage between every row of keys not to mention the gaps around the screen just like the storm. My 8330 is going to be in for the long haul because unless they tighten the quality up by release time (as evidence on the Storm and Bold that they won't) you'd be a fool to spend big bucks on this subpar build quality device. Way to go RIM. They are making Apple and Android devices look more appealing.

Well either way, I've held out for this phone over the Storm (not a big touch person). But lets go ppl, I got more apps to get and places to go! My poor pearl is maxed out! Told my VZW person at the store to please call when its in and put mine on a shelf in the back room with my name on it! So I dont have to wait for the second batch to come in. :P

I admire the phone but it has a crapy design. The Bold aand the Javelin 8900 designs are much better. The Niagra design needs to be more sleek and elegant.

I admire the phone but it has a crapy design. The Bold aand the Javelin 8900 designs are much better. The Niagra design needs to be more sleek and elegant.