Horribly Awesome Demo: BlackBerry Messenger in BlackBerry 10

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Sep 2012 07:44 pm EDT

As we mentioned in our BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B hands-on, one of the native apps that has received a proper BlackBerry 10 overhaul is good 'ole BBM.

If you're curious to see how it looks and works in action, check out the video above where Adam and Bla1ze put it to the test. It's not our cleanest demo video of all times (maybe one of our worst?! we get a bit silly...) but it still gets across some of the awesome new features that have been introduced. We're especially happy with the changes made to BBM Groups, which now utilize's the homescreen's Active Frame concept within the app to surface Group content like Pictures. 

And as a special bonus, if you make it to the end of the video you can see Adam do some dancing Gangnam style. Enjoy the show :)


Michelle Haag

Hahah awesome. Horrible demo makes us feel like we're in the room too. :P

Kevin Michaluk

Yep. By horrible demo we of course mean *horribly awesome* demo. :)

Michelle Haag

Still waiting for the full Gangnam Style video...


Yeah, like I didn't already feel bad ENOUGH missing Jam Americas...

The focus shifting in and out gave me a migraine, but it was totally WORTH IT!! lol


LOL. This is the days of our lives! TeamCrackberry enjoying BBJAM!



This is so unfair, kmt. You guys get to tease us while we sit here salivating at our screens waiting for more.


Demo looks good. Dev B looks really fast. How about rebooting them eh? :D

Good to see some real world action at least from the Crackberry crew


What about the BBM Video Chat? I did not see that make the vid. Thank you for sharing!


Nothing horrible about it. I'm one of the few that don't use BBM a lot, but with this new approach I'm gonna be bashing the phone all day. Can't wait. Looks frigging awesome, good job guys.


What does the invite a contact screen look like now that it is using BBID? How does someone add you to BBM now, is it using your BBID email or something else?


yes can we confirm if there is a pin involved or if it is just BBID? Would love to have one BBM contact list that stays consistent with the playbook and my other BB10 phones (since I'm getting both touch and keyboard). Want to keep my conversations going from one device to the next without people guessing which one I am using


It can go by PIN or BBID, email. Just as it is now really.


Okay, if you use your PIN, will it still keep everything synced with your BBID?


As far as I know.. I'll follow up when things get a little slower. Sorry I don't know off hand right now.


lol! Adam wow!! i thought you were a serious man.


I want to be there! It looks like a lot of fun.
I absolutely LOVE the instant PING button!!!
This phone is going to sell 80 million units the first month!


Awesome Demo! Wish the phone had the BB logo instead of the 3 dots and the 2 convenience keys from the 9700.


PING Button ROCKS!!!!


Hey Blaze do a video demo of BBM video


Such a Horrible video

Michelle Haag

...the title didn't give that away? :P


Wow this is great and painful @ the same time smh I want my BlackBerry 10 L series now super hyped right now

Zodiac BB10


That was amazing and nauseating at the same time :) Adam's dance was impeccable though.


Who gave Kevin the video camera? : )


im LOVING the new bbm.

it seems to much more...interactive!


the flow is so easy to pick up... no getting lost or anyting... sweet.


That is the best flow and BBM video ever. Horribly awesome, I just like it allot. However if I was the guy operating the camera, nothing would be missed or out of focus. Lol




BB 9780 white os 6

BB Playbook 32gb os


Up to now I was profoundly convinced to purchase only a BB10-device with physical keyboard... But after valuation of the shown qualities of the "full-touch" device I´m not sure anymore... I´m very nosy for a BB10-physical-keyboard-device and its design! But one thing I know irrevocable- I will marry BB10! :-) RIM rules!


I was thinking along the same lines. My wife's phone is due for an upgrade anytime (I can't til summer 2013..crap) and she wants the full touch screen version. I was going to try the keyboard on hers when available to determine which one to get. With the demos I have seen so far I am leaning more toward the full touch version as well.


Looks awesome! Did you see a option for video call in BBM?


No video call yet but I hope it is added in the future.


I am curious to know if the maximum members of the BBM Group has been increased


I'm sure BBM video is there (being blocked of course) and will work the same as video chat on the PlayBook which essentially uses your BBID. RIM has to hold something back, they can't just give us everything now. I really want to see more surprises closer to launch date anyways!

Great to see you boys having so much fun! Adam.....lmao! Great moves!


My goodness, I've never seen anything so horrible and awesome at the same time!


Man! I'm really feeling the "screen real estate" size!


Good to see Bla1ze stylin' there :)


The best demo so far!!

Why's January so far away?!?!?!


Hmm...I am hoping there is a way to silence the keyboard keys.


Read my updates and review at texcitement.blogspot.in/2012/09/blackberry-10-ready-for-january-2013.html


Quick question for anyone in the know. Will the UI automatically shift from landscape to portrait when the phone 's orientation is changed? I would assume so, however, watching the video above, at the end of the video, the phone was tilted to show the camera the active frames one last time, but the UI didn't switch accordingly from portrait to landscape.


I thought Gangnam was blocked on BB10.


can we make a blackberry as big as galaxy note 2? Those bbm features are so good to see in that size, else make my Playbook run a bbm group chat as well.


I've got awful motion sickness from all the movement and zooming in that vid. However it was worth it to see Adam do the dance! HAHA!

I'd like to see Adam do that dance, if not a dance, on every video podcast from now on.