First BlackBerry retail store opens in China

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jul 2010 09:35 am EDT

It was announced today that RIM has opened their first retail store in China. There are only a handful of BlackBerry retail stores and this move hopes to bring BlackBerry back into the mainstream there since the devices have been mostly been sold through third-party distributors for the last few years. The BlackBerry store should bring a better consumer experience and help sales increase. The only devices currently available are the newly released Curve 8910 as well as the Curve 8310 which will both operate on the China Mobile network, but there is no mention if more devices will follow. There are also plans to open more retail stores in China sometime in the future.

Via: CIO

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First BlackBerry retail store opens in China


Wow. I just came here to write the same thing.

King of Prussia has the 2nd largest mall in the country. (Some say largest) Can we please get a store somewhere here? Granite Run (lol) even.

Putting a store in the granite run mall would be like putting a store in the tri-state mall but k.o.p. Should get one that mall is absolutely massive.

I'd love to see a Blackberry retail store that would carry all things from RIM. From official accessories, cases and of course devices.

Even if they started off as regional, I bet they'd pull in tons of money. They could have techs there who could take apart the device, replace the screen or whatever needed to be fixed. Also, why not provide custom housings in different colors that can be changed without voiding the warranty?

I personally don't like going to my carrier because reps are only interested in sales and not so much repairs/exchanges.

Blackberry is Canadian ^_^ and I think we have a whole bunch scattered throughout our gigantic country :P

Congrats China!

Whatever, it's a good news that RIM determined to come to China and I hope more and more latest BlackBerry devices will be introduced to China. Many people here as well as I love BlackBerry.
By the way, the photo above is Shanghai, my hometown.

Yeah, you remind me of that store. One of my friends in Beijing told me something about the BlackBerry retail store there...

Beijing is not as pretty thoguh. LOL! :)

They opened a retail store for two devices?

(kidding... i get it.)

I beleive this would be great, if they would sell any BlackBerry there of your choice and be able to unlock it free of charge. So you could use it with any carrier.

There are actually 4 blackberry stores in the United states. There are 2 at the Atlanta airport, one in the Philadelphia airport, and a stand alone location in Faminton Hills, Mi. They have the devices from the four major service providers as well as all the authentic blackberry accessories. The guys in the Atlanta location are really knowledgable on their products.

What we need is BIS out here not retail Shops.....We good with third party shops selling the BB's, Bring the frigging BIS