First BBX powered BlackBerry phone will support BES, makes use of BlackBerry PlayBook's screen resolution

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By Bla1ze on 9 Nov 2011 07:41 pm EST

For a while now, we've been hearing plenty of rumors surrounding what the BBX platform will and will not bring to the table for BlackBerry users. Rumors had suggested that BIS/BES weren't going to work at all on the devices but those rumors have now come to a halt thanks to a recent interview with Alec Saunders. RIM’s vice president of Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development where he managed to confirm a few details about BBX and the first device it will run on.

The 'BlackBerry Colt' -- has long been suggested as the first BBX device that will land on the market and the information surrounding that device has always led to it basically being a smaller version of the BlackBerry PlayBook, one with an all touch UI running what at the time was referred to as QNX now it's noted to also have the same screen resolution as well. Meaning, you'll be looking at a 16:9 aspect ratio with a 1024x600-pixel resolution as confirmed by Alec Saunders

Rumors are still aplenty for the device that really has no expected ETA, just rumored time frames and while we don't doubt some of the rumors of the past were true -- especially those about RIM having a hard time getting things to work -- it now appears as though RIM has managed to figure it all out. So with that said, hopefully -- they really are fast tracking the development so that users can get this new OS in their hands as soon as possible.

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First BBX powered BlackBerry phone will support BES, makes use of BlackBerry PlayBook's screen resolution


That's not so good.. An all touch blackberry for next year.. I don't know about that I still would love to have a keyboard and a touchscreen and a keyboard.. But have to see how this new blackberry will look like when it is released

I agree. They better get both of the other form factors (Torch slider and Bold) out quickly in a BBX device.

It's been said by countless others, but it bears repeating: If I wanted an all-touch device, I'd just get an iPhone.

I did soldier through my Storm contract so it should be no biggie, that said I still need my slider. Physical qwerty and more screen real estate is just a winner.

even if they only ditched the trackpad, I am gone. The only reason that's really keeping me here is how the trackpad and keyboard make everything so quick. Screw with that and you are just inferior underperforming phone with last year specs and close to no apps together with a higher monthly fee and less reliability.

Goodbye RIM, you just nailed your own bloody coffin.

I'm finding it funny that so many people are upset about this. I have no doubt that they will release numerous phones both with and without keyboards. A touch screen first makes sense simply based on the software design and mainly because BlackBerry has lost a ton of business to Iphones and Droids. If you look it up you'll see all the top selling phones are touch screens. So why wouln't make sense for BlackBerry to go after the market that has been taking away from their sales? I actually can't wait for it. I used to have an Iphone, but I was sick and tired of the crappy service and poor battery life. I got a Bold 9700. I stayed with the same service provider (AT&T). My service was 10 times better on my Bold 9700. Places where my Iphone was dead, my 9700 had service. My texts and emails always sent (my Iphone could have full service yet sometimes texts and emails wouldn't send) and the battery lasted 3 times as long, BUT I missed the big screen, updated technology and great web browser on my Iphone. I've been saying for the last 2 years that I wished BlackBerry would come out with their own version of an Iphone so I could have the best of both. The Colt finally seems like what I've been waiting for, but they're not stupid, I'm sure keyboard versions featuring BBX are already (probably in the early stages) of development. I just hope this comes out soon because my 9700 is starting to have serious issues and I don't know how much longer I can be patient and wait for this phone to come out, especially being an AT&T customer. They're always last (for reasons I understand, but still get frustrated by it)

"RIM" and "fast tracking" are probably two phrases that are best not used in the same sentence, paragraph or article.

"Fast tracking" means just as it sounds. What it DOES NOT mean is that everything will be working flawlessly. See RIM's list of "fast tracked devices"
1. Storm1
2. Storm2
3. Torch1
4. PlayBook

Let's hope they don't 'fast track' this one. Wait for it... Like they did the 9900... Then we'll have something worth waiting for.

Another useless phone to be released by RIM who is just trying to copy the competition instead of innovating in order to cater for its faithful customers.
We want keyboards and full device encryption, not a touchscreen and some half-assed crypto solution like the competition.

I totally agree. I'm all for Blackberry competitive with the tiny tv's of iphone and android but I really hope they don't forget us keyboard fans. Give us a torch/bold hybrid with all the fixins, unleash the TAT and include all the nuts and sweets of old an you have my money going into the next generation.

You should know RIM WILL be offering those services. The keyboards will come later. Right now. They want to get a full touch phone out because BBX will be based on a touchscreen user interface. So it would make sense to tout a full touch first. Then the slider and keyboard will follow.

RIM knows they're known for keyboards. They WILL release those after this.

thank you. The most logical response so far in the comments section.

In the meanwhile, I promise to adore my one week old bold 9900 =) until the bbx phones come out.

I don't think RIM will want to *** around with the Keyboard BB fans. They are here for the keyboards, and the ones that you don't wanna disappoint.
Full touch as 1st gen BBX device not only give em time to iron out bugs, but to ensure it works before it rolls out the keyboard BBX.

nothing has been released and you're criticizing a rumour?pathetic.
RIM will come out with a qwerty keyboard but the touchscreen will be the first BBX phone the aim is to get back all those defectors.

Its gonna be a long year+ of criticisms. An all-touch BBX, IMO, would doom BlackBerry.

No one outside of even considers BB when thinking of an all-touch. Local us cellular store told me he sells 1 9850 a week.

RIM will die a slow death trying to grab shares of markets already dominated. They have no business continuing try and compete in all-touch and tablet markets.

I have a 9850, but openly purchased it to see what an all-touch phone is like. My Carrier doesn't have 9930 yet and I'm dying to get out of this device. I'm not alonem and people purchasing out of curiosity will not increase profits.

The crypto kernel for the Playbook OS has already been FIPS approved and it has all of the encryption that the existing BBOS phones do now. If they release the BBX phone with same kernel it will be just as secure as the OS7 devices, even more because they are not FIPS approved yet (but probably will be by the time BBX phones are delivered).

I already feel burnt by the broken promises with the playbook. Not only am I waiting for this fantom upgrade 2.0 but also 7.1 for the 9930 getting rid of all the issues coming up. Right now more than coming out with a phone they need to regain their costumer's trust and it will not happen with some apps. It will take coming out with devices that has kept the Blackberry brand known as a durable phone. I'm waiting with alot of hope but unfortunately RIM has done very little to keep me at the edge of my seat lately.

I'm right there with you. At this point - 2.0 for my Playbook and a video store would get me excited but now that's 3 months out.

I agre with you whole heartedly. As far as I'm concerned, this phone is nothing but vaporware and is just another in a long line of promises and talking that RIM excels at. Would be nice if they, just once, actually delivered on what they talked about.

I want to be positive and I love my Playbook but the delays make me feel like all the BBX talk is about vaporware. Until I see a working phone and a release date it's just doesn't feel like there is anything real to get excited about.

My contract is up next spring - I really hope there is a BBX phone for me to buy!

"...hopefully -- they really are fast tracking the development so that users can get this new OS in their hands as soon as possible."

No. Hopefully they take enough time to release a finished and ready product.

It's amazing that people push to get products fast tracked and rushed out the door. Then when they get the product, they complain that it's not finished, not ready etc... Wake up!!

I, like many< hope they do not fasttrack anything. As a BB fan I want the Quality and Security that I have come to expect with my BB's. I would rather wait another year to make sure they get it right, and if the first BBX phone will be a full touch screen, I will be waiting anyway.I tried using my wifes DInc a week ago to reply to a text for could have put that on americas funniest home videos. Keep up the good work ML&JB.

Finally a positive comment on ML. Despite all the transitional challenges this guy is "Da Man!".

He delivered the best phone for me. The Bold 9930 and despite all the valid frustration with the Playbook I love mine and I'm glad I've been enjoying it since day one (and thanks to Bridge, saving about $50.00 per month). I want the new goodies too but I just focus on all it can do right now and it is still pretty awesome.

Having said that, fast track nothing and launch completely ready products.

My wife is still on her Evo but I think this will be her next phone. Yup, day one for me (actually her). Whenever that is. I just don't see myself without a physical keyboard again. Fortunately, BBX is not replacing OS7 but an additional product.

I totally agree with you. I love my PlayBook too. I would love to have additional features--don't get me wrong--but it does everything I would want it to do, and more, in its current state. I , too, save about $50 a month since I got my PB. I was able to cancel my home Internet. That's one less bill to worry about.

it is scary how web os and qnx are. I was playing with my daughter's old palm qnd notest the gestures are quite identical.....scary

I just hope they update the PlayBook as well and Launch a PlayBook 2 (updated specs and with LTE maybe?) around the same time they launch OS 2.0...

Pft i like many others have yet to see Rim deliver on any of their recent promises. For a company the prides themselves on " professionalism & reliability " rim sure has been sitting on their a$$ as of late. They should address the needs/problems as they appear and stop announcing things until the final product has been made..... (

Is this the same Alec Saunders who didn't know what he was talking about a few weeks ago?

Why would he be any different today?

If they are going to do an 'all touch' phone. I just hope then BBX runs on the 9900. Seems a waste having put back a great keyboard on it (which is the great thing about Blackberry) to then go down the 'all touch' only route!

BBX is made for dual core devices (as was stated prior). None of the current devices will get full BBX. They will be lucky to see any features of it.

Does the playbook not have a microphone? It sure would be great to be able to answer your phone when you get the caller ID message. Like a bluetooth speakerphone. There are many times I am walking around my house but have my phone in another room, you get the caller id notice, but can't do much about it. C'mon RIMM... Make this happen. BTW Finally got my 9900 from AT&T. Absolutely love it. It think it will take my mind off PB 2.0 until February. Awesome phone!

since this mystical Blackberry will have an all touch interface, they could use a Bold-like design but get rid of the call/end, menu and back buttons and increase the screen size while keeping the keyboard for typing. However, if you ask me, we will not see a BBX device early next year; all this is what RIM would like to eventually have as features on their phones, it is not what they are working on. It's like me saying that someday I'd like to own a Ferrari...

Is this going to be a phone or some useless "Playbook" type of thing? At the predicted size it will have to come with a backpack rather than a pouch. If it is actually not a phone you might still need your "old-style" BB to bridge it. Can someone please explain to me what the benefits of all this are? For me it is a relief to learn that given all this nonsense I will keep using my BB 9900 for the next 10 years if there still is BB and RIM by then...

16:9 screen ratio is an inferior screen aspect ratio, it's too long (devices does not balance well in your hands), and it's too narrow on the short side.

Try reading an A4 document on 16:9 screen, and you'll see what I mean--either the A4 document print is too small, magnify the print and the A4 cannot fit onto the 16:9 screen.
An inferior document viewing experience.

Especially for BlackBerry BBX that at least claims some of its function it's for work.

Not having to support the legacy Java based BlackBerry OS apps will certainly accelerate the BBX platform through to a Q1 release. I think having to support the legacy stuff was the big hold up. Now they don't have that worry. Trouble is, they also don't have apps!

I like the new PlayBook apps I'm seeing, so RIM needs to push the PlayBook out to more users. I like the Staples price of $199 but $299 everywhere should get those babies in the hands of the general population. It is a rather simple philosophy. DevCon folks already have two PlayBooks, since they've been to two DevCons, but they probably also have a few iPads and Android tablets too. The average user doesn't have the opportunity to play with the PlayBook. $299 would be quite welcome over the holidays!!! Go RIM go!

Well, I'll say this, I love my 9900, but it would have been true love if they didn't take out the AF camera. It would have been complete! I think the 9900 is everything except for that miss, which I know we all think the same on. It just bares repeating. A new BBX phone? Yeah ok great. I've got everything I (need) out of my 9900, some of you ask for more and (better) so I'm curious, wtf is your BB missing? The 9900 would have been a 10/10 in my own opinion if the camera was there!! That's really it. I don't know wtf else I could use here. Very pleased business and personal user on mine.

It will come out, but I think its kind of unreasonable to expect a qwerty version right off the bat. It sounds like the nice big screen will be easy to type on too, it works for crApple right? As for people chomping at the bit to get on in their hands, I think we all know RIM moves at a slow pace and all the "Better come out soon" stuff is useless. Also, if you want a qwerty phone just get the 99XX, with the right OS it really is a fantastic phone.

The point is that if it doesn't support hardware keyboard, then it's not ready. In many places in the world, iMessage or whatsapp will get you more contacts than BBM. BBM is not a selling point anymore. BlackBerry's only selling point is security and keyboard. Removing keyboard for an easy Playbook os port is exactly identical to removing native mail/calendar and launching the product before it is ready. I would much rather they rip off the design of Dell Venue Pro with a trackpad than to launch something without hardware keyboard.

Well if the new BBX phone surfs as well as the PlayBook , I'm sold . Plus phone , BBM , email and security ! It's all over ! . . I had the 8330 until the 9850 came out and now , I would embrace a new all touchscreen phone . Also , there's no way RIM would release all keyboardless phones because if anything , they certainly know their base users preferences . So I don't think there's anything to worry about . Thank you and Goodnight . . . Be sure to tip your waitresses . . .

Let's see:
Mobile Flash - Dead, so site owners will probably stop having flash sites
Business User - No keyboard, good luck typing on a touch screen (and RIM will once again remake their Storm speech, saying how they have a superior virtual keyboard/touch screen until everyone stop buying their stuff)
Hardware - Come on, we all know where this is heading
Software - Android player that *may* play certain apps only, Playbook's *ahem* large collection of apps, but not many old BlackBerry apps

So basically, for Playbook owners, you will be buying a second Playbook with no hardware improvement. For pure BlackBerry owners, you will be paying to have existing functions like keyboard and apps inaccessible. Smart move RIM!

I realized that my thumbs are way to big for an all touchscreen phone. Which makes me sad cause I was hoping that the Colt would be a bigger screen version of the Bold 9900 with QNX operating system and new BBX with more memory and even more battery life than ever before.

Anyone that believes this IS a SUCKER!! They definitely DON'T know if they can get BES to work with QNX. They can name it whatever they want! In the end, they can't guarantee that RIM services will ever be compatible & that's reality!! This is just another promise they're destined to break!