First official look at the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport

By Bla1ze on 19 Jun 2014 10:50 am EDT

And there we have that! The first official look at the BlackBerry Classic and the BlackBerry Passport alongside the BlackBerry Z3. John Chen has spent a lot of time talking about the BlackBerry Passport device during the annual meeting and describing expectations for it and noting it will come in two colors, black and white, and there will be a rich ecosystem of accessories to go along with it. John never spent much time talking about the Classic but it's just as worthy and to me, looks fantastic. Much like a traditional Bold with BlackBerry 10. Thoughts? Sound off. Also check the pic of BlackBerry CEO John Chen holding the Passport below via David Friend.

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First official look at the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport



I love the look of the passport. The outside bezel on the sides make it look gorgeous

Posted via my STILL NEW Zed30

yeah man ... definitely picking this up as a personal device.

Z30 rocking now as primary and only.
Q10 purchasing used for backup - nastalgia
Passport ... if specs live up to its design (speakers, voice quality of the Z30 and speed) yeah I'll be buying this full retail in September!

Previously I thought this would be a niche device ... not anymore!

Nailed it.
I'm in the exact same boat. Wanting that Z30, but that Passport is looking soooo nice right about now.

Same, I think BlackBerry is moving backwards from a styling sense with the "Classic ".

The Passport on the other hand is intriguing.

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Classic looks nice. This would have been a better BB10 release qwerty phone because it would make the transition easier to a no-toolbelt phone. Don't know what to think of the passport. Will have to see it in person to make judgements.

The device shown earlier is the actual device but it looks ugly only in pics :

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I will get both the passport and the classic.....saving up now!!!!! long live blackberry

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Hmm, the passport seems like it can grow on me, not a classic fan, don't need the tool belt.

It does look wierd, but it'll definitely stand out among the crowd of iPhone & Samsung users! I like a device that is IMMEDIATELY recognizable and NOT what the masses carries! :-)

If it has the right specs, I'll pick one up to play with. Probably won't replace my Z30, but I'll give it a spin!

really guys? it looks just like those leaked pics we saw a while back that everyone was hating...this looks just like it...kinda ugly to me. maybe rounded corners would make it look a bit better

On Ann's BlackBerry channel there is a mockup of a passport. Personally I find that design more appealing.

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i liked it for the beginning because it was different but before it just looked like a slab of square like plastic.

This mock up looks better because of the chrome on the side and you can see the slight horizontal bend at the top of the phone (it's not straight)

It just looks like a more polished version of the other mock ups

Kinda ugly? Major ugly!

Try typing one handed and with the short bezel on the bottom good luck finding a stable way to hold it while typing.

Classic is that. I want state of the art, not a tired worn out dated look to it.

I can't wait to say " I told you so" during the holidays.

They will sell even more legacy phones now.

Using a BlackBerry Z10! The "UnDroid"!

I agree that it's an ugly device.

But when typing on a hardware keyboard, you never need to touch the bottom bezel to type...

Your fingers rest on the keys when typing on a hard keyboard, do you have a QWERTY BlackBerry?

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Well, I agree that typing one handed on a phone with small bezel below keyboard is painful!
I noticed that only after few months with old nokia(really old, not even Qwerty or touch) and it is annoying. However, I think that Passport will not be such a pain, because it looks like it is impossible to type and hold it one-handed.

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I agree that it was that long ago most CB users proclaimed the Classic to be a stupid idea. Now, many more seem to love it. What gives?

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I wonder how this BlackBerry Passport will be supported in terms of apps. It has a very different resolution and pixel density than other devices. Will Android apps cater for that, assuming native apps will dwindle?

To my knowledge there are no 1:1 ratio Android devices, so based on that on can infer...

i'd assume the apps that work on the Q10 will work on both the classic and passport being they are a 1 to 1 ratio. the icons on the passport just look slightly bigger.

A lot of Android apps are made to resize automatically independently of aspect ratio and resolution. That's why they work in Q10/Q5, and pretty much any Android phone, be it low or high-end. It will probably be the same here.

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People who saw it at the London BB Experience said it looks much sweeter live than in the pics. :)

Usually the way it works out, people hate devices based on early leaked pics and their opinion improves greatly once they see good quality pics and get to use one in person.

Where's the alt and shift key? Where's the numpad? I'm not sold on the Passport, How big of an upgrade would it be switching from the Q10 to the Classic? I never had any of the legacy BB so I don't know what I'm missing with the "tool belt" but think I might just hold out and save up for the next porsche design :\

You swipe on the keyboard for shift and alt symbols...supposedly. It sounds kinda clunky but will have to wait for demo and real world use to see

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Oh yeah I remember reading about that now, I would definitely need to play around with that first. Hopefully a carrier in the US has it out on display brings back the memories! Obama had the same during his first election(hey! It felt amazing to have same phone as US president:D) , and it happened to be mine first BlackBerry, I have it even today in my closet, completely functional, except ball is clunky from dirt.

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they're in FY15 "NOW" (Q1) ... because BBRY operates 1 year ahead vs. the calendar in their fiscal accounting. You should expect these devices to start rolling out between September and December 2014.

Yes, Chen has announced that the BlackBerry Passport will be officially launched at an event in London scheduled for September 2014.

Posted using my BlackBerry Z30.

Can't wait to finally replace my curve with the classic for work. Hopefully they will bring a lot of bring a lot of the productive features from the legacy OS with it. If BlackBerry can have option to limit the amount of animation going on or at least turn some off in BB10 that'd be great.

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I know how you feel! I wish I had the option of turning the COLOR off on my 70" TV. What a waste of electricity making all those different colors, when B&W is good enough.


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I am guessing that you guys got this from BlackBerry firsthanded?? Hence the comment about 'watching websites for leaks' from JC?!

Not happy with the way the Classic has turned out with BB10 UI. Will need hands on videos to make a decision. Still looking forward to it though.

I don't think the classic is a good move..don't need a tool belt. Just give me a larger screen Q10 ; learn to use the phone gestures! and flow!

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respectfully, that's your opinion, and you're most definitely entitled to it.
Plenty of people, incl. myself, will respectfully beg to differ, esp. how text-selection for editing happens inside the touch-screen environment.
The bubble is still nowhere near, i.e. even close to, as good, fast, accurate & efficient as the track pad.
Plenty of people have agreed on that specific point, and it's THE ONE feature that will set ANY BB device far apart from ALL the other 'touch-screen sticks' on the market.

Jus' sayin' is all.


I want z3 but PASSPORT it's a big killer droids :-) I'll save from now to get my passport. LoL

Powered by Q10 Philippines :-)

Not a physical guy but hope the passport takes off in the business sector. Still waiting on that full touch Z10 replacement.

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ummm ... "Z30" ... HELLO!?!?!?
IT WILL rock your world & you won't eagerly touch your Z10 again.

Not true. I miss the form factor of the Z10. If the Z10 had the speakers that the Z30 has, I'd have gone back already

The classic looks good I mean it's a q10 with a tool belt wonder about screen size. But that passport has got to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life. I have no idea what it's use is lol its sure not going to fit in your pocket but to each his own

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"I have no idea what it's use is lol its sure not going to fit in your pocket"

but that's what everyone said about the Galaxy Note, and they're already on version 3, with version 4 coming soon. It has been unpredictably popular.

I wish they didn't increase the width of the screen and instead made it longer vertically.

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Classic looks good but the passport looks ugly, they should have added the fourth row and made it more rounded on the corners

Lots of fairly good news this morning. Now, if someone could drop .710 that would be the ultimate cherry on top. :)

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The Classic looks pretty sharp. The Passport on the other hand...looks like it would hurt holding/using it.

I'm holding out for a new touch device - assuming the assistant will be on par or better than the current competition!

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I think the Z3 LTE will be for the consumer / small business enterprise market .

The Classic will be for Enterprise / government / who really wants a sim free device.

The Passport will be for Enterprise / government /who really wants a sim free device / CEO / multi national corporations

But enough of the speculation.

The key will be the price. This will be the defining factor .

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Didn't they have a prototype of an anti-windemere? Instead of short and fat, it was basicallly a keyboard strapped to a 2/3rds of a z30? So it it was quite long not so wide. What is the name for that one?

Passport will be mine. Hope it lands on shop blackberry the days its released. Although I think I have good the best odds for support of this device in the States here with Verizon.

Awesome to see these, but kinda disappointed to see that there isn't a flagship all-touch coming anytime soon. As a Z10 user in the US where there wasn't really the option to buy the Z30, I was hoping to be able to upgrade later this year.

Right now they are trimming their range down to size thanks to that Foxconn deal, so they don't have the market for two higher-end models and they went for the more distinctive option of the passport rather than another all-touch that would have been lost in the crowd with all the large screen androids and windows phones.

not for me. the only keyboard i ever liked was the htc touchpro 2. the only touchscreen keyboard i've liked is the z10 and i'll assume i'll like the z30. will look for a cheap z30 maybe to tide me over as i do find the z10 a bit small but i dislike amoled . will make do if the wait is minimal for a proper touchscreen upgrade..releasing 2 keyboard phones together is only going to split an already niche and shrinking market segment. for most it will be one or the other

That 1:1 screen is going to continue to be a detriment to running Android apps will probably be a great experience if you only run native apps. But still fugly in my opinion...different, but fugly...

I really see a problem with the lack of a shift key...

The English language is a bit sinple.and only capitalises names, countries/nationalities/languages and names - but German capitalises every noun...

So if one were to write German on it, whichever method they chose to implement, it will be miserable....
Plus, even though the spellchecker is good, it is not perfect - and as much as I liked it as first, as much can it aggravate me the longer I use the Z10 - requiring a wipe of the dictionary every now and then....

Posted via CB10

I suspect they rely on the spellchecker - but it could be something like a long press too...
Whatever it is, it will be worse than a shift key.

Ever tried typing abbreviations on a touchscreen (including he Z10 I use at the moment) - pure misery.
Or try typing something scientific once... then it crops up all the time....

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Apparently shift/alt keys are screen based. I type a lot in German too and would def need it to be easy.

A couple of obvious options spring to mind immediately, they could have one permanent virtual row that included shift and the most common punctuation right to hand without any swiping or alternatively just have you hold down the relevant key to get a capital letter.

The Passport sure changes the way my mind thinks of a smartphone! Once I get somehands-on time with it I may like it more, but right now the Classic has my attention!

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The Classic looks great. I am eagerly awaiting its release. I'm not feeling the Passport. It might be one of those phones you have to see in person to really appreciate.

Who is the Passport targeted to? Just worried people will want the tool belt on that one too.

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So no new all touch device in 2014? They can't be serious.

@Passport: that thing will never be the success BB needs. Too unwieldy, qwerty-keyboard and just too plain ugly. Interesting for a few BB-diehards, that's it.

I've stayed with BlackBerry for years, but if there's no successor to the Z30 this year I doubt I'll stick around.

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Two-handed (or thumbed) just like any all-touch phablet is not perfect when not used with two hands.

I'm not sold on the Passport ! It looks exactly like the leaks we saw, I'm really not a fan of the square screen should have gone with a more Z10 like screen with a physical keyboard. Now the Passport is a unique design and maybe the features included are really awesome but I will have to see in person to get a real idea on how this square screen looks in reality.
As for the Classic design, in my opinion it's sleek, smart and bold! BlackBerry fashion style ! It should have been released when BlackBerry 10 was launched to ease the shift from BlackBerry legacy devices to BlackBerry 10 devices ! If BlackBerry can deliver those two devices in a short time it could make the statement that BlackBerry is far from being dead and that it is regaining the business world ! However for my part they could have made a more attractive BlackBerry Q30...

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Passport looks good! I think it'll be a big hit with business driven people. Love the Passport name! It just all makes sense now. Classic looks sweet too! Any spec details yet? Price then both right and BlackBerry will have a hit on there hands!!! #BlackBerryForever

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Does anyone know if the sizes displayed next to each other is actual or the ratio is correct. Cause that would make the passport a big device, don't think you could handle that with one hand, it's a tablet replacement.

The Z3 is the only device that makes sense to me from all those in the picture!!! The Z3 fits in with "Keep Moving" or "One Brand One Promise" motto...the other two are like...yeah we need to grow, innovate and move ahead...but not yet, we still want to cling to the past that almost sunk us!

The "Classic" looks like the BlackBerry phone I explicitly gave up (Curve 9360) after less than one year of ownership so that I could move on to BB10 and purchase the Z10.

As for the "Passport" looks like the unfortunate offspring of a PlayBook's threesome with a Bold and Curve...that was dropped on its head at birth...

Don't get me wrong, I sincerely hope that these devices are successful for BlackBerry, but as a consumer they don't really interest me...

I want to see the next iteration of the Z10 or Z30...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

This might be a minor gripe, but I think that having the BlackBerry logo below the screen works really well on the Q5 given the gesture based interface - I had thought they'd adopt this as the standard for keyboard devices going forward and it's a bit disappointing to see the Classic have the screen immediately above the trackpad.

Other than that, the Classic looks awesome :)

Posted via CB10

Classic has the toolbelt so presumably the expectation is that you'd use the gestures less on that model.

Look at the screen size differential to even the "Classic"... I use two hands most of the time already...thinking I need a new "Passport" for my travels.

Murray Squire Marr

With the Passports device, i think blackberry is experimenting to see if the public like a barely-square device, that device doesn´t fix in a jean pocket, i dont like, Z3 and classic look fine...

The Passport looks very cool. I was already convinced by the size, keyboard and spec's.

BlackBerry deliver!

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I just can't figure out the Passport, the keyboard keeps throwing me off. I'm sure I will still want to see it in action though. I will definitely take that Classic though.

I dig the new designs, however, now that the classic has brought the track pad back, why not add it to the full touch screen devices?
I'm sold on the virtual keyboard for typing but nothing beat the track pad for copy-and-paste.
I'm digging this evolution.

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I don't like the look of the classic. Does not have that "business man" look the 9900 and Q10 have. Too rounded, like a child's phone.

Posted via CB10

I rather buy the Classic instead of the Passport, the thing looks horrible!

But I will sit here and wait till another full touch will hit the market ;)

Posted via CB10 for my beloved Z30 running

That Passport is starting to grow on me... might end up with one by the time it's out. :)

Posted via CB10

Wow, I am really not into the look of the passport. Way way way to wide in my opinion. Looks like a screwed up tablet in my opinion. I like ratio of the Z10 and Z30, they just feel good in the hand, how are you supposed to type one handed on the Passport?

It's actually confusing now... dunno which to choose... the passport has now a better name but the sharp edges? I mean looks like the keyboard version of the z3. Hmmm dunno will have to wait and see

Powered by Blackberry

How fickle. Where are those who said passport was ugly?

Its the same device displayed here.

Its still square and edgy.

Signature - Google wants your info. What are you gonna do about it?

Need to start saving money. Will buy both as soon as they will be available on Shop Berry website. Will not buy on contract

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know what the spec sheets are for both of these new upcoming devices. I do like both of them but to be honest it's a big tease to just show something off and not tell us what it's going have internally.
The passport is going to be a great device to have to feel comfortable in your hands as everyone types with two hands and not just one. Plus I think it's much easier on the eyes when you can see every part of your text going across like a book rather than a tablet in your hands.
Second the classic is going to allure those hard core enthusiasts that want the tool belt back and have the ability to type on a keyboard because let's be honest here people, auto correct still socks on all devices from iPhone to android to even on BlackBerry. I would like to think that the screen size is going to be in the 4.5 range give or take a decimal because that's the sweet spot for viewing emails and most content in the web.

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If you're a true BlackBerry fan, then you can wait and not be tired of waiting.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

Hmmm... I was kinda hoping the Passport would look different. I'm still yet to see it with my own eyes, but as of right now, I think I'll stick with my Q10.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

Yes. The BlackBerry Classic has a 1:1 aspect ratio. Just like the BlackBerry Passport and the Q10 & Q5.

Posted via CB10

Hm....I'm a bit concerned about the fact that it looks like 720x720 content is being scaled to 1440x1440. That's not good at all. I keep saying I want more usable screen space, not just a larger screen where everything is 2x the size with still the same amount of usable screen space. The passport needs to allow proper 1440x1440 viewing of Excel sheets and documents among others as well as browsing with significantly more visible content per page. This will flop hard of it turns out to be a Q10 for near sighted people.

Posted via CrackBerry App

You're making an assumption that BB won't update their apps to take advantage of the larger res.

Definitely agree that 3rd party apps may not all have passport versions (just up-scaled Q10 res). With very high PPI I'm not sure how much more screen real estate you'll see from just a screen res bump. You'll get much more use out of the larger screen than you ever will with bumped up res specs.

As a Q10 user - all I would request to make this better is a longer screen. A bigger square (1:1 aspect) screen isn't suitable for much of the media, websites and apps out today.
Does anyone remember the Droid Pro? If that device was better balanced in the hand, it would be a great design for BlackBerry to follow.

Posted via CB10

Wow! I've repeatedly said that I would never go back to qwerty after getting my Z10 but that passport looks sweeeeeeet!! I like the looks of it, hopefully the "Z50" will be just as nice.

This bodes well for BlackBerry. That 80/20 comment is becoming clearer and clearer after today's news!

I'm unsure if the layout of the Passport would allow for easy one handed use. It does stand out from other smartphone designs, which is nice to see.

the classic pretty much looks how i thought it would but the passport is hideous. guess ill have to wait till next year for a new all tough =/

Of the two, I'd get the Passport before I get the Classic. I'm not sure that I could go back to the trackpad :s and the new keyboard on the Passport looks interesting, at least enough to see what it does. Just me, but that's my thoughts.

Seriously looking forward to the later part of this because of these Devices...... Summer needs to hurry up and bugger off so that I can get even more excited about these!!!

I'm glad the Classic looks better than the Q10 and don't understand why they didn't get it right the first time... It's all about the keys and buttons when you have a small screen.

Hope the classic isn't too expensive. Wonder what the battery life will be. Hope it is in 9700 territory.

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I'm liking the passport so I can still have that z30 feel I love the big screen but also miss the keyboard

Posted via CB10

Am i being punked??? The Passport is hands down the ugliest redundent device released by any company whithin the past 5yrs!

You guys can't be serious...right???

I am officially confused! If we put the rumored Manitoba in the picture, will there be a 4th scale device? It's nice to see the Z3, Classic and Passport in the same image, but are they all depicted in their actual size? Z10, Q10, Z30, Z30, Classic and Passport all in a line at scale would be interesting to see. The Classic looks like it might be a sweet spot for old school BB users to come on up to BB10. I am really interested in seeing how the Passport's wide-portrait format would work and look, and whether the Manitoba will follow that form? I think screen aspect ratio has been under-appreciated and find it interesting that MS moved their tablet line away from the previously long trend to wide-screen and maybe a similar subtle advancement in handsets is underway. Over a few years, laptops and desktops went widescreen and because the overall screen real estate was so much larger and better quality, I didn't mind so much the ill-fitting nature of the format to most websites and documents, etc. The art and science of scaling is particularly important to people like me who do not have cutting edge eyesight. You can pack an enormous amount of information into a high-resolution widescreen, but what's the point if its too tiny to comfortably see? I have a Z30 and a Lumia 1520 which is a huge handset but at least I can see on it! On the other hand, the Z30 does a much better job of scaling up the text to comfortable levels. It is great to have real options but the right choice is more subtle than a glance.

The passport looks great. But I had a bold for over 3 years and o loved it so hands down the classic looks better. I need a phone to use when I'm down in México and if the classic cones to Mexico I know what I'm purchasing. Great job BlackBerry!!

Posted via CB10

The Passport is boring. Seems to be the intermediate step to a phablet from the Classic. I'm more of a Z model guy who moved from the Bold and Torch 9810. Let's see the next flagship, high powered, run any Blackberry or Android app device.

Who is the demographic for the passport. Didn't LG or someone else have a square phone like this and didn't it not do so well? I understand the Classic completely but the Passport I can't see who would want this. I'm not a kb guy to begin with and that might be a reason why I don't get it.
With all the complaints from the kb people about the Q10 not having the tool belt I don't get the Passport.

Because it an LG. It's different from a BlackBerry. Only square BlackBerry looks good...

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

You do have a point when comes to the Passport and it not having the tool belt option, but looking at the Classic I get the tool belt Ide but when I look at the screen thats shown in the picture why is the toolbar still there it would make more sens too free that area.

Once you go Passport, you never ____. (*please fill in the blank*)

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

I really hope Chen has a pre-order of 100000 minimum for the passport for the health industry. I don't see anyone buying this unless it is designed for a very specific purpose. Not including die hard qwerty fans here of course.

Where's my Z50 "stealth"?

From my z30

finally the return of the full unique Blackberry experience and the reason i stayed with BB all these years. I seriously think the classic will make the BB7/9900 faithful 'fall in' .... My Q10 is great but i am so looking forward to the return of the trackpad that gives the accuracy and efficiency only 'mouse and cursor' can deliver

This phone looks really expensive. Maybe even too expensive for what it's worth. I'm still not convinced... but it is undeniably different.
Good move!

Time to break riot on my bank account. Saving up for Classic and Passport begins from today. Either of the devices will become companion to my Z30.

Though, in terms of exclusivity, Passport will definitely stand out.

Sweet sweet day for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

The Classic is clearly a Q10 veriation. The Passport is clearly diffrent and its name fits, the keyboard clearly follows the touch screen solution when it comes to its layout. Design wise not sure what to say, the Passport is big.

Can anyone try to measures the screen sizes of the classic and passport on PhotShop or other tool?

Posted via CB10

Now that we know the Passport isn't a Q30, I'll wait for a Q30 or a Porsche Design version of a QWERTY device. Just hope it's not the Passport. I do wish the Q devices had a taller screen though.

I told my wife I needed the passport because my job requires blah blah blah..

You should have seen how she rolled her eyes at me.. LMAO!

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