Firedown lets you catch MP3s for listening on the go, even offline

By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2013 11:29 am EDT

If music is your thing then you don't want to miss Firedown - a new app for BlackBerry 10 that lets you easily grab MP3s on the fly. Firedown searches for public domain tracks and allows you to save them to your device playlist or buy the song (via 7digital).

Simply start up the app, search for an artist or song and you'll get a list of results. Find the one you want and tap "Catch It" to save the song to your playlist. Firedown will pull the MP3 and add it to your playlist where you can play it back on your device, even if you're offline. 


So far there aren't too many options with the app - it's pretty much what you see is what you get. You can search for and save tracks but not much beyond that. There are plans to add in features for editing playlists as well as showing the top cached songs for your region, so it looks like the fun is just getting started. This one is a great app if you're looking for a quick and easy way to listen to tunes on your BlackBerry 10 device. 

Firedown is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices for $1.99 in BlackBerry World.

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Firedown lets you catch MP3s for listening on the go, even offline


I could see this evolving into a "hit a button to record what you're listening to and we'll find it" type of app. Similar to Soundhound.

To offer common sense, realistic input that does not blindly and unthinkingly scrape and fawn before the altar of the Tarnished Tech Idol of Waterloo? Just my guess; I don't know the guy -- but I do know unfettered, unreasoning, knee-jerk fanboyism when I see it.

"I do know unfettered, unreasoning, knee-jerk fanboyism when I see it."

Wow that must be real difficult to spot around here. Don't be a stupid dick. This is crackberry. Where the hell else are fanboys supposed to be?

I will attempt in future to be a more intelligent dick.

And I would ask you to be a more intelligent fanboy. Did you even read the comment to which I originally responded, where Carmels was slamming someone who pointed out that there is a better alternative, implying that CB is no place for honest evaluation of -- in this case -- app functionality? The fact that later posts further indicate that the app is a bit of a scam, and is from devs who have been somewhat scammy in the past, only adds to the ludicrous nature of a viewpoint which says, "Don't bring up facts or reality, and post only glowing, willfully blind paeans to the dreaminess that is all things BB-related."

Hmm, app seems great - but are the songs only hosted within the app once 'caught'? Can't seem to find them in my native Music folder once 'caught' - only in the app.

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Yea I'm wondering that too... if it's in the app.. is it actually hosted locally? if so.. where?! :s

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The App. sounds great until they mentioned "7digital". I was a customer of theirs a few years ago. Joined up on a free service, bought a few songs, was overcharged several times, was not allowed to opt out like their site advertised and it took me almost 3 months of online & telephone arguing with various reps. and even letter writing to get my $ back and off of their high pressure contact/sales lists. Never again. Good luck. Hope they've changed.

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No luck trying to find the files with a local search so I'm guessing they're compartmentalized somewhere and can't be integrated with the native Music app. If that's the case - i just wasted $1.99 for an app that conveniently left this pretty key piece of information out of the description.

Just an fyi to others.

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Got the app and tried to find a Bob Dylan song: Things Have Changed. Found the song but when you try to catch it, it hangs on converting the file. So far it's been hanging for 40 min. Not my idea of quick songs on the go. I haven't tried to purchase the song because I first wanted to see IF it can actually catch a song...apparently not.

Best music app!!! Found every and any song that I searched for. Some converted much quicker than others. Money well spent though!