Fire at RIM warehouse - No employees harmed

By Bla1ze on 4 Nov 2010 10:41 am EDT
Research In Motion

Some scary stuff happened in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada last night at one of the Research In Motion  warehouse buildings. Firefighters were called to the building based on a 911 call that reported an explosion around 4am. Firefighters were able to maintain control, attributing the buildings sprinkler system to helping in keeping things from getting too bad. The report also states that the building was currently under renovations at the time and that no employees were injured. Great that no one was hurt and the firefighter team was able to maintain control. Big shout out to all you firefighters who risk your lives for others!

Source: CBCNews

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Fire at RIM warehouse - No employees harmed


Maybe next we can get an update on whats for lunch in the RIM headquarters cafeteria?

Slow day for news or what...sheesh.

I dunno... since I did security at RIM for 3 years, something like this is kinda incredible..nothing EVER exciting happens there hahaha...

I'm happy no-one was hurt..

Fires frequently happen when machines aren't used in a while. Maybe this means they turned on the Innovative Machine?

Most importantly no one was hurt. After that, I wonder if any berries were damaged. If it was a warehouse under renovation, perhaps it wasn't being used. Would be good if someone could find this out.

The same can be said about any device that hasn't been released in the last 6 months.

It was probably the large storage bay that burned with all of their EOL devices. Great way to see some insurance money for those "old" devices that never got sold...

really!?! this is article headline worthy?

I guess it is hard to constantly fill content
so I will give these guys a break.

You do realize this is a web site dedicated to the blackberry right? So how in your mind does it not makes sense that this gets mentioned on this site? It isn't like they interupted The Bold and the Beautiful while you were watching it.

I'm a firefighter/emt and having a fire @ a warehouse is a very scary and dangerous thing,because u never know what is stored in the warehouse,(I.e chemicals or anything that can explode) and when product is stored in boxes they make a hazard because of the boxes being stacked and getting wet,so I've happy to know that no one was hurt

According to some of the guards I was talking to, and the CBC report, the 'explosion'/fire happened in an empty part of the warehouse where there were renovations happening... so no device damage..

The building that was caught on fire was recently purchased by RIM from "Stack-a-shelf" and is under construction still, so likely there were no Blackberry casualties haha

Yeah....I am glad noone was hurt, but I sure hope there were no PlayBook parts being stored there! :)

Glad nobody was there and hurt, but I can't help but hope that all the old hardware (Marvel chips, etc) were! Next BB? The Blaze? Or Firestorm?

I'm happy that none of the RIM employees or firefighters were hurt. But what we're all really wondering is if any BlackBerry devices were harmed.

I work across the street at Centra Industries Inc. on Cherry Blossom rd. where this explosion was, i got to work at 715am and fire department was still there obviously, the building is under renovations as RIM just recently bought it, it used to be company called stack a shelf... which isn't exactly what RIM provides, we were all joking that Apple was sending parcel bombs around as well LOL

I hope that was the warehouse storing all the trackballs and storms... DOWN WITH STORMS AND TRACKBALLS!!!!!! Thanks to the Firefighters that saved part of my fav company tho! Woooo Go RIM

I'm just super glad people didn't get hurt, not much so for phones, but that's just me. Could have been a mishap at work, when they were renovating my area's stores, it did set a small blaze and it got put out quickly because of fire extinguishers in place.