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Fire Chest Usage for BlackBerry 10 gets some fixes and new good additions

Fire Chest
By James Richardson on 7 Feb 2014 05:32 am EST

It's only been a few weeks since Fire Chest Usage for BlackBerry 10 was released and after giving it a quick review I was pretty impressed. What's nice to see is that so soon after hitting public release the app has already received an update fixing a few things that were not running 100% correctly as well as a couple of new additional features. 

If you missed our initial post - Fire Chest Usage is the perfect (headless) way to track the amount of data, phone calls and SMS that you use on your BlackBerry - therefore, avoiding any unwanted extra charges from your network provider. 

New in the update: 

  • Memory leak fixed
  • Usage period bug fix
  • Two data bugs fixed
  • Calls/Texts log sort order fixed
  • Minor UI spacing issue fixed
  • Minor UI content issues fixed
  • Auto-hide of unused quotas
  • Added talk time already used field
  • Added SMS/MMS quotas
  • Added popup on startup

Fire Chest Usage is free to download and available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. Give it a try and see what you think? 

More information/Download Fire Chest Usage for BlackBerry 10 


ram ace

saw the word free and headless. that's new. good job

Posted via CB10


is it really headless?


Is it really headless? Cause of already use it but didn't see the "run headless" option

Posted via CB10


Hoping the data fixes address the fact that it wasn't actually tracking data usage! I compared it to Data Check Pro and discovered it wasn't updating as my data usage progressed. Will give it another try.

Posted via CB10


Data Check Pro is currently my go-to data check app. However I noticed that there is always a HUGE difference between what it says I used & what my carrier says I used (usually around half). Interestingly all other data apps I have tried all posted identical numbers as data check pro, so why are my carrier's numbers so different? They claim that the issue is with ALL of the apps I have tried, but I'm a bit suspicious of them.

Prem WatsApp

So are you saying the apps are reporting data usage to be twice as high as what you get billed for?

That means if you rely on the app, you waste half of your data allowance?

I am ok with a bit of a safety buffer, but that is a lot.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


I wish, alas it's the other way around. When my data apps show that I'm approaching 1GB I start logging into my Koodo account too see how close I am to my 2GB limit. This is not a set rule, more like a rule of thumb, sometimes they are less then half, other times they are more then half. What they never do is report anything close to what Koodo claims. Though I can have 3 data apps running on my phone & all 3 will report almost identical numbers. I'm guessing this is because they all get the info from my phone. So either my phone is wrong or Koodo is wrong...

Adrian Titei

It says it will be headless soon...

Jay Labuschagne

Yep, definitely not a headless app. Downloaded it when the app was first promo'd on Crackberry and apparently i've used 0mb since...
#SomethingScrewy here

Posted via CB10


this version is supposed to have fixed that bug...


It's not headless yet. I believe the developer has stressed on that in the previous article.

Posted via CB10


Not headless yet, this update was released on the 4th so I actually had to triple check!

Definitely some nice updates however!


For some reason the developer is saying it's "headless" in BlackBerry World. Although when you open the app it says that feature is coming in the next update...hmmm

Posted via CB10


Is it run in background?? Means if its not in active frame.. it should work...

Posted via CB10


It's not running headless yet - and it's a bit of a pain having the Active Frame open all the time, in that the first page of Apps isn't the 1st thing you see when you open the device.
Also note, if the Active Frame isn't open, the App isn't running & collecting data.

Posted via CB10


That's a good update ;-). Using it

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


This app isn't headless. It's nice now but will be perfect once headless.

Posted via CB10


Once it is headless this will be a great app.

Posted via CB10

Halifax Guy

Does this update make it headless?

Posted via CB10


Yeah last version did not track anything at all on my z10.

Posted via CB10

Diogo Cardoso

still not headless, its says when you open the app that will be headless in the next update


I've used it for a while, but it ate up my battery too fast, so I got rid of this power hungry app.

Posted via CB10


Man don't know why they keep saying it's headless when it's not. Want to use the app but I have no use until it REALLY is headless lol

Posted via CB10


Filled it in and it's great i dont use anything calls, texts data etc except Wi Fi. Wish my network provider used this to work out my bill every month.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)


Sorry i just sussed why it shows I'm not using anything! You have to have the app running all the time. Duh! This app really needs to be headless and i feel the developer's frustration waiting for BlackBerry to allow with 10.2.1 this is a really good and useful app.well done developers!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10(& i am luvin it!)


That's twice CB have falsely claimed this app is headless.

Not sure why that would be, but it's certainly well supported

Posted via CB10


Confirmed this is NOT headless. Also need some additional functionality:
-Need to be able to set free evening/weekend time so it doesn't count minutes
-Ability to set per minute or per second billing


Wow! Another article. Thanks.

Headless coding is done but have to wait for permission to go "long-running headless" from BlackBerry...waiting :)

I think people are misreading the description in BB World to mean the app already has headless. It doesn't yet.

Another update going out early next week with more bug fixes, improved stability, and the addition of WiFi session quotas. Working to get the fundamentals right before we add in the fancy stuff.


Paid version now live in BlackBerry World.

- Headless
- Hub alerts
- Budget aid
- Excluded numbers
- More...