Find installing outlets electrifying? Try Wiring Diagrams for the PlayBook

Wiring Diagrams
By Ryan Blundell on 1 Jun 2011 06:43 am EDT

Let’s see a show of hands-how many people out there have stuck their finger, or anything, into a socket at some point in their life? Hmm, I’m impressed…that you could hold your hand up without twitching. As people grow older, they (hopefully) outgrow the need for plug covers – only to be confronted with a new electrical enemy…home renovations. I can handle drywall, painting and flooring, but wiring makes me cringe.

With Wiring Diagrams you can check out a dozen basic reference images for when you need to look at wiring configurations. There’s not much to the application – it doesn’t display proper grounding or anything like that; just the basics on how to connect to receptacles, a light to a switch and lights to multiple switches (or vice versa). The images are large and crisp, making for a quick reference guide to glance back upon. It also includes a link to to shop around and get ideas from. I'm hoping the developer will start to add more views and perhaps instructions in the future. If you are looking to be enlightened (get it?), Wiring Diagram is free for your PlayBook from BlackBerry App World.

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Find installing outlets electrifying? Try Wiring Diagrams for the PlayBook


Why would the hot go directly to the light socket? Any benefit to this instead of having hot & neg go to switch then to socket? I guess I have been doing it wrong all along?

It doesn't. The black wire is the hot wire. That goes to the switch first. Which is what the diagram shows. The white wire is the neutral.

I just ordered my playbook from the U.S am living in the U.K and it turns out that to order from the U.S it saved me 100 GBP to buy the 64GB model even on top of a $39 shipping charge

Nice. Getting it. Visually appealing.

I wonder if it has the basic diagram of wiring an outlet to a switch with the hot at the outlet. And having only 1 of the 2 plugs being switched.

It is a relatively easy layout but I have a test setup to remind me.

This would've came in handy if it was out 4 years ago when i started working as an electrician. Oh well, i guess i learned the hard way :)

this is awesome. i do a fair amount of diy home improvement work and electrical can be tricky, especially in my old house..