The Financial Post Tech Desk Interviews Mike Lazaridis

By Bla1ze on 30 Dec 2009 07:31 am EST
The Financial Post Tech Desk Interviews Mike Lazaridis

Just the other day we got a good look back at 10 years of BlackBerry from the folks over at Engadget which was a great article. Engadget was not the only resource to focus on the past ten years of BlackBerry. The Financial post also found the time take a walk down memory lane as well as get a sneak peek into the future by interviewing the Founder and co-CEO of Research In Motion, Mike Lazaridis. The interview is an enjoyable read and gives great insight into where the co-CEO thinks things are headed in the coming years. I found some of the responses quite interesting, especially the ones regarding mobile browsing and its impact on mobile carriers. Give it a read and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

Final thought. I know it never happened in 2007, 2008 or 2009, but I wonder if 2010 will be the year that Kevin gets to interview either Mike Lazaridis or Jim Balsillie for a interview. If that ever happened, what are the questions you'd want to ask RIM's head honchos? Throw those in the comments too!

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The Financial Post Tech Desk Interviews Mike Lazaridis


I would ask, "Previously BlackBerry is intended as the enterprise device, but currently it penetrates the mainstream users. Perhaps my question has already asked by many... How about providing some serious mainstream features, such as 8Mpix camera or serious music function? So far, I see that the focus is still in the business sector and the mainstream features are just nice-to-have. It would be fun to see BlackBerry crushed Nokia hegemony one day."

Yes I recognize there are rumors of dual touchscreen and physical keyboard Blackberries floating around, but I would like to know what is RIM's philosophy and approach to those kinds of devices. From a consumers standpoint, I considered the Palm Centro for the longest time because it gave me both options to zoom around with my finger (or stylus) and then physically type out a text or email when I needed too...albeit the keyboard was tiny. I personally am not interested in having an all touch device, like Storm 2, because I like to feel the physical keys under my hand. I think that the form factor that Blackberries have would be perfect for combining those two features.

Why can't we have a blackberry with at least 5MP camera? With the recent achievements in MicroSD technology, would it be so terribly hard to have 4GB (at freakin least) of App memory or maybe an 8GB shared memory between app and device memory. It wouldn't be hard at all to hard wire in one of these new 8GB or 16GB chips and then have the MicroSD slot as well and blow the iPhone out of the water.

I would probably ask

why we can't swap out Ram and buy
chips separatley for rim devices.

like we could media space.

...why do you people complain so much. Get a damn iPhone if you want 8GB, get an HTC if you want 5MB. Otherwise, shut up! You people whine like freaking children over some features that no one should give 2 craps about. How about you take a pic with a 5MP cam then your BB cam and see the difference. Not much. Plus, we care about ergonomics over here buddy, let the battery stay on after we snap a few pics and take some video. My goodness. Give RIM time, rushing has never brought anything good to anyone and the second RIM breaks out with a 5MP cam or larger app memory, all of you panzies are gong whine and say, but why can't we have this or that. Put sock in it!

...this was a great article. Pleas pardon my last rant. I hope you do get that interview some day Kevin and I'll be right hear waiting for it, ready to give my feedback.

If you get that interview Kevin one thing I'm dying to ask him.. does he think buggy os's are standard for smartphones like Verizon's ceo?