FINALLY LEAKED: Get BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Nov 2010 09:41 am EDT

BlackBerrry 6 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

* Update: the leaked build does have some bugs, so be sure to read through the forum threads before deciding if you want to install or wait for a newer build.  If you run into any issues, you can always downgrade - check out our BlackBerry 101 section for help! *

w00t!!!! Own a BlackBerry Bold 9700? If you don't mind trying an unofficially released operating system, it's pretty much time to stop what you're doing and step right up and download BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700. The OS version is Jump into our forums for the findings on this one, and you can download at the links below. And if you're not sure what all the hype behind BlackBerry 6 is, be sure to read our BlackBerry 6 review for more info.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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    FINALLY LEAKED: Get BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now!!!!



    thanks guys! I restored the vendor file and it installed perfectly:) Really happy with my OS 6, working perfectly:)

    IVE BEEN TRYING TO GET OS 6 to work on my blackberry all day.

    I get white screen and small icons!

    I have downloaded the os 6 leak
    I have deleted the theme files for tmobile
    I have tried wiping the my bb and restoring the os 6

    I've tried everything!!! please help me.....

    i've loaded many an OS in my day but this is the first! I've tried to load 'Zen' CODs via Blackberry MCP but no luck - hhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppp

    Well for me the wait was too much ... ordered torch 9800 last thursday ...recieved it yesterday and today .....BOOM.. there's a BB 6 for 9700 anyways... still so excited can't wait to install it....

    Downloading right now...

    Thanks Crackberry.

    I updated to OS6 and everything is working fine except that I can't send text messages but I can receive them. Anyone know how to fix this issue?

    ive put it on my phone and its actually great.
    maybe a little better than expected.
    of course they're are some glitches however that is expected. i am just a little confused on why i cant find social feeds.

    After reading some of the posts, I was worried it wouldn't work, but it does...perfecttly! I love it! I might still get the torch, but this definitely is great for all of us 9700 uers. universal search and the new webkit are awesome.

    I'm using a 9700 with Bell Mobility if anyone cares to know. Thanks crackberry!

    looks like I do have a small problem. I can't seem to restore my backup file. It stalls at content restore, and then it stops and i get an error message "There was an error restoring" :(

    I restarted my phone and tried to restore my backup again. it got further, to the point where it was restoring messages, but it still crashed. Not sure what the issue is. maybe I just saved way too many messages.

    Forget you 9780.... I'll keep my 9700!!! Deleted the Tmobile files and deleted vendor xml, and worked like a charm!!! You Blackberry Guru's are AWESOME!!!!!!!!

    Like come on, who the hell is reporting them? Android users? Iphone users? RIM staff? Carrier staff?

    Hmm, don't intend to accuse, just wondering. Cross-posting this.

    I downloaded and installed following all the tips mentioned here:
    - deleted the vendor.xml
    - deleted the two theme-tmobile files in the java directory
    - loaded using the loader.exe

    It's perfect! It runs significantly faster than OS 5.0 You should see how fast pictures come up and display! The universal search seems to work great so far. All my apps are working:

    Google maps
    Wifi Transfer
    Youversion Bible
    Olivetree Bible
    Google sync
    Roadrunner GPS

    When I was done installing, I had 60mg free. I previously was around 99mg free.

    So far so good!

    I used bbsak because when I navigated to it thru the C: and tried to delete it, the computer said my access was denied. Use this program and you should be alright.

    so tried doing the update and it came up with error. had to reboot and still trying to redo everything.. Memopad, sheets..ect are still missging UUGH

    I downloaded it, and everything works, except my theme is gone, and i cant really see what im doing to do anything. everything is white, help!

    Installed on Telus Bold 9700 on BES with no issues. Seamless install.

    Deleted vendor file.

    Took 1 hr for upgrade.
    Slow first boot.

    Enterprise Activation took 2 hrs after that.

    Works like a charm.
    Very happy with it.


    Downloading this leak was the worst thing I've ever done. Nothing works & now I'm trying to downgrade back to 5.0 & I can't even do a security wipe. I think I may have a virus on my phone now. Thanks for nothing.

    Finally, all day ordeal, but I finally got it. I'm in the process of setting up my icons, etc.

    This is what I did:

    1 - Backup (nothing special,...didn't removed any 3rd Party apps),...I did not remove the Vendor file
    2 - DL'd and installed the leaked BB6 OS
    3 - DL'd BBSAK (..a Life Saver,..I'm definitely donating)
    4 - Installed the OS6 via DTM (DTM 6)
    5 - Did a Restart
    6 - Opened BBSAK,...Clicked on "Modify COD's",...after the large window populated with the long list of CODs,...I scrolled until I located "net_rim_theme_tmobile_BlackBerry6_480x360_b.cod" and clicked on "Remove COD(s)",...BBSAK will process the action and report that the COD has been removed, etc. Save the COD list and exit BBSAK
    7 - Restarted via a battery pull,...don't worry, OS6 startup is way faster than OS5!
    8 - After restart, you should now have normal (large) icons.
    9 - Did a Data "Restore" at this point
    10- Proceeded to setup my OS6-rocked 9700!

    Note, this saved me a few hundred $bucks$ as I was nearly ready to upgrade the hard way by getting a 9780! Thanks to all that posted the many "How To's" along the way.

    BTW,...I'm on T-MO,...OS6 is a beautiful thing! Thanks for the many tips...

    ...Have Bold 9700 (rocking OS6) Will Travel~

    PS: Props to Driphter
    Props to CB.Com
    Props to BBSAK

    Working as a dream!!! Working OS6 on TMO. Just gotta follow advices for small icons fix. On another note, does any one know how to populate the downloads tab?

    The download tab fills in with icons as you download them. I don't believe you canmove icons there. You can clear them though. Hope that helps.

    Glad that it finally arrives. But I think I'll wait for a review or two just to make sure that it's not full of bugs (and make me downgrade back to OS 5).

    This leak was a complete pain in the ass. Congrats to those who got this piece of shit working. May just end up getting the torch. God only knows if/when T-mobile will make OS6 an official release. Later T-Mobile. Love my 9700 but I really wanna switch it up now.

    I was waiting for longtime for this......
    Now i upgraded nd working Smoothly.... with wonderfull GUI.

    hav a problem with copy , paste new number to existing contact number,,,,,,,,
    ther is no paste option toin the contact number field and the shortcuts not working tooo.....
    nyone hav idea.....


    there is no download folder in this , so no need to worry,
    we can create folders whateva name we want....
    jst try it... we can add folders in home... lets enjoy....

    aftr upgrading...
    open up the DM and application tab> then add all applications to install to ur bb.. then only u can get all apps like memo pad,task,games,messengers etc etc.....

    OS 6 is much better than i expected! still had about 70MB of free space after installation (only 20MB difference from before). everything is running smoothly and the webkit browser is amazing!

    the browser now does not work unless im in a wifi network even though i have a data plan from my carrier. Any one has the same error or knows how to fix it. or should i just wait for the official release :P thx...

    Check out the crackberry forums in the post for the solution.

    You need to save service books from OS5 and use it in OS6.

    aftetr i upgraded my memory is at 89.4 MB w/out using shrink a OS. im really liking this link cant wait for the official release whenever that is. hopefully someone will make new themes for the 9700 running 6.

    No problem bro,
    it vl b ok within 10 minuts...
    coz i too got the same problem aftr i upgrading...
    then it automatically register intio BBserver nd.. then aftr 10 minut it works smoothly...
    lets wait... and enjoy

    Hit the applications button in Blackberry Desktop software! Social feeds along with other apps are still there but just haven't been applied and installed.

    I just added social feeds and youtube!

    I had no problems at all. Loaded the software took about 15 minutes and was good to go. Thanks to everyone for their tips and walkthroughs. Love it so far. Pretty impressed.

    I downloaded the os and installed it but nothing happened to my phone,i'm still stuck with os5!!plz help!how to download the new os?PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!

    do a wipe using MCP or jl_cmder
    then ur bb shows reload os
    then update..........

    it will b ok....... 100%

    Just a quick question if anyone can answer... After the reboot, I now have 2 T-Mobile Web2Go icons. Does anyone else have this, and have you figured out a fix? I looked in the .cods but couldn't find anything. Tried deleting the service books and the next time it reboots, its back. So now I've just hid it. Thanks in advance.

    just try this nd let me know hav problm or not plzzz.....

    copy a number from phone call registr and try to paste into an existing contact....
    ther is no option to paste....
    if any one has the same problem?????

    I downloaded the update and i have the white screen, small icons, etc. I went to downgrade, (update my device, selected my 5.0.whatever) and now its telling me that it cant detect my device AT ALL! WHAT DO I DO!?? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!

    what???? its not detecting my device at all. I just want my 5.0 back! my phones not functional at all! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

    do a wipe using MCP or jl_cmder
    then ur bb shows reload os
    then update..........

    it will b ok....... 100%

    I was so excited when i seen this,but i gotta freakin Mac, now I have to wait till i get my hands on a windows. F#@&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LML

    Eight hours of use.

    - stable
    - fast
    - tiny glitches in scrolling msgs nd sometimes loading circle appears for seconds
    - good fast web browser
    - loading photos little slow
    - excellent theme and navigation
    - battery life seems to be good
    - Arabic support
    - live messenger crashes
    - seesmic works great
    - youtube app buffers faster than before
    - good faster camera with scenes selection

    I'll send more when available

    Even though I have been patiently waiting with expectation as much as the rest of you guys, I was a bit reluctant to download it at first, as I had my OS5 finely tuned and humming on .938..... I upgraded my mates 9650 last week and had the chance to play a little with it and was concerned about the amount of real estate the trays and banners take up on the home screen, not to mention the numerous reports of the redundant "views" that have been the bane of several users. I also noticed on the 9650 that all the camera scene options aren't available and I'm pleased to see that the 9700 gets the full suite of options.

    Other than a lot of spinning hourglasses whilst reloading my apps, specifically IM+ Lite, and some "lagging" while everything bedded in, I am pleased to say that it has loaded up a charm and operates silky smooth. The webkit is a vast improvement on its predecessor and has negated the need to have Opera Mini and Bolt browsers in my arsenal as was required on OS5. The universal search function is literally a dream come true and an even better experience than the polished keyboard shortcuts I was accustomed to on OS5

    As I said, I was concerned that I would lose a lot of the efficiencies that I have customised into the phone over the last 11 months and I am very pleased to state that this OS6 is actually superior in useability to my finely tweaked oS5.

    I ended up with about 70MB of free memory, down from 102MB, but I"m not concerned, I have all the apps I need for an efficient experience. The only app that didnt seem to want to load was my wallpaper shifter.

    As yet, I have found no "bugs", however, this may change in time.

    Overall, a very pleasing upgrade and improved user experience for me.

    Well done RIM.

    i got it to downgrade back to 5.whatever :)

    sucks that i cant enjoy 6 with the rest of you tho :((((((((((((((

    This OS is absolutely awesome. I must say RIM out did themselves on this one. I am surprised this version was able to leak so close to the release of the new Bold.


    Glad I read through the threads. Got it on first try.

    1) remove vendor.xml
    2) in the RIM directory, searched for Java directory
    3) in Java, searched TMO and deleted two theme files (480x360 for reference)
    4) fired up loader.exe

    And bam!


    Just installed MSN, Gmail, Google Maps, Facebook, BerryBuzz for now. I have 82megs free.

    Still ballin'

    Takes getting used to, this is definitely a bump in OS upgrade.

    p.s. saw someone mentoined they had problems with berrybuzz, go here to get the OS6 download. Register with your OS5 serial.

    I had a blast at first, but now my browser wont download any non mobile pages. Opera mini track pad wont work, and if I can't browse, then there no point to upgrade(or leak, whatever)I would love to keep this on, wait, my battery is pretty low, I'm going to charge it and give it another try, if I still have the same issues, then I'm going back to 5.0(I have no prob using opera mini :) Is anyone els having tese problem?

    Hey guys. I have a question how can i instal the os 6 on my blackberry because i really want it can somebody please help thanx

    Greetzz hukie

    Anybody else having issues with BerryPopup? The popups work just fine, but if I press "r" to reply to an SMS, I'm able to type a reply, but not send it. Pressing "Enter" does not work, and neither does the Menu button. I have to close the Msgs app, and re-open the sms to reply. Not a big deal, but gets a little annoying. Also, a bigger issue is if I receive a hyperlink and click it on the popup, the popup freezes and will stay up until I do a battery pull. VERY annoying!
    I tried installing the OS 4.7 ver. from the Bellshare site, and I still have the same issues. Other than that, I am LOVING OS6!

    I'm having on heck of a time guys! I first downloaded and tried to install and it said i was "missing modules", so i redownloaded and installed and tried again and it went through fine. now my blackberry loads up a start video (cool i may add!) then it goes to this really simple ms-dos look operating system that doesn't really work... wtf?! anybody else have this happen?

    My OS 6 seems to have been installed with alot of problems. my whole screen is white. and can't properly use my bb. Now what? I tried downgrading but it's not working. My pc is a 64 bit pc and can't install that device wiping software. Crackberry, now what?

    -Web browser is amazing!
    -Love the social feeds
    -Media is a lot better (camera, voice notes, etc.)

    -No option for MMS (it's integrated into the texting so there's no option to put a subject)
    -sending media in BBM does not work
    -Web2Go shows up twice (is there any way to get rid of that?)

    can someone please help a fellow bb owner out with this os6 software with step by step details? i done tried this 4 times now & still cant get it..... all i keep getting is a white screen with icons smh i really need some good help!! this is the 1st time i ever had a problem with downloading & uploading something

    Just installed the OS and followed the instruction by previous posters. Thanks guys, went smooth and no issues whatsoever, in fact even easier then the point release of 5.0. I just have to say WOW!!!! All 3rd party apps are working, had to re-register them, but the OS install using desktop manager 6.0 was flawless. i did not delete the vendor xml file either.

    Impressions... very fast and very fluid. No trouble copying and pasting. tested it on the facebook 9 betazone key. The browser, wicked fast and displays the sites that used to be a pain to look at, displays them perfectly. Love the social connector, installed after the OS install through DM applications screen. Boot up is way faster than all the 5.0 releases. I have tmobile and as the OS booted for the first time, berry pop up popped up with an email, so network registration was almost instant. 3G is great, but I am in dallas, so its always been great. WIFI - no issues there. I love the layout and all of the icons especially on the call screen. very easy to see incoming, outgoing etc... Battery management seems better, after 2 hours the bar hasnt even moved at all and I have been installing stuff. My available memory is 50MB, but I got lots of pics on phone memory - gonna move them. the only sad part is all of the bad ass themes for 5.0. The plus side, save the space, but there were some nice ones that hopefully the developers are going to try and update for us.....but even with that, this is like a brand new phone out of the box. So a small price to pay with the added functionality. The options screen is categorized into groups now. gonna take a little time to get used to it sort of like control panel in windows 7 category view. Less clutter. I am sure some of the genius theme guys are gonna figure out a way to hide the top and bottom banners, even though I have read here that it wont be possible. For the theme and wallpaper lovers, the way the OS is now, there is not a lot of real estate in that middle slice for nice pics. Maybe crackberry can make a wallpaper picture modifier that will allow you to take a pic and optimize the cropping to best fit the visible area. One issue with berry popup, I get the notifications, and can scroll down the message, but cant click on anything in the message. A small thing for sure. Unified search is amazing as well as the contacts. Still no add to existing contact functionality, I was a little surprised. bookmarks for the browser are actually pictured thumbnails, very cool as well as history. You can see them in text as well, but the most recent 9 are thumb-nailed. click on a contact and scroll down and it shows recent activity. like the last 5 things, in my case sent and received emails to the contact. that is very cool. Also have the ability to add custom fields under the contact, another very cool feature. The pictures in the media folder, the thumbnails load wicked fast and the camera now is connected to the gps so you can add the option to geo tag your photos, another very cool feature. can turn flash on or off really fast as its on the photo screen bottom ribbon and you can have the geo-tagging overlay on and it will tell you the tag its going to use. The sensitivity on the camera seems to have been improved for low light conditions as well. for any users on the fence, back up your data and take the plunge. It really is like a new phone, without the few hundred bucks. All of the negative stuff about slow and the 9700 is gonna choke, well that seems to be all bullshit. It runs faster than 5.0, at least on my phone. And our phones are all the same, its just the software we have on them. Cant wait for an "official" release, but definitely keeping this. GPS acquires quickly. The boot splash screen the progress bar now goes all the way across the screen and it moves fast. The guy that posted the instructions, thanks. When i did it, I let the whole thing install and also restore the data. then disconnected and did a battery pull and connected with bbsak and deleted the problem file and rebooted again and it was perfect. take the plunge, you really wont regret it.

    ...and I too thank the many folks that dropped "how to's".

    ...Have Bold (...rocking OS6) Will Travel~

    It's great and happy to see this post this morning! I upgraded to OS6 smoothly after studying all the threds....

    Also, I have installed the chinese language COD by downloading it from I can read Chinese and input Chinese (by PinYin) without problem!

    Good experience of using OS6 so far (for 5 hours already). I have only one problem is that I can't use the function of "COPY" "PASTE". Anyone know how to fix it.

    I've been using this leaked os for almost 12 hours now. So far, it seems stable and fast. The only thing concern me is that my memory went down from 69 MB to 46 MB in just 12 hours. Not as usual.Is there anyone having this problem as well?

    JMD, thanks for tips. I did clean the memory, but it doesn't seem give much effect. My memory went up about 2-3 MB and now left with only 38 MB.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.


    Installed this last night, didnt do a clean wipe (took a chance) only installed the preinstalled apps and then manually installed my third party apps.

    Upto now everything is running fluid and like all the previous successful posts have pointed out its like having a new phone.

    Im currently working with about 72-73Mb of free Memory so not too bad, Ive seen some saying they have 80+ this maybe due to the fact I didnt do a clean wipe - I dont know.

    Obviously there is a few bugs but if you've been installing betas/leaks then you'll be used to this and I haven't come across anything too major, and to be honest I've kept with the OS6 ringtones & alerts.

    Really good OS, get it on your 9700 as soon as you can.

    I'm gonna order a new housing today as i've fell back in love with this great handset.



    Hi guys some help please?
    I wiped my phone, loaded the new os via Desktop manager.
    It loads up and after I accept the EULA, after some time, it finally goes to the home screen but the background is solid white and the Icons look like they have not finished loading, or something like that.
    I looks like an unfinished OS for some reason.
    Can anyone help please?

    My question is i have an unlocked bold 9700 from at&t using Tmobile if i update would it lock the phone back t o AT&T.. please let me know asap.

    Glad to hear there's a leak for the BB 9700 owners, too bad for me better yet the storm owner wont get this OS fuckin junk dude, fuck RIM... us storm owner aint gettin shit, or maybe a QNX OS for the S3... and when that's gonna be another year like 2012? fuckin that when my contract is over im moving on to a Robot phone, sorry BB Nation i love you guys but time to move on.

    After an up time of 10 hours or so the available memory dropped from 71mb to 51 without installing any programs. I just did a battery pull and its back to 74 available.

    Seems that the dwindling memory is due to one or some of the running apps eating up available mem.

    At least os restart is a LOT quicker in os6.

    Its the best OS, RIM has produced so far... Love the navigation and of course the browser, thou the browser has some performance issues... hope it gets resolved with next leak or the first official release...

    anyhow, I have ordered my samsung android... will always keep this OS6/9700 as my backup...

    It's early morning and I'm up playing with this new OS.
    Makes me proud to be a BB user again.
    LOVE the new browser. Very easy to figure out.
    Battery use seems good so far. BBSAK was essential to getting this to work right.

    y wen i download it from , hotfile ma screen turns out white on ma bold2 , like it malfunctioning?, i had to load back on os 5

    Woke up this morning to find that myt bb had an error message and needed to be restarted. This was particularly bad because I use the alarm fuction on it to wake up in the morning. So I woke up 30 mins later then I was supposed to. I love the os but this is something that worries me.

    Wow, I've been using NEW OS 6.0 for the 9700 for about 12hrs now & it's freaking AMAZING!!!! (2 thumbs-up)!

    My BlackBerry 9700 is fast with OS6. I have only problem with battery. morning I have to charge the battery.battery lasts only one day. respectively we someone how to solve it?

    All You Idiots with the White Screen Problem. This Problem has been resolved! Please do your research before posting the same repetitive question!

    I installed it last night and I have been playing with it since then.
    Everything seems to work correctly!
    Great leak

    I've loaded it with no problems at all. I was still in love with my 9700, but itching for the OS6 leak... well, it did not disappoint me! All those who said it's like having a new phone without spending hundreds of bucks are right. I've spent hours playing -kept it on the charger while doing so- and last night before I went to bed I made sure it was fully charged. Woke up with the battery still at 95%. Did about 1,5 hours of reading on the Kindle app, played around a little more with several apps and I'm still at 85% so I'm happy.

    The only app that has caused a 'problem' for me -though a minor one- is Pingchat. I lost all of my contacts, was expecting that, but I can't link the people I'm chatting with to my contact list again. Minor issue. Berryweather, Kindle, Kobo, FB, Ubertwitter, SmrtGuard, the few games I have installed, they are all fine. Yup, I like this.

    everything is running smoothlyy so far =). Battery life is def better than it was before! the only thing i don't like about the OS6 is the battery icon... i wish i could see bars instead of bold grayness

    Most of them say file is NOT available and the one I tried wasted all my time to only say error message when I try to run it.


    So I dled OS6 last night and installed this morning.... went pretty easy. More to come as I use it throughout the day....

    Got an ATT "BSOD" at first (no icons, just the ATT logo). Pulled the battery and was in business....

    OS 6 is just amazing.

    However, do you have guys the same pb am encountering :

    After a minute on call (incoming or outgoing) the headset mode turns on then off in minus than a second. This is repeated every 5s.
    Actually, neither i not my correspondent can hear carefully but a minced conversation.

    Could you please tell me what do you think about this ??!!

    ok, when i first downloaded it. i had the white screen issue. i downgraded back to 5.0. I then read through the fourms and i downloaded the BBSAK. I reinstalled os 6, tried to open bbsak and it keeps telling me that my device isnt detected?! I restarted my computer 3 times, kept trying. NO LUCK! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

    When the phone is connected, although BBSAK thinks it is not, hit the "Kill Processes," button. Then hit "Connect." I bet this will solve your problem.


    Also, when you hit "wipe," it might instantly say "Wipe complete." It's not... Just sit back and have a "Coke and a Smile." TM You will know it's almost finished AFTER the normal reboot screen completes. You will be 100% good to go after you see a white screen with a "503," error. I hope this helps.

    Finally we have the OS 6.0 for the 9700.

    Excellent OS. BBM Groups are much faster than with OS 5.0 and browser functionality is not even comparable...

    I believe in general this OS is faster than previous versions.

    My only concern and comment is regarding the size of the OS and memory leak. It takes up a lot of internal memory, which I believe next versions could address. Also, in my case memory availability is dropping much faster than other users have reported.

    Hopefully the next update will address this issue.

    i cant fix the white screen issue without still isn't detecting my device. I'm about to say screw it and downgrade back to 5.0 again! UGHHHHHHHHHHH!

    I have OS 6 up & running and I LOVE IT!!!! im SO happy this finally leaked. I feel like I have been waiting for this FOREVERRR

    When I saw that it had leaked yesterday, I was at work and was unable to download it right away which was TORTURE.
    But I did read through most of the posts on many of the forums for this leak while at work, and I'm glad i did because I have t-mobile and I got the memo that we have to delete the t-mobile theme first or else a black/white screen with small icons appears. (THANKS to whoever figured that out)

    So when i finally did get home, i downloaded the link. backed up my blackberry. did a wipe. then used APP LOADER to upload the software (this is key, because Desktop Manager wont work) and restored my blackberry.

    And everything is WONDERFUL!

    I would like to point out that anyone that has is getting an error or os 6 didnt load properly SERIOUSLY need to take FIVE minutes and just READ some posts.

    And if you dont know how to navigate through to find some answers to your questions, then you probably shouldnt be using a leaked operating system on your blackberry

    I was reading some of the post last night and I saw that alot of tmobile users were having problems with the upload. I woke up this morning and I was going to post did any tmobile user find a solution. Thats when I found your post. Thank You..... I am hoping this work. :-)

    Here's an easy solution towards everyone's problem. After installing the OS 6 to your Computer. Go to where its located and simply open Java folder and delete the files...


    after that install to your device and it shall work perfectly fine... I also see you people are not good at following directions.

    Indeed, but where can I find these files ?

    EDIT: I already fixed it. I Wiped it with JL_cmder and after that it was working. Thanks !

    i go to where its located and theres no way to open any kind of folder, it's just the installation wizard! how do i open the "java folder" :(

    how do i find the java folders?? i dont even know what that is... i already have the software downloaded on my pc.. pls help out

    of course i installed it lol, there are no java folders. all i see is the install wizard link. nothing else. bbsak doesn't detect my device at all, even on 5.0. WTF!

    You can find the files... My computer;C:Program Files; Common Files; Research In Motion; Shared; Loader Files; 9700M_v6.6.344.

    Now you should see a Java folder. The rest is common sense, you'll get it.

    k i found the java folders! :) deleted the tmobile gonna reinstall 6 now. WISH ME LUCK!

    update: I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! IT WORKS!!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

    I havent downloaded many apps, Only fb and twitter.
    I still have 91mb of ram left.

    I had social feeds, but I dont like it, so i deleted it from my phone.

    The battery life is about the same as with my

    I looooveee the camera on this operating system.

    I'm not a fan of the new ringtones tho

    My trackball sensitivity has increased even though it is set to 50 horiz. and vert. just like how i had it on OS5

    I LOVE THE BROSWER!!!!!!! tabbed browsing makes suchhh a difference. even tho at the top, there is no cursor and u have to just pay attention to what you are highlighting.... which doesnt bother me at all really

    I'll play with this leaked OS until the 9780 is released this month for T-mobile.
    I'll compare how the OS run on both and if it really runs significantly better on the 9780 i will probably get it

    but so far so good, i dont have any lagging to complain about. i havent even done a battery pull yet and everything is fine.


    That is not a bad .exe . That is an issue caused by a T-Mobile theme that has to be deleted from the Java folder. I deleted mine after I upgraded my phone. I can't give you a link, but there are tons of posts in the forums explaining how you can fix this issue.

    All is in Good order.
    But noticed that when unsubscripted from my BB service, I can not use the browser through my carrier network, only with Wifi. any help ?? thks.

    I downloaded it today for my bold 9700 and it works great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it seriously works like a clock no problems with anything :D

    I downloaded it today for my bold 9700 and it works great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it seriously works like a clock no problems with anything :D

    Downloaded, Installed and have been running about 12 hours. All good nothing of note on the bad side. Only issue I had was getting used to it. I also have a Torch so I kept tapping the screen and had to remember I was on the 9700

    Mine will not recognize the Software.
    Ok, I know the general answers to this, and I have done all of them. (Hopefully)
    Running on Windows 7 x64 (as admin)
    Deleted old BB OS 5 and ran CC-Cleaner
    Installed new OS6
    Deleted vendor.xml and searched (yes with hidden files included etc) for any other versions. Nothing found
    Deleted 2 T-Mob theme files
    Tried to run AppLoader and it will always stop telling me there is no new version for me.

    Any suggestions, always welcome.

    I install the OS 6.0, it runs smooth and flawless, but I don't see any chinese lauguage support and input, any way to get the chinese language file and install it to my 9700?

    try to serach the COD file at (You can find it under the topic of 9700 OS6). Then, install the chinese cod by BBSAK. I can read all the chinese email and web page. The only thing is that the COD files has only pin yin input in simplified chinese. But, at least it's better than nothing.

    how come this post did not show up on RSS reader? WTH!? now I have to wait till I get home to download it. Anyways, still, it made my day.. anxious to go home and try it out

    starts off with 70+mb memory, and runs down to 20mb in half a day (with normal usage)... damn..only concern here =(

    i installed the os from hotfile n zshare.. it looks stupid its like a skeleton version of the os everythings black n white and i cant tell what any of my icons are cause they all look the same!! what do i do??

    I can't get it to work - anyone have the same problem?

    Other than that it works ok. But all my apps didn't load and I can't retrieve any of them w/o the browser working...


    I'm on T-Mo

    So I installed it on my phone! Its truly amazing! i love everything about it...the only downfall is that i notice that my battery isn't lasting like it usually does but that's fine i guess...maybe next update they will fix that

    Everything looks great except i lost all my contacts... I backed up everything before installing but how do i get my contacts back?? help!

    Hi, I downloaded os 6 and everything went great. No problems at all. Everything works except worldmate 4.0. I get this error message. "Uncaught exception. Field is not a child of this manager" I have deleted and reinstalled it twice and get the same message each time i go to access it. Can anyone help? thanks.

    24 hours in, and so far so pretty darned good. Comments as follows:

    1. I loaded OS6 using BBSAK with absolutely no problems.
    2. I chose not to load social feeds etc, but otherwise reloaded all apps from OS5, together with databases.
    3. Apps loaded and working without problems are: BerryWeather, e-Mobile Professional, Google Maps, Google Mobile App, Ascendo Money, Pocket 12C SE, Beiks French-English, Interlecta, NatWest, BerryJoose, AddToContact, PhotoEditor, DocumentsToGo Professional, WhatsApp, Score Mobile, Tube Map, TubeBuddy, British Airways, Poynt, eBay and a bunch of games including Backgammon, Chess, Chopper and Solitaire Buddy Gold. Only WhatsApp and Interlecta needed to be removed and reloaded, but then worked without a hitch. Everything else worked perfectly without any tweaking beyond re-entering a few activation codes.
    4. With all of the above, and some pretty hefty databases, I have about 45MB of memory left.
    5. Memory loss is an issue, rather as it was with earlier versions of OS5. My memory tends to drop to 20MB or so after a few hours, but never gets to critically low levels and doesn't seem to affect device performance much.
    6. The trays on the homepage are an acquired taste, to say the least. Favorites move around in their tray, and sometimes drop out of the tray altogether for no reason. It's a mystery why all the trays don't work on the same principle as the Media one, which simply shows everything you put in the Media folder - why not link all the trays to folders in exactly the same way and allow people to configure them as they want?
    7. The look and feel of OS6 on the Bold is very similar to that of the Torch, but the landscape screen (in my view) is a better layout and the lack of a touchscreen isn't noticeable - that is, the OS doesn't seem to demand one.
    8. The webkit browser is a big big improvement, although it is pretty slow compared to an iPhone or a new Android device.
    9. The look and feel of the calendar has been changed (it's like the Torch) and it's less configurable than before - something to get used to. The agenda view, in particular, is much less clear to read than before.
    10. Universal search is a bit of a ho-hum for me. If you know where things are you can generally find them just as quickly by going to (say) the contacts list, and it throws in a lot of pretty pointless extra options (search for your mother to call her and it'll offer to find you any clips of her on YouTube, for example). But hey, it's there if you want it.
    11. Smooth scrolling and animated screen changes are everywhere, which look pretty cool (at least the first few times) but which must gobble up much of the extra memory. Why not let us disable these if we want to, and use the poor old processor (which does struggle from time to time) for the important stuff?

    In summary, you definitely should go ahead and load OS6 (using BBSAK so you don't have to worry about wiping the device, deleting the vendor.xml file and all the other issues that occupy 25% of the comments above), and don't worry that your third party apps won't work - I've got a lot of them and none failed to make the transfer in working order. The OS really needs a more powerful processor, so I wouldn't get a 9780 just for the extra memory and the camera; I'd wait for the 9790(?) with a 1GHz processor which has to follow sooner rather than later if OS6 devices are going to hold their own against the competition.

    I upgraded my 9700 to the OS 6.0
    MY home screen is white with 15 icons showing below and nothing works properly. Does not show the network or the battery bar, nothing!
    What could be the problem?

    When I hit the lock button, it goes into a "standby" mode. Is this new to OS6?
    I noticed that in options it asks what the name to display on lock is and you can input your name. I'm wondering why this option is available if the lock screen goes to black right away and the lock screen is technically gone.

    Exactly! I would like my password to prompt me when I press the lock button! But no biggie cuz I have no other problems!

    Damn all these "How do I" comments are unreal! 600+ comments about bugs, fixes etc......If you are not familiar with BBAK, DM etc DONT DO THIS. You will most likely brick your phone or render it useless. But before you post a "How do I" the FORUMS. So many people here have worked it out for the rest of us...just follow the instructions they have provided. Thank you to all who have provided feedback and direction on the install, most appreciate it and have benefited from your work/findings.

    Ive had it since it was leaked yesterday with no problems after the initial white screen/small icons. The only 3rd party app I had an issue with was SocialScope, it wouldnt scroll down past the 1st 3 initial posts. So I deleted it, reinstalled and its working fine now. I see a slight memory leak...goes from about 85mb to 70 mb or so over the course of 18 hours. Battery is awesome, Im a HEAVY user, and through the install, tweaking the settings and playing around I dropped maybe 15% over 3 hours. Battery pull or set up memory cleaner..good to go. For so many of us that have been waiting for this OS6...this is a good start. Cant ask for more than that I guess.

    buddy.... pls reply to this
    "after the initial white screen small icons problem" u mentioned
    how did u get rid of that????????

    this has been mentioned numerous times, although searching through +650 posts is near to unreasonable. the issue your experiencing is related to the two tmobile themes in the \java folder buried deep within the OS install on your PC.

    i'm sure you can find your way through the forums well enough to find out the exact solution. hint: involves deleting the .cod theme files.

    i know those 2 files
    and the tmobileeu one
    i deleted both from the Loader/Jave folder and loaded 6.0 again
    still the problem persists
    its 3 am i wont get sleep
    pls temme what did u excatly do.

    Load OS6 like you did before, to where you get the white screen, small icons etc...

    Also download BBAK. AFTER you are done with the OS6 install, close out DM. Open BBAK, read the device. Select "Modify COD's". Then find the "tmobile" theme(s) and delete it. Select that theme and delete it. Save read. Close out BBAK, and reboot your phone.

    Thats all I did and I have been running for 2 days straight now, no battery issues, no app issues & no significant loss of memory. Although the "Social Feeds" was killing my coworkers battery fast...but I use SocialScope so I didnt need it really. Need help just PIN me - 2183D90D

    Downloaded yesterday. Followed the instructions and I'm loving OS 6!!! No issues at all. Such a great month...

    the OS 6 is working smoothly. however, the browser in only working when connected via Wi-Fi but once the Wi-Fi is disabled the browser does not connect. Should I change some settings? Which ones? Please help. Thanks

    is anyone else getting huge memory loss after couple hrs or so? after i updated my os i had about 48 mb left but it keeps getting lower and lower. its at 16 mb now

    I love this leask! The whole leak is way better than 5.0! I love the way it looks and operates! But i do wish when I press the lock key it would prompt me for my password. But overall I like it!

    After more than 24hours of the os6 i must say it runs smoothly its all i expected and more! The only few things i see that i wasnt pleased with but really dont care for i ca wait for the next update is that my flash doesnt work, and i cant really scroll through my messages like before and sometimes it will just simply be a blank screen but as i said i dont mind i can deffinately wait once its not another 4months of sniffing through CB and the world of google then im happy lol, for all of you who havent had any issues enjoy the power for those of you who have just wait its worth it =] peace ^^

    TMO as carrier. Installed just fine, followed steps to delete the theme_tmobile*.cod files from the java folder. Real easy to find: On your PC, Open search and search for theme_tmobile in c:\program files\common files\research in motion. There should only be two results. Before deleting them, make sure they are .cod files. **DISCLAIMER**Backup everything before applying any OS update.

    So far the PROs:
    1) Awesome Browser
    2) Fast Boot Time (<1 min now compared to 8 min with 5.x)
    3) Much better UI
    4) OS/Apps are very snappy and responsive
    5) Most apps are working just fine (FB, Bolt, VLIGO, VIIGO, Social Feeds, Slacker, Personal Assistant, Call Control, Verizon FIOS TV, QuickLaunch, KIK, Google Maps, Docs To Go, BBM, WorldMate 4.0 does not
    6) Media indexing much faster
    7) Battery life seems to be the same if not better than before.
    8) Free space 55MB with apps installed. I had 61MB with 5.x
    9) Much improved Camera app

    A few problems as a result of the update:
    1) Bluetooth AD2P A/V Controls for my car are not working. These have not worked since and greater. I may try hybrid.
    2) Playing videos, either local or web ones resulted in "Device media processor is busy" message. Removed Pandora as suggested here and it now works (have not reinstalled yet):

    Taken a long time but it was worth the wait. Not come across any bugs yet so seems like a pretty solid leak (12 hours on it so far)
    As for the "no room for apps" issue, just how many apps do people need? My 9700 is pretty heavily loaded before OS6 and I still have a fair amount of space. For business use, maybe I could see an issue? But then you`re not likely to have all the "novelty apps" that none business users have? IMO

    Please let me win a Torch, I grow so weary of ifanboys. And my Storm 1 is getting long in the tooth.

    Okay, I installed this on my AT&T 9700 yesterday. Everything worked great, and I love it. However, today after I reinstalled BB Messenger the device had to reboot. Upon rebooting the progress bar at the bottom of the screen got almost all the way to the end. I would say it was 99.9 percent complete. It froze there and would not boot up completly. I performed a battery pull multiple times and could not get it to boot all the way up. I used JL_Cmder to wipe the device and then loaded O.S. 6 once again. This time everything worked, but I was having issues with my AppWorld so I tried re-installing it... upon rebooting I encountered the same problem as before. Any thoughts on what the problem might be?

    I have found that my charging cradle doesn't charge my bb via the contact points on th bottom of the phone. Any one know how to resolve this?

    Other than that.... running OS6 for about 7 hours now and running prteey smooth....

    I know this isn't much help for your specific issue, however I've been running it for a little over 30hrs, I use a charging cradle, and it works fine... Did the update using dm 6, without touching the files at all. Currently using a Bell 9700, not really sure if the svc provider actually makes a difference!

    I find that the charging cradle does work, but the battery icon in OS6 doesn't change to show the lightning bolt charging sign. Just leave your handheld in the cradle and I think you'll find it charges fine.

    cant believe this... i sold my 9700 sunday gone because os6 was taking to long sigh i have really bad timing

    The only problem I've found is that I don't get sound notifications when a new social feed or facebook notification comes through. I get the notification icon, just no sound. I went in & checked the settings & they are on for both items & when I hit the try it button it makes the sound. Any idea how to fix this?

    I downloaded it yesterday and when I installed it, everything came up black and white. The next day I was reading some comments u guys posted and in one of the comments it said that I should read the forum posted on crackberry in which I did. If u already installed the os and its giving u prob, just down grade back to ur previous os and then follow these steps. 1 go to my computer on ur system 2. Go to local c drive 3.program files 4. Common files 5. Research in motion 6.shared files. Look for the the 2 files that say t mobile theme .cos ( am at work, I don't clearly remember the exact name of the file). After u delete them,just connect ur bb to ur pc and run the bb desktop. The desktop should detect ur phone and the version update and u just click on the install now and that's it.

    When I saw the leak report for the Bold 9700, I was like YES!!!!! Finally there is an OS 6 for my Bold9700!!!! I downloaded. I installed it. Then the problems happened...1, after the 1st reboot it went into a white screen. I tried to do a soft reboot but failed, had to remove and reinstall the battery. The phone rebooted, then it froze. Once again I did the remove the battery reutine. After maybe 5 tries, my phone finally started to appear like it will work. I see the new screen. I see tiny icons. I wasn't able to do much of anything with the screen. I was able to make and receive calls. I wasn't able to see my curser on the screen. i just could not navigate around the phone. I got upset and went back to my old OS. :(

    Oh well, I guess I will wait for the next leak!!!!!

    oe mant times have you done this? I mean I am not an expert, but I have been using blackberry for 7 years. I have done this for at least 50 times (succesfull) I download it yest, I did a clean far...I have used it for 24 hours or problably more... I have not git any issue to report.... I am happy with 6.0 on my 9700 (telcel Mexico)

    I had OS6 running all day and it works great. What I did realize was that I lost the password keeper, I can't find it on my phone. DTM says it loaded, but i cant find it in the applications list. Any thoughts?

    all the links to the download for os6 for 9700 are all broken...can sme1 please send me a link so i could download? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thanks

    i've been trying to upgrade to this and when i do i get an al white screen, does this happen to anyone else? does anyone know what i am doing wrong?

    ok i cant download the OS 6 :S:S all these sites that r shared say this link has been removed :S:@ arggghhhh

    ok i cant download the OS 6 :S:S all these sites that r shared say this link has been removed :S:@ arggghhhh

    I had the same prob, its a theme issue for on the t-mobile users part. Just follow my first comment and delete the 2 t-mobile theme cod files in the os 6 application of the research in motion shared folder of ur program files in ur local c: drive.

    I love the new OS so far. Haven't really had any problems yet but i thought that they said that BB6 was going to have east asian fonts and input support on all versions. I got options for all kinds of obscure languages BUT asian ones. Need japanese to properly communicate with my wife on her $#@! iPhone (which already comes with east asian languages, no searching through asian carriers websites needed).

    Downloaded and had a smooth installation after doing a clean wipe through DM6.
    Noticed that i had about 95 MB free RAM ( without installing any of my third party apps ).
    Also couldnt find the You-Tube and Social Feeds , so did a second install from the ,C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\Apploader > Loader.
    checked marked the boxes for social feeds and You tube which was somehow left unchecked(and probably explains why i didnt get social feed and You-Tube on earlier install) . The os6 works smooth and perfectly fine.
    in the 24 hrs of install observation , have been noticing huge variation in the free memory . during the days use it falls to 55 MB but on a reboot again gains free memory showing 70 MB.

    Used the phone today for almost 2 hrs at a stretch, battery dropped to half from a full 100%... it finally got down to RED after another hour or so... a full 3+ hrs of serious use....

    Love OS 6...

    The only problem I encountered is not being able to watch videos over 3g. I am able to watch videos over wifi and surf the web and dowloand apps over 3g. Any help would be great.

    Is there a specific service book u delete or just all of them. Also how would I go about resending them.I'm not very famliar with the BB environment. Any help would be great.

    The only problems that I could find where that it does drain your battery quiet a bit and I can't change my bbm or sms bubble colors! But other then that I'm in love!

    Followed instructions to remove the tmobile.cob files and everything worked perfectly. This phone now works twice as well as it did before. It just seems faster. Someone mentioned that they had a problem with worldmate. I did as well. I later deleted and reinstalled worldmate 4 and voila - fixed!

    Everything else seems to be running perfectly as well. I'm on a BES plan with Telstra in Australia.

    Bravo! Oh yeah, boot time is less than a minute as well. Pretty amazing!


    pretty amazing shit after this lonnnnnnnng wait....
    But the YOUTUBE Icon i can only find via Universal Search?
    Any possibility I can move this ICON to my START Screen or into a folder?

    What about themes? There are a lot of thems that give the OS6 optics? But are there themes for the 9700 and the actual OS6 Software?



    I love my bold 9700 I really do, I've been abusing my bb from the day I collected it, all because I was slowly and surly becoming an abuser of blacbkerry... Heard of os6 for 9700 and saw the prewiew no doubt grew impatient to get my hands on it, lastnight I finally got a chance to dl and install it on my bb... Believe me you am feeling like a child with a brand new toy. Bearly slept because I wanted to take full advantage of the new feel. Omg once more. I'll never get tired of this new ui feel, the smoothest thing by rim. Was too late to get my leak here or on pocketberry and all the other major sites but I managed to bind it through another. Am sooooo freaking excited ya'll, now I understand why they wanter to launch the new dold befor droppin 6 for 9700.

    What!! That's insane...where's the new leak for the 9800? Or the new leak for 9780? Dam its taken rim this long for a new leak.

    Hello CrackBerry Nation, I've been running OS 6.0 for the last couple days and I've been loving it all this time. The look and accessiblitiy of the OS are fantastic. There have been minor problems that I've been running into, but this is the leaked version and hopefully the official release of 6.0 will fix these problems. A few of the problems I am facing in which you also may be facing are:
    - SOCIAL FEED: nothing really wrong with the social feed I just found it annoying that I didn't have it during the first installation. Going back to check the box for social feed as well as youtube should be already checked.
    - BLACKBERRY MESSENGER: there are times when scrolling up and down through my contact list the system would lag.
    - ROGERS MY ACCOUNT: I've installed OS6.0 for both my 9700 and my sisyters 9300. I tried downloading Rogers My Account but keep getting the error "907 Invalid COD". I've looked on the internet and found a few suggestions but they didn't seem to work.

    These are some things I ran into and if you have an advice for me for any of these issues, feel free to reply. In the end, I'll still keep running 6.0, because of its fresh new look as well as the highly improved browser.

    It's really amazing how on virtually every single page of this post and in multiple forums on crackberry and other sites, there have been multiple fixes posted. Heck it's even on google by now.

    For the last time, this is how you fix the white screen or small icon issue.

    BTW the links on still work or you can try


    STEP 1
    GO TO

    C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/Shared/Loader Files/9700M_PBROS6/Java then locate and delete;



    STEP 2

    GO TO
    C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/Application Loader

    Locate and delete the vendor file

    STEP 3
    GO TO
    C:/Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/Application Loader

    Locate and lunch the loader file (HINT: It has an icon that looks like a cell phone)

    STEP 4
    Plug your phone into your desktop and keep hitting next until you see OS6 in the list and it is installed.

    Is there anyone on a TMobile/USA/9700 who can confirm a clean install (no issues for more than 3 days running) without any issues and if so are you able to document your steps?

    Shrank the OS by removing games, foreign languages etc. then did a clean install. Everything went fine.

    No problems in operation except couldn't browse the web via BIS. Tried resending the service books - no joy. My telco - O2 UK - probably hasn't got the service books right for OS6 yet. On a whim, I deleted service book 'BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service 2' and then did an Alt+Right Shift+Del reboot. BIS browsing was back! Then I tried resending the service books, and BIS browsing was gone again. Deleted the service book, rebooted, and things were right as rain.

    Of course I may have lost some other functionality, but if I have I can't see what it is.

    Hi Carl
    I've got a 9700 on o2 myself.
    I'd like to upgrade to BB6 via this leak that Crackberry have posted but am a little unsure whether it's going to work well on o2 (I've running the official .746 version OS5 as o2 haven't released anything newer!)
    Please drop me a message either on here or PIN 227034FF as would like to know if its worth taking a chance on this BB6 OS or to wait til o2 officially release it...


    Hi All,

    I installed on my unlocked AT&T bold 9700 and am getting random reboots? Anyone seeing that? Everything else is working. I am also on a BES and gmail with BIS, but no issues.

    I wonder if it could be Meterberry causing the issues?

    I have lots of apps:

    google Voice
    Smart Wifi
    Quick launch
    ESPN Link
    garmin Mobile
    google app
    berry weather
    urban spoon
    amex mobile app
    open table
    cnn money
    amazon e reader
    weather channel
    ATT my wireless
    ascendo datavault

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

    I Havent been on crackberry for a few days and i cnt believe my eyes , downdoading straight away , thank people, one love

    After 1.5 days of continuous operation (no reboot) everything is still stable however from 70mb at startup,app memory has now drindled to 34.4 after general use, no futher app installs.

    Current running apps: google maps, bbm, browser with one tab open, social feeds, msn messenger, bb app world and mail. Thinking abt it now, that's quite a lot. Let me close some off and see.

    What are some of ur observations abt mem use over time?

    Edit: Google mps seem to be a majot culprit. Closing it cleared 13megs of memory, up to 47 now.

    does anyone know what this error about when i try to update my current version os for my bb bold to 6.0 ive been dealing with this since yesterday. it keeps saying there was an error updating your software (One or more modules could not be resolved.)pls i need some answer... thank you so much guys.

    sorry guys as far as bb bold i have just to make it clear i have the BB9700. but yea pls help guys ive been waiting for this leak to come out and it doesnt even let me load it to my phone it keeps saying this error.

    there was an error updating your software (One or more modules could not be resolved.)pls i need some answer... thank you so much guys.

    Yeah, I'm having the same problem too. I've been trying to use the DM. Maybe I should use the app loader instead.

    Update: I used the app loader after deleting the vendor files and the T-Mobile files as per the instructions in previous posts and everything so far works great. After deleting themes I don't need any more, I have 67 mb free. It's like a new phone! :)

    Running perfect on my Bold 9700! TQ CrackBerry...! Every thing about it has improved complaint at all!! Yess.....I loveeeeeee it!!