FINALLY LEAKED: Get BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now!!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Nov 2010 09:41 am EDT

BlackBerrry 6 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700

* Update: the leaked build does have some bugs, so be sure to read through the forum threads before deciding if you want to install or wait for a newer build.  If you run into any issues, you can always downgrade - check out our BlackBerry 101 section for help! *

w00t!!!! Own a BlackBerry Bold 9700? If you don't mind trying an unofficially released operating system, it's pretty much time to stop what you're doing and step right up and download BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700. The OS version is Jump into our forums for the findings on this one, and you can download at the links below. And if you're not sure what all the hype behind BlackBerry 6 is, be sure to read our BlackBerry 6 review for more info.

*OS Disclaimer - Please Read: Keep in mind this is NOT an official release and as such is not supported by RIM or your Carrier. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk and only if you're comfortable in the process of upgrading and downgrading your device software. It is quite normal during operating system development for certain features to be crippled or disabled while others are tested, and these beta builds often reflect that. They are not always better. Depending on your BlackBerry comfort level, it may be best for you to wait for community feedback on a build before deciding to download and install for yourself or simply wait for the next official release. If you require support, you will find it in our CrackBerry forums via our extremely knowledgeable community base - do not contact your carrier or RIM for Beta OS technical support (their first course of action will be to advise you to downgrade to a supported OS). *

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    FINALLY LEAKED: Get BlackBerry 6 for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now!!!!



    Perhaps, but people who stick with the 9700 are going to find themselves without much room for apps. From looking around here and in the Beta forum, 56MB free seems to be the lowest number reported thus far. That's Bold 9000/OS 5 territory, and not a pretty thing if you want a bunch of apps on your device.

    Exactly why I think they released OS6 before the 9780. Give the 9700 owners some time to see how badly it runs on their device so they go and get the 9780 :)

    Oh? In my experience it works surprisingly well. And really, with Blackberry's app offer, who the hell needs more than 60mb. Your comment makes no sense.

    Have to agree with the stupidity of this comment I have all the apps I want installed and its still running fine at least as quickly as os 5. As someone else said how many apps do you really need on your bb??

    Just downloaded this yesterday and I believe that my 9700 was built for this OS 6 and now it's like having a whole new and improved phone. I recommend it to everyone!!!

    I realized that a lot of ppl are looking for feedback, so here are my findings thus far:
    -most importantly: remember to change the vendor # for the default theme as you'll find in posts below, as otherwise it won't work for you unless you're on one of the providers that's listed in the blackberry.alx file (see below posts with instructions)
    -at least double the battery life when idle (confirmed with MeterBerry)
    -I haven't found an app that worked on OS 5 for the 9700 that doesn't work for OS 6 on the 9700, and I use A LOT of apps (Shopper, Shazam, Smrtguard, ShortcutMe, etc.)
    -it is buggy, so it might crash every now and then, but it's to be expected from a leak ;-)
    -none of the browser shortcuts work (hoping they're working on fixing those) :-(
    -some minor things have been removed, but over-all, the experience is WAY smoother, faster, and more user-friendly (eg you can search within "options" instead of having to dig your way through the "options" to the menu you're looking for)
    -over-all, I'd give it an A- for all the bugs they've still work work out, and the lack of browser shortcuts

    I'm going to try doing a full review on the forums within the next few days with more details on this, as I have quite a few findings thus far :-)

    y problem with it is that after the install I have to reboot maybe 10 times before it can realize it has to work... also after all the reboot, the main screen is tiny and the icons are tiny. I cannot see my curser so navigating on the main screen is impossible. And while on the main screen, I cannot use the option selection when I press the blackberry button

    In respect to your tiny icon issue, here's what you need to do:

    1.Press ALT + SHIFT + H, and note your "vendor ID" from that page (mine's "102" for my BB from AT&T).
    2.Go to c:\Program files\common files\Research In Motion\Shared\Loader files\9700M_v6.0.0.344_P6.6.0.50 and look for a file name blackberry.axl
    3.Once you've locate the file, open it with Notepad
    4.Hit Clrl+f and look for the word vendorid until you see this


    5.Now take the vendor ID you looked up in step 1, since my vendorid is 102, I changed 100 to 102 and saved it.
    6.Reload OS 6 to your phone and the theme will come up and you're in business ;-)

    hey i got the same problem with my BB9700 my screen is white letters are black, icons tiny and im frustrated, i tried doing what u said but its not reloding the new os, my pc always says app loader open, close before continuing but every thing is close already, need help asap, thanks

    As soon as I saw it, I downloaded it and saved it to my work computer. I had a feeling the posts were not going to last long. Yesssss.

    heey i realised u got the os6 for bb bold 9700 can u plss help me get it? i tried to download it but it wont..i think all the links are broken..would appreciate it if u help me get it..thanks

    Thank god! Something to shut them up for a while. Next they'll be bitchin about how now there's no room left on they're bb. Hahahaha

    I had the torch I dnt want them scrolling screens on my bold. Too much work! But let us knw how it is I may try it.

    I figured we wouldn't see anything until some time after the 9780 dropped. Much like os5 for the 9000 when the 9700 was released.

    this is so awesome, I was so going to bin the 9700 for a 9780 until this popped up! saves me a few pounds over the next month.

    Question for WillyBoy6, how much free memory remains after a fresh install?
    Thanks a lot bro, you're amazing!

    heey i realised u got the os6 for bb bold 9700 can u plss help me get it? i tried to download it but it wont..i think all the links are broken..would appreciate it if u help me get it..thanks

    OMFG! This has made my whole day! What do we do with our third party apps? Whats compatible software-wise and what is not? It matters, but not right now!!!

    Doh, I'm at work. but I'm going to go home at lunch just so I can get this installed! Can't wait!

    let me know how third party apps go PLEASE!!!!! i have several pay apps that i do not want to lose. some i cannot afford to lose for work... Man this is such a gift and a curse...

    My thoughts exactly... I wonder if the store will trade out our apps for OS6 compatible ones...???

    Thanks for leaking this to 9700 they can stop poppin up asking in other places when their device is going to get they can stop crying...

    When are they going to release an official 9650 OS6?? I'm so sick of all these leaks that everyone else has been getting, but I want the OFFICIAL 9650 upgrade to launch. This is ridiculous. I'm done with Blackberry. Android is looking better and better every day.

    Hey 9700 owners, does this look familiar? Now you know how us 9650 owners feel to have our OS6 thread crapped on! :)


    Oh snap.

    J/K. ;)

    Enjoy your long-awaited OS6.

    I just got to work and can't get it from here! 8 more hours until I can even download it.
    This is going to kill me!

    Ok, maybe not, but it will seem that way!

    ok, i'm stuck at work and the sites are blocked here. can someone please provide me with a link so i can get this while at work. I can't wait until i get home! I just can't!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish someone would copy/paste alllllll the crying posts from 9700 users over the last 60 days. *SIDENOTE: Been on OS6 for 2 months on my 9650.

    buying the new bold makes no sense incase you really need a new phone! this leak is awesome downloading it right now

    I was just getting ready to go to work but sorry, I'm gonna be late today cuz I MUST do this before I head out!!!!

    Funny part is my boss has a 9700 too, but he knowz zilch about

    I'm wrinting from Barranquilla, Colombia, home of Edgar Renteria, player of the San Francisco Giants, who just won the World Series yesterday and was named MVP!!! My heart almost stopped when he hit that 3 run home run last night and now this...OS 6.0 for 9700!!!!

    Edgar Renteria, best colombian athlete ever!!!
    Blackberry Bold 9700, best phone ever!!!


    I'm currently downloading the OS, then I'm gonna backup my device, wipe it to factory settings and upload the new BB OS

    If it's anything like the 9650 download, you just need to check the box to install it as it's not installed by default

    Social feeds is listed - to install, go to desktop manager, applications, select "social feeds". It's there, just tough to find.

    For everyone that's still at work to grab a copy while you can. RIM tends to block all available links pretty quickly

    I was the only crazy desperate loser checking crackberry every 5 minutes for the last 3 months for these news. A bunch of you beat me to it LOL

    this may not be the greatest advice, but from a fellow cracberry addict id say depends on how you travel...

    if you have a laptop then definitely update just make sure you have the newest 5.0 to revert back to incase of a disaster...

    if you don,t download it so that the links don't disappear on you and just update the blackberry in a week...who knows maybe by the time you get back we will be installing blackberry

    downloaded, installed on the laptop, time to backup/wipe and get OS6 rollin!!!!

    ive noticed the battery life .... la la la la
    its a very giddy day for 9700 owners!!!

    How would I go abouts downloading this to my phone. Like is there a tutorial on how to do that, cause im a noob

    I downloaded the file and installed it, but when I go into desktop manager it doesnt show in the application list to check off the box to install it

    I'm having this same problem. I used to be able to do this without issue, but since upgrading to Desktop Software 6, it has not worked.

    I'm at work and couldn't download, so I unplugged my LAN cable and Tethered-up!!! Bhahaha, F.U. "The Man" !!!!


    Startup time is ridiculously fast... All I got so far, will check the apps working now and report back

    Bout to download, but will sum1 help me with install'n it on2 my BB I have a Tmo 9700 dnt want to mess my fone up

    NOOOO - it installed Iphone 4 software on my BB9700 - Noooo. Seriously - it is so pretty it makes me want to cry. Thanks again and now I can learn my phone all over again! Yeah!

    People who aren't technologically proficient enough to search the forums for a how-to shouldn't be loading leaked software on their phones lol

    at the car dealership>>>waiting for them to complete service>>software downloaded to net book>>>cable in the car and cant get to it....damn it

    So the big question I have is, how much ram is left after upgrading to OS6 without any third party apps installed?

    Thats what I want to know. OS6 is over 200 mb on my 9650 without shrinking. Guess I'll have to test this out on a 9700. I'll report once its installed if no one else has.

    After 3 restarts, 56mb of free memory left after OS6 install. About what I expected. That doesn't leave much.

    Are you guys using Desktop Manager or is there an App Loader file? I've used App Loader before, but now it's just prompting me to upgrade as if it were an official upgrade in DM, is that okay?

    Out of 139 comments, maybe 12 actually talked about their experience with this leak. I hope I'm not the only one that doesn't care about how happy people are that this came out or that they are "downloading it now".

    No sh!t I agree with you.....just tell us how it works. We dont care if you are in class, at work, no near a the rest of us the pain from reading all the comments trying to find 1 where it tells how it works.

    I was so looking forward to this UNTIL I got my iphone 4 2 days ago. Needless to say I'm glad it has arrived for all those wanting it. It's been a long time coming. I hope it works well. Maybe I'll be back to BB someday.......ya never know ;)

    No sh!t I agree with you.....just tell us how it works. We dont care if you are in class, at work, no near a the rest of us the pain from reading all the comments trying to find 1 where it tells how it works.

    I was honestly thinking a 9650 leak would come, just like every other time there was a 9330 leak. I'm a little disappointed no new leak for my 9650. Oh well, at least all the 9700ers get what they've been clamoring for.

    May it be a stable OS.

    ...looks to be abt 90% done!

    Edit 1: She's done,...reboot in process!

    Edit 2: Reboot stuck at 65%,'s moving like crazy slow.

    Edit 3: (abt 3 minutes pass Edit 2) It's alive! I'm now going through the App Permissions approvals,...which is going verrrry slow! Could there be problems lurking on the other side? Time on Deck - 11:40am

    Edit 4: It's 11:50,...after just doing a btry pull from being stuck at Edit 3 of this post. I'm now stuck at "Security Software Verifcation" 100% "Security Tests Passed",...doing another btry pull! at 11:52am.

    Edit 5: Well it's 12:52pm and I have OS6 running, but having difficulties using the device. For starters, the icons are way too small and there are times when I don't know where I'm until I have made a selection,...only to find that's not what I want, etc.

    Time on Deck - It's 2:36pm and I've tried it and couldn't live with not knowing which icon I'm selecting. I'm in the process of reverting back to V5.0.0.714!,...and the dumb browser. Oh Well...

    Parting shot,..I just may get a 9780,...or wait for T-MO to get the 9800,...or wait for a 4G 9800!

    ...Have Bold Will Travel~

    I got it to load on my 9700, but it looks horrendous! I read something about no theme support, is this true? I have tried rebooting, but it still looks the same. I did everything the same as with all the 5.0s i installed in the past. Am I the only one with this problem? People keep saying it works "great" but I'm just not experiencing the same :( Any help appreciated

    I have the exact same problem. I can't even see the cursor moving around to highlight the apps. went back to 5 until i have more time to mess with this!

    SAME FOR ME!!!No theme support at all. Rebooted SEVERAL times but no luck. if this is what we get, keep it!

    **SERIOUSLY, please help guys!!!!*

    -deleted to 507 error using BBSAK
    -tried loading OS6 twice.
    -going back to now and going to redo the whole process without wiping to 507 error. Hopefully this helps!!

    *COME ON RIM, give us the official and stop these shenanigans!

    1.go to Program files/common files/Research In Motion/Shared/Loader files/locate folder 9700M_v6.0.0.344_P6.6.0.50 and look for a file name blackberry.axl
    2.once locate the file, open it up with Notepad
    3.Hit Clrl+f and look for the word vendorid until you see this


    4.Now, I am not sure what your phone carrier is. Mine is TMO and the TMO vendorid is 102 so I changed 100 to 102 and saved it.
    5.Reload OS 6 to your phone and the theme will come up and you can love it. I do.

    i installed it on my laptop i ran the program but how do i put the OS on my phone device manager doesnt have the OS update please help asap please

    Go into your MY Computer, Program Files, Common Files, Research In Motion, AppLoader, in there delete the Vendor.XML file and then run the desktop manager should be ok.

    Menu tray works awesome, phone UI is excellent, browser is way faster, I used to browse the web thru Opera, don't think I'll need it anymore. I've already installed Facebook and Windows Live Messenger, so far so good, was worth the wait. One advice: wipe your device to factory settings with BBSAK before installing. That way you'll experience less bugs!

    I won Plenty of amazing themes at
    i want to update my 9700 but dont wanna lose anything :(...
    any help Please !!...

    Doubt Kevin can help you with that. Look to the theme builders. I doubt they will make a theme for a leaked OS though.

    I think this is a time to start fresh with you device, as if you just bought it. Downloading now but cant install until my work is finished :(

    Is anyone else also getting all white screen and menu and is running very slow? Should I reboot? Not sure and enterprise is reactivating itself right now....

    Anyone care to share how ram usage is on 06 for the 9700? I don't have a 9700 but have been curious. Now its time to complain why the 8900 didn't get OS 6??? j/k I can understand RIM's strategy.

    Can't wait to upgrade to the BOLD 9780 :)

    no social feeds for this leaked but still great though.. one more thing is there any way to delete those unwanted bookmarks on the browser? those useless links?

    I had trouble with booting, i ended up installing without any apps. It's booted up but looks pretty terrible, as said before I cannot see the cursor, pretty much impossible to navigate. Are there solutions to this yet?

    Mine has finally booted.

    Browser is very snappy just BGR said. 3G radio seems very solid I am not getting a lot of signal change like I used to. New ringtone is nice too haven't tried social feeds yet.

    just intalled & its great!!!!!
    im so glad i've got OS6 now :D :D
    <3 the new browser!!! so much faster (Y)
    i cant put into words how hyped i am about this!!!
    just installing it on my moms as she is now very jealous!! ;D
    a MUST for 9700 users!!!!!
    thank you soooo much for this leak!!!

    i don't know what the hell is going on but i installed the update and my device is all messed up. i get a white screen, icons are really small and the device is really really slow. Doesn't look like a blackberry os, more like a theme of some kind. I'm pretty sure i installed correctly and even deleted the Vendor file... Can anyone help???

    -locate a file name blackberry.axl it is in program files/common files/research in motion/shared/loader files/and locate folder 9700M_v6.0.0.344_P6.6.0.50
    -once in the folder, locate the file which is blackberry.axl
    -open it up with notepad. We need to change some settings here.
    -once opened up, look for the word vendorid="100". Hit Ctrl+f to search for it and you should see something like this

    fileset _vendorid="100" java="1.0" series="Onyx" theme="Normal" webkit="True"


    -change 100 to 102 and save the file.
    -reload the OS one more time and Whallaaaa you'll love it.

    I have the OS6 running on my 9700. What is the deal with the white background and not being able to see what I highlight? The webkit is great once I was able guess what was highlighted.

    Definitely runs smooth! I have around 90mb free so plenty of room! Very pleased...

    Anyone know how to zoom in/out while on the net? I skipped the intro. at the beginning and now while surfing i can't figure out how to zoom in

    Now you guys can shut up!!! However, we'll probably still here about it until there is an "official" release.

    White screen... no visibility to cursor... Come on folks... What went wrong?

    Could it be T-mobile vs AT&T? or Could be locked vs Unlocked? Those are the only variables according to me... Any suggestions folks?

    I've got about 86.5 MB of free RAM. I uninstalled all third party apps prior to update.

    I didn't perform a clean install. Old school upgrade from OS5.


    I keep getting this error message__
    "Unspecified error encountered [J:0x00000024]"

    How do I fix this???? Please help!

    Installed and awaiting device to boot, I will check back today if there are any major issues, tomorrow for a detailed bried

    What's going to happen to the apps? and the themes? Although the OS6 theme looks good, but I paid for the other ones.

    Most apps have been upgraded to work with 6.0. Everything I used transitioned fine on my 9650. Themes are another issue though. You are pretty much stuck with the default theme until developers can get their hands on the theme builder. IMO it is worth losing a few themes (even paid) to get this OS.

    Up and running. So far so good except I'm finding it to be not quite as smooth as my 9650 with the .280 leak.