FINALLLLYYYY!!!! Rogers is rolling out LTE Max in Manitoba on June 17th!

LTE Coming to Winnipeg!
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jun 2013 10:16 am EDT

WOOHOO!!!!  Ok, I realize I'm a going just a little over the top on this announcement, but you need to understand... I'm a Rogers customer... who lives in Manitoba. I've been waiting for LTE to hit here for what feels like FOREVER.

I swear, I think we're one of the last places in Canada that Rogers is rolling LTE out to. But now it's coming. Finally. Here's the word I just received from Rogers:

Today, we’re very excited to announce we’re bringing LTE Max to Manitoba through a province-wide network sharing agreement with MTS.

Starting June 17th, we will roll out our premium LTE network that enables theoretical network speeds of up to 150 Mbps to customers in Winnipeg, Brandon, Victoria Beach, Grand Beach, Selkirk, Steinbach and Ste. Anne. 

With this agreement, we’re bringing Rogers LTE’s incredibly fast wireless experience to even more customers across Canada. As we expand to 44 markets this spring, and 95 in total by the end of 2013, we’re bringing Canadians the fastest wireless internet experience from coast to coast, from Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Alberta, to British Colombia.

Our customers also benefit from the largest selection of LTE devices in Canada, like the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One or the BlackBerry Q10 and Z10.

We thank our Manitoba customers for their patience and are very happy to finally have LTE available for them.

Spread the word fellow Rogers-using Manitobans. Come Monday you can get your blazing fast LTE speeds on. Side note - you may want to order some spare batteries from CrackBerry Canada this week... with LTE speeds you're going to find yourself browsing more, downloading and streaming more, which also means chewing through batteries quicker.

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FINALLLLYYYY!!!! Rogers is rolling out LTE Max in Manitoba on June 17th!


Not when it comes to wrongful billing, issues with services beyond network quality, and making adjustments to.your line...

Network quality never trumps quality customer service.

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About time Rogers very cool
I am With MTS so have been experiencing the LTE speed for a while .
You sure notice the difference as soon as you leave city limits and it goes back to 3G

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I wonder how fast that would chew up my bandwidth. I'll bet the overage charges they'll collect will quickly pay for their cost of upgrading their network.

About time. You can tell the difference when you go out of Province to a 4G area. Looks good and can't wait. Thx CrackBerry for the updates and, I may need the batteries for all the surfin'.

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MTS had I'd from the launch and it's crazy fast but it does kill battery pretty fast. So a spare battery pack is a good idea

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I don't think ppl understand, but LTE and LTE Max is a difference, Max is 2x faster (theoretically).

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Kris, if they are partnering with MTS on this one again, I know they say their LTE Max network, but how if they are partnering with MTS does this work, if MTS LTE network currently only does the up to 75mbps?

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Rogers is the best and most reliable network and have a decent 6gb plan for $30 can't beat it.

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Quick question, is LTE max compatible with the Z10 or only just the Q10? I'm on Rogers with a Z10 in Montreal on LTE and would like to know if I'm enjoying those features too?

Well, if the band they use for LTE max is 2600, the European Z10 (STL100-2) should work on this network. However, this model does not have the 1900 HSPA+ band, so you better hope Rogers is using the UMTS 850 band for HSPA+ in Manitoba.

But irwindersra, do you remember the Q10 radio bands "master" thread? Here someone from Manitoba says they got the SQN100-1:

So are we sure that the LTE max network is on the 2600 MHz band?

Hold on a second here!
So because Manitoba didn't have LTE when the Q-10 came out, and Rogers was only offering the SQN-1 in Manitoba which works with the LTE 2100, I won't be able to use the LTE Max because it will be on the 2600 which only the SQN-3 works with?
Is this what's going to happen? Because if so, I am going to be furious with Rogers! The Q10 just came out over a month ago, and I won't even be able to get LTE! This is not cool.

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This reflects my thoughts exactly. I even questioned the Rogers sales rep when I bought the phone, because I noticed it was a -1

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About time Kevin! We have friends out there, and I know they've been suffering with slow speeds! Good to know its finally coming!

To bad they don't finish each province before the move to the next - Toronto LTE is very spotty and forget it if you go 1 hour outside the city.

Good stuff. Now, if Rogers would do something about the service in SK along #1 that would be great. Crappy 2G service and dropped calls are the norm for me. Rogers customer service says I'm driving too gas for the towers to hand over calls. As I'm limited to 100 kph I asked the to take some of the $80/month I spend with them and upgrade the computer from Windows ME.

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At least data speeds will rock. Voice still the same.

Meanwhile, us users on a network who actually love People (Telus), no LTE love. Maybe Bell and Telus partnership will step it up a notch and they'll pirate the towers.

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Mts has done nothing but throw a wrench in the works. Mts not available outside mb and Mts does not want to have roaming agreements in place with the big three. This leaves anyone outside of mb in a predicament when they visit there. I had to switch to rogers just to get coverage when I visit there from ab. Telus literally works to the perimeter for data and that's it. My family is 20 minutes outside of wpg and no data options unless you go Mts or rogers.

At least sasktel has decent roaming agreements.

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I'm with Telus in Winnipeg and they have been slowly expanding their hspa service throughout the province, all along Hwy to Brandon you get service and up towards grand beach is all serviced in only wish they would start sooner with heading east towards Ontario, they say it's "planned" but no time line.

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Rogers please give an unlimited data plan as an option, only then I will sign up for a data plan. Until then, it's Wifi only.

Haven't had any LTE in Victoria, only 4G for now.

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Blackjack-21, Hello??? I am not even a geek but LTE is the same as 4G. So you have LTE in Victoria because you have 4G. It is confusing and even some who work and write tech articles never explain it properly to the common reader. See, now you are faster than a speeding turtle. LOL. Google me like this "MARK SMYTH PROPANE" and read the 25 to 40 articles that will pop up on the use of propane in cars and trucks. Avoid the City of Vancouver gasoline tax of 25 cents extra over and above the provincial and federal gasoline taxes. Propane has 105 octane and is selling for half the price of gasoline in major cities across Canada and the USA.

4g is not really LTE. 4g can be rebranded as HSPA+ and alot of carriers have done that with up to 21 Mbps theoretcial.. LTE 4g is 75 Mbps or 150Mbps.

I don't get it!!! The term "4G" is really used loosely and not always means LTE. I find some providers are calling HSPA+, 4G!

LTE is true 4G!

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Ugh. I was really hoping to hear Rogers was going to offer their own LTE service. If they're piggybacking off MTS I guess we can expect it to be just as spotty. I've played with MTS's LTE service and I'm not overly impressed. Coverage sucks...dead spots everywhere - especially when indoors.

While i'm COMPLETELY excited for you...the reality is i turned off my LTE after one week. It's a complete battery drain, especially high in an office building (50th floor). So i just use 3G!

All i can say is that it's blazing fast though!

OUTSTANDING, I have experiened LTE when travelling and could not wait for Rogers to upgrade here in Winterpeg..... :)

Haha, they managed to name nine provinces in the release. Might as well say "Everywhere but Saskatchewan"!!

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No Bryan, you misunderstand. LTE Max is a faster version of lte and backwards compatible, so even if your device doesn't have a radio capable of the 150 mb speeds, it will still work on the slower channel. Our Z10s are compatible, no worries.

Wow I'm a bit envious. I'm with Telus with a Z10 and telus's LTE sucks!!!. It's always switc

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I accidentally pressed post before finishing what I was typing. Telus always Switches from 3G to LTE in Montréal . I hear bad things about Rogers customer service though that's why I wouldn't switch. I get my way with Telus I've been with them for 10 years

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Like Bell & Videotron..., Rogers train their Reps to manipulate plans & rates with an astonishing ability. Especially when one migrates. First bill in: it comes of course with surprise fees. Finally you get them to escalate your call. They then manage to trick you into feeling even.
The Big 5 train employees to lie. Why can't the industry, offer fare, reasonable, plans & rates? Thus fostering a proud workforce and satisfied users!

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I have been coming here for few years now, and I can't recall the last time Kevin as been so quiet, I'm wondering what is being done right now. Not even a small comments on the new IOS which usually he is quick to bring his taught like taking a picture having a dump on the Ipad haha. Anyways my in law are leaving in Winnipeg so good news for them.

So, help me out here. As a z10 owner, I get no LTE. I'm getting nothing? If anyone can answer this, that would be awesome.

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