Final batch of tickets for June 6th NYC Talk Mobile launch event now available!

Talk Mobile Launch Event!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 May 2013 06:27 pm EDT

The RSVPs have been getting snatched up fast for next Thursday's Talk Mobile launch party in NYC. To give as many people as possible a fair shot at attending, we spread the tickets out over three batch releases. 

Just now we put live the third and final batch of tickets. If you're in New York City the evening of June 6th and want to attend, jump over to the event invite page and RSVP now!

We had a great time at our NYC CrackBerry Meetup two months ago (see video above), and this one is going to be even bigger and even better. This will be the first time we've done a full-on, all-out, network-wide Mobile Nations meet up - in addition to CrackBerry readers, the editors and fans of Android Central, iMore, and Windows Phone Central will be there too. Cali Lewis and John P. from GeekBeat.TV will be there to join in on the festivities, and we're bringing out DJ MIA MORETTI to keep the party going. She always puts on a good show.

The fine folks at BlackBerry are making this event possible, and we will have a BlackBerry Experience room at the event where attendees can go hands-on with the BlackBerry Z10 and the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Q10

Hot phones, great company, free food, open bar (meaning this one's 21-and-up), and, oh!, thousands of dollars in prizes to be won! This is a launch event that will go down in history. Clear your calendar and RSVP now. We'll see you there!

More information and RSVP for the Talk Mobile launch party now!

Reader comments

Final batch of tickets for June 6th NYC Talk Mobile launch event now available!


What another event where I miss getting a free phone.
Last time the guy in back of us on line won the Q10 :(

To think I was kicking myself all week because I thought I missed my only opportunity to be part of this...thanks crackberry and mobile nations for the addition ticket release....i know where I am gonna be on Thursday June 6th.

Posted via CB10

I'm really pissed off today! BB stock has taken a licking ,but I'm sure it will ,keep on ticking.I always keep my sense of humor,it's good for the heart.So what's up ? You guy's seem to be having a hard time to fill this venue.You seem like New York is Plattsburg.Let's go!!! The town is full of celebreties,get on the early morning shows and whatever else that media town has to offer.I feel you haven't made any inroads at all ,during your stay there.I love you guys ,but ,put it in second gear!Maybe the new PR firm that BB has just hired will help you out,I'm discouraged by the shorts and just had to vent,but seriously ,where are all the comments? Sorry guys.Oh what the hell,maybe we could bring back Firsts comments!!!

+1,But considering there was a previous article that didn't generate many comments I found it odd that this event wasn't sold out immediately, after it was announced.

Possibly a silly question, but what are we looking at for a dress code, I don't want to be too overdressed (or underdressed for that matter).

Posted via CB10

At the last event in NYC most folk came in their casual to-work duds.
The tech guys in the city don't wear jackets & ties unless they are in the retail trade.

@jojo Beaconsfield

BB shares most probably got a beating due to the Z10 /PlayBook update fiasco. I still can't get my head around the fact that he Q10 have received 10.1 before the Z10 considering the Z

Posted via CB10

Thank's ,but BB took a licking because of the people who want to acquire BB ,for peanuts!!! Look at whats happening now ,why doesn't the stock move up?Hang in there ,like myself ,and prosper!!!

.....came first. Mr Heins, you are testing the BlackBerry supporters patience to the limit.

Stop it now!

Posted via CB10