Filing of sent messages will return in BlackBerry OS 10.3

By Bla1ze on 7 May 2014 03:51 pm EDT

If you've been frustrated at the fact the BBOS feature of filing your sent messages isn't available on BlackBerry 10, you won't have to wait too much longer for it to return. In another sneak peek from Michael Clewley it was noted the highly requested feature will be making its way into BlackBerry OS 10.3. It's a small thing but one many folks sorely miss from BBOS so it's good to see it's coming back. Not following Michael Clewley's BBM Channel (C00014277) yet? No time like the present to subscribe.

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Filing of sent messages will return in BlackBerry OS 10.3


LOL, yep. And also here, "Not follow Michael Clewley's BBM Channel"

Wow Bla1ze starting the weekend partying early?

Eh? It's a question..

"Not following Michael Clewley's BBM Channel (C00014277) yet?"

Got me on the title though, an extra l snuck all up in there like it owned the damn joint.

I wish they'd add drafts sync. Right now, my exchange drafts aren't visible on my device unless I do a remote search.

Even when the email is initiated from Outlook? My Q10 drafts folder remains empty even though it's set to sync. Outlook Web Access shows it but not my Q10.

Me too. Although if I have a draft that I had left open for a while, and then decide not to send it (from the desktop, I mean), I notice later a draft still in my hub that I have to delete. Not a big deal, but something I noticed.

Hmm, I just tried it with Hotmail and it does sync the draft after a bit of time but my exchange refuses to sync even after forcing a refresh.

mine sync almost immediately too (yahoo and office 365) and actually get annoyed sometimes as it stays as unread message on my Q10 (it's probably me as I like to keep stuff handy in draft emails)

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Murray Squire Marr

I love that all these new features are being added. I just feel bad for all the people in the U.S who have to wait for a carrier release.

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Didn't you hear? BlackBerry dropped T-Mobile U.S.A., so they're responsible for updating us T-Mobile users directly! (At least, I'm hoping that's what it means...)

Article Title: "Filling of sent messages will return in BlackBerry OS 10.3"

No offence Bla1ze, but I don't know how to "fill" a message, and frankly... I don't WANT to know. lol

But seriously, just today I found that I needed to file a set of emails into an IMAP folder, but couldn't do it from my phone. So, this would definitely be a useful feature for me.

I don't use this feature but I just checked it and I have this already.

I went to my hub, selected an email, long press, and selected file, and there's 'sent' available to choose from.

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That's great, but I'm still trying to find a quick way to view my sent messages. In BBOS I could turn off "View Sent Messages" and use the Alt-+ key to view just Sent Messages. No easy way to do that in BB10 except to navigate to the Sent Message folder.

I thought that I could replicate the BBOS Alt-+ by turning off "View Sent Messages" in BB10 and then setting Pinch Filter Criteria to "Sent Messages", which would then let me easily view Sent Messages by pinching, but that doesn't work (the View Sent Messages flag takes priority over the Pinch Filter Criteria, so you see a blank screen when you pinch)

If you have a Sent folder on your IMO server, just

1. Enter the HUB's list of accounts

2. Click on the email account (e.g.: maybe you named the account "My Gmail") whose sent messages you want to see.

3. Click the blue bar at the very top of the screen (it should say "My Gmail" on the blue bar ).

4. A list of all folders you've created should be visible (including the Sent folder)

5. Click on the Sent folder

NOTE: Your IMAP server must be set to "save sent mail". For example, you set Gmail to save all sent messages in your Sent folder.

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Really been missing this as in my job I have to keep all my correspondence sorted by the issue in the email conversation.

I find filing my messages on my phone easier than on my computer, but it was a real pain to have to go back to filing them on my computer because I couldn't file my sent items to backup folders too.

I found a work around for now. Sync my deleted items folder, then delete the conversation, then file them to my backup folders from the deleted items. Not an ideal solution, because I'd always wind up filing some of the emails I truly wanted to delete, and then accidentally delete the odd email before I remembered to get it filed.

Anyway, glad to see this improvement. This is one of my only real dislikes about BB10 compares to OS7 and now it seems I won't even have this to worry about.

The only real problem is if BlackBerry keeps on making all these improvements to the OS, I'm not going to have anything to complain about anymore and I'll have to actually put in a full days work from now on.

Can't have that.

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Argh, and here I had just gotten used to having only incoming emails filed (labeled in Gmail, red.). Guess once this hits I will have to reorganize everything again, lol. And I sure hope this will not mess up Conversation View, because that currently has some issues with Sent items that also have a Label (Filed).

It seems blackberry concentrate on the BBOS features that missing on BB10, and wish BBM will work out too, to bring some features also
Such as
- Emoticons while writing broadcast
- Ability to send Broadcast to specific category
- Clear all updates at once

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No word on spam folder management and email encryption... They still have a lot of catch-up to do

Didn't even notice. Is this really a highly requested change? I can think of some other ones that are high priority.

This is a huge thing for me. Will clear up so much clutter in the hub. I continually have to log into my accounts and file the sent messages so they don't push the good stuff down the list too far.

I thought Michael wasn't suppose to bring any information from the future!
It just keeps getting better and better, I want to get my hands on it!
Though I do hope they keep some surprises in store for us.

BlackBerry better save the greatest, biggest, atomic bomb new announcements for the end. This better not be as good as it gets.

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And how about the storage of received files as in BB7? I cannot see why I have to retain received messages in my ISP's servers on order for me to have them available in my device.


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H brother another step backwards again!

I get that many users in Legal departments, law firms, Investor relations, and similar require this but honestly it's used to show a historical record (Cabinet) of you communications to a client/entity even if they don't reply.

Here is a secret: it's IN your sent items it's ALREADY FILED! Sure you want organization and I do this too with banking confirmations into my banking folder to reduce my need to search for Big Bank Name within my Inbox and comb through emails that just mention said bank in my example.

Tip: use a unique search criteria such s the entity/person, a specific title related to the content you're after.

Here is a Secret 2: if you think filing emails will reduce your mailbox load when doing so from a kobold device THINK AGAIN! If you're low on email server quota request an increase or manage your filing needs from the corporate desktop client.

Whatever the end NEED or RESULT is to File Sent Email the steps to.licate it yet again for any future need is EXACTLY the same as when you first had to seek the Sent email or when you need to.look it up again in a folder you've been filing too.

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I'm so sick of your one sided, holier than though, my opinion is right, uninformed opinions around here. Everything you said can be negated by the simple fact that people would like to file a sent message just as they would like to file an incoming message. There should be no differentiation. Period. Example: BBOS!!!!!!

I'm also in the school of thought where certain sent items need to be in specific folders to track deal making progress, and who owes a response to who.

Pretty sure you have no clue about what serious business are. You seem to stick believing that business needs requires no more then what's any individual may need.

Just think about an average business group of 25-100 employees that deal with multiple messages daily (let's considered an average of 10 messages daily In/Out per employees). That could represent a total of 1000 messages daily ...365,000 messages on a yearly based. ..all stored in each individual mailboxes. Some are important communications, some are just junk.
Now for business post tracking (Project warranty, customer satisfaction, suppliers communications and agreement, name it), how could you manage to find what you are looking for into the various user mailboxes, mailboxes that could even been disable and only available on a backup system?
First you may have no real clue of what details you are looking for, and/or who was involved in the discussion at that times. Related employee may have left and no other one may really knows what we're the discussions. You then just want to review what we're discussions before taking actions.

So the best practices is to ask your employees to sorted and filed their various communications into a structured filing system. Which method also make possible archiving per Project, customer...
..then later, anyone could quickly and easily run, search thru that filing system to review it, then take action accordingly.

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Organized peoples always file their stuff into a structured maner, outerwise its just became a mess of everything.
Business wise this is not debatable, communications needs to be filed according to your specific business (by customer, by project....)

Is there a way to save emails on your sd card? It would be great to have the possibility to attach old emails (as a file) to a new email you send.

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More and more good news!
Many of these BB OS7 features that are being 'imported' really helped to make the BlackBerry the communication beast that it really is.

I want to be able to mark something as Spam or junk and have it go to the right folder.. trash

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Oh yeah! BlackBerry made the awesome BB10 and slowly adding all the best futures from BBOS. Best if both worlds! Wait, best of 3 world's, counting the ability to download Android apps onto our devices as well. I can't wait.

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I guess because I've been using Exchange for years, from an Outlook client, and because I have worked in Information Security for years where an audit trail is paramount, I've been in the habit of entering my own email address in the BCC line when I want to save a conversation to file it. Obviously when I'm in the BCC line, I get the message I sent, then I file that message in the folder where I want it. Might seem strange but it works. And if it's a long thread, I can just save the last one. Because I do it this way, I never knew that BBOS had it or that people on BB10 wanted it. But I can see where it would be useful to some.