Fill It by SolverLabs - A new puzzle game for BlackBerry

Fill It by SolverLabs
By Michelle Haag on 13 Apr 2011 09:08 am EDT

Who doesn't like a challenging puzzle game now and then? They keep your mind active and can help pass time when you're stuck in line or in a waiting room. Fill It by SolverLabs is this sort of game for your BlackBerry. You have a simple objective: take the assorted shapes from the left and fill the grid on the right, making sure none overlap and they are all used. It sounds so easy, right? It is at first, but as you work through the 100 levels they increase in difficulty, ensuring that you keep that brain working! Game play is timed, in case you beat all the levels and want to go back through and want to challenge your previous attempts. Fill It has both a free (ad supported) and paid version (which costs just $.99 and has no ads). You can pick either up today in BlackBerry App World for most BlackBerry smartphones.

For more information/screenshots and to download Fill It (free, with ads)
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Fill It (ad free)

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Fill It by SolverLabs - A new puzzle game for BlackBerry


can someone give OTA link for the free one for the ones less fortunate living not in the available list ? thanks