FileScout 2.0 - Updated to support BlackBerry 6 and new features. Win 1 of 35 free copies!

By Bla1ze on 9 Aug 2010 05:35 pm EDT

With BlackBerry 6 well on it's way now, we'll be seeing a lot of applications get updated with some new features and new support. One such application that I'm rather happy to see get updated so quickly is FileScout. Matthias, has released v2.0 of FileScout which adds some new features to the app and ensure BlackBerry 6 support.

New features include:

  • RibbonBar for TouchScreen Devices (incl. the new 9800 Torch!)
  • ZIP Browsing: When you have marked a ZIP you can select, if you would like to extract the complete archive or if you would like browse the content of the ZIP.
  • New ZIP-Browsing Key ShortCuts (TouchScreen Devices will show a own ZIP-Browsing RibbonBar to offer identical functionality)
  • Small Menu tweak for OS6 (to keep the OS and FileSout MenuItems separated from each other)
  • When the ‘File Rename Dialog’ will be opened the filename is already selected

What’s Fixed?

  • Opening directories containing a lot of files should be way faster then before
  • Possible dead lock while browsing images fixed
  • A lot of small tweaks and some small menu name adjustments
If you don't already have FileScout you can pick up the premium version for $6.99 which, comes with a free trial. Plus, Matthias has given us 35 free copies to give away to you all so, if ya want a copy drop a comment on this post. Good luck folks!

Reader comments

FileScout 2.0 - Updated to support BlackBerry 6 and new features. Win 1 of 35 free copies!



I've heard great reviews of this app from friends - would love to have it for myself! Thanks Crackberry!

I would love to have this new app so I have a more precise idea of how much battery life I have without my phone dying on me.

I am unfamiliar with this app but the features seem impressive. I would love to have this app so I have a similar ribbon at the bottom of the screen like on my laptop.

would love to win a free copy of this! i love this app and used to have it when it was still free but lost it when i upgraded my OS. its nice and all but i dont think its worth my $6.99 thats why i want to win it!

I just got a 9650 and have been waiting for almost a year for it. I was able to find out about it from this site and am so glad to join the crackberry family.

The next fantastic and overpowering contest to win one of the also most handy and useful applications for the BlackBerry!

A newer version.
Looking good.
Still using one of the earlier versions.
Could probably do with an upgrade to take advantage of all those new features.

Dear Crackberry

Can I have a copy please ?
Been looking around for a while to get a good filemanager for my blackberry

Thanks :)

well, if i get os6 on my 9700, Fscout will probably be the first app installed... this would be awesome win....

One of most powerful apps made for BlackBerry. Does, what RIM should. And much more. I'd love to have this one!

With OS6 coming soon to my 9700, I'd love to win this contest! Thanks to dev & CB for another great giveaway!

Filescout is my HERO! I have used FileScout to organize my files and documents and it has worked wonderfully. In a competitive world, FileScout definately gives me the edge.

With the full release do you have the option to turn off the check for updates option? So annoying to want to use this app for something quick only to have it start up the browser because there's a new update...

I have way to many pictures and videos on my blackberry, so this would help me a lot to navigate them, specially as the integrated file manager is not very friendly.

If I could win this I would be extremly happy--- great offer for the introduction of the new OS6! Woohoo would luv to win!!!