Files and Folders updated to v5.1 - adds SkyDrive support, better Google Drive, UI enhancements and more!

Files and Folders
By Alicia Erlich on 24 Sep 2012 10:47 am EDT

One of my favorite applications received a major overhaul this past week. Files and Folders by Innovatology is more than just your average utility application. Whether stored on your BlackBerry PlayBook or in the cloud, it lets you easily access and manage your documents anytime and anywhere. This latest update not only brings additional features and enhancements but a BB10 inspired look and feel with the new light and dark color scheme and icons. Click on the jump for the full change log.

Changes in v5.0

  • NEW! Support for SkyDrive and Office Web Apps! SkyDrive is Microsoft's answer to Dropbox. It integrates very well with desktop and online versions of Microsoft Office, and provides 7GB of free storage. Learn more and sign up at
  • Swipe down, tap SkyDrive and sign in with your Windows Live ID.
  • We show you your own SkyDrive, and files/folders that others have shared with you, but due to SkyDrive restrictions we cannot yet show files or folders that must be fetched from your computer.
  • Tap an Office file, then tap Open online to fire up the Office Web App.
  • ENHANCED! Google Drive.
  • Now much faster, especially for users with many files.
  • Your own files and files people shared with you are now in separate top-level folders.
  • Because of these changes, any Google Drive folders you have starred will have to be re-starred.
  • ENHANCED! Redesigned look & feel, new icons inspired by BB10.
  • NEW! Choose your favorite color scheme! The light scheme has better visibility during the day, while the dark scheme is easier on the eye at night and handy for presentations, meetings and on stage. Choose your flavor from the General page in the Settings screen.
  • NEW! Online manual, so you can read it in a separate browser window or on another device.
  • FIXED! Many more major & minor improvements & bug fixes.

Note: removed mention of Office 365 until Microsoft can clarify their definition.

Fixed in v5.1

  • Google Drive: Some files uploaded via the Google Drive desktop client or website were not showing up in Files & Folders. This was due to a bug in Google Drive, which we've reported to Google and managed to work around.
  • SkyDrive: Could not paste files to the My SkyDrive root folder. Fixed.

Files and Folders is a great file management system and only gets better with each update. It is available in BlackBerry App World for $2.99 or you can try the free 3-day trial version before purchasing.

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Reader comments

Files and Folders updated to v5.1 - adds SkyDrive support, better Google Drive, UI enhancements and more!


With all due respect to devs, why do us PlayBook owners have to settle for third-party apps? How about an official SkyDrive app? MS has published it for other platforms.

I agree with you that it would be nice if more official apps were available in App World, but in this case Files and Folders is a very nice solution because it aggregates several cloud drives (dropbox, sugarsync, drive, skydrive, etc.). That's the beauty of this app all you files and folders available in one unified place.

Microsoft only released a Skydrive app for Android a few weeks ago and the iPhone/iPad app has only been around since last December. Prior to that both platforms were supported by third party apps and those platforms hold most of the market share. There is little to no incentive for Microsoft to develop and maintain an app for such a tiny market share product, even more so since there is no guarantee there will ever be a next Playbook. Likewise, as Microsoft tries to grow a market for WP8, it understands that its gains will generally come first from RIM market losses (essentially the low hanging fruit). Altogether, there is no reason for Microsoft to develop a PB/BB10 app....

Not as intuitive or straightforward as "my file manager: especially if you're managing within playbook or between it and bridged bb

My File Manager falls short in comparison to Files & Folders which is one of the very best PB apps.
That's ok though, it costs a bit less.

Files and Folders is one of my most used apps. One of a few that I use everyday.
This new version has a much nicer UI and added features.
Support is second to none.

Love this App as well.. These are the types of Apps I don't mind purchasing because they're supper useful and help get things done! Sure it would be nice to have it native but Dev's need love too.. And they've done a nice job with F&F...

I'm a big fan of this app also. I love having all my files and cloud storage in one place. I prefer this over an app for each dropbox, skydrive, etc. And the new ui looks great!

I bought this app when it first came out and I wasn't a big fan, but with this latest update I am now convert. It's fast, it's smooth and I can quickly see it becoming something I use each and everyday for my business!

Innovatology to be bought by RIM and the features of files and folders integrated into BB10`s native file manager?

I could see it!

This app almost makes me want to buy the playbook!
Very cool.
I really need to see how well DocsToGo functions on the playbook, though. I generally use office documents and would intend on opening Docs from Google Drive and Skydrive mostly.

I can open Skydrive in the browser and see the same files without having to spend $2.99. Given, at least on my tablet, you can then use the Web Apps to view but not edit files since the browser still lacks compatibility for editing, we are again talking about minimal functionality. As a file manager is looks reasonable and if one is buying for that reason it may be worth it. The Skydrive functionality (or lack thereof) is hardly a selling point....

Great application. I've got all the files from the cloud at my disposal but now how to share them without having a native app? Because I sure can't find the option to generate file links from within Files & Folders.