Files and Folders for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v2.6.2 - now with advanced ZIP file support

Files and Folders
By Alicia Erlich on 4 Oct 2011 02:43 pm EDT

Files and Folders by Innovatology is more than just a file explorer for the PlayBook. It allows you to search through folders, copy and paste, rename/delete files, preview images and text files, and open files with their respective application. As the PlayBook lacks a native file explorer app to search and filter through directories this will definitely pick up the slack. The folks over at Innovatology let us know they recently updated their app which now stands at 2.6.2.

New features in v2.6: 


  • Minor update, added free space display for Playbook / Dropbox / Google Docs, other small improvements.
  • ZIP files! Manage your zip files as if they were folders. Just tap to open, cut, copy, paste files into and out of it, rename, delete files and folders inside. View previews & thumbnails without unzipping. Works for local files and Dropbox & Google docs. Single-tap zip/unzip too. 
  • Simple text viewer - quickly view plain text files. 
  • Embedded image thumbnails support
  • Slideshow and thumbnail view with folders containing many large images improved.

What sets this apart from other apps is the integrated DropBox and Google Docs support feature and that files can be transferred to and from your PlayBook. Users can also store their email account information and mail files to any address from within the app itself. It's easy to use, has a smooth interface, and is a great addition for the PlayBook. 

Files and Folders is available for $2.99 in BlackBerry App World and comes with a three day free trial. 

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Files and Folders for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v2.6.2 - now with advanced ZIP file support


lol...I love this popping up in my twitter feed amid all the tweets from the Apple event. Apple announced no game changers today...RIM! TIME TO STRIKE!

lol i know the post name almost gave me a heart attack i thought it was playbook OS update! Close call there!
Also now Rim can take the game by surprise!

I use Air Browser for Playbook at my favourite price FREE.

Are there particular advantages to Files and Folders?

I'm still using the Free Air Browser for file management. This app looks pretty neat but unless they add the password protection feature, I don't think I'll buy this app. The dropbox integration is just not enough for me. Other app that offer password protection feature are selling at $1.99.