Fighting Fire with Facts: RIM posts BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad Web Browser Comparison Video

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Nov 2010 09:27 am EST

Oh man, I love the new attitude we're seeing from RIM with the upcoming launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Check out the video above and you'll see what I mean. RIM posted a new video on the BlackBerry youtube channel that puts the pre-release PlayBook head to head against the Apple iPad in a comparison and test of web browser performance and fidelity. The PlayBook fairs pretty well in this one. 

Following up the whole Steve Jobs 7" ain't big enough comments of a few weeks back which was followed by an official response from RIM's Co-CEO Jim Balsillie, it's good to see RIM putting up a video like this. Fighting Fire with Fact. It's fun for the fan boys, good for the street (RIM stock has been moving up again) and good for building up some consumer demand. Of course the Rene Ritchie Apple response on this one will be let's see how the PlayBook compares to the iPad 2, which is valid, but I'm still thinking we won't see flash support from Apple on that one either. Sound off in the comments!

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Fighting Fire with Facts: RIM posts BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad Web Browser Comparison Video


Jobs better stop his nonsense, ipad3 will probably have flash, or the 4th release LOL

His sheeple will keep buying and buying... Until they're in sky-high debt >:D

Jobs is stubborn and drinks a lot of Apple Funny Juice. I have several coworkers with the iPad. All love them but one thing NO FLASH. One just got it for husband but because of the high price tagged said she would travel with it as well. She was pleased and loved it but she can not do school work via the school's site because of lack of flash.

With both Samsung Galaxy Tab and Blackberry being able to do flash, iPad just got some challengers. My personal liking is the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

But I like seeing any CEO go after a competitor when the facts are true and not manipulated.

Nice demo. Though I did think it seemed like the PB lagged a tad playing those flash pieces from the Adidas website. But, clearly, of more importance is the fact that it is playing flash and the iPad cannot.

This will only get better as we get closer to release.....

I just a little too excited... I may have ruin my underwear watching this video. In the words of my neice, ohh maaaannnn (via swiper the fox)

If I'm carrying around a portable device that won't fit in my pocket, I'd rather have the ipad screen, not to mention access to thousands of apps. For God sake's, Gorillaz next album is being made entirely on an ipad.

I have a Blackberry which I love, but if I'm paying, I'm getting an ipad.

I am not in them market for a Tablet computer but if I were, I would lean toward the PlayBook. I understand the draw of iPad's larger screen but I spent a month on an iPad and it was little more than a toy to me.

As for Gorillaz, I don't even know what that is.

You say you understand the draw of the larger iPad screen? Have you ever picked one up? too heavy! I haven't bought it and wouldn't even if there was no playbook.

iPad = too big. Apple will eventually release iPad "nano" 7 inch and slowly the original iPad will die.

The whole thing about a tablet over a notebook is the ability to pick it up and hold it close. If it's too heavy why bother at all.

You should probably start going to the gym if you are complaing about the iPads weight. I hold the thing one handed all day long

I was carrying around the Samsung Galaxy tab in my pocket and was walking around very comfortable and no one knew I had anything in my pocket. Now if I was wearing skinny jeans than things would be different?

Very impressive, but I do think a larger screen option would be nice! Its just a bit too small to replace my laptop.

Wow the smaller size really is nice. I like that and it will be perfect for my line of work in the field. As clunky and bloated flash is. Your stupid if you can't support it at least for the time being. Really can't wait!! So Q1 maybe?

Give the Devil his Due.....Jobs is right, a 7" screen is too small. At least one version of the PB should be iPad-sized.Otherwise the PlayBook looks like the hands-down winner!

So, RIM is the new Apple and Apple is the new RIM?

RIM = innovation and advancements
Apple = Can't let go of the past and admit their mistakes?

your wasted to think apple is innervated.

Ipad alone is a joke. the only difference between the Itouch and the Ipad are the screens sizes thats it. the OS is the same and the apps visually are bigger. Tell me what is innervated about a bigger screen running the same apps as you would on an itouch. Please tell me.

the PlayBook's OS alone is different from their phones. it's built from scratch, the integrating alone with you BlackBerry Phone is another great and useful feature. the new BlackBerry PlayBook OS top anything Apple has to offer on on their Ipad.

what else you need to know...

you talk about proving you wrong, the Iphone/itouch first a appeared in Jan, 2007 and til this day it's running the same OS as it did when it first came out, and now its running on the bigger screen itouch. what kind of innervation is that pls explain?

I am very very impressed but RIM and the direction they are going. The PlayBook seem like its coming alone great and i hope to see it soon. Been an addicted since 2004 with the 7100g

LOL what?? Okay one, iWork (the mac "equivalent" - though it's better- than Office) runs on the iPad. The OS is not the same, it's very similar. There's a difference. You try uploading an iPhone's OS onto the iPad and see what happens.

Two. Innervate: verb - to supply an organ or body part with nerves. How about YOU tell me what is "innervated about a bigger screen"? Because I can't follow you. Perhaps you meant "inNOVate"?

Three. The iPhone and the iPad have worked together since day one of the iPad's launch.

Four. You can't just SAY that the PlayBook OS is better without giving reasons. Also, the iPad is out. The PlayBook is not released yet. Please tell me how you personally know the OS is better...?

Five (lawl). Dude, I dunno what planet you're from, but the iPhone/iPod touch has NOT been running the same OS since it's release. It started with iOS 1.0, then went to 2.0, etc. etc., and is now all the way up to 4.0.something. I don't know the exact number, because my first gen Touch could not get this update. You know, the iPod I got in 2008 and only NOW is outdated, unlike my Tour which I got a year ago this past August and within 10 or so months was outdated... I rest my point.

"what else you need to know..." ?

Dam I just got served, btw the OS is the same just with updates that should have come out since day 1. Only ignorant people like yourself believe that every 0.0 os that Apple brings out are different. Thats like saying Vista is different from win7. In MY OPINION win7 is just updated ver of vista with all the mistakes taken out.

You're right all I have are videos posted on how RIM tablet will out shine the ipad and to be honest I will be one of the 1st ones on line to get one.

1. I don't use iwork had don't like it, (remember its my opinion).

2. Thank you you for pointing out my misspelled word good to know you have a lot of time in your hands. I have a 10page essay due @the end of the month can I email to you for proof reading.

3. The only way I have seen them work together is by using itunes that's its there is no push technology. My wife had to setup her emails on both devices. From what's been said about the PB, what ever you get on your BlackBerry handheld you get on your PB pushed via bluetooth. Where in the hell do you see this on the ipad and iphone just saying. I really hate emailing someone about something on my wifes ipad then for her to do the same on her iphone about 3hrs later because I forgot to tell her I already responded for her.

4. This video alone show how much better the browsering experience you get on the PB. I have the adobemax 2010 demo and now today another video dropped. You're right I have not seen it in person, but B4 the iphone or ipad was mentioned you already dropped everything insight for it.

5. As I stated b4 the iphone/itouch and now the ipad are all running 2007 ver OS with addons they should have had from jump. Nothing you can tell me is different. I'm not being ingnorant I'm just stating MY OPINION.

Hey I still need someone to proof read my essay. Let me know if you can. LOL

If R.I.M decides to release this around the same time the IPAD2 drops then it's going to be D.O.A....flash is exciting but i want to see APPS for it....

See, that's the benefit of the rich web... no need to develop new apps for a specific platform. Design once for the web and release for any platform that supports flash or html5 content.

The larger the screen, the less need for "apps" as you're no longer limited to 3 - 4 inches.

I absolutely agree, what s the point of apps if you have the entire needs for apps that fetch anyway from the web...

And that's a benefit the iPad will have as well. The iPad is HTML5 ready - it's the whole reason it DOESN'T have flash. Flash is on its way out, as it should be, so buying the PlayBook JUST because it's got flash is stupid. Not that I'm saying you would buy it for that or anything, just in general. There are many valid reasons to get a PlayBook, but Flash support just isn't one of them.

Flash is much more embedded than HTML 5, and has a much larger developer base. HTML5 for serving apps is still not baked and years off (if possible at all). The videos are just h264 wrapped in html5, so, it's not really "html5" as compared to Flash.

Thank You #RIM / #Blackberry for this simple but oooooooh so truthful demonstration. Remember 'They'took the first shot..:-)

The word fact derives from the Latin Factum, and was first used in English with the same meaning: "a thing done or performed", a use that is now obsolete.[3] The common usage of, "something that has really occurred or is the case", dates from the middle of the sixteenth century.[4]

Im not sold on the ipad. No flash, front facing camera, weak internals (in comparison to the Playbook), not as portable as a playbook.

Basically I am going with the playbook. No questions. Apple may innovate great products but they cheat you with obvious additions (flash, front facing camera, etc.)

Then they (Apple) have a press release about these things and people go crazy. I don't get it. lol. Blackberry takes there time to make sure everything is included, they come up with the best solution. That's how it should be done.

Im done. peace!

Apple has made a fortune off the idea that the majority of their customers are iGnorant.

Like why does iPhone / iPad not have real multi task? Because Steve thinks most of his customers are too iGnorant to close apps when they are done using them.

Why did the iPad come out missing so much? Because Steve thinks a lot of people are iGnorant enough to rush out and buy the first one, then a lot of the same people will rush out and buy the second, slightly upgraded version.

Based on the announced specs, the PlayBook don't have crap purposefully held back. What is really left for them to add for the second PlayBook?

The iPad could of been so much better. It could of had dual cameras. Or at least one camera. Or HDMI, USB, A better processor, Or more RAM (seriously only 256mb?) But if Apple had given everyone all of that to begin with then what would they have to get people to buy the second one?

Steve Jobs would be correct if infact he did think that people are so crazy to run out and buy the first version of anything even with bugs and short comings. The first iPhone wasn't 3g and people flocked to buy it even though everyone knew 3g was on the way. iPhone with no MMS, awesome. iPhone 4 drops calls randomly wtf people still bought it. Apple can go in and delete apps and whatever else they want if they don't agree with content. Remember Big Brother Is Watching.

I can see RIM's marketing now... ipad user looking over a plabbook users shoulder playing on a flash enabled web page...

iPad user: "Wow! That's cool! What app is that?"

PlayBook user: "It's not an app... it's the web."
"It just... works..."

Oh where can I buy one? Answer, we don't sell it yet. It should be available before June of next year.

However when the PlayBook was first announced, my initial thought was "meh I'd still choose the iPad over it", but I changed my mind until I read more about it.

Personally I think the iPad is a little too big, you see people using it while commuting and trying to hold it with one hand and using it with the other which looks quite awkward.

Specs wise the PlayBook is also more powerful, but yes it is newer than the iPad. I don't care about the dual camera but I guess it's better than nothing, dual core processor is sweet, tethering off your BlackBerry for connection is nice, not like the iPad 3G you need a separate data plan or WIFI only. What I love the most is how you can use the PlayBook in conjunction to your BlackBerry, as if it's an extention, or like having a dual screen BlackBerry!

The truth speaks for itself. Hats off to RIM for posting this awesome video! It just makes me want one so bad! I can't wait to get my grubby paws one :)

The whole screen size argument really depends on what you use it for.

I use my ipad for reading, blogs, and comic books. So i prefer the largest screen possible. In my case I am comfortable trading portability.

apple is planning on releasing multiple sizes of ipads.

I would have been all over a 10" or 11" playbook (perfect size for comic books).

Actually, Steve shot down the 7" ipad a month or so ago. I believe it was here or on some boy blog.

This is a nice video, now delivery them already. In my opinion a huge error on RIM's part to not have this out for the holidays. APPLE continues to cement clients in with proper marketing and well timed product released.

While it was a good demo, I'm always a little uncomfortable with these comparisons between a prototype with no release date (Playbook) and a device that's already been on the market for months (iPad). If Playbook doesn't come out until, say, May 2011, it seems pretty hard to believe that Apple won't already have released or announced a better device.

Steve pulled a douche move mud slinging in antenna-gate, and that looks like it'll be his new MO going forward, on anything related to the competition.

I don't own an iPad, nor do I plan on owning one... And I'm impressed by the PlayBook's browsing speed...

I just don't care about the "it doesn't have flash" argument. As someone who seriously notices a battery life drop when using flash on my laptop, I can only imagine how much of an impact this would have on a mobile device. Until Flash becomes much less CPU intensive and efficient, I'd rather have battery life.

This is especially true because a lot of sites use flash in places you don't even realize they're using it, and all those elements use CPU cycles whether you realize it or not. I only realized this when I installed FlashBlock on Firefox.

If they insist on including flash, then there better be an off switch. That's all I'm saying.

Flash is used to move vector graphics. HTML5 canvas will be doing the same task. Won't that use the same juice? Open a complicated drawing in Illustrator or Xara and watch what happens to your processor and battery. Rendering vector animations takes power regardless of the program doing the render.

No, I realize that HTML5 consumes CPU cycles also, it only does so when it's actually needed. My main point was that after installing FlashBlock, I started realizing just how often Flash is used in places where it's not actually needed. Sometimes it's not even rendering anything visual, but instead it's being used for things that a little CSS could do without any plugins or wasted resources.

Give it a try. I got tired of my Firefox constantly taking 20-30% CPU even when I'm doing absolutely nothing. Ever since installing FlashBlock, Firefox uses 1-5% CPU when idle. It's how it should be.

Like the video a lot, and as Kevin said, I like how they're showing some "attitude" and not just bending over to Apple. Of course, the Playbook will never come close to selling as many as the iPad did b/c they're up against the Apple PR and cultural "machine". But if you can create a niche product that convinces the technically savvy that they're getting a superior technology (kind of like how Android has done on some of their Motorola and HTC devices), that's a strong foothold.

My concern continues to be how people will treat the keyboard. Because of its "tweener" size, people will either treat this like a "giant HTC Evo" (using both thumbs) or a mini-iPad (trying to type like a keyboard). I don't think you can type on this thing like a traditional keyboard. Then again, I don't think you could do that on iPad either, and the smaller size could be much more convenient (and portable). What Apple is missing is that a tablet is still supposed to be portable in ways that laptop computers are not, yet it's not really clear to me how an iPad is any more portable than a MacBook Air or any number of slim laptops on the market nowadays.

I love the performance of this device. I think it was a great show of what it can do with graphical processing and UI. I did notice how small it was compared to the Ipad but I think that was just because I, as we have, got used to the Ipad dimensions. I'm really hoping that this hits the market soon. As for the DOA issue with Ipad2, I think that's more Jobs idolatry than a basis on the next Ipad being that much better than the current model. I've had Mac Book Pros and ipods for awhile, if there is one thing I know about apple, it'll take three renditions of a product before real progress is made(ie. Iphone4, Ipod 3rd Gen, multiple note book and PC revisions) Don't get me wrong I like apple products, definitely spent enough on them, but this time I much prefer the playbook.

As times goes by the playbook seems less relevant. As competition is so tight these days, showing the product but releasing it so far from today can be counter productive for the company. I feel RIM has shown its hand and will get punished but its competitors not to far from today. If there's is anything RIM should adopt from Apple is the availability of its products once officially announced.

The PlayBook is thought to be using Texas Instrument's chip that is just going into production this quarter. The chips have to be in full production before they can be used in an available product.

Since they are targeting their enterprise customers they aren't "missing" anything. The tablet market is very small right now and there's no need to rush into production. RIM can build their tablet business the same way they did with their phones, by building the brand on enterprise and then addressing the consumers when their interest turns towards the product.

I have a bad feeling about the playbook. It just doesnt seem like it has a real "point". Dont get me wrong, I am a loyal RIM fan but a tablet, at least in the first few years, is going to be more oriented towards entertainment rather than business. I think tablets have business potential, but I cannot see myself carrying one around to get all my work done because it simply doesnt have the capabilities of a computer (although its getting close).

I hope RIM takes the opposite route of apple and lets real development occur. And by real development I mean open up the API for the developer to do potentially anything on it, i.e. lets apps run in the background (100% multitasking, not apple's method), allow extensions within the OS so the functionality can be expanded, access to the file system, etc. Otherwise they are in the same boat as apple, and truth be told, apple has the advantage and RIM will have a hard time catching up with.

RIM is known for its Multi-Tasking! (The playbook has shown multiple videos of APPS running in the background) I remember when the DROID first came out. They kept boasting about how easy it was to multi-task and switch between apps withought having to close them. I still had my 8100 and thought to myself. "I've been able to do that since before the iPhone came out"

OS5 has the capability of exploring files. Why wouldn't a RIM Device with a far superior OS not have all of the features that have become 2nd nature to BB users..

What's the point of the iPad? Its an oversized iPod touch! However people still purchase it. It's quite hilarious I know somebody that seriously owns an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and a Mac Book Air. WTF! Seriously! He basically has the same device at least 3 times..

So what's the point of the PlayBook? Sales, Money, because people will buy it. I want one :)

Um, are you serious? This is going to be a huge deal to the business market. Laptops may be portable but they are still cumbersome. The Playbook will work right out of your pocket. That means if you like to conduct some of your digital business affairs while sipping mocha at Starbucks, you won't have to wait for a vacant table or even a vacant power outlet. The screen is big enough to actually view and edit documents without causing eye strain yet small enough to hold and use for long periods, even if you're standing around. Try that on a laptop.

I'm a web designer and I also run an online store. I could pretty much conduct all of my business away from my home computer using the Playbook with the exception of building large websites from scratch. However, I would be able to manage my customers' websites and my own online store. I could even connect via VPN to my home computer and operate and work with my suite of ADOBE products like Photoshop & Flash CS4 remotely if I needed to make some serious edits. I'm afraid the current consumer oriented tablets just don't provide that sort of power and flexibility (iPad).

The Playbook will be great for others who work out in the field. For example, this could replace those bulky machine that UPS deliverers use. Also, outside sales people, marketers, and convention exhibitors will all be able to use the Playbook. And the list goes on.

The Playbook is a "can do" machine that is meant for people who actually have things to do. The side benefit is that it still has the power and capacity to entertain you with your COMPLETE digital music, movie, and book library (connect to your home pc's hard drive via VPN) at the same time that you're using the Playbook for work. Try that with the current iPad or upcoming iPad2.

By the way, as many times as I've been to Starbucks, I have yet to see anyone using an iPad. If they are leaving the iPad at home, what's the use in having one? A tablet is supposed to provide portability and convenience away from the home/office. The Playbook achieves this for both the business professional AND the consumer.

however being that I dont use my 9700 for any business needs. I will be getting a playbook just because it's wicked cool. LOL!

I havent come accross a budget app that suites my needs so I use an Excel spreadsheet through my BB. I can see how managing this spreadsheet through the the Playbook would be sooo much better and a lot less eye straining..

Love it, I do wish that they offered different sizes, though. The ipad feels too big and think this might be too small, have to wait and see. 7" and 9" might be the perfect combo.

Like xtremesniper said, I do hope that you can turn flash off, I'm sure you can.

The REAL question IMHO is: Who(m) will #RIM be targeting? Business and / or Consumers. It's nice 2 have thousands & thousands of APPS but when a large percentage (assumption here..:-)) cannot and never will be verified what's the use? True ANY & EVERYone is jumping on the iXXXX Band-wagon because the #PlayBook is only recently becoming available to / for Developers and before that ALL one had was the iPad. It is believe it or not good Marketing Strategy.

News Alert: Not everyone owns or intends to own an iPad.

That leaves the rest of us waiting for a "grown-up" tablet that can reliably go well beyond just entertainment. The Playbook will deliver that just nicely.

I'll take a few thousand apps or even a few hundred apps over a million apps that don't really accomplish anything. Games are covered because there are already a million plus Flash based games that will run in Playbook's browser. Music, Video, and books/magazines are covered because Playbook will ship with those native apps. What else? Oh yes, apps that can actually help me get things done. There's a ton of utility apps already available at Blackberry's app store. If I run the app on my Blackberry phone, I'll simply operate it through Playbook. And if I want a Playbook specific app that can do it, I'm sure it will be available when Playbook launches. Apps are already under development and thanks to Adobe Air, the development process will be easy for developers. The iPad has nothing but a bunch of creampuff "cr"apps because the hardware is weak. Apps for the Playbook will take advantage of its processing power and expansive RAM allowing developers to create stronger more useful apps. iPad can keep its many fart keyboard apps.

So by the time this thing comes out, Apple will have released version 2 iPad and it will rock. People will buy it. RIM will look like Zune compared to iPod.

Exactly! Apple got the head start in the tablet market. That's all they needed.

This is exactly what they did with the iPhone. Do you really think Apple just could not put a basic feature like a video camera in their phone??? No, they planned that the 3G would have features that people would want and probably pay the premium, even if just a year later.

I have a feeling the initial iPad follows that exact same model. Apple doesn't lack innovation, they just have a strategy and an understanding of their customer.

You little ones are so wrong.

Listen your whole premis is Apple must be the best. But you ahev to put recent success in context. First off many years ago apple scrapped their whole OS and shifted to a new one they purchased from Next (sound familiar). That allowed them to break from legacy and improve their OS over windows.

Second success was the iPod which they also purchased.

Third the iPhone, again start from zero and have no legacy issues such as RIM has with OS6.

With Playbook RIM has pulled one from Apple's playbook! No Legacy allows the company to valut to the front of the line. Apple however is stickign to something they do best - that is not admitting they make any mistakes ever. They will continue to product an iPad without Flash, they wil continue to make it to heavy and too big to hold practically.

Will RIM take over sales of iPad? No Apple is at present a cultural phenomenon which has little if anything to do with their product (witness macbook air and the iPad itself - both crappy product that people lined up to get). But RIM will do very well with this. With it's business base to build on RIM will do well with the best product on the market.

I agree. Apple truly knows how stupid their customer are.

But are you saying that you were one of those fools who splurged on the first half-baked iPad and now will shell out just as much for an iPad2 in less than a year's time? I think you will just like you did with the iphone. The real question is, if the iPad were so good, why would you need to replace it with the iPad2 in the first place?

Keep in mind that the iPad2 still won't have Flash and still won't be able to have true multi-tasking. It still won't have the processing power to handle big utility apps and it still won't be able to capture the prosumer or business market. But you will still buy the iPad2. And your argument for doing so will still be....."there are millions of apps", or "it's got a bigger screen", or "all my friends have one".

Nerds who want to buy their way to popularity will buy the iPad2. These same sheep already bought the iPad1 and repeat iterations of the iphone to the tune of a few thousand dollars total.

I-phone couldn't take over the business cellphone market because the i-phone sucks and can't compete in technical ability and ergonomics. RIM owns the business market and Blackberry is STILL a popular phone in the consumer market. The sheep got burned when they stood in lines to buy the iPad (because it's useless) and will get burned again when they buy the iPad2 (same junk but with a camera or two).

The iPad is currently the number 1 selling tablet, no doubt. But don't believe for a second that it's number 1 because it's such a great product. The sheep were the ones buying up the iPad. Everyone else had better sense to pass on it. So by default the iPad became number 1. Samsung's Galaxy Tab has already started the blood-letting of iPad's position and when the Playbook is released in Feb 2011, it will be the deathknell for iPad's perceived dominance.

The nerd-sheep will still buy iPad2, but who cares. They are just nerd-sheep. They are far outnumbered by the rest of the intelligent world.

but I can't really get excited until I see a phone that can keep up with iOS or Android. I hope the Storm 3 is as groundbreaking as the Playbook.

Could the 7 inch tablets kill the large 4 inch touchscreen phones? If you do decide in favor of carrying a 7 inch tablet, why would you want a 4 inch phone as well?

The screen is too small on the playbook, no 3G versions available until later, and who knows what kind of apps it will have. This video is nice and all by the PB has a long ways to go to show that in can compete with the iPad among consumers.

Why would you want it to have 3G, it's designed to share the same internet connection with your blackberry, one data plan, only pay once. Playbook is for blackberry owners, at least for now.

Very impressive, and I may have missed it in the video.
I'm assuming the Playbook is using WiFi, but is the iPad also using WiFi or AT&T's 3G network in the video?

The ability to not need apps > having an app for everything
A device that can't either deliver full featured web or make phone calls is a failure. I don't like to say much based on manufacturers' videos, so Playbook might prove to be crappy too, but iPad is worthless to me. Not sure WTF all Apple's anti-Flash stance is all about. Everything works just fine on my $200 netbook. Don't give me some BS about battery life or instability; not after I watch hours of Hulu on one battery, without paying extra, and on a device that was significantly cheaper.

People keep talking about Apps. Drives me crazy. Every App store has to start from scratch at some point. And let's be honest, more than half the apps out there are a waste of space. I don't need 20,000 apps that all do the same thing, I need 1 App that does it well or well enough and free.

As for specs, Ipad 2 specs haven't been released. And this will probably be a story of one upmanship. Apples come out with a product, RIM counters, then apple counters and so on and so fourth. Thats assuming Apple get's it straight in it's counter. But I'm not holding my breath. I want flash, and I don't want some douche telling me what I want and don't want. But this is the oldest argument of PC vs MAC debate. Open vs Closed. And I for one will always opt for Open. Because let's be honest, the best hardware is always on the open platform first.

if apple even try to counter the playbook on specs they`ll be putting the iPad against the macbook air as well as other tablets, they have a ceiling to what they can do with the device because of their pre-existing product lineup. RIM dont have this barrier.

and nobody should forget this is a `business` device. does this mean a 10" for cunsumers later in the year? who knows, but that really would be awesome

good thing they're not comparing my tour's browser to anything in any commercials. because it would be a white screen with a half full loading bar for an hour followed by me angrily closing the browser and bookmarking the link to check when I'm in front of an actual computer.

I agree! It's great that RIM "appears" to have created a very competitive Pad Device... Just think they should be working a little more on their smartphones. Majority of us are still on OS5, and RIM has yet to produce a device that can compete with what Apple or Android are doing.

And I dont care how good rims new tablet is. They are putting the screws to me and my bold 9700 when it comes to an official OS6 so I am dome with RIM after this fiasco. Thanks for treating a high end buyer like I am disposable. Guess you are right, I am. Later

I think it's hilarious when people try to use crackberry as an outlet to communicate with RIM. LOL. P.S. did you get that new OS for your iPad yet? The one Apple said has multitasking, the one that is 3 years behind but still not out? Looks like RIM isn't treating you any different than any company treats their customers.

Did you get that new OS for your Blackberry PlayBook yet? Oh wait, you don't have a PlayBook! Because RIM is an arduous giant that can't get innovative product to market.

And Apple is? what have they done thats so innovative. And don't say the iPad or iPod or OSX or iPhone. I guess we can give them the new shiny screen. Other than that the ideas were already done and had been talked about for years. You've gotten swallowed up by the Apple marketing machine and now believe that everything they say is truth. P.S. iPad sucks, Fischer Price could have done better. Oversized gen 1 iPod.

They've released OS6 for the 9700, what are you complaining about? That your carrier hasn't made OS6 official for the 9700 isn't RIM's fault. Just go download an unofficial one, they're the exact same thing. In either case, expect the official OS6 for the 9700 to arrive in 3-4 months at most.

check before complaining... just because ur carrier doesn't carry it doesnt mean there is no OS6 for 9700. I think you should try looking at the forum, you'll find your answer there.

I did try an unofficial OS6 on my 9700 and it crashed a bunch and effed my address book. Still hoping the official works better than an unofficial but it probably wont and whilst I have 3 or 4 months to wait and see, my contract will be up and I will be gone. And no, I dont have the latest OS for my Ipad, the browser still works awesome, just like the one on the iphone, unlike the one on my 9700 and also unlike the one on OS6. Later RIM!

by the looks of things RIM has stepped up its game face and has made a real player to take on ipad and since it does flash I wont need an app for that while browsing the web. LOL- it looks better runs faster and ok the screen is small by ipad standards but I think when we see it and play with it hands on the 7" screen won't seem all bad it will be easier to hadle remember bigger isnt always better its the magic in the wand!!! Besides if you need 10" get a damm laptop

The biggest risk to RIM I think is waiting to long to release it. I know they have to get it stable and try and develop app support so it launches as much as a 'complete' device as possible, but the more they show and the more they delay, the more Apple gets a chance for their iPad 2 and competitors get a slice of the pie.

Just hope they are fast tracking everything around this so they can show people the right way to do a tablet and not a re-hashed over grown iPod touch ala iPad.

I like the playbook. I like it for integrating my BlackBerry in it's system, so i don't have to get an extra umts contract like you would for the ipad. So i can read my stuff fast and easily and in addition i have a great multimedia device.
Flash on the other hand isn't worth it in my opinion. I got used to choose different websites and mobile sites. Nevertheless Flash seems to be quite laggy in this test..

I agree, in fact I just don't get the tab fad AT ALL. I might think of this post and laugh in 5 years time, but suspect that by that point we'll all be wondering why the heck we all went so crazy for devices which add very little that's actually worthwhile. What do people do with tablets that they can't do on a phone these days? Browse the web on a larger screen? Watch videos on a larger screen? I can see the use of tablets as spec'd out mini computers, but as larger cellphones (which is basically what they are) I just don't get it.

People need to start seeing the Playbook in their hands!
The longer it takes the closer the release of the iPad 2 will regulate the Playbook to page 3 or farther.
Many more BB shops are looking into going with alternate platforms and will have invested $$ on new platforms by the time the Playbook is released.

Shut the hell up! What makes you believe the Playbook can't hold its own when going up toe-to-toe when iPad2 is released? Do you know anything about iPad2? Do you really know if RIM is trying to avoid timing the Playbook release with iPad2? BB shops are already developing apps for the Playbook, or have you been following? If not, now's the time for you to shut the hell up.

RIM doesn't care about the sheep who will buy a 2nd iPad in less than a year. Those idiots wouldn't know how to use a Blackberry let alone a high-powered tablet like the Playbook. The adults will buy the Playbook. No slick advertising, no "culture" marketing needed. The sheep will say "I own an iPad therefore I feel cool". Everyone else will say "I own a Playbook therefore I can do".

Wooooo RIMs gonna kick ass with this new product!!! Even if ipad2 is coming... My bet is RIM will always beat apple...

We all know what happens it apples when their ripe...right? They fall.. They fall from their tree and hit the rock bottom fast.. This day will come soon apple!! Fall already!!

At the rate its going ipad 2 will be out first in which case... I'm not saying DOA, just most of the above won't be valid anymore!

Great video, is RIM ever going to let anyone touch one of these? And by the time they get their first version out, iPad II will be out -- if it doesn't beat the Playbook.

I liked the demo. I thought it did a good job comparing the two with the different websites & for all those complaining about the lack of apps for the Playbook, just relax I mean it's not even released yet, I'm sure there are people working on them as we speak. I'm not an apple fan by any means & the only way an ipad is making its way into my household is by winning one because I'm not wasting my money on that big toy but I'm definitely putting away what I can for a Playbook, I think it'll make a nice addition to my 9700. The ONLY thing I'd like to see happen more like apple is app/game pricing because we all know that we're getting the shaft when it comes to that & I'm sure it will continue with the Playbook too.

I see the Playbook going very far in the tablet world. Yes they may come out with an iPad 2 but without Flash support, it's pretty much an easy win for RIM in retrospect to the web browser.

looking at the video, i can pretty much say that of course the playbook would out do the ipad since the uploader and person who is doing a review of this is a blackberry employee/user.

the same rule applies when it comes down to the ipad vs playbook on the apple user.

im sure they each have their ups and down, but it will take a 3rd person who is neither a fanboy of blackberry or iphone to do a constructive review on these two tablets to convince me which is better.

of course, what you use each tablet for plays a major role but again, i would like to hear a review from a non fanboy of either company.

while i see the point your trying to make, if your suggesting a website will load different for one person pressing go over another then im sure that isnt the case.
as soon as a playbook is out there im sure people will make their own opinions, and much like the launch of OS6 im sure comparsion vids will flood the likes of youtube.

and for all those saying `but you cant get one` well we know this already, when they displayed it they said Q1 2011, so i dont know where the validity in the statement ` your not late yet` is, but im sure its there somewhere. either way at least they`ll make it in white :)

That video is funny. Since getting abandoned by RIM with OS 6 less than a year after purchasing my Storm 2 no way am I risking another penny on an undersized tablet. It also looks under-powered. Does it even pinch to zoom, cause I didn't see it in this video? Oh wait, I did...on the iPad.

Sorry, this video just confirms my initial impression. I'll wait till it comes out to see what its really like but given RIM's track record for innovation I'm not holding my breath

I hear ya, it's really strange that older technology doesn't support newer technology.

I would say the PB is over powered, not sure how you came to the opposite conclusion. And yes it does do pinch to zoom, the point of the video wasn't to show that off.

Look at 1:27...pb looks a little choppy. I don't own one but I have used the iPhone and the fluid motion is impressive, especially compared to my S2.

I just don't trust RIM to be a leader or even up to par with competing products. Besides, this will be outdated by the time it comes out.

iPad will wipe the the floor with Playbook, at the end of the day it is all down to support, yes I know there is a lot of crap for the iPad, however over 250000 apps at a much cheaper, or free price compared to Blackberry, sorry the Playbook hasnt got a chance unless they give it away to mack up for its lack of support

The whole app frenzy is about reducing the progress we have made in a free and open Internet into $0.99 chunks controlled by a private governing entity. The Playbook will have all the apps it needs in addition to the full Internet.

This comment on the video on the YouTube site from an Apple fanboy kind of says it all:

"Even though playbook shows better speed and performance, i'll still by the iPad because its from Apple.
But can't wait for ipad 2nd gen with RETINA DISPLAY."

It is really sad and pathetic (and frustrating) that people are so sucked in by marketing that event though they see another product is better they won't buy it.

I might see something like this with a car. Yes X is better but I like the styling of Y. Or even Phones Yes IPhone looks cooler but we like the features of Blackberry such as they keyboards. But people, here we have two pieces of glass. One clearly better than the other, but "I go with the worse one because Apple makes it." God :(

And to other apple fanboys who argue about screen size face it in your hearts you are just really saying what this person is saying, you are sticking with your shittier product because it has Apple on it.

That, and right now, you can buy an iPad, a Galaxy Tab, but not till like March will you be able to buy a Playbook. Come back to this, when it hits the shelves.

I wouldn't purchase any more crap from RIM if it was free. After the last two years of experience with my BBs I'm going Android - and not soon enough.

P'owned. At least for now but I have no doubt that Apple will try to push through a second generation Ipad with equal or greater specs sometime in Q1 to compete.

I love RIM don't get me wrong; but I wonder on the strategy to release all these "features" and advantages over Apple's iPad.

By doing this, they're really just giving their competitor a nice "to-do list" for the next development. I get that this is good marketing - look at the hype it creates, and for someone in RIM's current position with consumers, its a good way to go - but I just can't get over how it might turn around and bite them in the ass when if they don't have anything that will still help them win some competitive advantage.

We all know iPad2 will have some good improvements; as much as I hate the culture that Apple has created, they do think forward and now that they actually have a competitor in the tablet market (iPad virtually had none), they will push harder to differentiate themselves.

Where can I get a Playbook, oh yeah, you can't, and you can't till several months into next year. Come back when it hits the shelves.

But to be fair, so far so good.

A Playbook several months from now is better than a shitty iPad today. Why would you waste $500 plus on a piece of junk you can't really use? I mean, are you really going to sit down some where and hold that thing for 2 1/2 hours while you're watching a movie? I doubt that. Given that it's too big to be a practical tablet, I'm quite sure it never leaves your house. Which begs the question, why the hell did you buy it in the first place? You already have a TV at home, a computer to access the internet, and an iphone or mp3 player to play your music. Just $500 down the drain. But at least you feel cool. And don't forget you'll spend yet another $600 next year when the iPad2 comes. You already plan on buying it because you realized what a shitty product your first iPad is. Sadly you don't have enough brain power to figure out how shitty Apple is treating you by selling you half-baked products dressed in a nice design only to resell you the same thing again with only a minor modification (just look at how many iphones and ipods you've owned). I love it when the boneheads talk about their beloved Apple products and their beloved Steve Jobs. I can just hear Steve Jobs right now: "I'm going to rape these idiots of billions of more dollars with iPad2 and they're going to love me for it. I love the dumbing down of America. Who needs to win over RIM's customers when I got a huge flock of sheep willing to bend over every time I release a product"

my laptop browser (chrome) only goes 98/100.
i guess i better switch to a playbook quick.
any word on if there will be a canadian release delay?

Sales mean everything. Don't know why rim wanna try and compete with apple. At the end of the day it's all about sales. Not who has a bigger screen or flash or apps but sales. I have the S2 and the apps suuuuuuuuuuuuck. Look at the number one selling app. A fucking disco light. Hurry up upgrade date. fanboys think they have something... ok first.. it took or has taken Apple to come out with a product that does something as easy as cut and paste... the iphone 3.. now the phone 4 .. now an Ipad....

what exactly can the ipad do? and to all those saying ppl are buying the playbook bc of flash.. no thats not it.. The only thing apple prides itself on with the stupid fanny pad is what?? the processor chip? the screen? is there anything else?? ok Now look at the specs on the playbook.... it beats the ipad in speed.. so what it doesnt have a 32in screen.. I dont want to watch tv.. i want mobility.. and thats what Rim is bringing to the table. Rim has been on the market (phones) for how long.... and now Steve Jobs of fruit cake company comes along and taps into the mobile market and thinks hes a mobile phone expert???? Well heres some 411 for all you fruit followers.... Windows is used in business and will continue to be... (business world steve job doesnt have) Blackberry will and has been in the business AND consumer market for how long????? I will always support MS and RIM..but steve jobs arrogant ways will be the fall of him... and i want to be there when it happens..... now thats proof...Keep doing what you do best Rim... now come out with a touch screen for sprint...LOL!!

In Australia everyone is under the belief that i-anything is the best. We need more comparison videos like this to convert the misguided.

What seems very funny to me is that people that really like Apple products are very quick to compare their current devices with other underpowered devices like the BlackBerry. But when it comes to comparing a device that has double the everything (PlayBook) to Apple's device (iPad) they say wait until the #2 comes out :D hahahaha!!

Well that is because they are due out around the same time. Its not like people are comparing to their iphones to the first blackbery, they compare it to what it out. And when the playbook comes out the ipad2 should be also, so comparing the two is more then ok...if there was anything known about the ipad2 that is

Ever notice how when there is a major update to the iPhone or some Apple product Jobs has a keynote address? Like when multi-tasking was announced and the crowd went wild like Apple had just invented it? I kid you not, he will announce that the iPhone/iPad now features Flash 15 and they will scream with delight as if Jobs/Apple had produced Flash themselves.

Cell phones in the 80's are bigger than the playbook. But the Ipad is a proven monster that does what it says. This could be the 2011 version of the black berry storm. Looked like an Iphone killer too back then, you gotta be proven these days. And this proved nothing


yes but the Ipad is available now and im bloody impatiant BB need to pull their finger out and start shipping worldwide or im going to give in and buy an Ipad

yes but the Ipad is available to buy now and im bloody impatiant if BB dont pull their finger out i will give in and buy an Ipad