Fierce Towers for BlackBerry updated to v1.8 - Get it for 50% through August 2nd

By Adam Zeis on 28 Jul 2010 04:05 pm EDT

One of my all-time favorite BlackBerry games Fierce Towers has just been updated to version 1.8. The new release brings some great new features that truly help make it one of the great tower defense games on BlackBerry. Back in May I did a mini-review and pointed out the finer points as well as what the game lacked, and I have to say the new version does not disappoint. Updates include:

  • Damage bonus for fully upgrading tower.
  • Assorted bug fixes.
  • New scoring system.
  • Displays tower range when tower is highlighted.
  • Points are displayed when enemy is killed.
  • Optional tower level indicator to see how many times a tower has been upgraded.
  • Upcoming waves are displayed.
  • Tower info is now available to display tower damage, range, and cost for each upgrade.

To celebrate the release, both Fierce Towers and Candy Defense are on sale for 50% off until August 2nd. So you have no excuse not to check out these sweet games - hit the links below for more.

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Reader comments

Fierce Towers for BlackBerry updated to v1.8 - Get it for 50% through August 2nd


I just looked in BB App World and it still lists Fierce Towers 1.6 for $4.99. Any ideas? Is version 1.8 correct?

The new version isn't yet available on App World. You can get it from the links in this article. It will come to App World soon.

I've been playing it on my Bold (older version) and didn't know it wasn't for it. I wonder why they say it's not compatible?

Sorry about the confusion. They are the same version, just a glitch with the internal version number and the actual release version number. If you buy from the CB store/mobihand, you are getting the most recent version.

Although it said v1.7.7 when downloading. I checked the version after it was installed and it said it was v1.8.1