Fierce Towers: Tower Defense Game for the BlackBerry Storm

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 May 2009 10:59 am EDT

In the BlackBerry Game Developer's interview we posted eariier this week, Nickel Buddy let us know they'd soon be introducing the first tower defense game for BlackBerry. Here it is! Field Towers for the BlackBerry Storm lets you control the field in an effort to stop the incoming waves of attacking enemies. You can grab it for $4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store. *Warning* Tower defense games can be highly addictive, so don't blame us if you spend all weekend playing it!

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Fierce Towers: Tower Defense Game for the BlackBerry Storm


Looks brilliant! I am sure I have played a very similar game elsewhere, not the same but similar in concept. I love it! This will be a hit hands down.

Ive been waiting for this to come out! Stoked its finally here! Man this phone is going to nickel and dime me to death.

looks a bit laggy and not as smooth as the Iphone one. I think ill just stick with my Ipod touch version until an updated version of this comes out.

laggy, do you even know wtf you're talking about? Lag refers to the latency associated with network traffic. I think you must be talking about the frame rate. In any case, this game looks like ass.

Have you played the game to give it an honest review? Your basing this on a crappy youtube video? Does us all a favor. Before coming in here and making a comment, think. Then process those thoughts into a constructive review. This game is neither laggy or crappy. I think its very well done and is alot of fun. A great value for $5.

i got this game and trust me, i suggest you take the warning about it being addictive, i been playing this game none stop and it doesn't even move my app memory after playing it for over 45 mins cant say the same for battery life though but as far as i can see.. the gameplay is fast and awesome :)

I purchased the game. I loved the version on the iphone and this one is pretty nice. So far though I have not got sound to work on the device. That is the biggest problem I have. someone let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

The reason there is no sound is that the storm can only play one sound at once so the best you'd be able to get is some background music really.

Pretty good game. If you place in the wrong spot you can sell for full price (it's easy to do). I played it for a little over a half hour and still having fun. Also happy they didn't jack the price too high ($10 for that airplane landing game!) best $5 I've spent in a long time!

After level 105 or so - it just stops. I think my score was in the 20k range but it doesn't even show (neither does the level number) I can scroll around but nothing happens action wise... Seems like a simple enough game to put into a simple loop that just increases in difficulty.

At least give a congrats so I know its not an just sits there.

Maybe it was 10, but I thought I had gone past that. Anyway did it give a "the end" screen or whatever? I just sat there forever wondering if it was just lagging or something. I still wasn't sure it didn't just glitch until your post.

It's fun but it's really "cheap".
Graphically, it looks like a GBA game with less sprites...And the frame rate is low.
RIM really needs to work on a "modern" OS. The v5 is a sort of 4.7.5 or 4.6.5.
I really hope the v6 is on the way and that is really "new".

This game is good. It's not like the iphones version but it's still addictive :D.

There is a bid downside!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO SOUND and i like the sound. Hope there will be an update soon. Or else i will have to carry my iphone too apart from my other 2 storms :) To only play this in the iphone.

I bought the game, and it's very great! Hope will be updated with more feature some time. :)

The ability to choose music/playlist from your SD card to play in the gameplay background should be an option, that would make this game even better!

You can. Just go to your media player, start music, open Field towers, play , whala music while you play.

Just purchased this game in the morning. The warning wasn't a joke- my battery drained twice from non-stop playing. Seriously. lol

Seriously. Good game, maybe more gametypes- obstacles is my favourite. Worth $5 in comparison to other games.


If you think this is fun, try playing the original...
I'm going to email the Fieldrunners company, this is a complete rip off, these guys should be sued!

This game is still very buggy... there is no sound and resume does not work very well. It doesn't work at all if the Storm has been locked while the games has been paused. Very disappointing. It is still beta and making people pay for a version that is more buggy than any beta of other games is not nice. An updated version is overdue...