Fido Launches BlackBerry Services

By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2009 08:37 am EST
Fido Launches BlackBerry Services!

We've been saying it for a while now and now it finally has become reality. That's right, Fido has gone back to their "old" ways and have finally launched BlackBerry services once again. The launch device being reported is the BlackBerry Pearl 8100, with more BlackBerry devices set to launch in the coming months. This is probably bigger news to those who were holding out with unlocked devices waiting for Fido to get their act together. In any event you can now enable full BlackBerry service and if you're looking to pick up the BlackBerry Pearl be prepared to pay $400 (ouch!) no contract or for a mere $25 on a 3 year contract, pricing for BlackBerry service detailed below.

$15 - Unlimited personal email and IM
$25 - 500MB
$30 - 1GB
$60 - 3GB

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Fido Launches BlackBerry Services


For all the people thinking of picking up the 8100 at the full 400$ do yourself a favor and buy an unlocked 8100 for about 250$ (or maybe even less!) and enjoy the 150$ you saved.

Even a brand new 8220 (with Wifi) cost less than 400$!

Raped! $60 for 3gb??? I don't understand why people don't use Telus, unlimited data and my rate plan including voice unlimited email IM text messaging data, evenings weekends call display voicemail etc is $55 with tax and system fee a month. Kind of funny that just for 3gb of data it's more than my whole monthly plan lol.

i am with rogers provider with a regular voiceplan (200 min daytime+ $9 unltd nightn weekend+ $11 vcmail clldisplay+$30 1gb data + $6.95 system access fee) all together i pay close to $85/ on a month to month plan no contract...

If i port my # to fido and go with there current voiceplan $25 ( 100 daytime mints(per second billing) + unltd eve n weekend (included in plan) + unltd txt messaging + $11 vcmail n clldsplay + and also add the $30 1 gb data package... all together it will cost around $70...i will also be saving on the saf since fido doesnt charge saf... i will be saving around $20-$25/month...

Does anybody know if i do that and also unlock my curve 8310 that is with rogers will it work under the fido data plan? In there website they are only offering pearl... is that the only phone that will work under the blackberry data plan provided by fido? Does anybody know will this work out for me? any fido employees here? Anybody else has any suggesstions?

It will work with a different BlackBerry. I got my BB service activated today and I have an unlocked Curve. It's working perfectly.

Hey Sho-D may i ask you what voice+data plan u signed up with Fido? I just need a clarification in one other thing. i hear rumours if you unlock ur bberry some feautres dont work properly like browsing emailing and stuff like that...are you having any problem like that? can you let me know.