FG Microtec Launches SDK for BlackBerry Developers - Enables Real VoIP for BlackBerry Application Developers

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Apr 2010 10:24 am EDT

This one is for all the application developers out there... If you've been longing to develop a BlackBerry app that utilizes VoIP you'll want to stay on the look out for the new FGVoIP Engine being released in early May. Available from fg microtech as an SDK, the FGVoIP Engine will allow developers to add full duplex (sending and receiving) real-time voice to a BlackBerry Smartphone, with no GSM interaction required. You can watch the video above for a demo and check out the full details in the press release below. Now let's see some BlackBerry VoIP apps!!

Press Release

fg microtec enables real VoIP for BlackBerry® application developers

fgVoIP Engine is the first SDK to enable full duplex, real-time voice on BlackBerry® smartphones with absolutely no GSM interaction

Munich, 20 April 2010 - fg microtec, the leading provider of enterprise unified telephony applications for mobile phones, today announced the availability of the fgVoIP Engine, which enables BlackBerry developers, for the first time, to integrate a third party VoIP technology with high-quality full duplex media processing capabilities into applications they build for the BlackBerry platform.

fg microtec offers the fgVoIP Engine as a Software Development Kit (SDK) for the BlackBerry platform. Through the fgVoIP Engine, developers will solve the major challenge of adding full duplex (sending and receiving) real-time voice to a BlackBerry smartphone.

The SDK includes:

  • fgVoIP Engine as a Java library
  • Documentation
  • Sample code in Java

fg microtec is providing the fgVoIP Engine to companies developing real-time applications for the BlackBerry platform such as telephony and UC clients, as well as organizations interested in implementing VoIP on BlackBerry devices.

"VoIP on BlackBerry smartphones has been both a challenge and a market requirement for quite some time now. Indeed, in some cases, companies have tried to crack this problem for years without success," said Robert Mirbaha, fg microtec's CEO. "We believe that through our new fgVoIP Engine, BlackBerry developers will now be able to bring their VoIP-enabled applications to the market in less time, and enable more BlackBerry® smartphone users to benefit from the low call cost advantages of VoIP."

fg microtec has 10 years of mobile application development experience, specifically in real-time applications such as VoIP. The company's VoIP technology has been in the marketplace since 2006 and allows high-quality, reliable full duplex voice encoding and decoding with low delay, suitable for VoIP applications. fg microtec has developed VoIP technologies and VoIP clients for Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone and the BlackBerry platform.

The fgVoIP Engine SDK will be available in early May. For licensing, pricing and further information, please contact us at http://www.fgmicrotec.com

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FG Microtec Launches SDK for BlackBerry Developers - Enables Real VoIP for BlackBerry Application Developers


Hey Kevin, maybe the developers that work for Skype could use this to give us a GSM version. Or do they have an exclusive deal with Verizon for a certain period of time and that's the reason for not having a GSM version???

Skype has an exclusivity agreement with Verizon. Regardless, it would be AWESOME if Skype used this engine to allow true VoIP on Verizon and eventually on the other carriers.

Glad I wasn't the only one. LOL

Awesome product! I wish Toktkumi would get their ass in gear and adopt some of this new technology.

This is not an application...this is an SDK, a platform for software development. This means that someone can MAKE an application out of this platform.

must admit that this is 1 thing that makes me show emotion, just a little bit, since i dont have almost any....
And in a good way...
Hope this will finaly help developers to make real skype, fring etc, wich every user eagerly expect...
And RIM should have put VoIP capabilities in their phones like 6 years ago...
Still, the last 2 days excellent news- flash, OS 6.0. VoIP engine... Maybe RIM will catch up with the others by the end of the year...

Asterisk is a small PBX that you can run on any Linux system.
You could by PCI phone cards and plug in regular phones, but...

Asterisk will work with SIP phones wirelessly. But SIP phones are expensive. But they are about to become much cheaper. We can just use our wifi equipped blackberries. (I am eligible for an upgrade, so this time I'll get a model with wifi.)

One great way to implement Asterisk is to install OpenWrt on an old home wifi router, such as a WRT54G. See:



Dear all,

we finally completed our work on a full SIP client using the SDK above. It is a generic SIP client you can use with any SIP PBX or VoIP provider.

More infos at