Feeling Patriotic? Presidential Coveroos are on the Way!

Presidential Coveroos Now Available
By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Jan 2009 02:05 pm EST

Gotta luv the timing on this one... the good folks over at Coveroo just emailed to let me know they have licensed both the Presidential Seal and Air Force One for use on their BlackBerry Coveroos.

So if Barack Obama has you feeling patriotic and you want to display your faith in the new President / Commander-in-Chief and pride in the country, keep your eyes peeled on the Coveroo website. They'll be adding these Presidential Coveroos to their catalogue shortly (in the next day or two). If you just have to have one of these now and can't wait, you can order early by emailing service@coveroo.com. And if you'd rather show off your pride in CrackBerry Nation, Coveroo also let us know that the CrackBerry.com Coveroos have been a big hit and are still available.

If you do pick up a new Coveroo, be sure to share a picture of it in the forums.

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Feeling Patriotic? Presidential Coveroos are on the Way!


I really would like to come here and not see political stuff at Crackberry. It's getting a little ridiculous.

These covers can be advertised without using political stuff.

Crackberry needs to remember that you're always going to piss off ~ 50% of the people that come here and see this. That's reason No. 1 why non-political websites usually stay away from political issues.

I'm a loyal crackberry user but I do admit getting tired of the Obama posts. I can read that stuff everywhere I don't need it here.

Extremely sick of "obama" being shoved down our throats everywhere we look. It's not what you wanna see while trying to get into some BB talk. BUT, I have never seen Crackberry sway one way or the other. They've never announced their support or disapproval of the man.

BUT, that is one subject Crackberry COULD avoid if they wanted to keep the forum fights to a minimum. It's not going to kill us to miss out on some Obama accessories. Some bits of news are better left unreported.

Did I miss out on the Bush and Reagan battery covers? Hmm...

I would really like to come here and not see grown men and women whining. The posts don't even express any political opinion for christs sake! It's the same handful of people in every single post doing the dissenting.

If Crackberry.com changes their content to bend at the will of a few whiners then I will no longer support this site with my visits or purchases.

Barack Obama is OUR President, YOUR President. Are you an American? As an American you have every right to SKIP over the posts that you don't want to read.

Grow Up. Seriously.

I recently ordered a skin and found it a bit ill fitted. I think these rock! Look forward to receiving one free or order one if I have too!

-Crackberry C.J.
Chattanooga, TN

something told me that the comments on this post would all be against obama. people are honestly just gonna make themselves a bitter person. Hating against obama clearly didnt work during the election and its not gonna do anything for ya now

As well as for Bush, twice. I like them both but that stuff doesn't belong here at crackberry. It just divides a community.

Particularly for someone like me who voted for both of them.

It's not so much fun being on the reverse side of the coin. You guys did the same thing for 8 years and before that the same people that are doing it now did it for 12 years. Attack and defense have changed sides, that is all. How easily have people forgotten what it was like with Clinton... This is why both parties in this country = fail. You want real change, you don't get it in a democrat or a republican. Obama is Clinton part 2. Most of the same cronies are back. The same old policies are back, maybe with a new refresh breath that socialism might actually work this time. It isn't change, it's revisiting the past. It's what you get with any Republican or Democrat. It's time to start thinking independently if you want change, this country will never wake up to that fact though.

ok you're right (the beginning part) i never thought of it that way. except people kinda of got against bush a lot when he messed up. but i don't know. im not THAT big on politics to care that much.

Seems to me the only thing that matters for CB Nation is that Obama is a BLACKBERRY USING PRESIDENT. That is why he shows up on this site. Whether you voted for him or not - and I'm Canadian so it's irrelevant to me - the man knows what device to keep handy. So give him his props for that, get a coveroo if you like them, and forget about the political debate here. As an outsider to American politics, I think CB does a great job of covering the blackberry angle, as they should, without offering any opinion.

They are showing us the cases of OBAMA, YES I voted for him so now what? If you don't like him? *shrugging* so be it and move ON this is about the cases NOT about who you like or don't like. MY GOD people can we all just get along and only SPEAK about the cases and NOT your personal views? If you don't like it then keep your comments to yourself! Dayum! This is getting out of hand and these should be moderated too. I LOVE these cases to each it's OWN!

If you don't like the covers that Coveroos makes why don't you complain to them? I don't think CrackBerry is trying to make a political statement; they are just showing us what is available. Should they start censoring product???


Dear Coveroo,

Due to your recent production of the Obama stamped coveroo and delving into the political arena, you have hear by been boycotted by at least one potential customer forever.



call you a troll but it's 100% true.

This is why sites should stay away from politics. coveroo could have just as easily displayed the Obama stuff at their website prominently for folks to see, without mentioning it here on the front page of crackberry.

Now they'll turn off people that would have purchased coveroos not involving Mr. Obama. Sure, Obama fans will still purchase, but but you could have had both. Not smart business.

Besides, they need a Marine One coveroo. :D

Sorry Fellas, Liberalism is a mental disorder. God I love the Savage Nation. =) Who really cares about if the site is Liberal or Right Wing??? =/

THe last 8 years have proven that conservatism is a failed ideology...your denial provees that coservatism is a mental illness...


Anyone with the most basic knowledge of any kind of marketing/business knows about it. "Top Of Mind Awareness" When something so newsworthy happens, the subject is on everyone's mind. And just like everything, everyone, everywhere, Crackberry posted a story that includes current TOMA. Not politics, not left, not right. And it worked, cause you all are talking about this post like there was nothing else to read about on this site.

It just so happened that Coveroo has these covers just in time for the big inauguration - and who can blame them for trying to make a buck - Crackberry posted their availabilty, that's all!

They could have been engraved covers, depicting a large pen!s had Ron Jeremy been elected President. It makes no difference. I hardly think there is a political statement in this post.

Well I learned one thing today. No forum is without its whiners.

President B.H.O. is going to give FREE blackberrys to everyone single person in the U.S. and he's going to pay all of the phone bills too! He's also going to pay your mortgage, car payment, give you FREE health insurance and pay you if you don't have a job. Hope and change is here!!

There has been controversy over Obama's use of his blackberry during his presidency.

This has nothing to do with his political affiliations or his beliefs. If you think about it, there has really been only one other president since MOST of us have even being using a blackberry. We're talking about 4 (often 8) year terms. We've only had ONE president where the internet was used mainstream for their entire tenure.

For those of you who complain that this is a liberal bias or favorable treatment, think again. The last two presidents we had barely used email while in office. As all of us can know, a lot can change in 8 years. As a president, you don't really have time to play and obsess with the latest technology like we do. Once your a president, you will be a late adopter of this stuff for the rest of your term. As a result, Obamas use of a smartphone is actually a pretty big deal considering there have only been 2 people in office since and more than a decade of the BBs existence. Even McCain is a blackberry user, if he fought to keep his blackberry we at CB nation would of course be excited too.

In America, we transfer power with class (peacefully and respectfully). That is at true privilege in this world. I think it's tasteless to call someone an anti-christ for no apparent reason at a completely random and irrelevant time. If you feel so strongly, go to politico or a blog or whatever or hell run for office. Instead of the antichrist, you could have at least said "Obamas fiscal stimulus concerns me. I'd much prefer temporary tax cuts as opposed to hastily made infrastructure investments" or "It concerns me that Obama apparently opposes a fat pigouvian tax hike on gasoline consumption." All you do is sound ignorant when you call someone that. You sound like a fool when you bring it up uncalled for in an irrelevant place. I'm sure Michael Moore or Rush Limbaugh, depending on your unconditional ideology, would love your company.

But I'm sure you would love pictures of Lindsay Lohan using a Blackberry correct?

Nobody is cramming everything down your throat. No one is making you visit this site nor is anyone making you read the posts about the President of The United States of America.

You couldn't just READ the title of the entry and decide it was NOT for you?

Honest to God, some of you need to get lives. He IS the new Prez and this IS an opportunity for someone to make some money on new covers that you all have a choice NOT to buy.

I like them. I also have the ability to skip over stuff I'm not interested in.

Don't like? Don't get. Ta da!

I guess this is what happened to the Blackberry community after they introduced a camera and it became "cool" to have one....it attracted immature users.

I how I long for the days of my 7510.

nice point arbos :P Hey, i have no issues w the cellphone covers. The feeling "patriotic" thing, i do :P it should say "feeling socialist?" THEN i'd run out and buy a ton of the covers ;)

btw i didnt like either candidate so i knew either way this wasn't gonna be a good 4 years in my my politically ha

I am sick of all these cry babies crying now that we have a African American President. You idots, history has been made in this racist a$$ed country so it's going to be in the news, on tv, newspapers, magazines, talked about on the bus, trains, watercoolers etc. Quit trying to disguise your hatred under "he's a socilist", so fuckin' what if he is, sorry a$$ George Bush plain and simply fucked this country up here and abroad, but that's ok for you racists because "he wasn't a socialist"? He had to get his ass out of office so this country has a fighting chance to get back on it's feet and hopefully the damage that has been done here and overseas can be repaired cause all he kept doing was making it worse! Now if you get so bent out of shape because CB has put cases, f'ing blackberry cases on sale on their site (that you bring your ass's to) then get off the site and please don't come back. Go join a fuckin' Neo Nazi group if you want to get away from the major news happening that is Obama, but oops...those losers are probably talking about him too - so there you go, you can't get away from it unless you go stick your head in the sand. Get over it. And the reason George Bush or Ronald Reagan was not talked about so much (trust me they were) is because there has been 43 white Presidents, what's the big deal about that when it's been that way for so long?

CB keep doing what you are doing I love this site!

I'm sick of (get ready to get angry for no reason) you people calling people that don't like Obama racist. Jeez Louise, its not a racist thing, it's a anti socialism thing, and anti liberal thing. I am a little bitter that I got robbed of a real election because a bunch of douche nozzles that wanted to "make history" and be "forward thinking" and put someone who is no where near qualified to run my country. If it qualifies me of being anti American because I don't like Obama, then so be it. It honestly make me sad that so many people in my country would be so ignorant to real issues and abilities. Hey, let elect a guy that ran a state that has one of the highest state tax rates and worst crime rates to run our country! Screw making history, I would prefer to let someone that is qualified run my country. Apparently, we have too many bleeding heart liberals that would rather take money from people that worked their asses off to earn it, and give it to people that would rather sit on their asses and collect welfare and bitch about those racist people who don't like Obama.

Oh, we have a Black president, congratulations! one out of 44... wupty-do!

We should have somone qualified to run this country, not someone like dumb ass George Bush! All he did was run this country right into the ground, by doing what? By bleeding hard working americans into bankruptcy, foreclosures, job loss etc., while helping the rich continue to steal their wealth by acts of war and dodging their fair share of taxes/responsibilities etc. Yeah,so now you have been "robbed" of a real election, so you say, well try being robbed of every decent human aspect then you'll have a right to bitch. The USA has gone straight into the crapper, but to you it's ok because he was a white man who put us there AND to let you tell it, he was "qualified" to run this country. And lest you forget he "stole" or "robbed" his way into the white house, or don't you remember that?

So we don't have a White president anymore, our record is 1-43.....Waaa, Waaaa, Waaaa......