Feedback Wanted: BerryWeather 2.1 Public Beta Available

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jan 2010 06:29 pm EST

Berry Weather 2.1

Henrik from BellShare just sent us an email letting us know that BerryWeather 2.1 is now available in Public Beta form and that they're looking for feedback from CrackBerry readers to help put the finishing touches on it. Henrik says this version will be a lot faster and easier on memory than previous versions (good stuff!). The full changelog is as follows:

  • Complete rework of the core. BerryWeather will now fully close when sent to background. The homescreen wallpaper and icon will keep updating.
  • Using new server protocol to improve update speeds and minimze CPU load
  • Changed forecast/advisory update settings. New option 'With Forecats' for advisory will update advisories whenever forecasts are updated, 'Never' will never update advisories
  • Added data+settings backup to memory card
  • Added support for setting the icon size on homescreen walllpaper
  • Added support for blacking out the settings screen (on by default)
  • Added support for selecting whether to show radar/webcam links in internal viewer or browser (allows adding mp3/video/hrml links)
  • Fixed lag on image browser for background image selection
  • Fixed lag issues on BlackBerry Tour (and other devices)
  • Fixed several potential memory leaks
  • Fixed errors on first time built-in map loading
  • Version 2.1 is using a new storage format. This means all data will be lost.
  • We strongly recommend uninstalling any previous version before installing version 2.1
  • You will need a valid BerryWeather 2.x license or this beta will be limited to a 3 day trial.

You can follow the link below to jump over to BellShare's forum for the download links. Feel free to leave feedback there or in the comments of this blog post. If you don't have Berry Weather 2.0 yet, you can purchase 2.0 here to have the 2.x license.

Reader comments

Feedback Wanted: BerryWeather 2.1 Public Beta Available


BerryWeather will now fully close when sent to background. The homescreen wallpaper and icon will keep updating. --> Finally! I'm off to try this out, thanks a lot!

Technically, I guess so, but it didn't even ask me for the code. I deinstalled the last version, let it reboot and installed this and it knew what my code was. I don't know how, but awesome :)

everything goes quicker going to menu items so far, memory is holding steady, will keep a closer look as time goes on.
the W key short cut, i have it checked but it doesnt work, it goes to my tmobile web, am i doing something wrong?

I try to install via DM and I get a message saying the application isn't compatible with my phone (Tour 9630)

go to 3rd party apps in this forum and you will see a OTA link posted , remove any old version of BW before you install the beta version tho .:)

Thanks for the heads up. Uninstalled, rebooted, installed the beta. Great so far. Everything looks much cleaner. I <3 BerryWeather

the title is "Public Beta BerryWeather 2.1 " in the 3rd party section to install as an OTA fron your blackberry browser , if it helps anyone find it easier ,Good to hear ebedoun , I like it better as well


After the install if you exit the app before completing setup, it will hang with a white screen. Tested on Storm 2 running OS 5.0.428

I can't figure out how this download works. When I click on the link above that says "Download BerryWeather 2.1...", it takes me to a bellshare page that has a list of links on it depending on what OS you are running. When I click on the correct one for my Tour, it displays a page full of what I assume is code.

I have no idea where to go from here. Any help? Thanks.


I didn't realize that this was a link for the device. I'd clicked it from my MacBook, thinking that it would email or TXT the download link to my phone.

I had no idea what the .jad extension meant.

Thanks again.

When you click on the link fopr your Tour it is or should give you a download box giving you the option to save or run.
If you wish and this is what I do is right click on the same link. Scroll down to Properties and highlight it and then click copy or on your PCs keyboard hit ctrl and C at the same time to copy the link. Send that link to your phone my pasting it in an email. Then simply open it and click on it and it will take you directly to the download to install it and set all your permissions to "Allow" and that should do it. Make sure if you are running an older version you uninstall it and do a battery pull first.

Beautiful. Download and install were very smooth. Looking forward to this improved version as BerryWeather is my first choice weather app.

Wow now they are begging feedback from users while most of us ask for technical support from Bellshare and they don't give a damn about that..

I've been waiting for this update. I've been choosing to not run the app at all because of the lag and memory problems. But I think I'll give it just a little more time before installing it on my tour. Maybe a week or so. :)

Great update ... never had a problem with BerryWeather and that continues with this beta.
Great product and everything works great!

With that price tag?? 9USD is like 30 over for us, which is crazy expensive, i will rather look at the moon to know my tomorrow weather...

I am curious how one tells about memory leaks and so forth. I was running 2.0 and liked it a lot. I put 2.1 on and I'm sure it will be yet another good experience. But I what do the memory leaks do...and how do you know if you have them?

Nowhere does it say that you'll need to pay again to upgrade to 2.1 If you have already purchased 2.0 your registration code will work on 2.1

sweet so far and i love you can change the size if the icon when you select home screen wallpaper, using this all day so far memory has been very steady

I downloaded BeWeather from AppWorld...will my registration code for that work with BerryWeather? I know they're the same program but AppWorld won't have anything with "berry" in it, but just wondering if anyone could shed some light on what would happen if I downloaded this 2.1 version and used my BeWeather activation code?

same question with BeBuzz too i guess lol.
Thanks in advance!

I had no problem using my activation code from my App World purchase of BeWeather on BerryWeather(including this update)

Because some of us have to work outside in it for 12 hours a day or night. Its kinda useful to know whats coming when you are outside for that amount of time.

With the 2.1.35 update, advisory notifications now work properly. In version 2.0.65, they would show up even when all advisories were turned off. The new version fixed this. It got so bad that I had to downgrade to version 1.6.11 until this got fixed. Very worthwhile update.

Have just installed it on my BB9700 and can already see great improvements. Especially with speed. Will provide more valuable feedback once I get to use it more.

So, what does the community get in return for testing their second re-write of the app?

Their support forum is next to non-responsive (apart from some clueless beta testers responding and denying the issues - yet we get fixes for the issues at a later stage).

Its a pretty big file for a weather app. coming in at 904KB.
BBweather is less than half of that, gives me multiple cities and has a gps option.

My God, finally! I was so p*ssed off when I purchased it and it caused a giant lag on my 9700. I ended up hardly opening is and having to shut it down whenever I was done using it to be able to use my BB properly.
Now I downloaded this beta version and it works perfectly, the lag is completely gone and I can finally use it the way it's supposed to be. I'm more than a little happy with this :)

Not to have this running in the background anymore! Battery life and memory should be vastly improved now.

And yes some of us do work outdoors, so having this app is very helpful to say the least.

I might add that the lag with the previous version is now gone!

Looks good. Stupid question - where am I suppose to enter the activation code? LOL. There doesn't look like anywhere under the menu. It's been a few months since I bought 2.0 and can't remember how I did it.

Perhaps you dont need to enter it at all. I was looking for a place to enter it as well and I found out it already knew my code - which is why I couldnt find a place to enter it, I guess. If it doesn't ask for it by itself, dont worry about it.

Glad to see that Bellshare reached out to the users for feedback - I've not had much problem w/BW in the past but 2.1 is looking good so far since downloading last night!

Installed the beat last night onto my stock OS and love it...only problem I have seen so far is that I woke up to six messages this morning but only two would show. When I deleted the two I could see, I got the next two. I had to delete those two to see the final two.

I did a battery pull. We will see if it fixes it.

come on, give me a break!
you guys really think this junk is $10 better than freebie weather eye?
if it were 1 or 2 bucks, i may sacrifice my device's precious memory to do those guys a favor to try it out. but more than that? no way!

Plenty of people are paying $10 and are happy. I don't see what the point of posting here how much you THINK it should be sold for. If you want to beg for a cheaper price, email BellShare directly.

on appword.
if you go there and you will find the price around 7$ something.
anyway, still too much for a crappy weather app.

I only "heard" so.
I guess free version missing certain features that cause the memory leakage. anyway, I don't care because i don't use this crap even though it's free.

I keep my Berryweather to update every hour. Normally my battery was at 50% by evening. But after downloading this update, it's at 70% at about that time. Keep up the good work, Bellshare!

I am running the app on my Blackberry Curve 8330 running 5.0. My memory is much improved using this version over the last weather app version. I like the new temp icon, however on the Curve it is cut off and doesn't fit like in the above picture. Also, a few of the settings don't seem to stay where you set them. But any bugs are minor and even with them, it is a better app than before.

Using bold 9000, OS, my home screen wallpaper is now black and when I change the wallpaper the berryweather icon disappears. I thought it was a theme issue so I tried a few themes but no luck. Do I need to change something in the settings?

I like BerryWeather, I tried the full trial of current version (not this beta) and liked it, but was waiting for a sale before purchasing. I then opted to go with BeWeather freebie. Trying beta now. Know a lot of work goes into these apps, but $10 for weather is steep. It's a pretty recurring comment so perhaps more sales at a lesser price would be better than fewer sales at a higher price? Really do like the software. Running beta on Tour now, so if there are issues will post back.

So far the trial is working just fine. I did notice something about Advisories, don't know if it's a quirk or not.

On Advisory Filter I've had 3 in past day due to flood & winter weather. I have ticked to "Show Popup using Berry Popup". I don't get any popup tho, just flashing red LED and small triangular warning icon on Tour home screen. (I was expecting a pop up screen, much like a calendar or task reminder when due.)

Since red LED is blinking and I see triangular alert icon, from Home screen I click on BWeather icon, get my current conditions screen (I'm running Simple theme), see the red Advisory Bar at the top. (Not sure if this next part is a quirk or it's how it's supposed to work.) Instinct is to click on red Advisory Bar and get info. But nothing happens. Have to go to BB Menu>Show Active Advisories. If that's the way it's supposed to work, then it's not broken. ;) But it would be nice to be able to click directly on red advisory bar and view it, rather than go through menu>view. Save a couple steps. Just a suggestion!

No memory leak yesterday, lost less than 1 MB the whole day. I used to lose almost 10 MB in a typical day!
Radar is also much faster to load. Liking it so far.

BB8330 ver 4.5. I installed the BW beta version 2.1. No prior bw install. BW icon appeared. I clicked on it. App opened. Forced to select a location I selected "my current location". The app went to black screen. After about 2 minutes I knew the app was locked. BB was locked too. Did a soft BB reset and the BW icon was replaced with an "na" icon. Clicked on it and got a fatal exception error. Reset again. Same "na" icon and fatal exception error. That was enough of that crap. I deleted app. I will stick to using browser for

I did notice if you use static locations it will work fine. But the same happend to me when I installed 2.0. Have not found any info on the fix for it. Thought 2.1 would address that issue, but it didn't. Hopefully they use this feed back.

Demmmm,Nice and smooth!memory holds (no leaks).Pull the batt.last night w/ 36.70 MB and woke up(10 hrs.w/ 5 e-mails,2 missed calls)and went up by 36.75 MB(how it happens?):D
NICE UPDATE!!When will the Final be out?:D

Just downloaded beta on my Tour and everything is working great. Definitely seems a litte faster. I love this app, only wish you could see wind direction and if pressure was rising, falling, or steady. Other than that no complaints, Thx BellShare.

Sent .jad file to my Storm2 by e-mail. Tried to open and got "907 Invalid COD. File not found."
Any ideas? I went to Bellshare's website but they are only showing 2.0 for OTA download.

Instead of sending the file link, send this page and click the link. It takes you to Bellshare's site - then pick the right version for your device.

works great on my Tour! Even better then 2.0 even ran! Love how you can now backup all your settings onto the media card!

well done!

Just to let you know I originally tried the free version and loved it so I upgraded to full version when I saw it was on sale in App World. Sale price was 6.99 but during download it said price was reduce to 4.99. Bonus!! If you to cheap to fork out $5 for the best weather app out there, than stick with you buggy Weather Bug or strain your eyes trying to see Weather Eye.

Updated this am without a problem. Deleted 2.0 first but Tour remembered my license # when I upgraded to 2.1 So far no problems at all. Running on VZW, Tour, OS

When on the setting the wallpaper option to the right the text such as location and conditions are to far to the left. I would also like to change the colors of the fonts to match wallpapers. Other than that this is a very good update and is worth the full cost.

Stats: BB 8330 Curve- Berryweather 2.0
Results- GPS or Cell Location Options causes Uncaught execption Index 3>=2 when opening. and causes application to not function.

Fix= Had to reinstall. Did not use the GPS funtion, everything worked fine.

Stats: BB 8330 Curve- Berryweather 2.1
Results- GPS or Cell Location Options causes Uncaught execption Index 3>=2 when opening and causes application to not function.

Fix= Have to reinstall.

Stats: BB 8330 Curve- Berryweather 1.6
Results- GPS or Cell Location (Current Location) never

upgrades between 2.1x and 2.2x usually dont cost...its when you go from 1.x to 2.x that there is a fee...thats what the big deal was when BW upgraded from their 1.x version to 2.0...they should not charge people to fix memory leaks...

Ok, I removed version 2.0 and have tried to download the 2.1 bete but I keep getting "907 Invalid COD. File not found". I have a Sprint tour runing 5.0. So I reinstalled 2.0. tried to install 2.1 again but this time while leaving 2.0 on the tour and at first I get "version 2.0 already installed, would you like to upgrade to 2.1" (or something worded like that). But when I click yes it gives me "907 Invalid COD. File not found" again. What gives????

Install went very smooth. Entered my settings and backed up to card, nice touch similiar to backing up settings in Quick Launch. I have tried all of the weather apps. How anybody could say Berryweather isn't among the top one or two is beyond me. If you don't want to pay then don't and keep using what works best for you. Filling this thread with stupid comments about the price is not what it is for. If you find bugs by all means you should comment. Apparently there are enough of us for Bellshare to continue to develop the product. If and when the price or support becomes a real issue they will either react or suffer the consequences. Continues to amaze me that people that spend hundreds of dollars on evey new device that comes out get crazy over a few dollars for apps that add to the usefullness. Once again if you don't like it, don't need it or can't afford it then try something else.

Works great... Is it even possible that this alone has made my phone better? Meterberry shows that since my removal of the previous 2.0 and installing the new 2.1 beta, that I am running with 3-5 MB more memory... my phone has always ran on the low side of memory but now it is acceptable. Also, am I missing something regarding registering? It never asked for my registration code and I can't find anyplace to enter it. Whats up with that?! Anyway, works GREAT!

It still sucks up allot of system memory even in the background. I love it but I will just us my browser shortcut to see the weather for that kind of memory drain. I would never pay for something like this and the weather pays my bills.

The beta update is working great for me so far. 2.0 made my phone lag at least 2 or 3 times a day. Those issues are gone now. New advisory settings are perfect. I've used 4 different weather apps and this has been the best for me so far.

I'll stick with WeatherEye. It's free, has a nice interface, and tells me everything I need to know about the weather. I'm not a Meteorologist.

Lost 21.8mb in 12 hours running the "NEW IMPROVED BERRYWEATHER" nothing has been fixed when it comes to running on a Tour on

i'm experiencing similar results, altho not as bad as you are.

using a tour with V3 hybrid and my memory is losing about 10mb in 24 hours (installed the beta berryweather last night as soon as it was posted, so it could still get better after settling in a little more, but i doubt it). with bw version 2...65 i was losing 10mb every 12 hours so the leak has gotten better. i've also been using berryjoose for a while so that may be why my leak isn't as severe as others have reported

If you had v2.0 you can simply go on to and transfer your code to your new phone. Hope this helps!

Still getting "907 Invalid COD File not found" when I click on the download link. I can't be the only one having this issue, can I???

I've always liked this weather app. but have had issues with memory leak and some lag. and therefore never really left the app running all day. Since the update and a battery pull for a fresh clean start I've actually gained some free memory over the last several hours.

It's been running since about 10:00 am this morning and it's now almost 2:30. There doesn't seem to be any significant battery drain and memory gain has been .4 mb, we'll see how the rest of the day goes. I'm running it on a Storm2 with OS

I have the weather advisory filter set to *not* tell me about High Surf Advisories....but it still does.

8520 curve

Program works well. I would really like to see a text option for the forecast from NWS like Weatherbug has. the pictures are nice but a detailed forecast would make this program superior.

I've been using Berry Weather since it's original version. I happily purchased the update to 2.0 when it also came out. This update fixed one thing that always bugged me. Having to have Berry Weather always running to have the wallpaper weather. This helped out my memory on my Storm A LOT. And I even got a new theme to go with this update, it's in the Theme posts, 1X by jaxjon. Check it out here
It's the smoothest running theme I've gotten yet for my Storm! I strongly suggest everyone get this theme and donate some mola to this guy. He should be selling this! And leaves a great amount of room for that Wallpaper Weather.

I downloaded last night after deleting2.0.63

I seems to work well. Fast. Once I set up all my options and preferences I like the new feature to store the options to my media card. This is handy as I have lost them a couple of times with various OS software updates. Additionally I like the fact that it is not running in the background all the time. This does not seem to slow it down at all which is also good.

Positive changes and no problems found to date.

Major improvements: (1) can turn it OFF, as in WHOA!!! (2) I think screen data is now insensitive to Portrait-Landscape-Portrait cycles. Huge effort in data gathering, but designers must remain aware that some users are extremely sensitive as to what shows up on their screens. Confusion reigns over the weather icon and the temperature thingy. Me, I find the temperature thingy just about right - it has a low visual profile and is well done. Would like better control of where the temperature thingy ends up. The ultimate user control: declare the homescreen icon as DAO and set its opacity to zero. Very nice effort ! Doctor Neutron

How do you completely turn it off? I don't see a "shutdown" command like on the previous version, and "close" does not shut it down.
Running a VZW Tour with

No problems on day 2 and seems to have better memory management and the radar is really faster. Nice upgrade. Hopefully will be better when out of beta.

Ran this app and right off the bat I had problems. It wont get past the "needs to check for the best internet connection" unless you click skip. Then when you close it and reopen you are back to that checking screen.

Also when you add more than 1 location it wont swipe to the next one. You can see it trying to swipe but it snaps back as soon as you let go of the screen.

This update made BW unusable for me so i had to go back to 2.0.

I've always hated weather apps because they're always such a drain on your battery. I could never understand why they always run in the background when they update and don't close down...and now BerryWeather has answered my (and many other people's) prayers.

Excelent UI, great weather radar, mulitple weather views (moon/sun, hourly, day to day, etc), wifi capabilities, etc, etc! Definitely worth the price tag!!

I've also had no problems with memory drain at all. Installed 24 hours ago on my 9700 (started with 124mb and currently @ 123mb).

Great App, there is just one thing bothering me. The homescreen info don't match the info once you go into the application. Example homescreen has Sunshine Icon (clear sky) and the text states partly cloudy instead of on the app and it has Partly Cloudy text and matching Icon which was the actual condition at the time. It appears to me that the data showing on the homescreen is not as accurate as the info once you enter into the app.

I think it's incredibly BAD business for BerryWeather to disable functions on the paid version because some of us will not PAY AGAIN to update! I think the $9.99 price entitles us to updates and to continue with the full version. Now my paid version has restrictions. Please pay mind when purchasing BerryWeather. I have NO idea where my original information is because I downloaded OTA. So I cannot update. Just sayin!

The biggest prblem I have is that the homescreen icon says its night time up until 11am? I would even be happy if it had a generic 6 o'clock switch or maybe a manual option?

I had been using Weather eye until this report. Weather eye quit working and would not load completely. I paid the $9.95 for Berry weather and love it!

It's great that we can save the data to SD card. How about doing that for the rest of your apps, especially BerryBuzz and BerryPopUp. They both have a lot of settings that would be great to save. Thanks!

All apps should be able to backup/restore to SD card. If BerryWeather and QuickLaunch can do it, why can't everybody do it?

I've always liked this app - but 2.0 seemed to create a HUGE lag on my Tour, now that I've installed 2.1 - the lag appears to have gone away!!!!

Henrik, We lost our home in a tornado 2-years ago. Because BerryWeather has the "Alerts" function I purchased it from you on the premis that I would be alerted to any tornados headed my way. But setting the Alerts filter does not have "Tornado" listed. I've emailed you twice for advice on which filter I need to enable for tornado warnings, but you NEVER responded! The closest match is "Gale Winds" this what I should choose? Or do I wait until another tornado hits to find out?

If you want customers to provide important information to you, then you need to be responsive to them. After all, our money is what keeps you in business.

Overall, 2.1 is far more responsive on my 8900 running Really enjoying the snappier performance.

Feature set is very nice too -- excellent work. Just one issue I noticed that was a bit of an annoyance in 2.0 as well (and may have been there before also -- I don't recall):

If I select Berryweather as my homescreen wallpaper, and then later de-select it, my prior wallpaper is "forgotten". This is understandable -- just think it would be a bit more polished if Berryweather could keep track of the wallpaper image that was in effect when the choice is first made to have Berryweather provide the wallpaper, so it could revert back to the prior setting if you opt later on to NOT have Berryweather provide the homescreen wallpaper.

I realize there are potential problems with this, e.g., the image file no longer being there when it attempts to "revert", etc. Also don't know if the actual name and location of the image file is retained by the Blackberry when you set a desktop, or if it just uses the image info and then forgets the source of the desktop image -- in which case my suggestion would be impossible unless Berryweather were to make a copy of the image itself, which I do *not* suggest.

Anyway - just thought I'd put that out as a discussion point. Not a big deal, just a minor inconvenience as I flip features on and off in the app.

All in all, I'm quite happy with this.

Highly recommend installing without removing original version first. The reason being you can backup your settings with the new version. Then delete both versions and reinstall the new version hit restore in settings and bam all your settings and links are restored. Not one issue so far. My memory has been far more stable then with previous version. It's a keeper! My only complaint is I still have a lag in messaging and texting. I'm running .419 on my Tour.

Hey guys, I am interested in the theme shown on the front page. Can somebody help me out? I know a few others are looking for it.

it is called Reverie and I believe that is the original version. The developer has since come out with several other versions but it is available for the 8900, 96xx and 9700 plus I think also the 83xx.

I have a storm and once I reinstalled the berry weather I cant get the full screen view. Any ideas how to get it back to normal. I have tried to "swipe" it away and checked the BB menu. Nothing so far....

They should reduce the Upgrade price from 1.x from $4 to $2 or lower.

Bought the app for $5 in Aug and now they want another $4 to upgrade since Dec? Its over 80% for an upgrade. That's not fair..

There are other Free alternatives, may not be as cool, but they work as well...

Blackberry Storm 9500, OS 4.7: the phone is less laggy and more responsive than before, and the battery lasts much longer.

Before this beta version I wondered why my battery was sucked dry within 6-8 hours; now I know the reason.

Keep up with good work. Congrats!

I reeeeealy wish Crackberry and/or Bellshare would start making it clearer as to what functions are available on what OS's. Neither this writeup nor the Bellshare link explain that you still can't get the wallpaper display option on OS 4.6.

In addition, as someone else said, I find it somewhat obnoxious for Bellshare to be asking for feedback when I constantly read how they don't respond to support questions. I, for one, am STILL waiting for a response to a very basic question I had after upgrading to 2.0 some weeks back.

This is getting really really stupid. Just another weather app. How much more of this crap are we going to have to deal with? Make a really good advanced weather app, and I'll be interested, otherwise you are just rehashing the same crappy computer generated forecast output everyone else has. Yuck!

Since installing 2.1 things have been going great. No more lag, 'never' works for the advisories and i find that the updates are right on time. Good job! I dont feel ripped off anymore.

so, i not really seeing much on memory useage! a little but not much, i also have the full version it is a sweet looking app but 2.0 was a memory HOG! I AGREE the lag is gone but what about memory IN 2.1? i have a 8900 OS 4.6.1, memory went from 154,957,xxx to 147,251,xxx in about 8 hours and holding. what about others? PLEASE

With this version I can't select Wexford, Ireland or Rosslare Harbour, Ireland like I could with the previous v2.0*.

I downloaded it for my 9530 with OS 5. Overall, seems to be much better, especially the memory leaks, but one issue I've noticed is that I'm still getting advisory notices for advisories I've unchecked.

So, the app worked beautifully the first day or so, rock solid memory no problems at all, beautiful re-engineering of the core app and excellent new features. The very next day, couldn't figure out what was killing my memory all day long, had to reset so many times i lost count and the drain would be fast!! started with 6.5 MB and went to 0 MB in a few hours. Have the BerryJoose app which DOES NOT WORK to ANY appreciable extent (what a waste of 3 bucks, but they said they will refund and that's my next stop!). So, great app for about 24-48 hours then trash it as it will make you MAD!!. I am running OS on Storm 9530 for Verizon naturally.

I paid for the previous version and the Bellshare almost immediately sent me an upgrade notice. Saying I had to pay to upgrade but I was still within the time frame to use the free version and free upgrade. I communicated with them 5+ times with no satisfactions.

Don't trust BerryWeather or BellShare. Buyer be very aware.

well i deleted all other apps that could be using up my memory and it does turn out it is beweather still eating it up!!! sh!t this blows 8900 OS 4.6.1

As previously posted, more memory issues seem to arrise once settings are changed from default such as update frequency and icon display. The memory becomes very unstable beyond this point and leaks to total depletion. Also, the default or "home" icon sometimes loses data and shows "no data" until manually updated. These issues render the phone pretty much unusable and had to delete the app all together and reinstall the previous 2.0 version. Too bad, there was aglimmer of some home at first.. The app needs a lot of work especially in the memory leak department as this is largely the most severe issue these phones seem to have especially the blackberry storm 9530.

2.1 was lovely until I noticed the memory on my phone going way down. Hopefully this will be fixed soon. For now, I'm staying with 2.0.

I am running 2.0.65 on a BB Tour 9630 with 4.7 OS. Tried installing/upgrading 2.1.40 from BB App World and it installs your 1.6 app. I deleted and reinstalled and it gives me the 2.0.65. I can either get 1.6 or 2.0.65. What am I doing wrong. Do I need to wait till this is an official release??????